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Higher Calling Wildlife is the inspirational voice of wildlife conservation. Hosted by award-winning wildlife journalist and conservationist Chester Moore it digs deep into today's most important wildlife issues.


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Higher Calling Wildlife is the inspirational voice of wildlife conservation. Hosted by award-winning wildlife journalist and conservationist Chester Moore it digs deep into today's most important wildlife issues.






Ted Nugent On Fred Bear-The Man, The Song And The Spirit of The Wild

Join host Chester Moore as he talks with longtime friend and rock and roll hunting legend Ted Nugent about the legacy of "Fred Bear" the song and the man behind it. Learn how this archery trailblazer inspired Nugent and legions of other hunters and how the song that celebrates him resonates in a powerful way 35 years later. Also learn about the release of the special 12-inch hunter orange vinyl of "Fred Bear" complete with original version, acoustic rendition and other bonus tracks.


The Giant Trout Of South Padre

In this exclusive episode, we take a look at pursuing the giant trout of the South Padre and Lower Laguna Madre area. Higher Calling Wildlife is brought to you by Texas Fish & Game.


You Need This Color-Combo Fly At All Times

Chester Moore discusses a fly color combo he always has in his fly box. He's caught everything from exotic jaguar cichlids in Florida to giant bream and bass in Texas on this combo. Sci-Fly Fishing is an extension of Higher Calling Wildlife. An exclusive segment airs in every episode of the Higher Calling Wildlife podcast and we post another segment here the channel the following week. Subscribe to Higher Calling Wildlife for these exclusive updates.


750 Pound Boars-Plus How Long Does It Take A Domestic Hog To Go Wild?

In this fascinating interview, host Chester Moore talks with Dr. Jack Mayer about how big feral hogs can get. And he asks how long it takes for a domestic hog to go "wild" or "feral". The answer to the size and the going wild questions having a fascinating link. Also, in this episode we debut our exclusive Sci-Fly Fishing segment, giving you unique fishing tips and info in a quick segment in every episode. Higher Calling Wildlife is brought to you by Texas Fish & Game.


Catching Big Bass On Small Poppers

Learn why small poppers can catch big bass on small water bodies when other lure types fail. Catch exclusive Sci-Fly Fishing segments on Higher Calling Wildlife in addition to the those posted here.


Two Signs That Always Lead To Flounder

Sci-Fly Fishing is a new 3-4 minute segment that will be added to all future Higher Calling Wildlife episodes. It will explore the outer limits of shore, stream, wade, flats & flyfishing. To show you what this is all about we've posted this clip as a stand-alone. It focuses on what Chester Moore believes is the ultimate sign that leads to flounder on the Gulf Coast.


The Habitat Apocalypse: Why Wildlife Habitat Should Be The Top Priority

Wildlife habitat from sea flats to alpine tundra is being decimated at an alarming rate. Listen to a thought-provoking roudtablle discussion from the Hunt-Fish Podcast Summit talking about key points on wildlife habitat loss and how to get involved with saving it. Special guests include Andrew Austin, Turner Rowland, Jake Hill, Joe Richardson and Kanyan Klein.


A 94 Pound Redfish & Red/Black Drum Hybrids

Ever heard of a 94 pound redfish? How about one that is older than the United States retirement age? Check out this edition of the award-winning program and also learn about a forgotten stocking of black/red drum hybrids in Texas. Higher Calling Wildlife is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.


Monster Speckled Trout Hybrids In Texas

Did you know there was a 20 plus pound speckled trout hybrid caught in Texas? That's four pounds bigger than the Texas state record speck and three pounds larger than the world record. In this intriguing program, host Chester Moore reveals the details behind this catch and a long-forgotten speckled trout hybrid stocking program in his home state of Texas. Higher Calling Wildlife is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.


TRWD Flyfest:Getting Back to the River

Join host Chester Moore as he talks with Matt Mancino and Stacy PIerce about TRWD Flyfest, a huge, fun, family event taking place Sat. March 11 in Fort Worth, TX. Listen to the show for all the details and learn more at www.trwdflyfest.com Higher Calling Wildlife is sponsored by Texas Fish & Game.


Cloning Wildlife: Bringing Back the Thylacine and A Deep ’Dive on Conservation Cloning

In this wild episode, host Chester Moore interviews Ben Novak of Revive & Restore about wildlife cloning, cloning for conservation and bringing back the thylacine. It's a can't miss episode if you want to know what's really going on at the highest levels of wildlife research.


Tracking Eastern Turkeys

Host Chester Moore interviews Dr. Bret Collier, Professor of Ecology at Louisiana State University. They discuss a program of LSU, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the U.S. Forest Service that tracks Eastern wild turkey movements and examines a very unique situation related to Hurricane Laura damage in the Kisatchie National Forest.


Women Hunt: Kat Hunter Shares Her Experience

Chester Moore talks with Kat Hunter from the Women Hunt class of 2022 about the Wild Sheep Foundation's, game-changing women's hunting/conservation program.


Moriah Formica: A Voice For Fishing

Join host Chester Moore as he interviews Plush vocalist The Voice contestant Moriah Formica as she talks about her passionate love of fishing. Fresh off of a mega tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra she talks about how fishing for her is a path to peace.


Sheep Show: Transmission-A Look At An Award-Wining Documentary On Wild Sheep & Disease

Host Chester Moore interviews documentary filmmaker Jesse Bone at the 2023 Sheep Show in Reno about his award-winning documentary Transmission.


Sheep Show: A Look At The National Bighorn Sheep Center

Host Chester Moore talks with Sara Bridge and Kendra Young from the National Bighorn Sheep Center from the floor of the Sheep S/how in Reno, NV.


Sheep Show: Texas Desert Bighorn Sheep

Recording live from the floor of the Wild Sheep Foundation's "Sheep Show", host Chester Moore interviews Froylan Hernandez, Desert Bighorn Program Leader for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Here the latest on desert bighorns in Texas, plus a little on the aoudad issue.


Sheep Show: To Put And Keep Wild Sheep On The Mountain

Host Chester Moore rises early and gives an overview of the Wild Sheep Foundation's "Sheep Show" from the host city, beautiful Reno, NV. What's the "Sheep Show" about anyway? The overall mission it to put and keep wild sheep on the mountain. Listen for a quick update and to learn more about the kind of inspiring effort done to help wild sheep.


Rise of The Aoudad

The aoudad is a native of northern Africa that is quite literally taking over areas of the Southwest. With an estimated United States populations of 75,000, the aoudad is a sought after sporting animal and also a concern for native wildlife conservationists. In this program hear amazing stories of aoudad's survival instincts and even about an aoudad killing a Texas man.


Will We Ever See Another World Or State Record Flounder?

Will we ever see another state or world record southern flounder? Join flounder fishing expert and author of Flounder Fever Chester Moore on an interesting look at the upper end of flounder populations. If you fish on the Gulf or southern Atlantic coasts, this is a can't miss episode.