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Learn key tips and tactics for successfully hunting elk, turkey, ducks, whitetail deer and more on the Got Game University Podcast. We feature expert callers and hunters who share their priceless insights into hunting these amazing animals.

Learn key tips and tactics for successfully hunting elk, turkey, ducks, whitetail deer and more on the Got Game University Podcast. We feature expert callers and hunters who share their priceless insights into hunting these amazing animals.


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Learn key tips and tactics for successfully hunting elk, turkey, ducks, whitetail deer and more on the Got Game University Podcast. We feature expert callers and hunters who share their priceless insights into hunting these amazing animals.








Goose Tech Series Episode 2 - Nick Johnson's Goose Calling Sequences Webinar

Nick Johnson hosted a webinar in late November 2021, and we wanted to get it out to you on the Got Game University podcast. He breaks down some common barriers that goose callers face in their progression, and then builds on that as he discusses some of his favorite sequences. This webinar then wraps up with some awesome Q&A that runs the spectrum, from weather adaptations to blind and spread setup. A great all around listen! Special thanks to Trevor Austin and Pacific Calls for sponsoring...


Goose Tech Series Episode 1 - Introducing Nick Johnson and the Goose Tech App

Join Tayler and Ryan from Got Game Tech and Nick Johnson, the featured expert on the new Goose Tech mobile app, for an episode introducing Nick, the app, and some goose calling tips. We recorded this episode in the summer of 2020 and wanted to save it until we got the app launched. Goose Tech is now officially launched (on the App Store, Google Play hopefully soon), and we hope you enjoy this episode getting to know Nick and the new Goose Tech calling platform!


Turkey Tech Series Episode 3 - John Cassimus and His Quest to Complete the World Record Fastest Turkey Hunting Grand Slam

John Cassimus makes his first appearance on the Got Game University Podcast to talk about his and Trips 4 Trades NWTF fundraiser, in which he will attempt to complete a turkey hunting grand slam (taking all four wild turkey species in the U.S.) in under 36 hours, which would be a world record. All proceeds generated will be donated to the NWTF. Oh yeah, and they have put together a bunch of prize packages for those who participate by donating to the NWTF and guessing how long it will take...


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 6 - Brad Hunt

Brad Hunt has an incredible track record hunting elk: 16 bulls in 18 years at the ripe old age of 32. He hunts open country and provides some helpful insight into how his hunting and calling strategies differ as a result of the lack of cover. If you're elk hunting open country at all, this podcast is a must-listen! And even if you're hunting dark timber, still many solid nuggets of information to pull from Brad's experiences. You can find Brad on Instagram at @brad_whunt.


Got Game Tech Partner Moment (episode 5) - Jason Loftus aka Untamed Images by JL

On this episode, Tayler is joined on the podcast by Jason Loftus, well known on social media as @untamedImagesbyjl. Jason is a skilled wildlife photographer who has worked hard to sharpen his craft. He breaks down how he got started in wildlife photography, gives suggestions on how others can start in this space, and discusses how his hunting has benefited from what he's learned as a photographer. Finally, we get in to a great conversation about hunting conservation efforts. If you have any...


ElkNut Series Episode 10 - ElkNut and Jason Phelps Online Elk Calling Seminar Replay

On April 9, 2020, ElkNut Paul Medel and Jason Phelps teamed up for an incredible elk calling webinar. Hundreds of folks were able to attend the webinar live and interact with Paul and Jason. For those who missed the show, or who would like to re-listen, we've decided to make the webinar into a podcast episode for you. This is loaded with key elk calling tips from two of the best elk callers on the planet. Enjoy!


Got Game Tech Partner Moment (episode 4) - Marcia Brownlee, Artemis Sportswomen

Marcia Brownlee joins Tayler Tibbitts on the podcast to discuss her outdoor journey and her role as director of Artemis Sportswomen. Marcia has a special connection to the outdoors, and her journey as a hunter in particular is especially relatable. Be sure to listen to this podcast and then check out Artemis Sportswomen to get involved in the organization's chapter near you (


Got Game Tech Partner Moment (episode 3) - Wes Robinson, Gear 101

Wes Robinson joins Tayler Tibbitts on the podcast while they're both out at the 2020 NWTF Convention. Wes is an avid deer and turkey hunter and also a gear junkie. He has a great YouTube channel called Gear 101 that you'll want to check out after listening to the podcast. On this episode Tayler catches up with Wes on his plans for 2020.


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 5 - Chris Triest and the ElkNut Discuss Fine Tuning Your Elk Sounds

On this episode, Chris Triest from Upstate New York joins Paul and Tayler to break down his elk hunting encounters for the sake of our listeners. Discussing these various scenarios provides a great opportunity to drill down into elk behavior and give the ElkNut an opportunity to provide some key insights for elk hunters looking to fine tune the elk sounds they employ.


Got Game Tech Partner Moment Episode 2 - Mary & Zach Phillips at NWTF

On this episode, Tayler is joined by Mary and Zach Phillips, who recorded this episode at the 2020 NWTF Convention. Mary is co-host of the Country Outdoors Podcast, which interviews musicians in the country music industry about their hunting, fishing, and outdoor passions. She is also an Australia native who moved to Nashville to chase her own country music dreams. Zach is an experienced hunting photographer and videographer. They met in Nashville, married, and are now on an awesome...


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 4 - Jeff Moran's Epic 2019 Public Land Archery Elk Hunt

On this installment of the ElkNut Listener Series, Tayler interviews Jeff Moran, founder of Built 4 the Hunt, at the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City. We did our best to find a relatively quiet location, but there will be some background noise and the occasional interruption from customers asking us how to shoot AccuBow's cool bow/app setup (hat tip to those guys for letting us record the episode at their booth). On the episode, Jeff breaks down his quest for a trophy bull elk on public land with...


Turkey Tech Series Episode 2 - Scott Ellis Discusses Next Level Turkey Sounds

Tayler records this episode with Scott Ellis out at the NWTF 2020 National Convention. Scott is a three-time Grand National Turkey Calling Champion with a mouth call. The day we recorded this podcast he also become the NWTF 2020 Grand National Owl Hooting Champion! On this episode we discuss the next-level calls and sequences added to the Turkey Tech mobile app, Scott's new signature mouth call made by Woodhaven Custom Calls, and Scott's 2020 turkey hunting plans.


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 3 - Consistently Taking Public Land Bull Elk

Dan Solsman joins the ElkNut, Paul Medel, and Tayler Tibbitts from Got Game Tech, to discuss his 2019 archery elk hunt, along with his impressive track record of killing six elk in six years. Dan is a well known elk hunter in his own right, and has employed some important methods to shorten the elk hunting learning curve. The ElkNut also provides some key, high level insights to complement what Dan already puts in practice in the elk woods. You're not going to want to miss this episode! If...


Whitetail Tech Series Episode 2 - A chat with Cody and Aly Hall at ATA

On this episode, Tayler is joined by Cody Hall and Aly Hall (formerly Schreiber) who discuss their 2019 whitetail deer hunting season. Both were able to take good bucks, one of which Cody had a five-year history with. There are some good takeaways from both their hunts about patterning whitetails and trailing wounded bucks after a shot. We hope you enjoy it! We also talk a bit about noodling, as well as Cody and Aly's upcoming archery elk hunt, in which they'll be joining the Got Game Tech...


Got Game Tech Partner Moment (episode 1) - Slade Johnston, Trips 4 Trade

On this episode, Tayler Tibbitts with Got Game Tech and Slade Johnston with Trips 4 Trade talk about Slade's hunting background and how he came up with the idea of Trips 4 Trade. Trips 4 Trade is a great resource available to hunters and outdoorsmen looking for a low cost way to experience hunting other states/countries by trading trips with others in the same boat. Listeners of the podcast will get a discount when they sign up for Trips 4Trade by using code GotGame20 for 20% off of an...


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 2 - Elk Hunting Early Season

Travis Lambert joins the ElkNut, Paul Medel, and Tayler Tibbittts from Got Game Tech, to discuss his 2019 early season archery elk hunt. Come along for the ride as Travis breaks down each of his elk encounters from his early season elk hunt in Wyoming. The ElkNut sheds some serious light on strategies to adopt when you're hunting this specific time of year.


ElkNut Listener Series Episode 1 - Confidence is Key

On this new series of the Got Game University Podcast, the ElkNut, Paul Medel, and Tayler Tibbitts from Got Game are joined by ElkNut app user, Brett Leeser. Brett discusses his incredible 2019 archery elk season he experienced with his 17-year old son. The two of them had a number of elk encounters, and most are broken down on this podcast. The ElkNut provides his proven insight, and Brett shares some important lessons that he's learned, including a theme that pervades this podcast episode:...


ElkNut Series Episode 9 - ElkNut Breaks Down His 2019 Archery Elk Season

We know you all are waiting on baited breath to hear about the ElkNut's archery elk hunting season this year! In this episode of the ElkNut series, Paul breaks down each close encounter that he had in 23 days of elk hunting. He also throws in a few late elk hunting pointers as well, as Tayler and his son have late season bull tags to fill. There are a lot of good tips and tactics to pull from this podcast. We hope you enjoy it!


ElkNut Series Episode 8 - Elk Calling Seminar on How to Hunt Early Season Bulls

Join the ElkNut, Paul Medel, at a seminar he gave at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game building in Nampa, Idaho on August 23, 2019. Paul discusses his go to tactics for chasing early season bull elk. You're not going to want to miss this one!


ElkNut Series Episode 7 - What Time in September Should You Hunt?

Having difficulty planning when to hunt elk in September? Well, this podcast is definitely for you. The ElkNut joins Ryan and Tayler to discuss the month of September and when is the best time to hunt elk. Paul uses a number of stories, along with a few from Ryan and Tayler, to teach some important elk hunting principles. Enjoy!