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Fish Stories Feature 030: Georgine Chytka - SD State Record Walleye

South Dakota State Record Walleye On November 16, 2002, Georgine Chytka and her son went fishing like they did on most evenings. It was a cold evening down in the tailrace of Fort Randall Dam, but they persisted. Georgine's second bite of the evening would produce a fish that many thought they would never see...a new state record walleye.


Fish Stories Feature 029: Jason Durham - Go Fish

Jason Durham started Go Fish Guide Service when he was 15 years old. He has learned a lot from the great people he's fished with over the years, and has a lot of great fishing stories. We could have chatted for hours up at the Iron Horse Bar & Grille in Nevis, MN. His fishing stories captivate, entertain, and sometimes even have a moral or lesson for you to put in your back pocket. I really enjoyed our conversation, and he was a great sport with some of the questions I had for him.


Fish Stories Feature 028: Igor Chinyakov

Igor Chinyakov is responsible for sport fishing in Russia and for oversight of the annual World Ice Fishing Championships. Igor and I chatted about sport fishing in Russia and why their country has experienced so much success over the years.


Fish Stories Feature 027: Kate Golden - Fish obsessed

Kate Golden is a fish obsessed gal living in Australia. She penned an article for the Sierra Club magazine about her journey into fishing and all that has come along with it. Our conversation went a bit further, and we got to learn more about this passionate outdoor enthusiasts with a taste for fish and all that comes along with catching them. You can read Kate's original article here. Go to to sign up for her newsletter and follow along as Argo becomes a seaworthy...


Fish Stories Feature 026: USA Ice Team - Part 2

We joined USA Ice Team at tryouts in 2017 and will be following the team to the 2018 Ice Fishing World Championships in Kazakhstan, March 16-17. In this episode, we learn more about international competition and the guys who compete for our country. USA Ice Team is a group of anglers representing the United States at the World Ice Fishing Championship. This is the Olympics of ice fishing, and a very big deal for the countries involved. This is part 1 of a series leading up to this...


Fish Stories Feature 025: Todd Heitkamp - Dakota Angler Family

Todd Heitkamp - Dakota Angler Family Todd Heitkamp is a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He is also the proud owner of Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls, SD. He gave us a backstage pass to his fishing career in this conversation. We talked about his passion for fishing and where it comes from, some of the challenges that exist for the "mom and pop" tackle shops, and his proudest moment as an angler. Enjoy! Links: Dakota Angler Website Music: "Mountain Sun" - Jason...


Fish Stories Feature 024: Chip Leer

Chip Leer is a professional outdoor communicator and educator from Walker, MN. His passion for fishing and the great outdoors is something that we can all strive to achieve. This episode will definitely help you become a more passionate and successful angler. Music: Jason Shaw - "Mountain Sun" Josh Woodward - "I Will Not Let You Down"


Fish Stories Feature 023: USA Ice Team - Part 1

USA Ice Team is a group of anglers representing the United States at the World Ice Fishing Championship. This is the Olympics of ice fishing, and a very big deal for the countries involved. This is part 1 of a series leading up to this year's World Championships in Kazakhstan. USA Ice Team Website USA Ice Team Facebook Page Music: "3rd Eye Partner" - Otis McDonald "Not For Nothing" - Otis McDonald "Rooftops" - Silent Partner


Fish Stories Feature 022: Travis Swartz

Hank Patterson is a larger-than-life character who doesn't give a heck about anyone but himself. Hank's a beer-drinking, fish catching, lady swooning machine...and he knows it. That's the character that Travis Swartz gets to play in his videos. In real life, he's a low-key guy with a past filled with comedy and fishing adventure. We had a great conversation at the Alex Johnson in Rapid City. I challenge you not to laugh during the discussion...pretty sure you'll lose. Good...


Fish Stories Feature 021: Gary Nault

Gary Nault is a semi-professional angler and fishing guide from Sturgeon Bay, WI. He wears his passion for fishing, fishing education, and the Sturgeon Bay area on his sleeve. I really enjoyed talking with him at the National Professional Anglers Association Conference, and enjoyed the conversation even more the second time around! Check out what makes Gary so passionate about the sport, and find out the real person behind the success of his guide business.


FSF 020 - Stories from the 2017 Brainerd Jaycees Extravaganza

Fish Stories made the trip to Brainerd, MN last year to attend the 27th annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza. We had great conversations, and met great people. Get primed for this year's event with some stories from the ice in 2017. Music (in order of appearance): "Mountain Sun" - Jason Shaw "Thingamajig" - Jason Shaw


FSF 019 - Remembering Anthony DeChandt

On October 19, 2008, Anthony Eastman DeChaundt passed away at the young age of 67. he was known by hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts by the name Tony Dean. Tony's career spaned over 25 years including radio, written word, television, and seminar presentations. To remember Tony on this 9th anniversary of his death, we talked with three people who know him well. Here is a nice write-up about Tony Dean in the Capital Journal. Music (in order of appearance): "Keith" - Huma...


FSF 018 - More than a hatchery

DeWitt Clinton Booth, or “D.C.” as he insisted on being called, came to South Dakota in 1899 to become the youngest hatchery superintendent in the country. What he created has become the gem of a community, and an archive of fisheries knowledge. His legacies lives on through an ever-expanding fisheries archive, active youth activities, 150,000+ visitors each year, and fish production/stocking within South Dakota and beyond. Visit the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and...


FSF 017 - Mike Stracco - A Dog Named Fish

Mike Stracco was a reverse-retired angler spending summers in Alaska, and winters travelling the world to chase fish. His laid-back nomadic lifestyle was flipped upside down after a small pup picked the scruffy guy in camp to hang out with. Music: "First Day" - Huma Huma "Nevada City" - Huma Huma "North" - Silent Partner "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl


FSF 016 - Like Mother Like Son

Dan Frasier has a genesis story that is a bit different from most. His mother, Joyce, was the person primarily responsible for teaching him how to fish, and feeding his fishing curiosity as a youngster. This story is about Joyce and the impact she has had on the Frasier family fishing traditions. Joyce grew up fishing with her grandfather, and has always had fishing in her life. She fell in love with the sport at an early age and has been at it ever since. After Dan began fly fishing, he...


Fish Stories Feature 015: 101 Carp Flies and Counting

Dan Frasier is the author of Orvis' Beginners Guide to Carp Flies. He snuck into catching carp on the fly, and is building a foundation for his career in the industry. His passion for common carp, fly fishing, and adventure is contagious. Guarantee you'll be searching for your next fishing adventure, or searching for carp before the episode is over. And this is only the beginning... Check out the first issue of Carp Pro magazine, fly fishing edition. Very, very good information. Music...


Fish Stories Feature 014: Fishing is family

Doug "Duke" Seiner is a lifelong angler from Mitchell South Dakota. He's also my dad. He is one of those dads who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a good experience. You know, the kind of dad who would create/host outdoor events, make trophies, take you out of school early to go hunting fishing and sometimes (albeit unknowingly) embarrass you in front of a crowd. Another thing he has always been good at is telling stories. Fish Stories is about family, friends, and the...


FSF 013 - Poor Fish Ranch

Jim and Martha Schwartz own the Poor Fish Ranch in western Idaho. It is an oasis in the middle of and Idaho countryside. Hospitality, creativity, passion, and fish now fill a property that was once a wasteland of weeds and cheat grass. Music (In order of appearance): "Etude" by Ondrosik "Rotisserie Graveyard" by Doctor Turtle "J'ai toujours prefere le gris" by Monplaisir "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl


Fish Stories Feature 012

This is a few short stories and a few stories told live all rolled into one. Eddie Salmon talks about a memorable experience as a nine year old, Monty Nelson reminisces about catching walleye in Canada, and the Crawfords tell a few stories live in SD. Music (In order of appearance) Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: "Cylinder Six" - Chris...


Fish Stories Feature 011: Lucky

Jordan Rodriguez is the outdoor columnist for the Idaho Statesman. He has been fishing since he and his father took up the sport when Jordan was young. Some of his earliest memories, and favorite stories, involve a fishing pole and some excitement. Join Jordan on some of his favorite fishing adventures, and a journey through his early career as an avid angler. Music from this episode listed below. Please say thanks to the artists for making it available for me to use. "The Zeppelin" -...


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