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Episode 11: Jeremy Moore- Of Deer, Dogs & Daughters

Jeremy Moore is most well-known as a dog trainer who specializes in shed dogs and game-recovery dogs. He's also a diehard bowhunter and devoted father who does everything he can to encourage his kids to get outdoors and go hunting. RELATED TOPICS & ARTICLES: Train Your Dog To Find Deer 10 Myths About Blood Trailing Deer Scent Discrimination Field vs Show- What is the difference? Dixie Deer Classic Shed Dog Training Tracking Dog Training Dog Bone Training Products The...


Episode 10: Zach Sandau- Mapping Up Mule Deer on Public Dirt

onX's Zach Sandau is a western big game hunter who has a solid process for scouting public land and deciding on which areas to focus for all game animals. He's an excellent source of information for both veteran western hunters and newbies looking to take their first adventure into the sage flats or the mountains. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: How To Find Private & Public Land With onXmaps Rethink Your Whitetail Setup Zach Sandau Harvests Nice Montana 5x5 Elk Anyone’s Hunt:...


Episode 9: Spencer Neuharth- Adjusting to a New State as an Avid Hunter

Spencer Neuharth is the Hunting Editor for MeatEater and a well-rounded hunter and fisherman. He's recently left his native South Dakota for Montana, and is exploring the litany of opportunities that will come with his new residency. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Hunt. Fish. Learn. Spencer Neauharth MeatEater Articles Rut Fresh Wired To Hunt Spencer Neuharth Field & Stream Articles


Episode 8: Randy Newberg- Living and Loving Life As An Outdoorsman

Randy Newberg is the well-known host of the popular television series Leupold's Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg. Randy also hosts the Hunt Talk podcast and produces more common-hunter worthy content than anyone on the planet. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: HUNTER (huhn-ter) noun 1. a person that hunts game: see Randy Newberg Randy Newberg TV Elk Hunting on Your Own Hunt Talk Radio Elk Talk Podcast From Hunting Whitetails to Elk Day-by-Day Strategy for a 5-Day Elk Hunt Randy Newberg I...


Episode 7: John Barklow- Bowhunting The Hard Way

John Barklow is the Big Game Product Manager for Sitka Gear as well as a cold-weather survival expert. He has spent decades bowhunting multiple species of big game and is a great source for real-world hunting info. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Increase in Nonresident Elk Tags Start With a Whitetail Blank Slate This Season Rethink Your Whitetail Setups Playing The Western Big Game Hunting Game Sitka Gear I WEB I FACEBOOK I INSTAGRAM


Episode 6: Ben O'Brien- Understanding Conservation in a Divided Space

Ben O'Brien is MeatEater's Editorial Director as well as the host of The Hunting Collective podcast. He's a wealth of knowledge on conservation issues and the history of our public lands. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: U.S. Lacey Act American Antiquities Act of 1906 Wildlife Restoration (Pittman-Robertson Act) Backcountry Hunters & Anglers 6 Stages of Hunter Development Missionary’s Killing Reignites Debate About Isolated Tribes The Real-Life Story of ‘The Last Whalers’ One Strange...


HFR Raw Episode 5: Iowa Turkeys Day 2- Mission(s) Accomplished - Sneaky Gobblers & Serious Deer Sign

After developing a plan to try a new parcel of public, Peterson hikes as deep as he can to see if he can find a few turkeys that haven't been heavily pressured. Not only does he find just that, but he manages to scout several deer hotspots on the way out meaning the short trip was a success on both accounts.


HFR Raw Episode 4: Iowa Turkeys Day 1- Breaking Weather, Mapwork & A Big-Hike Turkey Plan

Tony shows up to some public land in Iowa to try to locate a willing gobbler and scout for deer sign. While the deer sign is easy enough to find, the longbeards prove to be elusive. He spends most of his afternoon turkey hunting, but calls it early to check out a few new spots and scout for some deer sign.


Episode 5: Brodie Swisher- Giving the next generation of hunters an excellent start

More's Brodie Swisher is a southern outdoorsman with a penchant for introducing youngsters to the outdoors and for DIY hunting just about any game that's available throughout the year. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Raise ‘Em Outdoors- Getting Kids Outside 25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation Sanctuaries: Attracts, Protect, Hold, Hunt Small Buck Shaming: Quit Making Excuses For Shooting A Small Buck Brodie Swisher- Articles Brodie Swisher- YouTube I Facebook I...


HFR Raw Episode 3: Nebraska Turkeys Day 3- Public Land Reality

Day three proves to be the toughest yet as the HFR crew tries, and fails, to find some gobblers who want to play the game.


HFR Raw Episode 2: Nebraska Turkeys Day 2- Thank God For Jakes

After 10 hours of unproductive blind time, the boys grab the shotguns and go running and gunning. Once again, jakes save the day.


HFR Raw Episode 1: Nebraska Turkeys Day 1- A Three-Minute Hunt

Tony experiences his shortest-in-duration public land hunt ever as he calls in a flock of jakes within a few minutes of setting up.


Episode 4: Aaron Warbritton- The Quest To Show Hunting Correctly

One of the co-founders of The Hunting Public, Aaron Warbritton, is on a mission to show hunting as it truly unfolds. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: The Hunting Public YouTube The Hunting Public- Share The Hunt Active vs. Passive Hunting How To Hunt The Rut More Effectively Adapting Elk Strategies To Changing Conditions Change Can Be Good 10 Trail Camera Tips


Episode 3: Lou Phillippe- Elk On Your Own

Colorado resident and elk-hunting fanatic, Lou Phillippe, has logged more hours in the mountains bowhunting bulls on his own than most bowhunters could imagine. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Hunter Defends Viral Mountain Lion Video & Photo Colorado Mountain Lion Hunter Shamed The Truth About Lions, Melissa Bachman & The Anti-Hunting Agenda Decline In Hunter’s Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation Hug A Hunter Campaign Pittman- Robertson Act Michael Park’s Monster Bull Bowhunting...


Episode 2: Alex Gyllstrom- Why efficiency matters in the whitetail woods

Michigan native, Alex Gyllstrom, is a public-land whitetail addict who has developed the mindset of not wasting a second in the deer woods whether he's scouting or hunting. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Bowhunting Is Brotherhood Tips For Taking Hill Country Bucks Walk-in Hunting Access Program Spring Scouting Tips How To Create Proven Turkey Setups Boots On The Ground: Trail Cams Only See So Much


Episode 1: Eddie Claypool- Bowhunting The Hard Way

Outdoor writer and DIY bowhunting expert, Eddie Claypool, is one of the most accomplished bowhunters on the planet. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Do-It-Yourself Deer Hunting Do-It-Yourself Elk Hunting: The ‘Gear’ Thing Whitetail Strategies Trophy Bucks: Put In The Time Setting Up An Out-Of-State Hunting Trip Finding Late-Season Whitetails Bowhunting: High On Ridges Bowhunting Mule Deer & Coues Deer In The High Country A 10-Step Guide To Killing A Great Public-Land Buck Six...