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Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!

Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!
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Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!




Geekscape 523: Talking Creativity And Careers With Sandy King!

Sandy King isn't only one of the heads of Storm King productions and John Carpenter's wife and frequent collaborator... she's a huge genre movie and comic book creator and fan! From making horror films to producing comics to coming up in the Roger Corman system, Sandy and I spend an hour sitting in her office and discussing a career that spans over 40 years! Along the way we talk about working with film legends like John Cassavetes, Francis Ford Coppola and her husband John, what led her to...


Geekscape 522: Laughing Through Our Feelings With Barely Legal Comedy!

Olivia DeLaurentis and Sydney Heller are Barely Legal Comedy, a young comedy duo that's here to guide you through the impending apocalypse with a stitch in your side! They guest on a brand new Geekscape this week to talk about their series 'Apocalypse Goals', exclusively on Snapchat, and how they got their start! Olivia discusses dating older men while Sydney tells us why a traditionally safe road through Hollywood just wasn't going to cut it! Along the way, we make fun of incels, decide the...


Geekscape 521: Venturing Into SpaceWorld!

Have you watched 'SpaceWorld', the brand new animated pilot starring 'The Room's Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero? Maybe you haven't and this is the first time hearing about it... but maybe you have and want to know more! Either way, this is a great episode! I sit down with 'SpaceWorld' creator Brock Laborde, publisher Octopie's Lon Strickland and Greg Sestero and talk about the weird as hell but really hilariously fun project! What is it like working with Tommy? Where did the idea for...


Geekscape 520: Monster Partying With Matt Weinhold!

Actor and comedian Matt Weinhold is one funny dude! He spent the last 30 years writing and performing standup and acting in shows on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and so many more and is now host of the fun horror podcast Monster Party (on top of still doing all of the acting and comedy)! On this episode, Matt invites me into his fortress of solitude to help me deconstruct good Trek vs bad Trek, why the Star Wars vs Star Trek argument is worthless and what would make an amazing Fantastic Four...


Geekscape 519: 'Magic The Gathering' Creator Richard Garfield!

Geekscapists! 'Magic: The Gathering' creator Richard Garfield joins us on this week's Geekscape episode to talk about his brand new trivia game 'Half Truth', made in partnership with Jeopardy world record holder Ken Jennings and Studio 71! Along the way, we discuss the early years of creating games, Richard's background in mathematics and storytelling, the resurgence of tabletop gaming and answer some of your questions! I had a great time talking to Richard about his approach to designing...


Geekscape 518: The 2019 Summer World Tour Wrap Up!

The 2019 Summer World Tour is over! I went to Russia (well... Crimea) to be a part of the Tavrida 5.0 Art Forum and it was completely insane! What is Tavrida 5.0 and what was I doing there? Can I still do live comedy and what does it mean for Geekscape? Are Russian fans just like fans from English speaking countries? What were some of my concerns about the trip? And does Super Action Man know that I went? Also, SDCC wrap up! We have a new site! You should be reading Jonathan Hickman's X-Men...


Geekscape 517: Hot Newz 64's Steve Sobel Touches Our Hearts!

Steve Sobel may not be a household name to many Geekscapists... but I think he should be! In the late 90s, Steve was the host of Hot Newz 64, a VERY short-lived Nintendo 64 promotional video that has since made a name for itself on the internet for being cringeworthy. But where is Steve now... and how does he deal with the internet bringing back his first paying gig in Hollywood? Does he have regrets about hosting the video? How does he deal with internet trolls? Is he even a gamer? We talk...


Geekscape 516: The San Diego Comic Con 2019 Special!

San Diego Comic Con is always my yearly barometer for how Geekscape is doing! Am I still having fun? Are we still meeting new people? Do people still get excited about being a part of Geekscape? Well, this year the resounding answer to all of these questions was YES! And I think this SDCC 2019 Special episode is evidence to that! We take you behind the booth to talk to Geekscape guests and contributors alike, including our friend Satine Phoenix, Dwarven Forge creator Stefan Pokorny, the...


Geekscape 515: The SDCC 2019 Preview With Matt Kelly!

San Diego Comic Con 2019 is upon us once again! What is in store for all of us as we venture into "Nerd Spring Break"!?! Geekscape's Matt Kelly joins us on the show to break down everything that's happening at the Geekscape booth and what we're looking forward to! Along the way we share our love for 'Stranger Things' Season 3, Matt dives into the gator horror film 'Crawl', I do my best to fix pro wrestling and we sing all the way to San Diego (well... kinda). This is a PACKED episode so...


The Geekscape 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Special With Ian Kerner!

SPOILER WARNINGS! 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' is in theaters and marks the end of the MCU's Phase 3! But what does it mean for our favorite web slinger? How is Peter (and the entire world) recovering from the aftermath of End Game? Is Mysterio's arrival proof of a larger Marvel multi-verse? Will MJ and Peter finally get together? What hints does Far From Home give us for the Phase 4 of the MCU? And what was up with those insane post credit scenes? It's all here on a new Geekscape special so...


Geekscape 514: In The Studio With Scott Klopfenstein!

The Geekscape U.S. tour continues in Brooklyn with our musical friend Scott Klopfenstein, formerly of Reel Big Fish! We are huge fans of Scott's and he's got some new music out on the streaming services that you should go check out! We talk about releasing these new songs and the album's worth of new ones that he's got in store as well! Along the way we rave about 'Booksmart', go deep in Scott's love for Harry Potter, tell that story about how we met AGAIN and Scott reveals that time he...


Geekscape 513: Old Hollywood First Hand With Ronald Ross!

I met Ronald Ross several years ago and we immediately hit it off because he has an enormous love of old Hollywood. And he should... he was there for some of it! Now, whenever I visit my mother in Santa Fe, I make it a point to drop in with Ronald to hear how he's doing and to listen to some of his stories. Howard Hawks! The old studio system! Humphrey Bogart! The rise of television! Parties at Uncle Forry's house! And so much more! And why don't they make pictures like this anymore? Along...


Geekscape 512: PC Building With Xidax Founder Zack Shutt!

Xidax PC founder Zack Shutt is on the show this week to talk about building high-end custom gaming PCs! Along the way we discuss starting one of the biggest gaming PC companies in his apartment with a credit card, the journey to this point and what got him into PC Gaming (and building)! We also talk his new Dopetek podcast and what he's seeing out of the recent E3 here in LA! We also do some catching up since we've known each other for 10 years and have just now met in person for the first...


The Geekscape 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Special With Ian Kerner!

'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' is the final chapter in the Fox X-Men story that began way back in 2000 with the first 'X-Men' film. But after so many ups and downs over the last two decades, is it the send off that the merry band of mutants deserve? Or are things truly darkest before the dawn? Luckily, Ian and I are here to navigate you through the questions. What were the high points in this final chapter? What were the lows? And what parts felt like reshoots and course corrections? We look back...


Geekscape 511: Jason Inman Discusses Super Soldiers!

Jason Inman returns to the show to talk about his new book 'Super Soldiers: A Salute to the Comic Book Heroes and Villains Who Fought for Their Country'! Along the way we discuss well known patriotic characters like Captain America, The Punisher and Green Lantern (two of them!) and lesser known ones like Gravedigger and Beetle Bailey! We also talk a bit about Jason's own experiences serving in the military! To top it off we discuss 'Swamp Thing's surprise cancellation, the future of DC...


Geekscape 510: It's About Time You Met Diallo Jackson!

Writer Diallo Jackson finally guests on the show and we talk his new comic book 'Angela and the Dark'! We also talk through classic story hang ups like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Avengers: Endgame! How do you tell a story that convinces the audience to just "go along for the ride" instead of picking it apart? And does this past weekend's 'Godzilla: King of Monsters' do the job? There's a lot of writing and comic book talk in this episode so strap yourselves...


Geekscape 509: Inverse's Eric Francisco Returns Home!

Aww... they grow up so fast! Former Geekscape writer and current big boy over at Inverse Eric Fancisco returns to the podcast for a good old fashioned pop culture conversation! We disagree on what we loved and hated about the new 'Hellboy' film! Where does the John Wick franchise go after 'John Wick 3's hyper violence? And did 'Detective Pikachu' solve the mystery of the missing quality videogame movies? Along the way we play serious catch up, talk about the dark side of geek media and Eric...


The Geekscape 'Avengers: Endgame' Special With Ian Kerner!

Here it is: the biggest movie in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... and it has all been building up to this! And we know you've got questions! Is this the greatest film the MCU's 12 year history? How is this a love letter to everything that's come before? Where do you go after the cataclysmic events of Avengers: Infinity War? Who survives? Who doesn't? Who comes back? What were the biggest moments in the biggest movie? What does this mean for the future of the MCU and the...


The Geekscape 'Shazam' Special With Ian Kerner!

In a flash of lightning, Shazam has arrived! Starring Zachary Levi, Shazam is DC's latest entry in their big screen universe... and arguably it's least well known character so far! Luckily, Ian Kerner joins me on a special Geekscape episode to discuss the film, the character's backstory, how the film deviates from the comic (or improves on it) and what we might see in a sequel! Who is Mr. Mind? Will The Rock ever show up as Black Adam? Does this help fix the rough start to DC's big screen...


Geekscape 508: Hellboy Actor Douglas Tait Rises Up!

Douglas Tait has been acting professionally for over 15 years in some of your biggest films, from Star Trek to Thor to Freddy vs Jason! So why are you just now discovering him? Well, besides Geekscape being awesome and Neil Marshall's new cinematic take on the beloved 'Hellboy' character hitting the screens this weekend, it's because he does such an awesome part in becoming the characters he portrays. We pick through it in this episode, from starting out as a park performer at Universal to...