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Talking about all things travel, sailing, and cruising related






Iceland driving tour with Eric – Podcast #13

Eric and I sat down a while back and chatted about the 10 day long driving tour we took around Iceland. We drove the Ring Road counter clockwise and then did the western pennisula and the Golden Circle. We had a wonderful time during our trip and loved sharing it and helpful hints in this podcast. Check out the links to other material I have made for Iceland: Iceland Ring Road travel video Iceland Golden Circle travel video Iceland travel guide Iceland day 1 blog - The capital day Iceland day 2 blog - Waterfall day Iceland day 3 blog - Airplane wreck day Iceland day 4 blog - Ice day Iceland day 5 blog - Volcano day Iceland day 6 blog - History day Iceland day 7 blog - Day of Trolls Iceland day 8 blog - Golden Circle Iceland day 9 blog - Puffins & lava tubes


Translations, Languages, & Papua New Guinea in the latest podcast

I have Rondal joining me today and we are talking about translation and languages, which is very helpful to the world traveler. Rondal has spent his entire career as a translator of the Bible and is more than qualified to discuss translation and languages. The first half of his field work was done in Papua New Guinea, so we also cover that nation in-depth, which I find to be fascinating and very remote. Consider subscribing to the Guiding Light Podcast with the button above, so each new episode is delivered as soon as it is aired. Below are links to several of the subject matters we discuss in the podcast: Pioneer bible translators Switzerland Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Madang Africa Crimea Travisa Polish language Dagestan


Traveling with kids & their perspective on traveling – podcast #11

Damon and his two kids, Ava & Dalton, join me today as we discuss traveling with kids and also we hear from both of them as they discuss their perspective on traveling. These kids are super adorable and really funny to listen to as they discuss where they have been, what they like, and where they want to go in the future. I hope you join us and I would love it if you subscribed above. This way you are notified every time a new podcast is aired every two weeks. Some of the items we discussed are linked below for your convenience: SV Guiding Light Broken Bow Camp Ground Orange Beach Disney World Crabbing in Galveston Crater of Diamonds State Park Six Flags of Texas Working a fishing boat in Alaska Lost In The Barrens book The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float book Hawaii New York City Two Story McDonolds in NYC Statue of Liberty Las Vegas Paris Eiffel Tower Louvre Museum Israel Japan Australia The real Crocodile Dundee


Road trip around the southwest USA in a modified truck – podcast #10

Warren & Erica join me as we talk about their three-month road trip around the southwest USA in a pickup truck that Warren modified. We had a great time chatting about different places they visited and how they lived. Towards the end of the show we talked about their transistion onto a catamaran and what the new chapter in thier life entails. I think many of you will find some very useful information about some of the locations they visited, how to do a road trip like they did, and what it is like to move onto a boat. This is the tenth episode of the Guiding Light podcast. If you have enjoyed this, or any other, podcast please show me some support by clicking the subscribe button above. This will help notify you when each new episode airs and download it directly to your device for easy listening. Below are links to different things we talk about in the podcast: Topper EZ Lift Luggable loo How Not To Pee In Your Boots is the 6th chapter of a book called How To Shit In The Woods Golden Fire Department Southwest USA Havasu Falls Bryce Canyon NP Arches NP Zion NP Lake Powell Antelope Canyon Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon NP Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Wupatika National Monument Meteorite Crater Annual National Park Pass Difference between Maine lobster and Caribbean lobster Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 Crowley WEsail YouTube channel


Cruising with kids – how and why to do it podcast

I have Mike Bayer with me for this episode of the Guiding Light podcast and we talking about cruising with kids. He and his wife have chosen to take a year and cruise from Grenada to Florida with their two young girls in order to build stronger bonds as a family. Plus we also talk about him and his wife traveling to SE Asia and going on safari in Africa before they had the girls. It is super entertaining subjects and I hope you enjoy our banter for the next 50 minutes. Below you can see some of the links we talk about and as always I would love to read what you think of the episode. Moose on the Loose ( Sailing Totum Cruising Guide For Kids Blog about playing with local kids Japan Ticket to Ride Settlers of Catan China Hong Kong Macau Singapore Most powerful passport in the world Kilimanjaro Safari - Big 5 Corlette Wessels Photography Grenada Great Loop of America Dry Tortugas Cumberland Island Skipper Bob Cruising Guide


Blue water experience from two newbies plus a look at Trinidad on this podcast

I have Greg and Susan talking about their first experience with blue water sailing, which they did with me as we sailed overnight from Trinidad to Grenada. They are very candid and honest about their first impressions with blue water sailing. We also talked about Trinidad quite extensively as we had just spent two weeks there exploring bays and ashore. This will be a great lead in to the blogs I am about to write about Trinidad. So if we talk about a site of activity you want to learn more about then come back to the blog each day as I will be writing about each and every experience we had in Trinidad. If you have not already, why don't you subscribe to the Guiding Light Podcast in the player above. This way you will not miss an episode as we tackle and discuss anything and everything sailing, cruising, and travel related!!!!!


Continuing to travel on the Trans Siberian Train plus a look at Mongolia in this podcast

We will be talking about Mongolia, Russia, and the Trans-Siberian Train in this podcast as my dad joins me to talk about the month long trip we took in 2016. In fact we had so much fun chatting, remembering, and sharing about our trip that it turned into a two parter. Part 2 we are talking about Yakutsk, Lena Pillars, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Vladivostok, the second half of our time on the Trans-Siberian train, and we finish with a tour around Mongolia with all the special sites there. I would love to hear your comments about this podcast and if you enjoyed it I hope you Subscribe above to make sure to keep up with each podcast as they come out. As always, below are links to the different things we talk about in the podcast. I try to keep them in the same order as we discuss them to help you check something out in more detail if you like. Russia Yakutsk Lena Pillars World Heritage Site Zoo in Yakutsk Russian Alphabet Irkutsk Lake Baikal Tran-Siberian Train Vladivostok Mongolia TraVisa Golden Gobi - tour guide and hostel Amarbaysgalant Monastery Karakorum Erdene Zuu Monastery Hujirt Hot Spring Elsen Tasarkhai Hustai National Park Camels


Visiting Russia and boarding the Trans Siberian Train in this podcast

We will be talking about Russia and the Trans-Siberian Train in this podcast as my dad joins me to talk about the month long trip we took in 2016. In fact we had so much fun chatting, remembering, and sharing about our trip that it turned into a two parter. In part 1 we are talking about St Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, and finish in Yakutsk while also talking about part of our time on the Trans-Siberian train. I would love to hear your comments about this podcast and if you enjoyed it I hope you Subscribe above to make sure to keep up with each podcast as they come out. As always, below are links to the different things we talk about in the podcast. I try to keep them in the same order as we discuss them to help you check something out in more detail if you like. Russia Story of my flight delay is due to Israel security St Petersburg Church of the Nativity Hermitage (Winter Palace) Russian Museum Peter and Paul Fortress, church, and Tsar tombs Russian Revolution Peter The Great Catherine The Great Ivan The Terrible Peterhof - summer palace Château de Versailles Red Arrow Express Moscow St Basil Church Kremlin Cold War Bomb shelter in Moscow Russian losses in WW2 Red Square President Putin State Historical Museum Unknown Soldier Memorial Lenin’s Mausoleum Vladimir Mongol invasions Suzdal Trans-Siberian Train Booking website for Train Yakutsk Lena Pillars


Boat systems, electric engines, & buying a boat podcast

We are talking about boat systems & electric motors with Joel James in this episode of the Guiding Light Podcast. Joel helped me chose to purchase a Lagoon 410, and we will walk through that process. Then we get into talking about boat systems including getting to know the different systems, the best practice when upgrading, and our thoughts. We talk about solar panels, batteries, plumbing, and other systems before we get into a lenghty discussion about electric engines and the pros and cons of such an upgrade. With all that said I hope you join us in the podcast and I would love to read your comments below. Let me know what you think about our dicussion, electric engines, Lagoons, and this podcast in general. Thanks! As always below are links to some of the things we talk about: Lagoon 410 Lagoon 380 Leopard 43 Kemah, TX Grand Cayman Solar power Shore Power Battery Isolator Electric motors Yanmar engines Airhead composting toilets Wire gauge Amps, volts, & watts Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)


What is it like hosting foreign exchange students? Find out in this podcast

Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student? If so then this is the podcast you should listen to. Phil Cook joins me and talks all about the four girls he and his wife have hosted. He tells about the positives to him and his family along with the benefits to the exchange student. During the discussion there are several things we talk about that I have references and links for below: Foreign exchange student Grand Canyon Arkansas State Capitol YFU - Youth For Understanding Student visa (F1)


Kyrgyzstan & all about homeschooling kids podcast

We are talking about life in Kyrgyzstan and home schooling kids with Jeff & Alisha in this episode of the Guiding Light podcast. Jeff & Alisha moved to Kyrgyzstan a little over three years ago in order to start an adventure guide company called Taigan Expeditions. Jeff will tell us all about the culture of the people and Alisha will explain how they handle homeschooling their three children. As always I am providing links to different resources we talk about during the podcast. I hope you enjoy it. Homeschooling resources: Other resources and links: Kyrgyzstan Taigan Expeditions Yurt Flag World Nomad Games Silk road


What is life aboard a sailboat like? Find out in this podcast

In the second episode of the Guiding Light podcast I am going to chat with Steve Thorn, who spent two months with me this summer. We sat down during our sail from Tobago to Trinidad and talked about life aboard a sailboat. Our discussion started with St Lucia, where I picked him up at, and then went into what he thought of cruising, things he liked about being aboard, things that took some adjustment, and things he missed. I think it is a great insight from a novice and well worth listening if you have ever thought of living aboard or are just fascinated by the idea. Here are a few links to different subjects and places we touched apon: St Lucia The Fruit Guy of Rodney Bay The Guiding Light (a Lagoon 410) Trade winds Soccer (football) Cruising Outpost


Meet your host and captain

Welcome to the very first Guiding Light podcast. I am so excited to be launching this cruising and travel podcast where we will talk about all things boating and cruising, but also talk heavily about traveling in general and specifically about different locations. For this first episode I have my mother with me to help introduce you to me as your host. She has all kind of questions for me related to life aboard a boat, safety on the boat, and where all I have traveled in the offseason. On a personal note, it was a lot of fun doing this episode with her and I am glad it worked out as well as it did. New episodes will come out every other Saturday. I hope you enjoy them and come back to listen every episode. If there is a subject you would like to hear please let me know. Also, please let me hear any suggestions you may have. Thanks for listening!!!!!