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Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!

Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!
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Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!




FTN Episode 303 – Are You Playing Blackstone Fortress?

f Archon Skari joins us this week from the SkaredCast. He talks about his journey inside the Blackstone Fortress. We have a hobby segment this week then we talk about some secret Space Marine tech – Spoiler – C-beams are good. Hey all, Skari has been digging the Blackstone Fortress recently so we wanted to...


FTN Episode 302 – Is the ITC House Rule for Flying Vehicles Dumb?

f ‘House Rules’ are tricky. Are we at a place in the game where we need a few to keep the competitive fires stoked? We tackle a little bit about that question on this show. We also talk about how Paul was wrong about a Space Marine flyer. Hey guys, Space Marines will continue to...


FTN Episode 301 – What is the Best Space Marine Troop Now?

f Episode 301 and we’re talking about Space Marine Troop options. We cover the ones we really haven’t spoken too much about in the past and that’s a shame… For my persona list I think I’ve settled on the Incursors but please give it a listen and tell us where we go wrong. It’s nice...


FTN Episode 300 – This Is Spar… Ahem – Forge The Narrative!

f Wow.. 300 of these bad boys. Thanks for joining us. We’re joined by Pete Foley from the GW Book and Box studio for a very special segment and look inside one of the design teams. Later in the show we go over an unconventional Space Marine list that nearly took down a giant tournament. ...


FTN Episode 299 – Welcome Our New Iron Overlords

f In this episode we run down the highlights from Codex Supplement Iron Hands and Raven Guard. Both are good and bring a lot to the table for those factions. The Iron Hands are winning the Space Marines arms race and should be wining games hand over fist. I’ll show myself out… Hey all, We...


FTN Episode 298 – Admech Transports Change the Game

f We kick the show off talking a little bit about the Space Marine FAQ and the Drop Pod nerf. Reggie Sanchez from the Crucible joins Paul and Josh to talk about the success of Admech at the NOVA Open and how their new transport breathes a TON of new life into that faction. Hey...


FTN Episode 297 – NOVA Predictions and Preview Reactions

The NOVA Open is an amazing convention run by some great friends of the show. Jim Vesal joins Paul to give his predictions for the NOVA open singles and invitational tournament. Some of the top players in the world will be gathered and it’s anyone’s game. We then react to the Games Workshop previews and...


FTN Episode 296 – Ultramarines Supplement Tech

Paul and Ricky pull down a two-hander in this episode. We cover some tech from the Ultramarines Supplement. The rules are compelling enough to break the ‘build molds’ from the previous Codex. Games Workshop has made following the Codex Astartes pretty sexy. Hey all, Robute Gilliman is no longer an auto include if you’re fielding...


FTN Episode 295 – Codex Space Marines – Beware the Invictor

We take a deeper dive in Codex Space Marines this week. In the preshow we tried to make a bare bones Brigade just for the additional Command Points but eh… It wasn’t working out. If feel like you had a lot of toys but it wasn’t a cohesive force of supportive units… Listen to figure...


FTN Episode 294 – NEW Codex Space Marines Preview – 2019

Hot off the presses we take a first glance at the new Codex Space Marines. There is TON of good stuff in here. It’s a must have for any Marine player. Hey hey We give our first impressions of the Codex Space Marines. There is too much here to go over in one podcast.. There...


FTN Episode 293 – MiniWarGaming and You!

This week we are joined by Dave from MiniWargaming for a segment and in the middle of the show we give our review of the American Team Championship. Finishing Moves is back too! Heya After a quick preamble we jump into a segment with Dave from MiniWargaming. We talk about a TON of cool stuff...


FTN Episode 292 – Time Waits For No Man – Then The Complaining Starts

We’re back! Sorry for missing last week. In this episode we start of talking about timed Warhammer 40k Tournament games. Then we’re joined by Matthias Weeks from Adeption. After that we review Warcry and finish out talking Chaos Knights. It’s a double sized episode. Hey hey Part one is about Chess Clocks in 40k. It’s...


FTN Episode 291 – Here Come The Chaos Knights – Review

Paul and Skari from the Skaredcast team up again to talk about the Chaos Knight codex. Despite their creepy and bulky visage these things can be fast! Expect quality shooting from giant robots that zip all around the battlefield. Hey all Paul and Skari make our way through the Chaos Knight Codex. It’s a thin...


FTN Episode 290 – Can You Handle The Hot New Custodes Tech?

Paul and Adam Camilleri put in a tow hander this show. We discuss Custodes tech, Daemons, and traveling with an army. New and old players of these armies may end up learning something… If not, maybe you can get some insight on what you may see out there in the field. Hey guys Adam Camilleri...


FTN Episode 289 – Get Ready For The Tau and Chaos Meta

Back from the Ironman and getting set for the ATC – Paul gives a brief rundown on the games he played last weekend. In the middle of the show we’re joined by Adam Camilleri from the Down Under Network then we close out talking about the top 5 Stratagems in the game and meta shifts....


FTN Episode 288 – The Last Episode About Guard Lists

Its time for the rubber to hit the road and the Astra Militarum list Paul has been talking about will get its first test out in the wild. We’re getting ready for the ATC, and a few tournaments in the Armageddon Series. I hope you see you out there. In this show we also review...


FTN Episode 287 – Evolve or Die! All the Top Players are Doing It

The title is a little tongue in cheek but the sentiment is real. Last year and early this year we saw some lists emerge as the clear tournament juggernauts. Now the field is wide open and we’ve seen a good amount of variance on the table. We’re no where close to stagnation but the tides...


FTN Episode 286 – Why Am I Not Winning at Warhammer 40k?

Val and Paul jam this episode – we examine when too much of a good thing is bad and a couple of objective ways to evaluate your performance on the tabletop. We talk about different ways to evaluate a unit’s effectiveness to YOU. Hey all Last week I didn’t put the Alliance Open in the...


FTN Episode 285 – Is Netlisting in Warhammer 40k OK?

Army building is a personal journey sometimes. Sometimes you can save a lot of time borrowing list ideas from other people. We often think of netlisting as just taking point for point in a tournament winner’s list but it’s also just fine to get ideas from other people. Hey hey, So sorry that we missed...


FTN Episode 284 -Playtest Playtest Playtest – Nothing Beats It

Paul talks about a couple of his playtest games this past week. We talk about it a lot but nothing replaces playtesting. It can, in the long run, save you tons of time and money. Skari joins us to talk about it and media influencing. In the middle of the show we’re joined by one...