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Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!

Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!
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Weekly podcast focused around Warhammer 40k, Lovecraft Horrors, Robotech, Star Wars and more!




FTN Episode 264 – Chapter Approved 2018 – Adepta Sororitas Review

Chapter Approved is a shot in the arm for competitive 40k. Instead of going out of their way to make any particular army worse, a whole lot of armies got better. We see radical point reductions for a bunch of struggling factions. We run down some major points and the Sisters of Battle Beta Codex. ...


FTN Episode 263 – Are You Prepared For The New Ork Meta?

Orks are now out in the wild but so far their tournament results haven’t caught up to their power potential. We discuss ways to confront the Ork builds we expect to see on this episode. What’s wORKing for you? Hey all, I am terribly sorry we missed a week. I know the holiday times always...


FTN Episode 262 – Mob Up Is the Truth

In this show we finally start to narrow down Ork army list suggestions. We also give a tip or two about fighting against Orks. Later in the show we share a time saving tip for your games that just might net you a sportsmanship point or two as well. Hey guys, Please pardon the difference...


FTN Episode 261 – Hobby Ramblings and Blackstone Fortress 40k Preview

In the first part of the show we briefly talk about a tournament that happened a couple of weeks ago and do a hobby progress update. Later in the show we give a preview of the 40k datasheets for the Blackstone Fortress models. Hi all We were all fighting colds this week but the show...


FTN Episode 260 – Ork Warboss Edition – Are You Ready For The Green Tide?

I’m joined by two legendary Warbosses this week, Val Heffelfinger and Marc Parker to talk about how they will be building their Codex Ork Lists. I try to nail them down on Choppa vs Shoota and try to convince them that Shokk Attack Guns are great.. They get me back on the right track. Hi...


FTN Episode 259 – Orks Codex Review – Get Your Waaaaagh On

Ork players are gonna love this! Your wait for a codex is being WELL rewarded. Talking about the ‘good stuff’ in this book will take more than one episode. There won’t be one way to play these boyz.. this codex has tons of options. Check it out! Hey hey, Val joins the regular crew this...


FTN Episode 258 – Speed Freeks Will Go FAST.

Another mega episode of FTN… We review the Speed Freeks box set, talk to Battlehaven and to the awesome guys behind Hagglethorn Hollow, currently on Kickstarter. Hey all, Chris and Paul talk about Speed Freeks in the first part of the show. Vroooom! This is a fast and furious game (see what I did there?)...


FTN Episode 257 – Assault Is NOT Dead – Are You Doing It Right?

Another jam packed almost double sized episode. In this episode we break down three great assault units and how to use them. Midway through the show we’re joined by Mike Brandt to talk about Kill Team Command Rosters. We close out the show with a sit down with our newest sponsor to talk about Chess...


FTN Episode 256 – Is 40k Better Off After the Big FAQ2?

The dust is settling and people are getting ready for 40k tournaments all over the world.. Has the FAQ changed your list? Maybe not because most things are still viable but the width of viable lists is MUCH greater than it was 2 weeks ago. Hey guys, Whew. The internet has been on fire talking...


FTN Episode 255 – What the FAQ? Biggest Changes in the 2018 Sept 40k FAQ

Val and Paul run down the biggest points in the Warhammer 40,000 Sept Big FAQ. We chat about the huge changes to fly and certain stratagems. Check out all the new FAQs for the game and the Codexes at the Warhammer Community site. Hi all, Fly… We thought we knew what we were doing. In...


FTN Episode 254 – Do You Know How to Kill Team?

This is a double sized episode. We’re joined by the first ever Kill Team Champion and a host of community organizers for Community Spotlight segments. This is a Kill Team focused episode where we break down a few of the things to watch out for if you’re just getting into the game. Hi guys, We’re...


FTN Episode 253 – Sideshow Collectibles Spotlight and 40k Hobby Homework

I’m extremely pleased to welcome Sideshow to the show this week. We met at Gencon this year and recorded a segment about their first original property Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call – a new board game. We speak about their design philosophy. amazing creativity and dive deep into the origins of their game. Later...


FTN Episode 252 – Kill Team Rogue Trader Preview And List Publishing Debate – Fixed

Today we talk about the new Kill Team expansion Rogue Trader, releasing this weekend. The figures are great. The game is taking off like wild fire and this expansion gives you another way to play it. The box set also comes with rules on how to include the figures in your games of Warhammer 40,000....


FTN Episode 251 – Games Workshop NOVA Studio Preview Reaction-cast

We were on the edge of our seats waiting on info from the Games Workshop Studio Preview and thankfully directly after the screening the Warhammer Community page releases all the info! Its not quite as nice as being there in person but it’s close. We give our reactions to all the news. Hey guys, We...


FTN Episode 250 – Making Space Wolves Work

It’s just Paul and Chris today but the rest of the crew will be back next week. We explore making Space Wolves work on the table and some upcoming test games. It’s such a strong codex and there are lots of bells and whistles to get distracted with. Hey all, We take a deeper look...


FTN Episode 249 – Space Wolves Codex Review – Powerful and Fun

Holy Smokes. The Space Wolves are here and they are worth the wait. The Space Wolves are the favorite chapter of many in 40k. Old and new fans of this faction have a LOT to keep themselves busy with many army list combinations and the opportunity to make almost everything in the Space Marines army...


FTN Episode 248 – Adeptus Titanicus RULES Review

The BIGGEST thing to hit the Warhammer Universe in a long time. Of course we’re talking about Adeptus Titanicus this week. This is right up our alley with amazing looking miniatures and our strong desire to move super war machines around the table. We review the rules for this cool new game in this episode....


FTN Episode 247 – 40k Tournament Etiquette – Do You Have It?

Ricky is back! Paul and Ricky kick of the show to discuss how Terminators may sweep the tournament scene. After that Paul and Reece from Frontline Gaming take a deep dive into a new ITC proposal they are calling Floor Rules – Rules of Etiquette for ITC tournaments. Hey guys, It’s great to have Ricky...


FTN Episode 246 – Should You Be Playing Tau? Why Not?

It’s just Paul and Val for this show. We talk just a little about Kill Team at the start of the show then we do a DEEP dive into the Tau. This applied directly to what Val is taking in a couple of upcoming tournaments. I think we touch on a few things that people...


FTN Episode 245 – NEW Kill Team Review and 40k ATC WWK Recap

Kill Team is live right now for pre-order. We’re really happy to report this game has been re-designed from the ground up. It very much feels like the 40k we know and love but the cadence of the game is much different. You are able to enjoy the universe and your models in a totally...