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Fish Stories in an online archive dedicated to the fishing community and anglers from around the world.

Fish Stories in an online archive dedicated to the fishing community and anglers from around the world.


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Fish Stories in an online archive dedicated to the fishing community and anglers from around the world.






Fish Stories 042 - Covid Positivity Stories

During the COVID-19 crisis, faithful Fish Stories ambassadors are doing their part to keep people positive and optimistic. Some of these stories are about childhood memories, some are a recent smile-enducing encounter. All of these stories will help us find perspective in a time of so many unknowns. Thank your friendly Fish Stories ambassador for what they do, and spread the good word with your networks. Stay fishy my friends.


Fish Stories 041 - Midwest Angler Podcast - Fish Stories

The Midwest Angler Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on fishing in the Upper Midwest. They interview interesting anglers and industry pros from across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Loved having a conversation with these guys, and I can't wait until we can get on the water and tell some stories together. To record a fishing story and upload it to the archive, start here. The fishing world will appreciate you for it.


The Godfather of Kayak fishing - Fish Stories 040

Marty Hughes moved to Nebraska in 1976. Until that time, he had moved around a lot within a military family. But he set his roots in the cornhusker state and found awesome fishing opportunities! When he decided to try paddling to stay in shape, he opened a world of opportunities for angling, and has been growing the sport ever since. Check him out on Instagram Kayakjak Kayakjak Angler Profiles Uncommon Educator Blog Fish Stories is proud to partner with Hagen's Fishing in Mitchell,...


Fish Stories 039 - Teachin Fishin with Capt'n Lance

Lance Valentine is a charter boat captain and angling educator from Flint, MI. He has always wanted to work in the fishing industry and his grit and determination has allowed that to happen. Anyone who wants to be a better angler or has aspirations to work in the industry can learn something from Lance. Enjoy! You can watch my Ted Talk about the importance of recording angler voices right here. We are excited to announce a new partnership with Hagen's Fishing as a...


Fish Stories Feature 038 - 2019 year in review

2019 was a great year for fishing stories! With 2020 on the horizon, here is a look at some of our favorites.


Fish Stories Feature 037 - Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fischer grew up in small town Nebraska. I met her at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) conference in La Crosse, WI. We sat down to chat about her childhood, career path, mentors, goals, and legacy. It's a short conversation, but we touched on some great topics. I believe we can all take something away from Kristine's journey and the things she has learned along the way. Check out her instagram stories for a taste of her writing @midwestfishergal.


Fish Stories Feature 036 - David Sawatzky - Snapper Man

This story would not have been possible without the support of This is the premier directory for hunting and fishing adventure in northeast South Dakota. is your one stop resource for planning trips and finding vetted industry partners to trust with your next South Dakota experience. #huntfishsd We met David Sawatzky on the side of a gravel road in a tie die t-shirt and arm sling. We could not believe what he was doing in this tiny creek, so we...


Fish Stories Feature 035 - Shaun Lezotte - Black Hills Fly Fishing Guide

Shaun Lezotte is a fly fishing guide with Dakota Angler and Outfitter in Rapid City, So. Dak. He has been fly fishing since he was a teenager, but loves traditional fishing methods just as well. We sat down in the comfort of the new fly shop on a busy Jackson Blvd to talk fishing, hunting, significant others, and what the future holds.


Fish Stories Feature 034 - Clay Groves - Fish Nerds

Clay Groves is an educator and licensed fishing guide from the triangular state of New Hampshire. Clay loves to talk to people about his true passion for fish, fishing, and eating fish...a past-time that has led him to becoming the Chief Executive Nerd on the Fish Nerds podcast. As the podcast, and his audience grows, so does Clay's library of great audio shows feature fish experts from all around the area. Check out his new website here, and then go to his Patreon page where you can...


Fish Stories Feature 033 - Charlie Moore - Pro Angler to Pastor

Charlie Moore is a South Dakotan with a fishing life story that has a lot going on. He grew up in the professional fishing world. All of his angling dreams were coming to fruition, but he lost his grip on true happiness. Fishing was turing into a job. In order to get his mojo back he made the move from pro angler to pastor.


Fish Stories Feature 032 - South Dakota Deaf Anglers

Paul Fosheim has been a member of the South Dakota Deaf Anglers for many years. He and his fellow deaf anglers get together at least once each year to fish together. This year, they were on the banks of Lake Oahe in central South Dakota. The South Dakota Deaf Anglers was created in 1982. This organization gives members of the deaf community an opportunity to learn more about fishing, and to meet others who share a similar passion. While there were cash prizes on the line for anyone with...


Fish Stories Feature 031: Larry Myhre and Gary Howey - Outdoorsmen Adventures

Gary Howey and Larry Myhre have collectively worked in the outdoor communications industry for more than 80 years. Their connection to the resources, production/writing, and educating the public have led to a great friendship and a lot of outdoor adventures. They are both members of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, and have miles of wisdom and outdoor stories to share. Music: Jason Shaw - Mountain Man Riot - Southern California


Fish Stories Feature 030: Georgine Chytka - SD State Record Walleye

South Dakota State Record Walleye On November 16, 2002, Georgine Chytka and her son went fishing like they did on most evenings. It was a cold evening down in the tailrace of Fort Randall Dam, but they persisted. Georgine's second bite of the evening would produce a fish that many thought they would never see...a new state record walleye.


Fish Stories Feature 029: Jason Durham - Go Fish

Jason Durham started Go Fish Guide Service when he was 15 years old. He has learned a lot from the great people he's fished with over the years, and has a lot of great fishing stories. We could have chatted for hours up at the Iron Horse Bar & Grille in Nevis, MN. His fishing stories captivate, entertain, and sometimes even have a moral or lesson for you to put in your back pocket. I really enjoyed our conversation, and he was a great sport with some of the questions I had for him.


Fish Stories Feature 028: Igor Chinyakov

Igor Chinyakov is responsible for sport fishing in Russia and for oversight of the annual World Ice Fishing Championships. Igor and I chatted about sport fishing in Russia and why their country has experienced so much success over the years.


Fish Stories Feature 027: Kate Golden - Fish obsessed

Kate Golden is a fish obsessed gal living in Australia. She penned an article for the Sierra Club magazine about her journey into fishing and all that has come along with it. Our conversation went a bit further, and we got to learn more about this passionate outdoor enthusiasts with a taste for fish and all that comes along with catching them. You can read Kate's original article here. Go to to sign up for her newsletter and follow along as Argo becomes a seaworthy...


Fish Stories Feature 026: USA Ice Team - Part 2

We joined USA Ice Team at tryouts in 2017 and will be following the team to the 2018 Ice Fishing World Championships in Kazakhstan, March 16-17. In this episode, we learn more about international competition and the guys who compete for our country. USA Ice Team is a group of anglers representing the United States at the World Ice Fishing Championship. This is the Olympics of ice fishing, and a very big deal for the countries involved. This is part 1 of a series leading up to this year's...


Fish Stories Feature 025: Todd Heitkamp - Dakota Angler Family

Todd Heitkamp - Dakota Angler Family Todd Heitkamp is a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He is also the proud owner of Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls, SD. He gave us a backstage pass to his fishing career in this conversation. We talked about his passion for fishing and where it comes from, some of the challenges that exist for the "mom and pop" tackle shops, and his proudest moment as an angler. Enjoy! Links: Dakota Angler Website Music: "Mountain Sun" - Jason Shaw "We...


Fish Stories Feature 024: Chip Leer

Chip Leer is a professional outdoor communicator and educator from Walker, MN. His passion for fishing and the great outdoors is something that we can all strive to achieve. This episode will definitely help you become a more passionate and successful angler. Music: Jason Shaw - "Mountain Sun" Josh Woodward - "I Will Not Let You Down"


Fish Stories Feature 023: USA Ice Team - Part 1

USA Ice Team is a group of anglers representing the United States at the World Ice Fishing Championship. This is the Olympics of ice fishing, and a very big deal for the countries involved. This is part 1 of a series leading up to this year's World Championships in Kazakhstan. USA Ice Team Website USA Ice Team Facebook Page Music: "3rd Eye Partner" - Otis McDonald "Not For Nothing" - Otis McDonald "Rooftops" - Silent Partner