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Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford and Mark Zimmerman

Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford and Mark Zimmerman
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Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford and Mark Zimmerman




Dash Destroys, spiciest 2019 LCS predictions, will TSM make playoffs?

We're BACK for 2019 with Episode 60 of Hotline League with Dash as our guest. Sorry about the audio issues! 00:00:32 Intro with Mark and Dash 00:04:17 Big stories for 2019 00:06:59 How to Call In 00:09:41 balielx - Prolly doesn't adapt well and 100T will end 4th 00:19:02 TheStar?? - GGS will make Semi’s Spring and Summer 00:31:23 Alienware 00:35:56 SpacePope20K - TSM isn't getting to playoffs 00:51:38 Razleplasm - TSM will end #1 Regular Season Spring Split 01:09:39 Shárpie -...


Holiday Hotline Hullabaloo! 2018 recap, favorite moments, and more!

Timestamp 59 00:00:48 Intros 00:07:50 Kelby’s new job 00:14:25 Looking back at 2018 and How to Call In 00:17:57 IC Dončić - Salary cap is necessary but will never happen 00:29:05 C9 Technoweeb - Top HLL's of 2018 00:44:02 micspam - 'Franchising will ruin LCS' is the worst take of 2018 01:01:31 iBUSTquick - Spring and Summer Split biggest overachievers 01:15:51 Obladesque - More LCS Lounge streams 01:31:28 xcell_182ss - Academy system was a success and should we start believing in NA talent...


Sjokz styles, Saint's situation, C9's bootcamp, TSM's roster, and more - Hotline League 58

Sjokz joins us for Episode 58 of Hotline League! Timestamps! 00:02:11 Sjokz at All Stars 00:03:31 Is Sjokz Leaving Riot? 00:08:28 How to Call In 00:11:43 TomShoe - What can we learn from Saintvicious’ release from FLY 00:31:05 Elofys - What is the future of English stream of LCK and LPL with casters leaving? 00:47:42 CallMeProto - Event Numbers this Year from lolesports that were highlighted and excluded 01:01:59 adishawn - C9 going to Korea to bootcamp now 01:08:18 adishawn - Sjokz hosting...


Faker, Scarra, Caps, Licorice, BunnyFuFuu, Moobeat, Peanut | HLL 57

Live from Vegas it's Episode 57 of Hotline League! 00:00:00 Intro - Vegas, All-Star, and Guests 00:11:56 Primo9 - GGS will be top 3 this spring & Scarra joins 00:16:54 Scarra Joins! 00:19:39 Model - comparing All Star with traditional sports versions 00:27:28 Thanks Mastercard! 00:28:40 Caps Joins! 00:30:46 Caps’ opinion on EU vs NA 00:31:59 How did Perkz move to bot? 00:33:46 princezenon - who would Caps give the Dade award to? 00:39:27 EeveeFIGHTING - Does Caps think his "reckless"...


Loco litigates, big roster rumors and announcements, team trade hype - Hotline League 56

Episode 56 of Hotline League! 00:01:47 Locodoco Intro 00:04:06 How Locodoco knew Power of Evil was going to CLG 00:08:00 Offseason Rosters 00:11:04 How to Call In 00:13:16 Kaptenelias - GGS will be top 4 00:25:19 Kaptenelias - Crown is overrated 00:30:01 Dr Manhattan - People are unreasonable about being skeptical about C9 Nisqy 00:39:04 Story of Tidy Cats 00:40:19 Sebatian Park Talks about CG Roster 00:48:19 Investing in Younger NA Talent 00:53:54 What is Offseason Behind-The-Scenes...


Azael's audacity, Steve fights Reggie, Off-season trades, and Travis's big news - Hotline League 55

Timestamps for Episode 55 00:04:15 Offseason Free Agency and Jensen leaving to TL 00:12:40 New Champ Neeko 00:16:05 How to Call in HLL 00:19:28 Psycosiis - Huni should go to Mid and FOX's offseason moves 00:28:19 SculptedSoldier - Some orgs should get all new talent because pros losing their fire 00:36:01 TL Steve - Talking about TL, Jensen, and Pobelter 00:56:22 - Sponsorship Announcement 01:06:26 dirtypuer - despite the import rumors, the state of the league is going to be determined based...


Weldon weighed, Mark's region rant, Scouting Grounds drama

Episode 54 of Hotline League 00:01:47 How did Weldon get Hired to CLG 00:04:03 How to Call In 00:05:53 Thorin's Video about NA Playerbase 00:25:40 rice suave - how will Weldon improve CLG and using young talent 00:38:25 Briskkyy - the value of imported players 00:53:40 Brawler Yukon - it's wrong that the main way to get noticed on the pro scene is through soloQ 01:02:04 Thoughts on Collegiate Development for Talent 01:05:02 MasterNamer - Do coaches know how to coach or just smart at the...


Licorice Lectures, Worlds done, C9 behind the scenes stories - Hotline League 53

00:09:45 How to Call In 00:11:40 Offseason Plans for Licorice 00:13:35 ImChipy: Will other teams implement more academy players and Licorice playing with different players 00:23:15 Shorn: World's should have a loser's bracket with 3rd place teams from groups 00:38:28 Vladimir Vvinsky: Talking about being a Mastercard Winner for Worlds and Riot was proactive with sponsor relations 00:47:36 Enoxxy: Is Rookie or TheShy better? 00:49:46 How to get noticed by teams as a SoloQ player? 00:50:26...


Nadeshot nominated, CaptainFlowers, World Finals, 100t problems solved - Hotline League 52

Timestamps 00:01:00 Captain Flowers casting Finals 00:07:10 How to call in 00:12:00 op_tsm_fan: This years Worlds hasn’t been poor quality gameplay 00:22:51 andrew: Reapered trolling champion select 00:33:05 omfe: legacy of Sneaky 00:43:50 Jade: teams are burning out during the tournament 00:51:21 fnc kayys: FNC 3-0 finals and C9 is the most overhyped semifinalist 01:06:40 Nadeshot addresses 100T hate 01:51:17 Fez: Orgs need to protect themselves more than they are 01:59:40 MrJPistachio:...


Cloud9 history made! Western semis, craziest Worlds ever - Hotline League 51

Episode 51 of Hotline League! 00:06:31 MarkZ - Season 1 isn't Worlds 00:16:53 How to Call in 00:20:10 Kharaix - Kikz joining TSM should be the only roster move should be made 00:38:57 DivideNZL - IG vs G2 will be a skill matchup and will be really close 00:50:39 Nox - Caller who predicts C9 to Semis 01:10:12 WeebMaster - G2 winning it all in 3-0s 01:21:45 Champloo - Luck is a huge factor of C9's success at Worlds 01:42:00 CrispyKreem - 100T should get Huhi, Stixxay, and Levi. TSM should get...


Team Liquid liquidated, Inero Ints, 100 Thieves caught, groups and quarters

We made it to Episode 50! The newest coach for GGS, Inero, joins us again to talk about Worlds and 100 Thieves drama 00:02:38 Inero, Head Coach for GGS 00:09:57 How to Call in 00:14:00 Nayeon - 100T is in the right and the hate they are getting is unjustified 00:31:31 Zack - playing other games is good for players 00:47:16 dragonmancers - NA's small player base shouldn't be holding back NA 00:55:08 Penitent Tangent - Worlds' seeding and format changes 01:04:46 KRC25 - FNC's expected...


Cloud9 Crushes! Razleplasm rises, Korea suffering, RNG exposed, TL troubles

Episode 49 of Hotline League features special guest Razleplasm, LPL Caster and Desk Analyst at Worlds 2018. TImestamps: 00:06:19 Thoughts on C9 and Group B 00:20:46 Call in HLL 00:22:33 Warden Dresden: Is the Gap closing? 00:31:59 Slingoman: C9 will get to Finals and RNG is not the best team 00:50:25 Washer: China should win Worlds, China should be the next Korea, and leaking scrims 01:04:06 Dr Manhattan: International results too easily leads to absolution of domestic performance and vice...


Foxdrop Frustrates, Worlds group predictions, pros fined, all NA win at Worlds?

Episode 48 of Hotline League with Special Guest Foxdrop! 00:01:58 Foxdrop Intro 00:10:33 How to Call In 00:11:54 Foxdrop, how do you feel about EU this year? 00:13:52 twinkletoes: why Korea will win again this year 00:21:57 KRC25: FNC takes first seed because all of their lanes are the best in their group 00:35:16 Soupie: Overhyping NA teams causes negative fan reactions 00:55:03 Kyle0808: Competitive Ruling for worlds players was a joke 01:14:45 Nick Allen joins to talk about player fines...


Sjokz shocks, Worlds starts, Cloud9 caught out, and more!

Episode 47 of Hotline Featuring Eefje 'Sjokz' Depoortere 00:03:55 Mark, how's the Broadcast going? 00:07:23 How to Call In 00:09:08 BottleGnomes: Wildcard performances 00:11:04 Regillix: Rumor of Refusal for UOL, ROC, and SPY to EULCS 00:22:10 killingy0uguy: RISE video had plot holes 00:29:39 xrelyks: Thorin's disappointment in GGS 00:38:22 Mystery Sponsor plug 00:42:59 maze: Worlds meta will be understood most thoroughly 00:55:49 Sjokz, how is LA? 00:57:04 Dr Manhattan: Caps will win the...


Groups are drawn, NA's chance, a Master sponsor, & more

Episode 46 of Hotline League 00:05:15 Intros 00:08:54 How to Call In 00:12:38 ACTUAL Goob: TL is less likely to make it out of groups than 100T due to bad draw 00:28:31 ThePodBerry: Dire Wolves can make it to Worlds 00:36:36 !Danx0r: Ways Mastercard Sponsorship and Riot can do more for Franchised Teams 00:52:29 connorh314: LMS shouldn't be a major region 01:09:19 Praedor: FNC is the West's only chance to make Top 4 01:21:01 Glulax: FNC is overhyped like 2016 TSM 01:33:48 Interview with...


Meteos MEDITATES, TSM flops, how far can NA go at Worlds

00:03:47 How to Call In 00:06:02 Theifco - NA will make it to Semis 00:20:01 Mardux - NA needs to make more native talent 00:37:372 Colin - What changes should TSM make next year? 00:57:25 DaniGrim - No team should qualify for Worlds by Points 01:09:10 FriXtion_is_Here - NA franchising hasn't increased competitiveness 01:20:10 nrj6490 - Should NA copy Korean playstyle or play their own style 01:34:28 Outro


NA LCS Finals! TL shuts out C9, TSM Gauntlet, Doublelift MVP

Episode 44 Timestamps! 00:11:33 Call In HLL 00:15:07 i am the one who knocks: 100 Rosters 00:34:13 IC Dom: TL will have the best NA Worlds performance 00:51:36 easybakeitup: Supporting Teams 01:04:15 Fez: TSM wasn’t the better team in the 3rd place match; C9 bad? 01:17:35 Lacunacraft: Finals was an amazing event with bad execution 01:33:50 Cade: Xmithie is top 3 player in NA LCS history 01:50:56 Noah: CG is only NA team able to make it out of groups


Kobe kidnapped, TSM loses, CodySun benched, finals looms

Episode 43 timestamps 00:03:07 C9 vs TSM 00:07:12 100 CodySun 00:15:35 Call In HLL 00:19:12 Tostmin: 100 is the new Breaking Point 00:33:54 Zack: C9 will stomp TL 00:46:50 Chris: 100 Rikara wasn't the problem, they didn't play around Ssumday 00:55:01 NA LCS WoW Guild 00:57:33 abaxial: TSM lost bc Grig's small champ pool and team not using Bjerg’s pressure 01:09:14 Boss Johnsky: How does TSM make Worlds? 01:18:37 Hobbes2: C9's 6 man Worlds Roster 01:29:12 Opt: C9's coaching helped...


Casters Stranded, Monetization Mires, and 100T boring?

Timestamps for Episode 42 00:05:05 english broadcast 00:12:46 Mickey leaves NA 00:16:58 How to Call In 00:21:29 meddling kids: purpose of lolesports 00:42:15 sam goes ham: TSM is focusing on Fortnite over LoL 00:52:38 tictactoe ninja: TSM wins because FOX sucks 01:01:15 Horizon: scaling down NA LCS 01:24:56 Chewbacca101: If TSM beat C9, they'll win NA 01:31:56 SirMalafact: Tencents pressure on Riot and Casters 01:43:18 viochi: 100 should not go to Worlds 01:52:16 sportsctc: path to pro for...


Tony tangles, did Reapered improve NA, Chronobreak in scrims

Timestamps for Episode 41 of Hotline League 00:01:41 Tony Intro 00:09:48 How to Call In 00:11:13 Zikz Leaving CLG 00:21:59 Eggy: Reapered Improved NA 00:32:20 Champloo: Chronobreak for Practice 00:43:35 aZooRe: Would Zikz coach LJL 00:46:47 Endworldpeace: Early game coaching 00:55:08 01_Ace: CLG shouldn't have fired Zikz because of bad players 01:06:47 The K2 72: TL intentionally let TSM win to get into playoffs 01:21:53 Darwking: C9's rise 01:29:50 Raging Pianist: Coaches workload 01:39:26...