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Two amateur golfers who love the history and stories of the game.

Two amateur golfers who love the history and stories of the game.
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Two amateur golfers who love the history and stories of the game.




8: Ben Hogan

Welcome back Golf Legends listeners! Sorry for the long delay (Dustin took a vacation and got some great stories from the old course in St. Andrews!) In this episode we cover the mythical Ben Hogan! Chad and Dustin do their best to cover this truly golf legend of the game. From his heroic and death defying car crash to coming back and developing the modern swing as we know it. Mr. Hogan his one of the greatest golfers to ever grace this game we all love. So jump in the cart and come along on...


7: Patty Berg

One of the best female golfers to ever grace this wonderful sport we all love! Not only does she hold the most majors won (at 15!!) she was the LPGA first president! A multi sport athlete, she won when she was an amateur, a cancer survivor and went into the Marines during world war 2! (this is just a scratch of what made her and the sport of golf who she was) Join us in the cart as we attempt to cover the truly ground breaking and phenomenal life and career of Patty Berg. Thank you to all...


6: Old Tom Morris

Just in times for Valentines day! A true lover of all things GOLF!!! We are packing a lunch and doing our best to tackle the legend that was Old Tom Morris. From his early days learning every facet of the game and sport of golf to designing some of the most sought after and played golf courses in the world. We are taking it to St. Andrews friends! Grab the sticks and come along on this walking tour with the man who changed that game of golf to the way we all play it now! We would love to...


5: Sam Snead

What shall we call him?? Mr. Consistency? One of the greatest golfers to ever grace this wonderful game. Sam Snead is the all time leading tour winner (where you at Tiger?) along with winning 7 major championships in his storied 50 year career! Hop on in to the cart as we travel around the course with Sam Snead! FORE!!!! Email us questions, comments, suggestions at


4: Gene Sarazen

Innovator, playboy, ruthless competitor, the Squire?? This week, Chad and Dustin take on the legend of Gene Sarazen! Winner of 7 major victories he also has the dubious honor of creating the modern sand wedge as well as having the "Shot heard round the world!" So many great feats and moments we wonder why there hasn't been a movie about him, yet... Jump into the cart with us and let's get after this legend on his tour of greatness!


3: Francis Ouimet

AND.... Were back with our third episode! Who did we tackle with persimmon clubs this go round? Maybe the best amateur golfer to ever play the sport! Mr. Ouimet was not only a great golfer he seemed to be genuinely a great human and advocate for the common man (and woman) when it came to this game we all love to play! Or at least we are out in nature pretending to enjoy it! Join us in our cart for the amazing story of this true legend of golf!


2: Byron Nelson

Dustin Joseph and Chad Plaia take on the man, the myth... The golfer who has an amazing tournament named after him?? This Texas boy turned hall of fame golfer is our first foray into the weeds of a golf legend! Come along and jump in the cart as we learn all about what made Mr. Nelson such a great golfer!


1: Golf Legends Trailer

Wanna check out a new podcast about the legends of golf? This first little trailer will tee us off on some of the craziest sports history one sport could have! From feats never to be duplicated to golfer creating a new club and hiding it until the major championship starts... And winning with it! Dustin and Chad are just some amateur history buff's who love and hack their way around the golf course. They will be covering golfs major champions winners and sometimes losers of this great game!...