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When The Going Gets Tough...We Usually Quit.

Saturday night, my girlfriend and I had a heart to heart conversation. Mostly, it was me venting some frustrations about life and her listening and chiming in when she could. Then she dropped a bomb-shell on me that really made me think. She said that I quit things when they get too difficult. Upon hearing this, I didn't know whether to get offended, get angry, or clap back with some witty remark. I chose to do neither of those. Instead, I pondered what she said and eventaully agreed with...


Dads Are Just As Important In Raising Kids.

With the high rates of single mothers and a lot of dad bashing articles out there (surprisingly), I wanted to take some time in today's episode to discuss the importance of having a father in a kids life. There are plenty of benefits fo having our dads in our lives, they help us gain confidence. Make smarter decisions in life. Give us the confidence we need to go out there and slay shit. So heck yeah dads are important! Let's delve a little more shall we? Have an opinion on the matter? Call...


A Black Guy's Spiritual Journey Towards The Truth.

Today, I talk a little bit about my spirutual journey and the things that I believe in. I'm not completel against religion or the exsistence of God. I, like many others, is just curious as to who or what God really is and why things are the way they are. I've had many dealings in life with religion and never have recieved a solid answer to these thoughts. So, I figured that I share some of these thoughts with ou guys. Hopefully it doesn't turn you off. Have an opinion on the matter? Call in...


Let's Look Into The Kareem Hunt Situation.

Wow, What a Friday! If you're living under a rock, some breaking news came out of the NFL today. Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs was released today, following an incident that took place backk in February this year. TMZ did what TMZ does and released a video of the incident and all hell broke loose. Now, like most rational and curious individuals out there, I went and looked up the video that created this media firestorm. To my surprise, I wasn't shocked nor appalled by what I saw. I...


Exploration of Religion And It's Concept.

Growing up, I've dabbled in many religions and had an up and down experience with the whole thing. Now I don't want to say that religion is bad as a whole, because I can understand why it's important to most. As for my experience, i don't think religion is that important.A lot of religion relies on basic philosophies of the human experience. Regardless,religion can illicit some really strong emotional responses when it's the subject of focus. in today's episode, I try to explore the concept...


Life's A Journey And Here's My Story.

Growing up, I never quite knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be everything from a doctor, lawyer, baker, comic book writer, teacher, you name it. If it peaked my interest, I wanted to be it as a young lad. As the years of my lfe continued to progress, that answer never really formulated into anything in particular. It wasn't until my senior year of high school, where I settled on becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Why? I don't know. They sounded pretty kool at the time and I wanted everyone...


Chronicles of Faith: Ep. 2: Walking With God

Episode 2 of Chronicles of Faith talks about listening to God's voice and submitting to his will. Join in on the conversation and have your voice heard by calling in at (347) 934-0036 to voice your opinion or tweet us @GOTRPodcast. Also be sure to bookmark our new website at Also, like us on facebook at, follow our stream here on blogtalkradio or email us You can also find us on itunes, Stitcher and Shout Engine. Be...


Chronicles of Faith: Episode 1: God is for Everyone

Guys of the Roundtable presents: Chronicles of Faith. In this exciting new show, Andy will dive into religious topics with many guests on Sunday afternoons. Sit back and listen to stories about triumph and overcoming; of struggle and despair; of victory and defeat. Listen to discussions of real world applications. Join in on the conversation and have your voice heard by calling in at (347) 934-0036 to voice your opinion or tweet us @GOTRPodcast. Also be sure to bookmark our new website at...


Enjoy The Things That You Have. Not What You Wish For.

I know that I've been on this podcast before talking about enjoy life and pursue your passions. But every now and again, I too fall victim to the wishes and desires of life. I often times find myself in a funk thinking about the things I wish I could've had, instead of really taking the time to enjoy the things that I have now. It's a bit hypocritical to honest, but we all do it. We all fall victim to the desires of our mind. So, let's have a brief discussion about it. Have an opinion on the...


Kanye Meets Trump. The World Goes Mad!

Yesterday afternoon, I tweeted out "Kanye West will be a major factor in reducing violence in Chicago. Mark my words." and I meant it. My reasoning? Well, it's simple really, Kanye West is making some major moves in an effort to bring about change in his hometown of Chicago. Sure there's a media circus (mainly CNN) blasting Kanye, calling all types of coon, house negro, nigra (negro but with an "i"), illiterate bafoon, etc, etc. and yet, here's Kanye meeting with the President of the United...


Today We Talk About Sports!

My mans Andy will be joining me today as we will be talking various topics around the NFL. We will try not to bore you with updates and scores, no siree. Rather, we will he attempting to discuss the ideas behind some teams behavior, reasoning for some fans enthusiasm, some fans jumping or abandoning ship, and the like. Personally, I enjoy sports and enjoy trying to figure out what's going on, so why not do it for your entertainment? Also, we will be experimenting with some quick hitters...


Why are Christians rejected in modern day society?

Accroding to some studies, religioin seems to be on the decline. In a poll that was taken back in 2014, survey has shown that approx. 78% of adults say they are religiously affliated, which is an approx. 7% decline from that same survey taken back in 2007, which had approx. 83% of adults claiming to be religiously affliated. So why the decline? What has people turning their backs on religion? Andy and I will try and discuss some possible reasons as to why people are leaving the church or...


What I've Learned Watching Survival Shows and "Reality" Game Shows.

Lately, I've been watching "Naked and Afraid", "Alone", "Big Brother", and some other pretty interesting shows with my grilfriend. One thing that I've noticed and has stuck out to me, is that, we as human beings are extremely comfortable in our current environment. Also, that we will do almost anything to ensure maximum comfortability. Once we are out of that comfort zone, we will do absolutely anything and everything to get that back. It was an interesting phenomena to witness to say the...


Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything.

You mad bro?! Well, it seems like it. Everywhere I turn the last 48hrs, everyone is talking about the controversial Nike ad featuring Collin Kaepernick. Some are mad. Some are happy. Others are burning their Nike gear. Others are buying more Nike gear. No matter where you stand on the topic, you have to admit, the outrage is pretty damn silly if you ask me. So without further adue, let's jump into it and have this discussion. Have an opinion on the matter? Call in at (347) 934-0036 to voice...


We Will Never Understand Nor Do We Want To Relate.

Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute. Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say that you can understand someone else's pain? If you can, great! You have this thing called empathy for another human, Most likely and truthfully speaking, you do not. I'm basing all of this on a simple observation. Listening to people talk badly about the President, professional athletes gripes, Black Lives Matter, Libertarians vs. Conservatives, etc. It's all getting out of hand really. We...


Everyone Talks. But No One Wants To Listen.

Aight so a lot has been happenning in the news; The Madden 19 tournament shooting, Senator John McCain's death, the ugly debate on whether or not President Trump should lower the white house flag to half mast, Odell Beckem getting his money, the start of football season both college and professional, to the same ole tiring debate of conservaties vs. liberals. There has been a lot happening! But I've noticed that there is a common motif amongst all of the debates going on... no one is...


State Games and......Frustrations!

This past weekend I got to participate in the West Virginia State Games. Let me tell you summthin', that was the most redneck, chaotic, Frustrating event I've ever been a part of. But I had a blast though! There were some unfortunate missteps that took place, but shit happens and you try and move on from them. Then life happened! And I'm dealing and trying to process all the bullshit that happened and trying to put a positive spin on everything. Things happen for a reason and it's up to us...


Hero Or Villain? The Decision Is Ultimately Yours.

Lately, I've been in my own head just thinking and overthinking about things. And I'll be honest, it's exhausting! Mentally, I'm all over the place. Thinking about my future, thinking about the now, thinking about what needs to be done. It gets to you sometimes when you're trying to better yourself and the negativity just seeps in and takes over. Then I began thinking about why do we always go through these bad times? Then it occured to me that we are on our own archetypal journey so to...


Personal Development and Growth

Sometimes you have to sit back and reflect on how far you've come in life. Not today though, cuz that would be a really long podcast series. What we are going to do is reflect on the past year of my life. There are times when I am down on myself and feel like I haven't accomplished anything. So today, I'm going to take some time and reflect on how far I've come in the past year. Should be interesting...yet terrifying. Have an opinion on the matter? Call in at (347) 934-0036 to voice your...


Advice to the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) Crew.

You know, in the past, I've had some reservations about being in a relationship. I'm not gonna lie, there was a point where I was on my he-man-woman-hater shit. I thought the best way to deal with this idea was to treat women like shit and just use them as objects. Then something happened and my perception changed a bit. What happened you might ask? Well, I got into a relationship and realized that I may have been wrong about my thought process. Personally, I can admit and accept when I have...