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IndyCar racing discussed by two women who love it, swear often, drink a lot, and are actually informative!

IndyCar racing discussed by two women who love it, swear often, drink a lot, and are actually informative!
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IndyCar racing discussed by two women who love it, swear often, drink a lot, and are actually informative!




S3E3 - Don't Forget Ed

We have a full field for the Indy 500. May has the promise of big announcements. Pato has a ride – and more covered during the news. We also preview the INDYCAR Classic, at Circuit of the Americas, a maiden track for most (23:55). We feature an amazing Irish woman Rosemary Smith for our Woman of the Week (36:11), and since the series is racing at an F1 track, we discuss the overlap of the series (41:05). Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website:...


S3E2 - Race Report: Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

Joined by the St. Petersburg travelling contingent of the Pain we breakdown the 2019 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Topics Include: RHR’s engine abuse, Bourdais’ amazing driving was due to knowing St. Pete streets, and A.J. Foyt Racing. We also end by discussing what this race means as we look forward in the season. Our huge thanks to the Pain Tour, this is unedited and you’ll know why we enjoy our time with them! Follow them on Twitter at @PainTour1911. Past episodes, show notes,...


S3E1 - Got 99 Problems But This Podcast Ain't One

We can smell gasoline, sunscreen, and arepas! We cover all sorts of news including more 500 rides, Alonso, and Ladies not getting into Le Mans before we pivot and preview the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg (18:20). We’re making predictions and of course our drinking game. It’s then Generva Mudge for our first Woman of the Week for Season 3 (38:41). We end with discussing the new bump day/pole day/qualification changes for the Indy 500 (43:34). Welcome to Season 3, and our 99 Episode – thanks...


S2E58 - Gamble on INDYCAR Races not Protection

We cover some brief news and then dive into the INDYCAR Advanced Frontal Protection (nubbin’) debuting in May to help protect the cockpit…we need more data. Then it’s off to the races literally and figuratively as we run down the schedule, our hopes and dreams, and more importantly which races we’re attending (18:33). Our Woman of the Week is super-smart Jackie Heinricher (47:29), and we continue the theme with the list of All-Female racing teams in Shit We Didn’t Make Up (50:52).Whoa Season...


S2E57 - State of the Series (2019)

Twitter famous @FauxWillPower joins us for our 2019 State of the Series episode. We run down all the drivers in the paddock giving opinions on them and the teams. We then all tell our favorite track (1:15:40), what we’re most excited for (1:16:46), and what we wished was different for 2019 (1:19:06). We end the episode calling some shots for 2019; some answers you expect and some are surprising (1:21:30). Thanks Faux Will! Good luck to us all with our choices. Past episodes, show notes, and...


S2E56 - Lessons Learned from Bad Breakups

Don, the man behind Champwebdotnet on Twitter and a former consultant for Champ Car, joins us to talk about the Split. We’re looking at what happened and learning from past mistakes. The first topic is, of course, the infamous White Paper (5:29) and what it really was all about. When trying to understand the split and how it all ended up we have a discussion about the Indy 500’s role including how CART viewed the race, and how letting Cart teams in the race wasn’t great for CART in the long...


S2E55 - A Chat with Megan Meyer

Megan Meyer is a Top Alcohol Dragster in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, but more than that she’s also using her education to help other drivers improve themselves and the sport. During our chat we cover her history in drag racing, what her goals are, and how much she enjoys racing against her sister. We learned a whole lot about Drag Racing and the business side of the series; it’s a great interview and we know you’ll enjoy it! Follow Megan on Twitter at @MeyerSisters especially as...


S2E54 - Race Report: Rolex 24 Hours

From the car driving back, we unload all of our thoughts and feelings from the Rolex 24. We run down how our INDYCAR drivers did (great for Rookies and Rossi…not so great for the others), how the all-female team did, and who the true winner of the race was – the Rain. Sure we're not Race Directors, but we don’t mince words about the hot topics of the race including how Alonso has the attitude we all want and just how the hell did Townsend Bell get 8 hours of sleep and we got none?! Past...


S2E53 - A Chat with Clea Newman

We caught up with Clea Newman. You may know her as the daughter of Paul Newman, we know her as the Ambassador and champion for Serious Fun Children’s Network. Clea talks with us about the charity from its beginnings to where it is now, the unique and needed services they provide kiddos, and some really interesting things they’ve got going on. We also have a good time discussing her life when she’s not busy changing the world! You can buy the Paul Newman “Leave Your Legacy” shirt at...


S2E52 - Chatting with Mike Ford

Mike Ford, spotter for Team Penske both for INDYCAR and the Rolex, chatted with us about the upcoming Rolex 24 and the difference between spotting for INDYCAR and Rolex. Mike relays some thoughts on the drivers he spots for (11:10), his favorite time of the race (20:00), and a really cool moment with Roger Penske (25:15). We also take a few minutes at the end to run down some big news that hit – you know like a title sponsor. (37:80) Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found...


S2E51 - Just Excited for Cars on Track

America’s hopes hang on Josef Newgarden and Ryan Hunter-Reay to represent us in the Race of Champions! While not 100% official we run down all the seats and spaces, including a run through of the drivers (14:00). Our woman of the week is actually Women of the Week with the Speed Sisters of Palestine (33:59). We end with some Shit We Didn’t Make Up about safety Lights (36:53) Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website: please visit,...


S2E50 - A Chat with Mike Hull

Here is part of our interview with Mike Hull at Chip Ganassi Racing, we discussed all sorts of things related to the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona...unfortunately the program crashed so only about twenty minutes of the interview remained. But it's a good twenty minutes! We're getting excited for the Rolex and the kick off of the 2019 racing season! Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website: please visit, contact us, and let us know what...


S2E49 - Look Forward, Be Smart, and Always Laugh

Light on news (but not opinions as we cover Paul Tracy staying and more women added to the W-Series) we spend the majority of this episode looking to the future and discuss what we’re excited about for the 2019 season both in INDYCAR and motorsports in general (17:46). Don’t worry we have a great woman, Donna Mae Mims (12:47), and discuss the history of the title “Indianapolis 500” (47:12). Hope you had a great holiday, and can’t wait to talk with you guys in 2019. Past episodes, show...


S2E48 - Engines, Teams, and Personnel Changes

We thought we’d have nothing to talk about then - WHAMMY a new team (Hi Dragon Speed Racing!) and some shakeups with IMS/INDYCAR corporate. So we discuss all the news and opinions before announcing our INDYCAR schedule (14:40 - RIP to our real jobs) and end with some holiday love for the Lights at the Brickyard (41:30). See ya after Christmas, hope you’re on the nice list! Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website: please visit,...


S2E47 - A Chat with Cara Adams

We spent some time chatting with Chief Engineer and Manager of Race Tire Engineering for Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations/Firestone Racing, and one of the coolest women at races – Cara Adams. Fun to chat with her, without cars in the background, and talk about topics such as: how she got into science, her path into motorsports and tire engineering, creating tires for new tracks, advice to young children interested in STEM, and one of the best answers to “who would play you in a movie”....


S2E46 - INDYCAR Drivers buy Slurpees, F1 Drivers Retire

As the holidays approach, we decide to spend some time discussing and ruminating on all of the INDYCAR and motorsport news, both recent and ongoing (looking at you W-Series). It's the Kidnapping of Juan Manual Fangio, and how he knows snitches get stitches, in Shit We Didn't Make Up (43:58). Our Woman of the Week is young Katrina Moller as we review her career (51:03). Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website: please visit, contact...


S2E45 - Off Season News, Fun, and Crazy Eyes

Have you or your loved ones been the victim of the INDYCAR off-season? We have. We discuss news, rumors, bumping, and possibly shit we make up to start off the episode. Then a great listener question has us listing our Top Ten drivers (30:36) with a lot of ‘honorable mentions’. We then get to Lella Lombardi, our Woman of the Week (56:54) and Indy 500 Co-Winners for our Shit We Didn’t Make Up (1:00:50). Racing may be done for a while, but we keep it fast and funny 52 weeks a year! Past...


S2E44 - An Interview with Angela Savage

We had such a great phone conversation with Angela Savage, daughter of Swede Savage; we are so excited for you to hear. Angela is honest and open and discusses the death of her father, how it affected her, and how her life is now. There are great moments that provoke some deep thoughts and laughter (including a story about a kitty trailer), it’s been one of our favorite interviews. Thanks for listening, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be...


S2E43- Catching Up with Sabré Cook

We got to catch up with our favorite up and coming race car driver Sabré Cook and chat about the season she’s had both in USF2000 and Formula 4. We also ask her all about the INFINITI Engineering Award she won and what that entails for her future. Plus some fun chats on different topics because she’s a great person! Enjoy and thank you for listening. Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on our website: please visit, contact us, and let us know...


S2E42 - All About the Benjamins

Deep dives all over the place! We do some INDYCAR news catch up before discussing Silly Season implications and guesses, including of course Bump Day (8:23). We then get to a great question regarding the cost of racing (28:05) where we know it’s all about the monies. Our Woman of the Week is amazing Australian Rally driver Molly Taylor (50:39) and we discuss the Brickyard Grand Prix in Shit We Didn’t Make Up (55:05) before a final discussion on recent news. Thanks for listening...