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Graham Bensinger travels the world for extended interviews and exclusive access to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. The podcast version of the globally-syndicated TV show is the only platform to get the full interview, including stories cut from the TV show due to time constraints.


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Graham Bensinger travels the world for extended interviews and exclusive access to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. The podcast version of the globally-syndicated TV show is the only platform to get the full interview, including stories cut from the TV show due to time constraints.




Kyle Busch: Two-Time NASCAR Champ

Graham heads to North Carolina to sit down with Kyle Busch at the corporate headquarters of Kyle Busch Motorsports. In this December 2020 interview, the two-time NASCAR champ shares how Toyota helped him mature from a "young and dumb" driver, his crew chief quitting on him and an intense rivalry with his brother, Kurt Busch. Plus, we hear from Kyle's wife Samantha about their struggle with infertility and Kyle’s remarkable comeback from a devastating injury to win it all in 2015.


Trending Now: Bob Costas’s ”back-up” job offer

Bob Costas takes us back to his early days of broadcasting - one day in particular that he thought may be his last on the airwaves.


Forward Progress with Shaun White: My love-hate relationship with losing

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White talks about his extreme disdain for losing in anything, but how he’s also motivated and educated by losses.


Canelo Alvarez: Boxing Icon

Graham spends the day in Mexico with the No. 1-ranked boxer in the world: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. The historically private athlete - in his first long-form profile interview - reveals why he is spending less time in his native country. Álvarez also discusses fighting his way past doping allegations, his split with Oscar De La Hoya and catching COVID just weeks before a fight earlier this year. Plus, there’s zero hesitation when asked who would win a match between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr. if both were in their primes.


Canelo Alvarez: Campeón del Mundo de Boxeador

Graham pasa el día en México con el boxeador número uno del mundo: Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. El atleta históricamente privado, en su primera entrevista de perfil larga, revela por qué pasa menos tiempo en su país natal. Álvarez también habla de luchar para superar las acusaciones de dopaje, su separación con Oscar De La Hoya y la captura de COVID solo unas semanas antes de una pelea a principios de este año. Además, no hay dudas cuando se le pregunta quién ganaría un partido entre él y Floyd Mayweather Jr. si ambos estuvieran en su mejor momento. Mira todas las entrevistas en video de Graham en


Trending Now: Aaron Rodgers on his relationship with Brett Favre

Aaron Rodgers looks back at the earliest days of his career, and his complicated relationship with Brett Favre.


Forward Progress with Ray Lewis: Absent father fueled my drive for success

Ray Lewis discusses growing up alongside his young mother plus his strong motivation to show his absent father that the child he left behind will do something great and the anger/pain of that family vacancy.


Lincoln Riley: USC Head Football Coach

We travel to Los Angeles to sit down with USC head football coach, Lincoln Riley. While reflecting on the origins of his coaching career, Riley recalls his days as a quarterback and a critical turning point at the hands of his mentor, Mike Leach. Coach Riley discusses his 2021 departure from the University of Oklahoma, the backlash he and his family faced as a result, and how the death of a dear friend put everything into perspective. Plus, Riley reveals his plans to retire relatively early, and reminisces on his relationship with his wife, Caitlin.


Trending Now: Howard Schultz describes the impact of Bill Gates Sr. had on buying back Starbucks

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recalls his meeting with Bill Gates Sr. that would ultimately change his life and Starbucks Coffee Company.


Forward Progress with David Blaine: Single mom did so much with so little

David Blaine describes the role his mother played in his life, and how her cancer journey affected him at such a young age.


Howard Schultz: Former Starbucks CEO

Graham is caffeinated and composed during his two days with billionaire businessman Howard Schultz. We meet up with the former Starbucks CEO in Milan, Italy to see first-hand the origins of his billion-dollar idea and savor the triumph of a capstone product launch, after four decades shaping the world’s largest coffee empire. During a long-form interview in Seattle, Schultz reflects on a series of life-changing events, including haunting memories of his war-stricken father, appreciation for Bill Gates Sr.’s intimidation tactic and regret during his time as the Seattle SuperSonics owner. Plus, Schultz candidly reveals vitriol he faced from politicians while vetting a presidential campaign, and while addressing allegations before Congress earlier this year.


Trending Now: Shaq on one of his biggest business regrets: Turning down Starbucks

Shaq remembers when Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz called him looking for a partnership - and his regret with turning it down.


Forward Progress with Sean Payton: Reflections after pinnacle moment

Sean Payton looks back on the Saints 2010 Super Bowl win, saying the experience was 100 times greater than expected. Payton recalls difficulties finding his family during the celebration and the downside of closing the book on a championship season.


Jesse James: Entrepreneur & TV Personality

Graham sits down with the mastermind behind “West Coast Choppers” in his shop in Austin, Texas. James opens up about his troubled youth that included fights, stealing and jail time and how it cost him his promising football career. James also discusses the backlash from his highly-publicized divorce from Sandra Bullock, a possible “Monster Garage” comeback and his new business, manufacturing custom firearms. Episode debuted nationwide in 2015.


Trending Now: Chad Johnson - I’ve been broke since the 70s

Chad Johnson says he’s lived the same lifestyle in and out of the NFL and never spent frivolously


Forward Progress: John Paul DeJoria on starting Paul Mitchell out of his Car

John Paul DeJoria looks back on his first interactions with the hairdresser, Paul Mitchell, and how he convinced Mitchell to go into business together. DeJoria explains why their financial backer backed out of the company and the two men struggled to pay bills.


Ryan Lochte: 6-time Olympic gold medalist

Graham travels to Gainesville, Florida, to sit down with USA swimmer Ryan Lochte. The 12-time Olympic medalist discusses his rivalry with Michael Phelps and gets emotional when reflecting on an achievement from his past. He also opens up about his two suspensions, including the infamous Rio scandal that threatened to end his career.


Trending Now: Ryan Sheckler on hitting the ’Costco Gap’

Ryan Shecker's most notable skating moments, including hitting the Costco gap.


Forward Progress: Greg Norman on losing with class

Greg Norman describes what it was like to lose the 1996 Masters, why his loss won favor among golf fans and the inherent responsibility of pros to lose with class.


Adrian Peterson: 4x All-Pro Running Back

Graham sits down with iconic NFL running back, Adrian Peterson. The seven-time Pro Bowler reflects on his 2014 suspension, his opinion of Roger Goodell’s ruling, lessons learned, and advice to others overcoming adversity.