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We’re not really idiots, I promise! We know what we’re talking about most of the time! All opinions are ours!


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We’re not really idiots, I promise! We know what we’re talking about most of the time! All opinions are ours!




What Goes Up Must Come Down

Let’s talk some free agency! Let’s talk some NFL Draft, specifically that #1 pick! Let’s talk Aaron Rodgers! Let’s talk JETS! And much more in this brand new episode! Y’all tap in!


Time To Step The Game Up

Happy New Year! It’s time for a brand new episode! The gang is back and we cover the CFB playoff, who should go #1 overall, then we step into some NFL playoff picture. And, we got some rivalry beef going on 👀 just tune in and don’t miss out!


These Not Your Same Old Jets!

J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Let’s talk about it then! Me and Cory love the bounce back on our team and what the ceiling could be! We also look at college football and what the playoff picture could look like!


Is Good QB Play Too Much To Ask For?

The gang returns after a disappointing week. We recap the loss to Georgia and loss to New England. We discuss why our QBs are struggling and if there is any hope to turn it around for them. Tap in.


Talk Yo S**t, Cory

All about Cory on this one! He heads the show and determines how everything will be run! From college football picks to a JETS hype session, he does not hold back! Check it out now!


Most Underrated College Football Rivalry

It’s LSU hate week on Idiots With A Podcast! Cory and Mike vibe out to that, but before we go full CFB, we had to talk about them J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! We back and better so y’all tune in!


Only Gets Tougher From Here

Real short episode this week. Quick recap of Florida’s dominant win over EWU, we get some week 6 CFB picks in, and we talk about Zach Wilson’s return to play and the victory over Pittsburgh.

The Time For Favors Is Over

The gang is back and they break down what went wrong in the Tennessee game. Who needs to go, who needs more time, where we can improve, it’s all in the episode. College picks are made as well! Also, Cory goes crazy at the end when the NBA Top 100 list gets to a certain player.

Making The Easy Look Difficult

Cory and I discuss the offensive struggles of our Florida Gators and some players who aren’t living up to expectations. We also look at some other games and give our CFB and NFL picks of the week!

Was The Stage Too Big?

The title says it all! Coming off a loss, we discuss what went wrong for the Gators and how they can bounce back from it. Also, we look at the college football world after Week 2, get some week 3 picks in, and discuss the NFL opening weekend! Tune in now!

Games Got Played

The true gang has returned, including DMill, and we chop up the first full week of college football. All the big wins, humiliating losses, unexpected results, and we picks the big week 2 games as well as the start of the NFL season!


No more excuses! No more pointless talk! Summer is over! Football season is here! The gang is back with Elaye and Stunna joining to discuss CFB and how things are gonna play out! Who wins each conference, POYs, playoff predictions, week 1 pickem, and much more inside! Tap in now!

Football Has Returned

We are back!! The gang returns with a football preview of both college and NFL! Also, big shoutouts to Billy Napier and staff, Cormani McClain, and DJ Lagway all in one show! Check it out now!

Team Manipulation and Verzuz Talk

This was all about Cory as he had to fight for his life a little bit lol but we had some fun! Big Z (bigZ_ForThree) and Snacks (SnackLike1) joined the show and we went deep into the bag for this one!

Splash Brothers Legacy and Free Agency

Where do they stand among the historic greats? Big Z joins the crew as we debate just where both players rank. We also take a quick glance at some free agency moves as well.

Let’s Talk NBA Finals Game 6

Close out game for Golden State or does Boston force a Game 7? Does the light skin assassin go crazy tonight or does the other light skin brother will his team back to the West Coast? Tune in now!

Finals Preview, Generational Ignorance, and Would You Rather

The gang back at it. We break down key matchups between Boston and Golden State, X-factors, where Curry ranks in this generation, and would you rather with Draymond Green at the center. Check it out!

Proving Season

We just give a quick playoff update and confirm our predictions. Also, we say why Charles Barkley was absolutely right in saying he was the 2nd best player on the Dream Team.

Surprising, But Not Surprising

The gang dives into the start of the NBA playoffs as well as keeping your bedroom romance in the bedroom, and does Denzel Washington have any range? Tap in and rate us 5 stars!

This Is Gonna Be Fun

Playoff time!!! NBA playoffs kick off and matchups getting decided! We definitely couldn’t wait for this! We give series picks, all eyes on key players (Jayson Tatum), and celebrate the young guys putting on for their teams! Of course, we throw in Lakers talk and some football as well. But at the end, a surprise rap discussion took place so you gotta stay for that one!