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Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.

Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.
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Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.






The JaYoe Nation Podcast #015 | Back on the road yet again

2015-12-12 Back on the road a week earlier than expected. This is the second day on the road and so far so good. In this podcast we sum up the last week, from the end of our time in Taiwan to the current situation as we prepare to make our way into the mountains of Fujian province. A lot has happened, from hostile hostel encounters to detonating rear tires. Lets cover it all.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #014 | So Art Hostel with Willy

2015-12-02 Riding out of Taipei, we head south to a small wood milling town called Sanyi. The smells of wood and manual labor fill the air, and gives the whole area a natural feeling. We decided to stay a couple nights here, at a unique hostel called So Art. So Art is only 3 months old, and we sat down with the owner to get his perspectives on travel, life in Taiwan, betel nut and a few things in between. This was our first time experimenting with a three person podcast. Other than the air...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #010 | What goes up...

2015-12-02 Couple more days have passed. One extremely short day and another extremely hilly one. Both were times to experiment with the drone... WHICH IS AWESOME! There is actually a very interesting story about me flying it and almost losing it. But the past few days have brought a issue that could affect the overall success of the trip as a whole, and its making me very nervous.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #002 | Schlumpf, Flags, the DJI Osmo

Had some new deliveries today. Things that are designed to make my time on the road a little better. One of the arrivals allowed me to install my new 110 High Speed Schlumpf Drive to replace the old one. Ill discuss exactly what a Schlumpf drive is and why I am replacing it in the podcast. Also listen to my take on being a traveling videographer and some of the gear I bring with me to produce the video content on the road. I am in the process of adding some new things to the kit, and a cool...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #011 | Trimming Fat

2015-11-30 We decided to take one more painful ride to the city of Wenzhou with the help of Ryan taking the trailer off my back for a while. It's time to make some tough choices. I cannot continue to ride this heavy. So seeing as though we are not too far from my home base of Ningbo, I decided to cut out ALL non essentials and take it with me on the fast train to Ningbo. There I will offload it and get my knee checked out, and return lighter and hopefully with less pain tomorrow. And be...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #013 | Meander Hostel and Yummy Poop

2015-11-29 The hostel we are staying at, Meander Hostel in Taipei, is full of interesting people with interesting stories. So while I try to "do nothing" as hard as humanly possible to let my knee heal up, I end up having some meaningful interaction with some of the people passing thru. I had intended for this podcast to be mainly about a guy named Alek. Alek is a employee at the hostel, using the job as his primary mode of transportation while he finds amazing and interesting places to...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #012 | Where the hell are we?

2015-11-23 Could the JaYoe World Tour be dealt another deathblow? I took the 20kgs I was able to isolate off my load back to Ningbo, hoping this would be the solution to help me overcome this problem with my knee... but unfortunately the doctor saw something that cannot simply be fixed by a reduction or weight, and needs some real time off the road. So Ryan and I put our heads together and decided to be as productive as possible with enforced down time.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #009 | Tired on Day Two

Recorded : 2015-11-13 Tired. That is how I categorize my feelings as I record this podcast. But the show must go on, so me and Ryan pulled out the mics and went over the first 2 eventful days we have had so far while being on the road.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #008 | JaYoe Nation.. Meet Ryan Freeman

Ryan is here and we have a lot to talk about! We rode for the first time as trike mates, and he brought some great new gear from the states. Sorry about some of the audio issues... we are learning...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #007 | The Mystery of the Trident Trike

recorded: 2015-11-04 Ryan will arrive tonight. His seemingly "China-made" Trike arrived yesterday. Lots to discuss before he gets here.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #006 | The Aftermath of My Accident

What happened after that truck hit me on that lonely highway in Guangning? Find out... and catch the latest Ryan update. Talk about his new trike, his travel plans, and some worries...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #005 | Ryan’s travel VISA is here!

recorded: 2015-10-28 A big step in the trip… Ryan’s VISA has arrived! What does that mean for the future of the trip? Also… Halloween is coming and I guess I will be involved in a Chinese made documentary…. They want to know if there is anything interesting enough happening in my life to base the doc on


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #004 | Loaded Ride Confessions

Finally on the road with the new Trike and Trailer, fully loaded with the Schumpf as well. Today I am talking about how my first ride went, comparing with my last trip, and also commenting on the Schlumpf drive in action. If you want to know why I am not wearing a helmet…. Ill give you a hint… “I’m not that smart”. Other than that… I touch on some timing considerations, and plans ahead when I do get back on the road


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #003 | A Path Around the World

(originally recorded 2015-10-13)So how did I come up with the exact path around the world? Why did I choose certain points and why did I connect them the way I did. I promise you, there was a method to my madness. Let me take this as my opportunity to pick thru the JaYoe World Tour map… and possibly enlighten you all to the why’s and the how’s. You may want to follow along on the tour map on www.jayoe.com/map The JaYoe Nation Podcast #004 | Loaded Ride Confessions 2015-10-20 Finally on the...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #001 | Inspiration for Travel

(originally recorded 2015-10-03) What inspires a person to take the step to embark on an amazing journey? In this podcast I delve into how I became inspired to put together the JaYoe World Tour, and specifically the moments that led to my inspiration. I also talk about what brought me to China from where I was living in Las Vegas. This is the first “real” episode of the JaYoe Nation Podcast, and I layout a little of what you can expect from future Podcasts. Ill also dedicate these first few...


JaYoe Nation Podcast - Pilot Episode

(Originally recorded 2015-09-28) This is the first of what I hope develops into a audio podcast about the JaYoe World Tour. Here you can hear a more in depth discussion about my travel preparations, my thoughts, my gear and a lot more details about what goes on while on the JaYoe World Tour. This first one is more of a test than anything. I wanted to set up the process of making the Podcast and really just wanted to figure out how to make one of these... I wouldn't even classify this as...