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Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!

Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!
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Geekscape is one of the longest running podcasts on the internet! Since 2006, a horde of geek guests and experts have journeyed into the Geekscape to discuss the latest movies, videogames, comics, TV and every other aspect of geek existence!




Geekscape 509: Inverse's Eric Francisco Returns Home!

Aww... they grow up so fast! Former Geekscape writer and current big boy over at Inverse Eric Fancisco returns to the podcast for a good old fashioned pop culture conversation! We disagree on what we loved and hated about the new 'Hellboy' film! Where does the John Wick franchise go after 'John Wick 3's hyper violence? And did 'Detective Pikachu' solve the mystery of the missing quality videogame movies? Along the way we play serious catch up, talk about the dark side of geek media and Eric...


The Geekscape 'Avengers: Endgame' Special With Ian Kerner!

Here it is: the biggest movie in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... and it has all been building up to this! And we know you've got questions! Is this the greatest film the MCU's 12 year history? How is this a love letter to everything that's come before? Where do you go after the cataclysmic events of Avengers: Infinity War? Who survives? Who doesn't? Who comes back? What were the biggest moments in the biggest movie? What does this mean for the future of the MCU and the...


The Geekscape 'Shazam' Special With Ian Kerner!

In a flash of lightning, Shazam has arrived! Starring Zachary Levi, Shazam is DC's latest entry in their big screen universe... and arguably it's least well known character so far! Luckily, Ian Kerner joins me on a special Geekscape episode to discuss the film, the character's backstory, how the film deviates from the comic (or improves on it) and what we might see in a sequel! Who is Mr. Mind? Will The Rock ever show up as Black Adam? Does this help fix the rough start to DC's big screen...


Geekscape 508: Hellboy Actor Douglas Tait Rises Up!

Douglas Tait has been acting professionally for over 15 years in some of your biggest films, from Star Trek to Thor to Freddy vs Jason! So why are you just now discovering him? Well, besides Geekscape being awesome and Neil Marshall's new cinematic take on the beloved 'Hellboy' character hitting the screens this weekend, it's because he does such an awesome part in becoming the characters he portrays. We pick through it in this episode, from starting out as a park performer at Universal to...


Geekscape 507: Get Personal! Talking WonderCon And More!

It's WonderCon weekend! So why am I not feeling so Wonderful? Is there a new existential crisis in the air? You know it! I take this opportunity to do a little bit of a State of the Union, talk about my experience at WonderCon, tell you that Tim Burton's 'Dumbo' really flies for me and that you should catch up on those old Daredevil comics! On top of that, I discover the true meaning of Geekscape, look forward to Comic Con and receive a message from an unknown Geekscapist that reminds us...


Geekscape 506: Filmmaker Marie Jamora Is A Bad Ass!

Filmmaker Marie Jamora isn't just one of my best friends and favorite filmmakers... We reconnected because she listened to my podcast! After going to film school together, Marie returned to her home town of Manila and directed music videos for a lot of the indie rock bands she called friends. This led to her first feature film 'What Isn't There' and once moving to the States, Marie started picking up various gigs like editing Jon Schnepp's documentary 'Superman Lives: What Happened?' Marie...


The Geekscape 'Captain Marvel' Special With Ian Kerner!

Episode Notes Captain Marvel has arrived in the MCU... and just in time for 'Avengers: End Game'! But just how is Marvel's first female fronted blockbuster? Taking place in the 90s, what works for the story and what doesn't quite line up? How is our first taste of iconic Marvel mainstays like The Skrulls, The Supreme Intelligence and The Kree Skrull War? How does Nick Fury lose his eye? What are the big Easter Eggs? And of course... what does this mean for the rest of the MCU as Phase 4...


Geekscape 505: Ashley Robinson Immigrates Into Our Hearts!

Episode Notes Ashley Robinson returns to Geekscape with her brand new comic book project 'Aurora and The Eagle!' Based on Ashley's quest to immigrate to the United States, this book is worth backing! Along the way, we talk 'Captain Marvel', which X-Men team member other than Wolverine we would want to protect a young girl and the status of the CW's DC Universe shows now that 'Arrow' is coming to an end! Why should you be watching 'Black Lightning'? Ashley gives a pretty convincing argument!...


Geekscape 504: ReBeat Beating The FP With Jason Trost!

Finally! Jason Trost has made a sequel to 'The FP', my favorite post-apocalyptic, dance dance revolution to the death, action film! That's right! 'The FP2: Beats of Rage' has finally arrived in theaters and Jason is back on Geekscape to talk about fan-funding the follow up to the cult film, course correcting the project from a TV series to a film and why making things on an independent level is the best way to make art! We also talk a bit about 'Umbrella Academy', the positives and minuses...


Geekscape 503: Oculus VR, Facebook And The Future With Blake Harris!

Episode Notes Blake J. Harris, the author of the Geekscape favorite narrative non-fiction book 'Console Wars', returns to the podcast to talk about his new book 'The History of the Future'! Blake has spent the last 4 years heavily researching the story Oculus founder Palmer Luckey's rise through the tech ranks from creating his own virtual reality rigs in a mobile home in Long Beach to selling Oculus to Facebook for billions of dollars only a few years later. In his new book, Blake strings...


Geekscape 502: The Real Jay Washington Speaks Up!

Episode Notes I first met comedian, actor and pro wrestler Jay Washington when we were both guests on Screenjunkies News. Since then, we've travelled in similar geek circles with Jay appearing recently on one of our LA Comic Con live episodes! But there's a LOT more to know about Jay... so I asked him onto the show! Now, you can also hear about Jay's tough childhood, losing both of his parents before he was 30 and how he almost died last year (honey doesn't always make things better)! We'll...


The Geekscape 'Punisher Season 2' Special With Ian Kerner!

Episode Notes Will there be a Punisher Season 3? With Marvel's deal with Netflix almost at an end (Jessica Jones Season 3 is still on its way) it appears unlikely. But we still have Season 2 to deal with so I sit down with Ian Kerner to talk through the 13 episodes story arch. Right off the bat, I say that Punisher Season 1 may be my favorite Marvel Netflix show... so is Season 2 another bad ass brawl-fest? What's up with Billy Russo becoming Jigsaw? Is Frank in full on Punisher mode when...


The Geekscape Hang Session With Geekscapist Ian Raney!

It's time for a different Ian to cohost on the Geekscape podcast! Meet Ian Raney, one of the OG Geekscapists, who now lives in Austin, Texas and is one of my Best Friends on Pokemon Go! But there's a lot more to Ian than that, as you will learn when Ian talks about his journey from San Diego to Austin, the ups and downs of post-graduate life and his life reaffirming brush with death. We're not afraid to go to some emotional places on this episode... but don't worry. We also tell you that...


The Geekscape 'Aquaman' Special With Ian Kerner!

My man! After many jokes at its expense, it's finally here... an Aquaman movie! But is this the film that gets the last laugh on critics and fans? Maybe! What I do know for sure is that this is the DCEU's weirdest movie of all time! It's actually a lot to pick through so I bring Ian Kerner in to talk about the film's ins and outs and what works and what doesn't. There are tons of SPOILERS so be warned as we answer lots of questions! Does this film setup a sequel? Does it help fixed the...


The Geekscape 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse' Special With Ian Kerner!

On the heels of the blockbuster success of 'Venom', Sony is back with another entry in the Spider-Man universe... this time going in a completely different direction (or a few)! With the fully animated 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse', movie audiences are introduced to Miles Morales, the younger Spider-Man originally introduced in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics... but very quickly he meets up with Spider-characters from various universes as the Kingpin pursues a plan to access them all or...


Geekscape 501: Goodbye Stan Lee... and Excelsior!

Episode Notes Stan "The Man" Lee is gone. The Generalisimo himself was a large part of what we do here at Geekscape. He was our friend, our inspiration and at times our collaborator. I had wanted to do a Geekscape State of the Union podcast with you all for a while now if only to get all of my thoughts to you and let you know how I'm feeling and to gauge the pulse of what it is that we do around here. But now, 10 years after we met Stan and he renamed us Dickscape, I found it a fitting time...


LA Comic Con 2018! Everything You Wanted To Know About Zombies!

Episode Notes Zombies! It seems like just yesterday they were at the top of the roost as pop culture's favorite horror monster! Now, the popularity of zombies seems in decline! And that's just what we were thinking as Geekscape gathers a panel of experts at Los Angeles Comic Con to talk about our favorite decaying pursuers! Is there anything new you can do with the monster? What are some of the significant moments in zombie history? What does the next phase in the zombie's evolution look...


LA Comic Con 2018! Meet The Monster Squad!

Episode Notes 'The Monster Squad' is a definitive 80s Cult Movie. It went almost completely ignored upon its release and only decades later has it amassed the audience it always deserved. And what took so long? With a plot that is basically The Little Rascals versus the classic Universal Monsters, everyone who sees the movie falls in love with it! Well, on this LA Comic Con panel, we've got two of the original Squad members, Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert, talking about their experiences...


LA Comic Con 2018! The Kaiju VS Giant Robots Panel!

Episode Notes We love Giant Robots and Kaiju monsters! Even more, we love talking about them! And this past weekend, at Los Angeles Comic Con, Geekscape hosted a panel talking all about these larger than life passions of ours! Couldn't make it? All good! Now you can listen in to a panel of expert pros and fans alike as we talk some serious deep cuts! From Voltron to Godzilla to Pacific Rim... and including all of the really obscure and hard to find movies, comics, TV shows and art...


The Geekscape 'Daredevil Season 3' Special With Ian Kerner!

Episode Notes Marvel's popular Daredevil has returned to Netflix for a 3rd Season... but does this one hit a bullseye!?! Bad pun. I know. But things are a bit rockier for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen in the wake of Netflix's cancellation of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. What does that mean for future Marvel Netflix shows? Or the upcoming Disney streaming app? And as we get into this SPOILER FILLED episode, what were the highlights of the season? What do we still have questions about? Where...