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Learn key tips and tactics for successfully hunting elk, turkey, ducks, whitetail deer and more on the Got Game University Podcast. We feature expert callers and hunters who share their priceless insights into hunting these amazing animals.


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Learn key tips and tactics for successfully hunting elk, turkey, ducks, whitetail deer and more on the Got Game University Podcast. We feature expert callers and hunters who share their priceless insights into hunting these amazing animals.








Episode 51 Fitness Series with Kevin Toye

Kevin Toye joins us for our last episode of our fitness series. Kevin is a hunter that embarks in a hybrid athlete mentality where he lifts weights and runs marathons. His fitness goals are made and adjusted so he can be the best hunter on the mountain.


Episode 50 Fitness Series with Richard Bettencourt

Richard Bettencourt co-founder of Steep Kuntry Outdoors joins us for a great and insightful episode. We discuss Richard's fitness journey from Division 1 football player to a steep kuntry athlete, and his company Steep Kuntry Outdoors. Listen in for some good motivation.


Episode 49 - Begin your fitness journey

Episode 1 of a multi episode guide to hunting fitness. Mike discusses his pack out challenge through Western Contours. He talks about what it is, how it's going and what he has learned so far. Ryan shares his plans for marathon training and what races he has signed up for including a 34 mile Beaverhead Endurance Run in the Idaho mountains.


The in's and out's of purchasing your next bow.

This week Ryan and Mike discuss what to do and what not to do when purchasing a bow. You'll hear what they wish they would have done differently and what they did right. If you're in the market for a new bow, you won't want to miss this one.


Episode 47 - Staying Warm while Hunting in the Winter

This week Ryan and Mike discuss tips to staying warm while hunting in the winter months. They share must have items and clothing to bring, and how to use them appropriately.


Episode 46 - Christmas Presents for Hunters (J3T)

On this episode, Ryan and Mike discuss gift ideas for hunters. Feel free to forward this episode to a loved one who needs gift ideas for you! Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Episode 45 - Comfort when glassing game!

On this episode, Mike and Ryan share their thoughts on the glassing game. Being comfortable behind your optics is essential to longer days in the field, and we all know longer days in the field increases our chances for success. Ryan and mike dissect the comfort equation and how to increase your chances for success!


Episode 44 - CLEAN, COOL, and DRY post kill meat care.

This week, Ryan and Mike discuss the importance of having a plan for your kill before the actual Shot. They discuss the best ways to keep your meat clean, cool, and dry. They even talk about what to do in case your plan fails so that you can fill your freezer without complications! With the rut approaching, you do not want to miss this one!


Episode 43 - J3T - What firearm do you carry in the field?

Ryan surprises Mike with an unexpected topic tonight: What firearm do you carry in the field hunting? The two engage in a great conversation about choosing the right caliber, how to carry it, and what to watch out for while hunting. Enjoy!


Episode 42 - J3T - Aging Wild Game Meat

On this episode of Just the Tip Tuesday, Mike shares what he's learned processing and butchering thousands of pounds of game meat, specifically as it applies to aging meat. Hopefully you have an elk or deer that you've recently taken and can apply what you hear from this episode soon!


Episode 41 - J3T - Leveraging your Mistakes to Find Success Hunting

On this episode, Mike and Ryan talk about how the mistakes we make hunting can be some of the greatest teachers for us, and when we learn from them, our success increases. In other words, if you've been caught in the woods with your pants down over the first few weeks of the season, don't despair. There is hope for you yet!


Episode 40 - A Ride up to Elk Camp with the ElkNut

On this episode of the Got Game University Podcast, take a ride on up to elk camp with the ElkNut! As we head into the 2023 elk hunting season, we want to make sure you have something good to listen to (a couple times maybe!) on your way up to elk camp. This is a recorded webinar Paul gave about 10 days ago, and we are excited to re-broadcast it to you with plenty of elk season left. Paul shares his approach to the 2023 elk season, and then takes a bunch of questions from webinar attendees. There's a lot of great insights shared in classic Paul Medel fashion. Enjoy!


Episode 39 - J3T - Meal Prep Ideas for the Backcountry Hunter

This week, Mike and Ryan respond to a CutRite app user's question and tackle some meal prep suggestions from recipes featured on the CutRite app. Whether you're looking to meal prep during the work week, or prepping meals to take with you on the mountain, you'll find some great ideas on this episode of J3T!


Episode 38 - J3T - Non-Traditional Items to Bring to Elk Camp

This episode with Mike Edgehouse and Ryan Smith focuses on some user questions that led to an amalgamation of suggestions regarding some non-traditional or unusual items to bring to elk camp to give you an edge or to enjoy some additional convenience. It's just about time to head to the hills!


Episode 37 - J3T - Butcher Paper or Vacuum Seal

On this episode of the Just the Tip Tuesday (J3T), Mike Edgehouse tackles the age old debate: butcher paper or vacuum seal? This series is all about quick tips designed to make all the difference in your hunting and meat processing experience!


Episode 37 - Just the Tip Tuesday (J3T) - After the Kill

On this Just the Tip Tuesday (J3T), Ryan Miller joins Mike Edgehouse to discuss the biggest mistake that hunters make once they have made their kill and how to rectify it. You don't want to miss this important tip that will help you better honor your kill!


Episode 36 - Ryan Miller Talks about His Elk Hunting Journey

Mike Edgehouse sits down with long-time friend, entrepreneur and full-on elk hunter, Ryan Miller. Ryan discusses his journey from being hooked on fly fishing and guiding clients in California, Alaska and Mexico to moving to Denver, where he was introduced to elk hunting and has never looked back. Ryan's journey includes taking his first elk, being strategically patient, confident but not arrogant, and just soaking it all in. This episode is loaded with tips, tactics and takeaways to aid you in your own elk hunting journey.


Episode 35 - Just the Tip Tuesday (J3T) - Hydration

On this episode of J3T, Ryan and Mike break down some great thoughts on ensuring proper hydration in the mountains. Hydration is critical to success in the mountains, and any extra insight or tactic might be just what you need to go a little further up and further in. We're only a few short weeks away from go time!


Episode 34 - Just the Tip Tuesday (J3T) - Fixed Blade vs. Replaceable Blade Knives

On this episode of Just the Tip Tuesday, Mike and Ryan discuss their preferences on game processing knives--fixed blade versus replaceable. They break down the pros and cons of each. A quick listen and some great insights. Check it out!


Episode 33 - Introducing Just the Tip Tuesday

A month ago Mike Edgehouse took the tip of his finger off chopping kale. There are a few lessons to learn from this, not the least of which is to avoid kale. Mike keeps a sharp knife. He also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wild game processing, butchering and cooking. Alas, a new series on Got Game University has been born! Just the Tip Tuesday is a weekly segment providing tips around butchering and preparing wild game. We hope you enjoy this introductory episode and those that follow. As mentioned on this episode, the CutRite mobile app is sponsored by Kifaru. Through July 31, 2023, you can save 15% off using the code KIFARULIFE15. Get that pack order in stat!