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Real Talk - Episode 162: Untitled Game of the Year

In Episode 162, we talk about The Pokémon Company stealing our precious time, our thoughts on Mario Kart Tour, Mario & Luigi's developer unfortunately entering bankruptcy, and a Goose dethroning Zelda! Major topics include: 1) Our thoughts on downloading legacy ROMs 2) What should Playtonic work on next? 3) Our favorite game of the years so far! Bonus Game: Failing at figuring out Pokémon based on the Japanese titles!


Real Talk - Episode 161: Dragon Love

In Episode 161, we talk about how everyone should be playing Dragon Quest XI S, a 24 hour Pokémon livestream, The Last of Us Part II getting a release date, the trademark for Klonoa Encore, Mario Kart Tour's release, and more! Major topics include: 1) Our thoughts on State of Play and Inside Xbox 2) How do we deal with problematic creators? Bonus Game! Best Selling 3rd Party Titles!


Real Talk - Episode 160: Canadian Exports

In Episode 160, we talk about the Tokyo Game Show trailers for Project Resistance and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the new Ring Fit Adventure, Sakurai's ambition with Smash Ultimate, and more! Major topics include: 1) Our expectations for the new round of Smash Fighters 2) Will Banjo-Kazooie gets ports, a remake, or new games? 3) How we deal with people criticizing our skill level Bonus Game! Real Talk Titles!


Real Talk - Episode 159: Pity Happiness

In Episode 159, we talk about Dragon Quest 1-3 coming to Switch in Japan, new NES & SNES releases for Switch Online no longer being monthly, Nintendo's latest Joy-Con patent, their mystery accessory tease, and more! Major topics include: 1) What was the most surprising reveal of the Direct? 2) What cut content from a game would we like to see return? 3) What characters do we like from games or genres we don't play? Bonus Game! Who Said What?


Real Talk - Episode 158: Key Slime Pie

In Episode 158, we talk about the taste of Slimes, Untitled Goose Game getting a release date, the reveals of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection and Shovel Knight Dig, the release of Pokémon Masters, and more! Major topics include: 1) What characters do we find annoying or insensitive? 2) What cancelled game hurt the most? Bonus Game! Pokémon Moves!


Real Talk - Episode 157: That Sunshine Tease

In Episode 157, we talk about the title reveal of Shantae and the Seven Sirens, the surprise reveal of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, Dragon Quest XI S's huge demo, Nintendo's mysterious Mario render, and more! Major topics include: 1) What games would we erase from our memories to enjoy again? 2) What themes do we want to see in Tetris 99? 3) What games released on the wrong system? Bonus Game! ESRB Descriptions!


Real Talk - Episode 156: Ash Hates His Friends

In Episode 156, we talk about Indivisible and Grandia HD Collection's release dates, DuckTales Remastered getting delisted, Dragon Quest XI S getting a demo, the ESA teaming up with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft on microtransactions, and more! Major topics include: 1) Do we ever restart RPGs despite being half finished? 2) What Game Boy games do we want remade? 3) Our Top 3 favorite movies Bonus Game! How many Mario levels?


Real Talk - Episode 155: Andre, the Living Commenter

In Episode 155, we talk Crash Team Racing's new microtransactions, our impressions of Hero in Smash Ultimate, EA's lack of faith in the Switch, Iwata-san's possible localization, the Game Trials program, and more! Major topics include: 1) What indie developer would we want to work on a Nintendo game? 2) What would we want from a new 2D Mario game? 3) Has a demo ever changed our opinion on a game? Bonus Game! Guess the Review Score!


Real Talk - Episode 154: Nintendo is Eternally DOOMed

In Episode 154, we talk about the Joy-Con drifting issues affecting the Switch and Nintendo's response to them, the release of a new Japanese book looking back on the life of Satoru Iwata, the surprise announcement of Rockman X DiVE for mobile, Team Chaos winning Splatoon 2's final Splatfest, and more! Major topics include: 1) Should games be priced differently according to metrics like content, genre, and graphics, or is it purely down to the player to decide if a game is worth $60 to them?...


Real Talk - Episode 153: Hidden Megas

In Episode 153, we talk the final Splatoon 2 Splatfest and how much work has been done on Splatoon 3, Detective Pikachu becoming the highest grossing video game adaptation, Luigi's Mansion 3's release date, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz's remake, and more! Major topics include: 1) Could a Switch Pro launch alongside Breath of the Wild 2? 2) Do we go on media blackout for certain games? 3) Are there any games we avoid due to addictiveness? Bonus Game! Date the Game!


Real Talk - Episode 152: Into the Pupper-verse

In Episode 152, we talk about the modest revision for the Nintendo Switch, a ratings board listing for Super Monkey Ball, Cuphead's animated series on Netflix, the Turbografx-16 Mini line-up, and more! Major topics include: 1) What real-life person would we want in Smash Ultimate? 2) What was our worst impulse game purchase? Bonus Game! Know Your Mario Maker!


Real Talk - Episode 151: Shantae for Smash

In Episode 151, we talk about Studio Trigger's animated opening for Shantae 5, the reveal of River City Girls, Jon's discovery of Outset Island in Breath of the Wild, the lack of a National Dex in Pokémon Sword & Shield, and more! Major topics include: 1) What updates would we like to see in Mario Maker 2? 2) What kind of game music do we tend to listen to? 3) What other hobbies do we have? Bonus Game! Who Tweeted That?


Real Talk - Episode 150 - Mario Maker Time!

In Episode 150, we talk about the Mighty Switch Force Collection, Square Enix fixing Final Fantasy 9's music bug, the new ActRaiser-like game SolSeraph, the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo (which you should play!), and more! Major topics include: 1) What thought process goes into making a review? 2) What games do we love from genres we don't play?


Real Talk - Episode 149: Doggie Ninja

In Episode 149, we talk about our time at E3 2019, Andre's thoughts on Toy Story 4, The Witcher 3 fitting everything on a single Switch cartridge, the best-selling 3rd party games on Switch, the Breath of the Wild sequel beginning as more DLC, and more! Major topics include: 1) What villains do we like more the heroes? 2) Why are video game remakes accepted more than movies? 3) Our favorite games of E3 Bonus Game! Switch Shovelware - Real or Fake?


Real Talk - Episode 148: Jon's Good Bois

In Episode 148, we talk about Smash Bros. Ultimate's 3.1.0 update, the strangeness of Pokémon Sleep, Super Mario Maker 2's online troubles, the rest of the games in the Contra Anniversary Collection, and more! Major topics include: 1) What video game would we want to have a Netflix series? 2) Who are the best dogs in video games? 3) Our favorite game music remixes Bonus Game! Name that Pikmin 2 Treasure!


Real Talk - Episode 147: How to Break Jon’s Heart in One Week

In Episode 147, we talk about Pokémon's UNIQLO contest troubles, the Mario Kart Tour beta, the release of Resident Evil 4 on Switch, the Sonic movie's delay, and more! Major topics include: 1) What surprise E3 announcement excited us the most? 2) Have we ever dealt with natural disasters? 3) What game collections would we like to see on Switch? Bonus Game! How well do we know GameXplain's stats?


Real Talk - Episode 146: Yoshi's Island is a Horrible Dream

In Episode 146, we talk about the next ten games coming to the Genesis Mini, Nintendo Switch surpassing PS4's lifetime sales in Japan, Devil May Cry's limited appearance on the Switch, and more! Major topics include: 1) Do we have any headcannons about certain games? 2) What could Sony's State of Play learn from Nintedo Directs? Bonus Game! Did it release in the PAL region?


Real Talk - Episode 145: Aerith the Homewrecker

In Episode 145, we talk about the new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tetris 99's single player DLC, Devil May Cry coming to the Switch, the rediscovered show ideas for DIC video game cartoons, and more! Major topics include: 1) Why do we think Mario's games have been more consistent than Sonic's? 2) What 3DS titles do we want ported to the Switch? Bonus Game! Name that Mario 3D World Level!


Real Talk - Episode 144: So Long Kinga Bowser

In Episode 144, we talk about Sonic's movie redesign, what Mario actually says when throwing Bowser in Mario 64, the potential end of the 3Ds, Epic acquiring Psyonix, and more! Major topics include: 1) What did we think about the Battle of Winterfell? 2) Have we ever sold a game we regret?


Real Talk - Episode 143: Predictably Wrong

In Episode 143, we talk about Super Mario Maker 2's release date, Nintendo promising no hardware announcements at E3, the continued success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart Tour's closed beta, and more! Major topics include: 1) What video game has most impacted our lives? 2) What physical game do we own that we treasure the most? 3) Should Smash fighters be required to have their games be on Nintendo consoles to be in Smash? Bonus Game! Who Predicted What?