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Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.

Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.
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Adding fuel to life thru travel and adventure while I learn about life and raise a beautiful little girl. Daily Lifestyle Vlogger.






The JaYoe Nation Podcast #019 | Finding the Yoe

2016-01-20 Recorded on January 10th, 2016: Back in Ningbo after my USA trip. Returning to China I'm trying to figure out how to spend the next 75 days before I start my summit attempt of Mount Everest. Its important to get in the best possible shape, while still caring for my knee. But it's a little hard to find the fuel and direction. Maybe it's the Chinese smog getting to my head.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #015 | Back on the road yet again

2015-12-12 Back on the road a week earlier than expected. This is the second day on the road and so far so good. In this podcast we sum up the last week, from the end of our time in Taiwan to the current situation as we prepare to make our way into the mountains of Fujian province. A lot has happened, from hostile hostel encounters to detonating rear tires. Lets cover it all.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #032 | Leaving for Everest Tomorrow

2016-05-08 Well, tomorrow I start the big ascent up Everest. Let me bring you up to speed on what has been going on and give you a bit of a read on how I am feeling, about to venture to the top of the world. This was the last podcast i recorded in this series. If you are interested in the rest of the story you can watch my daily vlog episodes on my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/JaYoeNation


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #029 | Arrival at Everest Base Camp

2016-04-12 Here I am! Everest Base Camp. Slightly worse for ware. The altitude has finally gotten to me.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #031 | Puja Blessing at Base Camp

2016-04-19 An eventful morning, full of celebration, blessings for the team, new news about the future of the expedition and a lot of fun!


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #030 | In my tent at base camp

2016-04-14 A quiet discussion before bed in my tent, of the camp, the goings on, my health and the near future of the climb.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #028 | the Amazing Billi Bierling

2016-03-30 I finally got to meet my team leader with Adventures Global, Ronnie Muhl. He just returned to Kathmandu after leading a large group of parents and high school kids from South Africa on a trek to Base Camp. While meeting with them, the infamous Billi Bierling visited with us, and told us about her amazing job cataloging all those venturing out into the adventurous wilds of the Nepalese Himalayan mountains.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #027 | Welcome to Kathmandu

2016-03-25 Made it! I am in Kathmandu. Long day of flying and airports. Im glad to be here and ready to get focused on the mission at hand. The hotel is comfortable, and I an planning to rest up after an extremely early morning.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #025 | the EVA Podcast

2016-03-20 While I work to conquer the tallest mountain in the world, my little Eva will be maturing in Anny’s belly. So if I cannot be there to talk to her in this important growing stage in her life, I will instead create her own special podcast, full of sounds of my voice, lessons in life, and soothing children’s songs This is a podcast I think most of you can skip, but I put it up nonetheless for you to listen to if you want. It's up to you.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #026 | Xu and the JY_VLOG

2016-03-20 With Everest only a few days away, I am trying to wrap up things, and make sure Everest is going to be a great success without worry. I have also started a new project, the JY_VLOG, which will fit into the Travelogue, Podcast, and other content I have created. I think it will be a good fit. Training almost finished, I also bring in my trainer Xu to talk with the podcast, and give his insight into how he has been preparing my body for the mountain.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #023 | Zhūmùlǎngmǎfēng

2016-02-26 As days creep ever closer to Everest, I am starting to take stock of where I am at. My training is progressing every day feeling a little stronger. My heath is getting checked. At the time of this recording I received a full body check, with a PET scan coming up next Monday to make sure there isn’t anything catastrophic going on anywhere. My website is coming together, as it must in order to be ready for when I leave for Kathmandu on the 24th And my apprehension for the size and...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #022 | Visualizing Everest and the future of the JaYoe World Tour

2016-02-15 With the beginning of my summit expedition of Mount Everest around a month and a half away, it’s time to turn my complete focus to the mountain. Up until now I have been physically preparing for the climb, but its time to put some mental preparation into play. Time to investigate the stages of the climb, and start to prepare myself mentally for the job of getting to the top of the world. Visualization is an important part of my arsenal when accomplishing any of my goals. It...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #024 | the Moorings

2016-03-16 Sylvie is a good friend of mine from wayyyy back. well... wayyyy back from when i first got to China, which seems like ages ago. She is a teacher in Ningbo, and proposed a project to a few of her international students.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #021 | Anny Banany and Eva

2016-02-03 In this podcast, I get to introduce Anny formally to the JaYoe Nation. We have been in Thailand for about a week already, so while we sit on the beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand, let's bring "the Nation" some interesting and wonderful news.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #020 | The Good Kind of Pain

2016-01-21 Training steady every day, I have been able to start to feel some real differences in my body. I have a great new trainer, and a regiment that is testing my joints and my core, while paying attention to my knee, as well as taking the upcoming climb of Mount Everest into consideration. Set to take a couple weeks in Krabi, Thailand, I have been remembering past travel experiences around the world, and all the untold stories i have captured on video. Ryan has even reminded me of all...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #018 | What's up Doc?

2016-02-03 Finally had a chance to get some quality care. Perfect timing too! So the new year will hold new possibilities, starting with clear answers and guidance on my knee, and prepare me for Summiting Everest starting March. Follow me as I drive to the doctor, get some answers, and talk about the holiday in Detroit.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #017 | Reflections of China and Friendship

2015-12-23 On a flight back to USA for a surprise holiday visit to my family, I have time to reflect on my time in china, and what the trip means to me from the standpoint of friendship and companionship. China is full of interesting and exotic foods, as well as some fairly potent alcohol…. Which I was reintroduced to the day before recording this podcast. Bringing my MRI scans to USA, I will have an opportunity to get some advice in English from professionals in the states, and I have even...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #016 | Can't catch a break

2015-12-19 There are no great successes without some strife. I have been getting my fare share of strife these days. Let me tell you about what is going down with me, Ryan and the tour, and why I am doing this podcast on a train headed back to Ningbo. But it’s not all bad. Ryan and I reminisce about some of the beautiful rides we have had over the past couple days, some great charity moments, and super duper pooper.


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #014 | So Art Hostel with Willy

2015-12-02 Riding out of Taipei, we head south to a small wood milling town called Sanyi. The smells of wood and manual labor fill the air, and gives the whole area a natural feeling. We decided to stay a couple nights here, at a unique hostel called So Art. So Art is only 3 months old, and we sat down with the owner to get his perspectives on travel, life in Taiwan, betel nut and a few things in between. This was our first time experimenting with a three person podcast. Other than the air...


The JaYoe Nation Podcast #010 | What goes up...

2015-12-02 Couple more days have passed. One extremely short day and another extremely hilly one. Both were times to experiment with the drone... WHICH IS AWESOME! There is actually a very interesting story about me flying it and almost losing it. But the past few days have brought a issue that could affect the overall success of the trip as a whole, and its making me very nervous.