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I saw my first hockey game, and everything changed.

I saw my first hockey game, and everything changed.
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I saw my first hockey game, and everything changed.






Special Podcast Episode: A Crazy Goal

Chapter 1: Cigars and Bourbon Cigar and Bourbon Night 2017, with Raconteur “Then sing something.” The first time he said it, I thought he was joking. He was not the first person I had ever met that I had told about my singing background, but he was certainly the first who had demanded that I demonstrate it on the spot. I could see he was looking at me intently, expectantly. He was serious. And so was I. He had been talking a bit about his early days playing hockey professionally in Quebec...


Listen to the Blog: Episode 3 “1980”

The first hockey game I ever saw was an early morning adult league game at Kettler Capitals Iceplex--now Medstar Capitals Iceplex. I ran into someone I used to know. In the second part of the podcast, "In the Locker Room," I suggest some hockey programs adult learners might want to try and recommend hockey documentaries from the Russian perspective. I also discuss how combining wisdom from William Blake and Ted Lindsay can take you far as an adult hockey player.


Listen to the Blog: Episode 2

With the possible exception of the 1980 Miracle on Ice, I knew nothing about hockey when I saw my first game in 2013. I discuss that nothing in this latest re-imagining. Additionally, follow me to the locker room to learn more about Try Hockey for Free Day, Paul Newman, AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, and what Sleater-Kinney has in common with adult hockey newbies.


Listen to the Blog

As an avid podcast listener, I decided it might be fun to offer recorded versions of the blog posts. You'll find many of these recordings on the shorter side, vignettes, if you will. That may change as the project evolves. Episode One is ready. You can read the original here. Drop me a line. In the episode, I describe a few ways you can find me if you don't feel like using the Contact form on the blog.


Lily and the Snow Baby

I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath. After the van stopped leaning on its driver side tires and decided on upright, I breathed. I was the wrong way off the snowy road—the direction from which I had traveled visible through the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror. My hands shook as I processed that the van had nearly flipped onto the driver side, and I tried to figure out how I could have sped off the road in a blur when I had only been going about 15 miles an hour. And, I...