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Breakthrough Basketball Camp Was...

Two words BREAKTHROUGH BASKETBALL CAMP! Ok that's three, but man what a camp! Moses went to Breakthrough Basketball camp and had a great time! As a parent I would say that I can't say enough about the quality and amazing camp experience that we received. Jim Huber is the real deal! This camp is a must do camp! We also talk playoffs and the dominance that is LeBron James! Doing this episode was a lot of fun. Also be sure to join our community. We are about to have some surprises for you...


Kevin Love Didn't Foul!! New Playoff Predictions.

In this episode we talk about Kevin Love and the "Flagrant Foul" (That was not a foul), we talk about going to camp this weekend with Jim Huber and the Breakthrough Basketball and we talk about the new rap album that Moses is going to make me finish. A lot of basketball talk for the young NBA fan. We talk about Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell and apparently Ben Simmons is in a slump. Take a listen and find out who we got winning this round and who we think Want more episodes about AAU...



Today we go in about the NBA championships. We made some predictions that came true and some that didn't. In this episode here us and by us I mean Moses go all in on some of his future peers in the NBA. We talk Game of Zones, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook. Sit back and buckle up this episode is going to have you belly laughing. Take a listen! Want more episodes about AAU Basketball" Visit us on our website: Hoopchalk.com Follow us on Instagram: Moses On IG -...


Steve Hess - Former Denver Nuggets Trainer

Today we are honored to have Steve Hess former Denver Nuggets trainer on the show. Coach Hess talks about training, nutrition, rugby, cricket and soccer. He also gives us a sneak peak into the work that he is now doing at the Institute in Denver and the programs that they are coming out with for young basketball players and athletes. Take a listen to the episode and get a look into the work that elite athletes do to stay elite. We can't wait to share this information with you all! Want...


Thal Woods Talk Diet and Training

In this episode we talk to Coach and Pro Athlete Thal Woods! In this episode Coach Thal talks about fitness training, elite athlete workouts and elite athlete's diet. Listen to the show as we talk about Thal's work as a star athlete a D1 Football and Track Star as well as a world class sprinting champion. Thal talks about the use of training correctly instead of a lot and the diet that should accompany your training. He also drops a gem about eating before and after your games. Take a...


Scott Jones From Athlete On FIre Is On The Show!

In this episode we talk to Coach, Trainer and Podcaster Scott Jones! It's always fun to talk to professional trainers and athletes on this show. Scott Jones talks to us about what it takes to make it as an elite athlete. He played Baseball as a D1 Athlete and played basketball and football as well. He also talks to us about how running needs to be a part of every athletes workout regiment and the need for good nutrition. Scott Jones is the creator of Athlete of Fire where he brings...


Des Wilford - T Mac and More

In this episode we talk to Performance Coach Des Wilford. Coach Des has worked with professional football players, boxers, MMA fighters and basketball players. He knows a thing or two about performance training. In this episode Des talks about what it takes to make it as an elite athlete. He talks about the work ethic of players that he has worked with. Some of the players include Tracy McGrady, Denver Broncos Dymonte Thomas and Jake Butt, Boxing Champion Terence Crawford and more. He...


(Special Episode) JBA's 1st Tryouts - Nick Holmes

In this special Saturday Episode we talk with Nick Holmes! Today Nick is going to Houston to make basketball history. Nick Holmes will be trying out for the JBA in their first tryout ever. Big Baller Brand will be making history and Nick will be a part of it. In this episode we talk about what it feels like to be a part of this ground breaking event, what he thinks about playing in all BBB and how amazing the opportunity is to be able to go pro right here in the United States as he makes...


Amateur - Netflix Original Movie - Ketrick Copeland

This week we talk about the Netflix Original film Amateur. This film was a lot of fun to watch and a lot of fun to talk about with Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland who played Byron Lowe in the movie. Ketrick also talks about his personal basketball journey and how he decided to go further than anyone else did in his town and that is what he did. He went on to play with a show basketball team called the Harlem Ambassadors and did that for 7 years. We talk Amateur the film, Basketball and AAU. You...


Mastery Beats Reps Every Time!

Trainers! In this episode we talk about training and the best kind of training per the experts. If you are used to doing a lot of reps then you are going to want to listen to this practice. As we learned more practice isn't better. Better practice is Better! Mastery always beats reps every time. Learn how to start working towards mastery as apposed to doing a lot of reps the wrong way. Take a listen to this episode! Want more episodes about AAU Basketball" Visit us on our website:...


NBA 2K 18 Draft And Parenting Fails

What if I told you that there would be a day when NBA 2k18 e-sports players would not only be drafted by the NBA (e-sports division) but they would make almost 10k more a year than the G league players who suited up every week to play on the court. What if I told you that there would come a day when video gamers would get signed for more money that 5 star athletes. You would probably say that I was crazy. However, that is exactly what happened this week. In this episode we talk about the...


Villanova NCAA Champions - The New Game

There is a new game in town and for those paying attention it doesn't require you to be extremely tall. However, it does require you to be extremely skilled. Skilled means hard work and lots of work. Skilled means more time in the gym and more time working on mastery. Villanova is the new champion for the NCAA! The best part is that they did it in a new unorthodoxed way. They took the shots that most AAU coaches call bad shots. If you are not going to be a 7 foot monster the game is still...


Jason Richardson - 2x NBA Slam Dunk Champion

We are so honored to have 14 year NBA Vet Jason Richardson on the show. Here is a little information about Jason Richardson: 2x NBA Slam Dunk Champion Drafted #5 in the 1st Round of the NBA Draft NCAA Champion with Michigan State Played with the Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Bobcats,Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats! He sits down with us for a minute and talks AAU and what it takes to make it to the next level. He also tells us some amazing stories about learning about...


What The HECK!!

March Madness is almost done! Is your bracket busted? Ours is! In this episode we talk about all of the craziness that is NCAA basketball. I also found out that Moses knows a LOT about this basketball thing. I wonder if you know some of these things. Take a listen to this episode and get ready to laugh. If your bracket isn't busted you are a golden GAWD! Take a listen to our picks and predictions! See you inside the podcast! Want more episodes about AAU Basketball" Visit us on our...


Our March Madness Bracket Predictions

March Madness is HERE! Today we go talk to about our march madness predictions. Are you ready for the madness? Do you have your bracket filled out? If not take a listen to our predictions and learn how to keep your bracket from being busted on day one. Take a listen to our picks and predictions! See you inside the podcast! Want more episodes about AAU Basketball Visit us on our website: Hoopchalk.com Follow us on Instagram: Moses On IG - http://bit.ly/MosesIG Troy On IG -...


Your AAU Team Isn't Enough! You Need...

It's summer basketball camp time! Today we go talk to Austin Kelley from Hoop Group Elite Basketball Camps! Coach Kelley runs basketball camps for Hoop Group! This camp is a hidden in plain sight gem. If you live on the east coast you have probably heard of it, but if you don't...."You''re Welcome!" Can you say Markelle Fultz, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden? If you can you should also know that they all have been to Hoopgroup camps! Oh and for the parents out there who know a...


One For The Record Books! - Coach Matt Barnett

It's summer basketball camp time! Today we go talk to Coach Matt Barnett of the Elevation Flyers! Coach Barnett runs basketball camps for The Panorama Institute here in Denver Colorado. In this podcast he talks about his journey into the record books here in Colorado. He also gives us a peak into the world of college and the pros. Matt is also shooting coach to many NBA players and his camps are amazing! Panorama Institute basketball camps offer many levels of instruction. No matter what...


Breakthrough Basketball Summer Camp! - Jim Huber Is On The Show

It's summer basketball camp time! Today we go talk to Coach Jim Huber of Breakthrough Basketball. Coach Huber runs Breakthrough Basketball Camps all over the country and in this podcast he talks about his journey into the world of elite basketball. His camp are amazing and we can't wait to attend his Denver camp this May! Breakthrough basketball camps are not your average basketball camps. These camps are coached by top level coaches including Coach Huber himself. In this camp campers...


Top 8 Basketball Summer Camps!

It's summer basketball camp time! Today we go through our top 8 basketball camp list! If you are looking to go to summer camp this year then you want to check these camps out. We have been to a lot of camps and these are the top camps that we have found out there for middle school ballers. To put it in perspective one year we went to 9 camps, the following year we went to 7 camps and last year we went to 6 camps. These are the top camps for middle school ballers. So take a listen and if...


Keiko Yoshimine Advantage Basketball Camp

It's summer basketball camp time! Today we are blessed to have Keiko Yoshimine from Advantage Basketball Camp! This camp is for real ballers only! If you are a gym rat and love the game you are going to be in gym rat heaven at ABC Camp. Keiko talks to us about the world of women's basketball and the advantage (Pun intended) that ballers gain from putting in the work! Do yourself a favor and register for the closest Advantage Basketball Camp near you! I thing that they still have early...


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