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Ryan aka Hello Ghostly hosts the spookiest weekly video game news podcast all about Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Well not spooky exactly but it's good stuff.

Ryan aka Hello Ghostly hosts the spookiest weekly video game news podcast all about Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Well not spooky exactly but it's good stuff.
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Ryan aka Hello Ghostly hosts the spookiest weekly video game news podcast all about Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Well not spooky exactly but it's good stuff.




HelloGhostly Games Podcast 21: Red Dead Online Update, Fortnite X John Wick

What's up everyone and welcome to another episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. In today's episode, we discuss my journey across the dreaded plains of the wild west as The Pink Desperado in the newest update for Red Dead Online. We also break down the latest going's on in the world of video games such as Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered leak, Red Dead Online Update details, World of Warcraft Classic release date announced, A New Splinter Cell game teased by Ubisoft creative...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 20: MediEvil Release Date, Nintendo E3 2019 Plans

This week's episode of The HelloGhostly Podcast is a little wackier than our usual show, okay so it's not completely off-brand for me but I have had a lot of coffee before this episode so that's why I'm a little crazy banana pie in this one. So what do we discuss, apart from the Mindy project, well we do talk little video games? Okay we took a lot of gaming, we break down all the latest going on in the world of games such as EA Access coming to PS4, Overwatch New Havana map, Donkey Kong Jr...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 19: Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC, Saints Row Film and Bloodstained Dated

What's everyone and welcome to abrand new episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. In today's episode we discuss Kingdom Hearts 3's ReMIND DLC being revealed, Dying Light 2 confirmed for E3 2019, Xbox Games with Gold May 2019 lineup, Xbox Game Pass adding more games in May, Saints Row movie coming, The Last of Us: Part 2 info coming before E3, PlayStation Plus May 2019 lineup, Borderlands 3 not having microtransactions, AMD says PS5 has a special sauce, Rocket League studio picked up by...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 18: Avengers Endgame X Fortnite

Okay, so I might be a little late again on uploading this weeks episode of the podcast. you know me though I ain't got much of an excuse except I was playing a lot of Apex Legends. I know I can procrastinate like a monster but I really need to relax this week. Anyways, welcome to another brand new episode of The HelloGhostly Podcast. in this weeks episode, we spoil everything Avengers Endgame, No please come back it was a terrible joke. We do talk about the Fortnite LTM for Marvel's Avengers...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 17: Gears 5 Multiplayer Mode, PS5 Details, New LEGO Star Wars Game

What's up everyone and welcome to a brand new episode of The HelloGhostly Podcast. Today's show format is slightly different than usual, mainly due to the lack of a Ghost Box (rotating segment). But that's pretty much all that's different, we go into the goodness of what I've been playing? and weekly gaming news. SPOILER ALERT, I've been playing more Apex Legends and Overwatch latest event for archives called Storm Rising. When it comes to gaming news, we discuss Sony stopping Bungie doing...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 16: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Release Date

Welcome to another awesome episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. In today's episode we break down gaming news such as Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Release Date and details, Star Wars Episode Nine Rise Of The Skywalker trailer, Overwatch Storm Rising event, PSN Name Change is here, Xbox Game Pass Games For April, Assassin's Creed Vikings Coming 2020, PS5 and new Xbox to be last ever consoles and much more. SOCIAL LINKS: Website: https://www.helloghostly.com/ Patreon:...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 15: Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Is Magic Event, P5S Announcement Coming

We back again for another magical episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast, except this week it's being uploaded in a timely manner. Today we discuss what games I've been playing and as you probably already guessed it was Apex Legends but that's all I played, I also checked out an indie game called MetaGal. Gaming news has been crazy as always and we breakdown and talk about it all (okay not all but most of it). Lastly we break open another Ghost Box, A rotating segment that changes every...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 14: Persona 5 The Royal, Apple Arcade, Borderlands 3

Welcome to a brand new episode on The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. First off I want to apologize for the late upload of this episode, I record normally on Thursday and that was the case but after recording this and Kings Canyon Radio - An Apex Legends Podcast, i was totally wiped out. I then tried numerous times over the weekend to edit this bad boy but Sick Ghostly could not get the job done until now. In today's episode we discuss Judgement Release Date not changing for the US and UK,...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 13: Google ,Announces Stadia, Cuphead On Nintendo Switch

Welcome to a brand spanking new episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. In today's episode we discuss A new Sonic the Hedgehog game is being developed, Mortal Kombat 11 closed beta dates announced, Bethesda confirms E3 2019 plans, Doom Eternal to feature heavily, The Culling is shutting down in May, Stadia revealed as Google's cloud-based gaming platform, Castle Crashers confirmed for PS4 and Switch, Konami Anniversary Collections announced, New Yakuza game staring Ichiban Kasuga,...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 12 (BONUS): Turtle Rock Studio Announce Back 4 Blood

In a strange turn of events, this weeks episode actually comes with a bonus episode of just news stuff. This isn't something i would normally do but i really wanted to talk about these news stories but i had already recorded this week episode. In today's extra tasty episode we discuss Bandai Namco DLC roadmap for Jump Force, No Man's SKy new update titled Beyond will include No Man's Sky Online, Hearthstone new expansion title Rise Of Shadows and Year of the Dragon event, Microsoft bringing...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 11: Borderlands 3 Reveal, Halo Reach coming to Halo MCC

What's everyone and welcome to another episode of The HelloGhostly Podcast. This week is a little late due to the fact that there is a bonus episode too. In today's episode we discuss Sony bringing PS4 Remote Play to iOS devices, EA not having an E3 press conference this year, Pre-Registration begins for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Red Dead Online adds new game mode called Spoils of War, Spyro Reignited Trilogy adds subtitles, Gearbox confirms Borderlands 3 reveal at PAX East, Halo: The...


HelloGhostly Games Podcast 10: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (Xbox One SAD)

Welcome to episode ten of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast. This week's episode is running a few days late due to life being super busy and I had trouble finding time to edit and upload this episode. In today's episode we discuss my completion of Far Cry New Dawn, Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone review/opinions, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered leak, PS Vita production has officially ended, Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far coming to Europe, Friday the 13th: The Game confirmed for Switch,...


Overwatch New Hero Baptiste, Pokemon Sword And Shield - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.03.19

In today's episode we discuss the newly announced hero for Overwatch called Baptiste, Overkill's The Walking Dead gets canceled, Rocksteady job ad hinting at possibly game reveal, Reggie Fils-Aime retiring, Xbox Anaconda and Lockhart announcement coming at E3 2019, Skullgirls 2nd Encore coming to Switch and Xbox One, Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package dated for Switch, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield announced for Switch, Xbox Games with Gold March 2019 lineup announced, PlayStation...


Apex Legends, Overwatch, Dreams, Kingdom Hearts 3 and more- Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.23.19

I'm gonna be honest I kinda lost my show notes for this week's episode before posting it so I do not fully know what I spoke about but I can guess. I remember discussing dreams coming to early access this spring, overkill's the walking dead being canceled and not canceled at the same time, Microsoft adding more games to Xbox game pass, Apex Legends adding a new weapon in the form of the havoc rifle, Overwatch getting a new map set in Paris, PUBG crossover with resident evil 2, Kingdom Hearts...


Apex Legends tops 25 million players - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.16.19

Welcome back to another episode of The HelloGhostly Podcast. We do talk about some cool things this week like Red Dead Online update adding new law & bounty system, Activision discuss the recent split from Bungie, The Division 2 is getting an open beta, Activision Blizzard confirms it has laid off 8% of staff, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy sales top 10 million, Apex Legends tops 25 million players, Call of Duty 2019 confirmed to have a single-player campaign, World War Z release date...


Apex Legends Announced, Xbox Game Studios and more - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.08.19

Okay, so today's episode is not the best because I'm slowly falling apart due to some plague. Okays so it's not a plague but a super bad cold and I get super pathetic when it comes to dealing with being sick. We do talk about some cool things this week like what I've been playing, spoiler it was a lot in the form of Kingdom Hearts 3, The Division 2 private beta, Anthem open bet, and Apex Legends. We also discuss some of that gaming news stuff which consisted of Microsoft rebranding to Xbox...


Overwatch Paris Map, Feb PS Plus And Games With Gold Games - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.02.19

We are back at again for the fifth episode of The Hello Ghostly Games Podcast. In today's episode, we discuss Blizzard announcing a brand new assault map for Overwatch based in Paris, France, PS Plus and Games With Gold games for February, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Shadow Heritage DLC is being patched, Sony first party studios working on pS5 games and much more. I've also had a super interesting week that consisted of bad bbq ribs, birthday celebrations, Kingdom Hearts 3 randomly...


Overwatch Year Of The Pig Event, Anthem VIP Demo - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 25.01.19

Anthem VIP demo is now available to download, Blizzard Entertainment announces the new year lunar event called The Year Of The Pig and I spent my week Hunting down Funko Pops. That's not all though, we discuss Bungie's statement on the future of Destiny, Dragonball FighterZ free on Xbox, Fortnite getting frosty with the sneaky snowman, Halo: The Master Chief Collection dev is teasing something for SXSW, Fallout 76 not going free to play and Overkill's The Walking Dead console release...


The Division 2 Private Beta, Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 18.01.19

After last week darker tone, I felt at times for a more happy episode, so I drank two coffees before the episode. That will make it happy, won't it? no okay. But seriously we talk more video games this week and get into the release dates for the division 2 private beta, kingdom hearts 3 epilogues coming after the game launches and much more. Socials WEBSITE - https://www.helloghostly.com/ PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/HelloGhostly INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/helloghostly/...


Overwatch's Solider 76 Joins Tracer as an LGBTQ hero - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 11.01.19

What's Up everyone, I wanted to start by adding a somewhat disclaimer to this episode. The following episode gets into a mature discussion in regards to depression, anxiety, and death. I talk about the recent loss of my father in law and how that's affected me over the past year and also my previous attempts of suicide. It was rough for me to listen back to but I hope this episode helps you if you're going through similar feeling or issues. Life always gets better and there is always someone...