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A bunch of friends geeking together. We will discuss comic cons, toy collecting, travel, movies, tv shows and more. All together!

A bunch of friends geeking together. We will discuss comic cons, toy collecting, travel, movies, tv shows and more. All together!


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A bunch of friends geeking together. We will discuss comic cons, toy collecting, travel, movies, tv shows and more. All together!






All About Figpin with Yoko and Josh

This week we are joined by Yoko, Product Manager at Figpin to discuss all of the ins and out of how things work. We are also joined by Josh Lopez from Secondary Heroes to discuss his experience on the collector and retail side. We learned a lot on the process and then we had to talk serious Disney business. So many great tips. Who knew logo pins were going to be the hottest collectible (hot take)?


Interview with Funko Artist Chris Metzner

This episode we are joined by Chris Metzner and we discuss his journey to becoming an artist and working for Funko. He shares some insights on the process to get a concept to production and how his passion drives his work. We learned a lot here and we hope you do too. Enjoy!


Podcasting While Quarantined

This week we kick off our celebration of our 50th episode. Join us as we discuss how we are coping on quarantine and how to podcast remote. Join our new accidental segment parent corner by Damien and Christina. We end with Robby sharing the most disgusting game he never won.


Our In Person Virtual Con Experiences and Virtual Wondercon Preview

Join us as Clint hosts this episode where he relieves some of his FOMO by getting every detail from us on our trip to Virtual Con ECCC 2020. We visit HQ, Podcast on location, get zero sleep and was able to get in line stupid early to get Robby his Nessie. We also discuss the next virtual con with Wondercon and what Funko has planned as far as releases go. We may be the only people that travel for a virtual experience.


We Recorded a Podcast in a Town with Talk'N Pops and Sully

In this episode we truly make the most of a cancelled con. We are joined for the first time by Mike and Josh from the Talk'N Pops podcast and Sully from Funko. We had a room full of people, 8 microphones and a lot of drinks. Sorry in advance for all of he cross talk and derailings. If you listen close enough there was some good information in there. To listen to the Talk'N Pops Podcast go here:


Bimtoy 2020 Preview with Reis O'Brien

Reis sits down with us to discuss the crazy upcoming 2020 for Bimtoy. So much happening and being worked on and we discuss it all.


ECCC Delayed Reactions

We just found out we’re not going to ECCC next week. How did we take it? Ben and Gary join us to opine on what’s next. Learn what CoroNO and ReedPopped mean. Plus, Robby and Fernando bring us another dark corner segment and it’s darker than we thought it was going to be. We may start asking for copy in advance.


ECCC 2020 Guide and Preview

Join us as we discuss all of the lottery results to date. We share our tips on how we approach the con and where we will be all weekend.


Couples Who Don't Collect (Together)

This week we are joined by Gary and Dan as they tell us what it's Iike to be in a household where only one spouse collects. Gary Is an avid collector of many things Including comics, Funko, Figpin. Tiny Ghost and more. Dan deals with it and I must say deals with it well. Enjoy!


NY Toy Fair 2020 Review

Join us as we discuss the NY Toy Fair reveals for Funko.


Funko Angry Tweets, MoTU Cast, ECCC Reveals and McDonalds Secret Menu

Fernando is back and shares a sampling of McDonalds creations and secret menu items. He also uses a very wrong word to describe our tasting. We go into the newly announced voice cast for the Masters of the Universe Animated series. We read mean tweets directed at Funko and try to understand how the world has hurt so many people. We end with an overview of the Funko ECCC reveals. Listen and enjoy!!


Are We Collectors or Hoarders?

This week we discuss the emotional side of collecting and why we do what we do. Do we merely collect or do we obsess enough to just have to have all of the things? What are our thoughts?


Emerald City Comic Con Lottery, our Review of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Meeting Kevin Smith

This week we lament about the fact that we entered another lottery to lose, some Funko hunting and our thoughts on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and meeting Kevin Smith. We also review the latest Bimtoy releases. Also we announce we are taking our talents to Texas.


Comic Con Updates for 2020 and Ferndando Crashes the Party

Join us as we discuss all news updates regarding the 2020 con lineup. We also discuss what we missed from London Toy Fair last week. We get a rare treat of a Fernando participation even though it's weird.


2020 London Toy Fair Funko Review

Join us as we react and review all of the Funko announcements coming out of London Toy Fair.


Happy New Year - What annoys us most about collecting

We took an extended vacation to be with family and friends for the holidays, but we're back and ready for 2020. We discuss Mandalorian, ask some listener questions and more. We end the episode in the spirit of Festivus and air our grievances about all the things that other collectors do that bug us.


Bimtoy 2019 Review

Join us as we recap the 2019 year of Bimtoy and all of the releases. We discuss our favorite moments, our favorite releases, debate US vs. Asia releases and discuss what the future may have in store.


Interview with Bearly Available Owner and Creator Jason Rowe

This week we sit down with another fantastic emerging artist, Jason Rowe. He is the owner and creator of Bearly Available where he creates resin and vinyl figures such as Bearly Dead. He just launched his first vinyl toy at Designer Con 2019 this past November and we discuss the ins and outs of what it takes to get a vinyl toy made. It is a fascinating journey and we cover every detail. Thanks again for joining us, Jason and we look forward to the future of Bearly Available. To learn more...


Top 10 Dramatic Funko Releases 2019

Join the full crew as we discuss the year of Funko and the releases that caused the most drama. We launched a new game called Fernando Love It or Hate It? where we throw out random terms and guess what Fernando will feel about it. Finally, we gave our spoiler full review of Rick and Morty Season 4, Episode 5.


Episode 33: Funko Cyber Monday Bundle Draft

We set up a draft to let you know what the best and worst pops were from the bundle. We used 100% subjective bias so you can be sure our outcomes are the right ones. You're welcome! In addition, give our full spoiler thoughts on Rick and Mortey Season 4, Episode 4.