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Where we ramble and rant about video games new and old.

Where we ramble and rant about video games new and old.
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Where we ramble and rant about video games new and old.






Wealthy Baby

Player 2 is Joshua Parrott. Topics include my disappointment with the Borderlands 2 save system, the ridiculous level of micro transactions in Elder Scrolls Blades, our excitement and predictions for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Wired's exclusive interview with Mark Cerny on the Playstation 5 err I mean the Next Gen Playstation. Post Pod we discuss Fallout 76 and Disney+ Links Wired Exclusive with Mark Cerny


I Hate Tachanka

Devin Fernandez and I discuss Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for an hour. Topics include why we've continued to play it for 4 years, the difference between Siege and other multiplayer first person shooters, how it's evolved throughout the years, and our favorite maps and operators.



Player 2: Joshua Parrott. Joshua and I assemble for a quick podcast to discuss Jason Schreier's latest article on what went wrong during the development of Anthem. Topics include the mental health of game developers, unionization, trouble with the Frostbite engine, Anthem being in development for 7 years but really like the last 18 months, no one on the team being able to make a decision and move forward, and Bioware's reaction to the article. How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong Bioware's...


Notch Would Love This

Player 2: Joshua Parrott Topics include my obsession with Subnautica, Borderlands 3's announcement, Apple Arcade, No Man's Sky's Beyond update and VR support, and the creator of Minecraft; Notch Persson's love affair with White Supremacy. Post Pod we discuss Apple's March 25th event


Humble Brag

Joshua Parrott is Player 2 today. We discuss the first couple of missions in Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia update, our thoughts on Borderlands 2, and Halo MCC finally coming to PC. Post show we discuss Apple's March 25th event, Google's upcoming gaming event and me not trusting it, I criticize and support Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up tech monopolies, and Joshua shares his Minecraft Switch woes. Links Spotify wants to be treated fairly Facebook censoring Warren's post


My Anaconda Don't Want Exclusives

Player 2 is Joshua Tyler Parrott. Topics include the two(!) new rumored Xbox consoles, Microsoft's streamy future with games, the fun Joshua and I have playing Apex Legend's in spite of our mediocrity with shooters, Anthem's poor reviews, and the 2019 roadmap for Fallout 76. Rant topics are crappy randoms in Apex and Red Dead Redemption 2's horrible Platinum trophy requirements. Post show: We debate our gaming plans with Divinity Original Sin and Fallout 76's roadmap Maxel's...


The Steam Awards Are Trash

Devin Fernandez joins the pod. Topics include our immeasurable disappointment in The Steam Awards, our fun time with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Apex Legends fantastic opening week, and our worries for The Outer Worlds and Rage 2.


Shout Out to Anthony

Anthem + Destiny = Anthony. Professor Devin Fernandez joins the pod this week. Topics include my strong hateful feelings towards For Honor even though I continue to play it, some praise for Subnautica and hype for it’s new stand alone expansion; Below Zero, the new DLC for Civ 6; Gathering Storm and our approach to choosing our Civs, why I won’t be covering Metro Exodus, and Devin’s preliminary 6 out of 10 rating for Anthem.


Weird Flex, but okay

We try something a little different today, Devin Fernandez joins me IN PERSON and we discuss his fresh feelings for Battlefield V and our thoughts on jumping back into For Honor. We then reflect on our foray into Youtube and thank YOU for all your support. Maxel’s Youtube Channel Devin’s Youtube Channel That’s Fair Mentioned Links: Dare to Game Flak Fire AnthonyPit1


New Phone, HOTAS

We kick off 2019 with another double guest show; Devin Fernandez and Joshua Parrott join the pod. Topics include what we're currently playing, the difference in how we use games to suit our needs, and the difference in how we play said games. Games such as Call of Duty, Elite Dangerous, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, God of War, Kingdom Come, and Witcher 3. Devin’s Imperium Gaming Youtube Channel Maxel’s Youtube Channel


Christmas Edition

Devin Fernandez and Joshua Parrott join me for me our very first festive episode. We discuss our personal highlights and lowlights of the gaming year, as well as what we look forward to getting our hands on next year. Featuring some special Christmas gaming memories sprinkled in there... Happy holidays <3


The Game Awards 2018

Devin Fernandez and Joshua Parrott join me to discuss the winners, losers, and announcements of the 2018 Video Game Awards


Do YoU GuYz NoT HaVe PhOnEs?

Joshua joins me for our return to podcasting. Topics include our Fallout 76 beta impressions, the ugly, the bad, and the good of Red Dead Redemption, Diablo’s mobile game announcement blunder, Obsidian’s acquisition by Microsoft, and the great Stan Lee’s passing. Links Jim Sterling’s Diablo Immortal video Chris Avallone Feuds with Obsidian over Microsoft Acquisition


Spooky Spooky Edition

Both Devin Fernandez AND Joshua Parrott join me for a very special edition of The Update. We get some Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76 follow-up out of the way, and then we discuss our favorite spooky spooky games. We talk about horror games and games with horror elements. Including but not limited to; Outlast, Amnesia The Dark Decent, Alien Isolation, Death by Daylight, Friday The 13th, The Last of Us, BioShock, State of Decay, Red Dead Nightmare, Nazi Zombies, Dead Island, Dying Light,...


I Like It

Special guest professor Devin Fernandez finally joins me on the podcast. Topics include him joining the PC Master Race, his obsession with Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the journey from Kickstarter to release, Devin's new blog, and the disappointment that is Jurassic World Evolution.


Further? Farther? F*ck It

Joshua and I have our triumphant return to podcasting this summer. Topics include all our new information and reactions on Fallout 76 (modding, griefing, micro transactions, offline servers, beta), my trip to E3 and how E3 could be much better, Assassins Creed Odyssey and the RPGing of modern games, Red Dead Redemption 2, and good old fashioned reliable Minecraft.


Joshua REALLY Hates West Virginia

Joshua and I react to the Fallout 76 announcement trailer and hypothesize on Bethesda Game Studio's next Fallout game. Topics include how cool the trailer was, Kotaku breaking the news that it's going to be an online game (and what exactly that could mean), how they'll expand upon it at E3 2018, Vault 76, whether or not they incorporate Creation Club (Microtransactions) into the game, encouraging Bethesda to try new things but keeping their core values, respecting the modding community,...


WWDC 18 Preview

WWDC 18 is just around the corner so I talk about how we’ve gotten ZERO leaks a week before WWDC for the first time in a while, Apple reportedly focusing on stability over features, these new things called AI and Machine Learning, whether or not Siri will get (a little) better, the HomePod getting some much needed oomf, Apple announcing just what the hell they’re gonna do with Texture and their TV service, PLEASE PUT NETFLIX IN THE TV APP GUYS, expanded iCloud storage / capabilities, their...


Our Favorite Video Games EVER (Part 2)

Joshua and I continue discussing our top 10 games


Our Favorite Video Games EVER (Part 1)

Joshua Parrott joins me and we kick off the show by me scaring him with Google Duplex and then we discuss our top 10 favorite video games and why we picked those. Buckle up cause it's a long one (Part 1 of 2)