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This is a podcast about baseball, music and culture. Our podcast includes interviews with news makers in the sports and music world plus commentary from the co-hosts on interesting current and historical events. Hooks & Runs releases a new episodes every Thursday.

This is a podcast about baseball, music and culture. Our podcast includes interviews with news makers in the sports and music world plus commentary from the co-hosts on interesting current and historical events. Hooks & Runs releases a new episodes every Thursday.


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This is a podcast about baseball, music and culture. Our podcast includes interviews with news makers in the sports and music world plus commentary from the co-hosts on interesting current and historical events. Hooks & Runs releases a new episodes every Thursday.






Ep. 107 - Bert Shepard, Lou Brissie & Baseball During World War II

Following last week story from Professor Peter Dreier about Sam Nahem and the G. I. World Series in Europe, 1945, Craig and Rex dive deep into baseball during World War II. Today, the stories of Bert Shepard and Lou Brissie, two American heroes who suffered horrific injuries in battle but overcame to pitch in the Major Leagues. Also, Craig and Rex survey the players who served and were later inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame -- some of whom saw combat and earned commendations. Check...


Ep. 106 - Baseball Rebels w/ Professor Peter Dreier

This week Professor Peter Dreier (Occidental College) joins Hooks & Runs to discuss his new book, "Baseball Rebels: The Players, People and Social Movements That Shook Up the Game and Changed America" (Univ. Nebraska Press, 2022), co-authored with Prof. Robert Elias. The conversation covers not only well known names in baseball history like Bill Veeck and Larry Doby but also little known players almost forgotten by history. You'll hear amazing stories about people like Octavius Catto, Sam...


Ep. 105 - First Home Run Ball Exchange Rates and Other Tall Tales

This week, Andrew, Craig and Rex riff on the Astros' amazing two immaculate inning game, Jeremy Pena's injury and his replacements, the price for a first MLB home run ball, squabbles among Orioles' team owners, and the line-up for this week's Glastonbury festival. We closed by going "off the rails" in the "Check It Out" segment. Errata: The Astros acquired Phil Maton last year in the Myles Straw trade with Cleveland. Phil Neikro's 6 wild pitch game was August 4, 1979. Yuli's brother is...


Ep. 104 - When Sport Defeated Law: The Curt Flood Case w/ Prof. Jeremi Duru

Professor Jeremi Duru, a nationally recognized sports law expert, joins us this week to talk about a baseball-related U.S. Supreme Court case, Flood v. Kuhn, decided 50 years ago this week (June 19, 1972, to be exact). The case sparked the movement that birthed the free agency era in baseball and sports. Curt Flood was an All-Star and Gold Glove center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals during their 1960's heyday. The Cardinals won 2 World Series titles, in 1964 and 1967, and Flood played...


Ep. 103 - Andrew's Ryan Pressly Anxiety Exposed!

This week, Craig shills Hooks & Runs' Spotify playlists; the gang discusses Houston signing Yordan Alvarez to a 6-year, $115M contract and also, the 2022 luxury tax results. Check It Out! Rex: Anthrax is releasing their 40 year anniversary record, "Anthrax XL," on July 15 -- they are streaming "Aftershock" as a teaser this week. Andrew: Andrew went fishing this week and came back with sea shanties on the brain. He recommends The the British folk group Longest Johns and the first song on...


Ep. 102 - SST Records & The Sound of the Underground w/ Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland ("Forest of Fortune," "Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion") joins us this week to discuss his wonderful new book "Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records" (available at your local indie bookstore or at bookshop.org). Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, The Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Screaming Trees and so many more influential bands called SST home from its founding in the very early 1980's into the '90s. Ruland's thoroughly researched and very accessible book chronicles...


Ep. 101 - Exile on Main Street at 50 w/ Christian Bonner & Tim Lindsey

Christian Bonner and Tim Lindsey have a wonderful podcast, "Under the Radar: A Rolling Stones Podcast," so we invited them to our show to discuss the Rolling Stones' classic double album, "Exile on Main Street," fifty years after its release. We had a fun time talking about our favorite cuts, how the album rates in the Stones' catalog and what explains the album's enduring popularity and influence. Errata: The Rolling Stones' Zilker Park show occurred 2006, not 2005. Marty Robbins released...


Ep. 100 - Crane & Cashman, Beyond the Thunderdome!

The Texas Rangers guaranteed half a billion dollars this off-season to a pair of middle infielders who are hitting a combined .209 through May 19th. Sure, it's early, but we guess someone in Arlington - maybe the guy that promoted the contracts - is more than a little nervous about this. Also this week, Jake Odorizzi's injury, a look at the Austin City Limits Festival headliners. And finally, we propose a way Houston's Jim Crane and the Yankees' Brian Cashman can settle their war of words...


Ep. 99 - Keeping the Faith & Wildest Dreams

This week the gang gloats over an Astro hot streak, wonder if Joey Votto's days as a regular player in Cincinnati will be over sooner than we thought, reconsiders whether Eric Hosmer is a legitimate 3,000 hit candidate, weighs in on baseball players defecting from Cuba (and Cuba's response), dissects umpire Dan Bellino's bizarre um ... interaction with Madison Bumgarner last week (and the declining quality of umpiring or refereeing across sports generally), and applauds or ridicules (or...


Ep 98 - If You Miss Pitchers Hitting, Check Out the Astro Catchers

This week Hooks & Runs revisits the 3,000 hit club discussion from last week and then dives into the Astros 2022 season after 23 games. The episode wraps with Andrew, Craig and Rex discussing their favorite "obscure" albums. Errata: The Astros used 32 pitchers in 2021. That Devo song is called "Jocko Homo." Rex's use of "NewWob" is actually "NWOBHM" and stands for New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Hooks & Runs - Website, Twitter, Buzzsprout Craig Estlinbaum on Twitter Andrew Eckhoff on...


Ep. 97 - Were We Too Stupid to Find Out How Phones Work?

The Yankees fought tooth and nail in court to keep "The Letter" sealed -- now it has been leaked and the MLB press uses it to remind everyone the Astros "cheated" to win the 2017 World Series. Or did they? Also this week -- Miguel Cabrera rapped his 3000th career this - who will be next? Did Hooks & Runs jinx Roki Sasaki? The Reds are awful, the A's home attendance is worse and the new Nicholas Cage film. Episodes Mentioned: We first discussed Hecker's Hitters in Episode 75. Our thoughts on...


Ep. 96 - Is Giving Up an Intentional Walk with the Bases Loaded a Winning Move?

Since 1950, three teams have issued bases loaded intentional walks and in those games, the teams issuing the intentional RBI walk are undefeated. Of course, sample size matters. Nonetheless, Craig and Rex explore this and other amazing stories from the early games in the 2022 baseball season. Hooks & Runs Website, Twitter, Buzzsprout Craig Estlinbaum on Twitter Andrew Eckhoff on Jaiku (dead link) Rex von Pohl (Krazy Karl's Music Emporium) on Facebook Opening and closing music,...


Ep. 95 - What Might Have Been for Clayton Kershaw w/ Avery Hamel

Avery Hamel (website) writes at Over the Monster, Girl at the Game, Diamond Digest. She also hosts the Basically Baseball podcast. She joined us this week to discuss the first almost week of games. She also graded my fantasy draft and talked about her new favorite show on Disney + Check It Out: Avery: The new Disney+ series "Moon Knight," starring Oscar Isaac and May .Calamawy Craig: The new album by Father John Misty, " Chloë and The Next 20th Century." Hooks & Runs Website, Twitter,...


Ep 94 - Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., Is Absolutely Terrifying (AL Preview) w/ Bayleigh Von Schneider

Bayleigh Von Schneider (Twitter) writes at SB Nation's Over the Monster and podcasts -- just about everywhere. She is a Red Sox fan living on the west coast. This week she joins Hooks & Runs for our American League preview. We discussed the Blue Jay's bandwagon effect, The Ray's endless bag of tricks that keep them competitive in the well-heeled east, the Tigers as a potential A.L. sleeper and whether or not the Mariners can overtake Houston in the West, plus a whole lot more. Bayleigh's...


Ep. 93 - "I'm Just Presuming the Rockies Don't Have a Plan" (NL Preview) w/ Sara Sanchez

Sara Sanchez (on Twitter) returns to Hooks & Runs this week for her 2022 National Preview. Sara writes at Bleed Cubbie Blue and co-hosts that site's podcast, Cuppa Cubbie Blue. Sara is bullish on the Brewers, Dodgers (who isn't), bearish on the Rockies and Pirates (who isn't) and warns not to sleep on the Miami Marlins. Sara is a font of knowledge so take advantage. Craig reveals his '22 pre-season NL picks and why he always picks the Cardinals in the N.L. East. Errata: The Mariners won 116...


Ep. 92 - The Post-Lockout Free Agency Cavalcade

The first week post lockout led to free agent signings galore with now former Astros Carlos Correa and Zach Greinke going to Minnesota and Kansas City respectively. The big names are off the board with Trevor Story heading to Boston, so for Astro fans, all hopes rest with the talented but inexperienced Jeremy Peña. Beyond that, players moving all over, including Freddie Freeman, Kenley Jensen and Kris Bryant. Check It Out: Andrew: "Inferno" by Polyphia Craig: "In/Out/In" by Sonic...


Ep. 91 - Play Ball!

Craig and Rex discuss the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Texas A&M's omission from the NCAA Tournament, and more Dolly Parton news. Errata: The MLB post-season expands under the new CBA to 12 teams, not 12 games. Dolly Parton's book, "Run Rose Run" is co-authored by James Patterson. Our Rock & Roll Hall of Fame episode is No. 88. Dolly Parton's recording of "I Will Always Love You" reached No. 1 on the Country Charts two times, originally in 1974 and again in 1982. Whitney released...


Ep. 90 - We Finally Talk About the Lockout and it Ends Two Days Later, Go Figure

This week we finally dove head first into the lockout's thorniest issues, including the salary cap, universal DH, expanded playoffs, international draft and the draft lottery. Naturally, and thankfully, the players and owners came to an agreement roughly 48 hours later to end the lockout meaning baseball is back! Opening Day has been pushed only to April 7, meaning an abbreviated Spring Training plus what promises to be frenzied activity to sign free agents, including Carlos Correa, Trevor...


Ep. 89 - Less About the Individual Song; More About the Brand w/ Mike Ethan Messick

Mike Ethan Messick, quite frankly, is among the very best Texas singer-songwriters and that's saying something. He has quietly released three albums in the last decade plus - "Bootlegger's Turn," "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday ," and his latest, "How Close We Came." We were happy to have Mike join us this episode to discuss his latest project and his experiences coming up in the Texas A&M music culture in the late 90's & early aughts that gave us Roger Creager, Granger Smith and so many...


Ep. 88 -- Please Do Not Burn Down the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

In 2016, Dave Bry wrote an article in The Guardian suggesting the best way to celebrate the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction that year was to go to Cleveland and burn the museum to the ground. Now, that's a little extreme, but let's be honest -- when it comes to the RRHOF there is a little something for everyone to hate. It's too exclusive. It's too inclusive. That's not rock & roll. Why won't you let me play with my old band. The tickets are too damn expensive. And so on. The new crop of...