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The essential podcast for all Jayhawk basketball fans. Analysis, insights, predictions, and more than a little goofing around- it's all here for your crimson-and-blue consumption.

The essential podcast for all Jayhawk basketball fans. Analysis, insights, predictions, and more than a little goofing around- it's all here for your crimson-and-blue consumption.


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The essential podcast for all Jayhawk basketball fans. Analysis, insights, predictions, and more than a little goofing around- it's all here for your crimson-and-blue consumption.




Most Improved Bois

No need to wait any longer folks, the Bois are back with a quickie for your listening pleasure. In this tasty morsel of an episode the fellas dig a bit into the possibly upcoming college football season; who will play, who won't play, should anyone play? They've also got a few updates on some of the Jayhawks left in the NBA bubble, as well as their takes on a few of the awards to be named in that league, namely Most Improved Player and Rookie of the Year. Snuggle up on your quarantine couch...


Bois In The Studio

Title says it all, folks. Jay made the trip out to Lawrence so he and PB could get on the horn with Coach and put together this jam-packed whopper of a podcast just for you. Things are heating up on the pro sports landscape, with multiple leagues getting under way within the span of a week or so. The Bois have takes on the various approaches the leagues are taking, what seems to be working and what seems to be ill-conceived at best, as well as some thoughts on what it all could mean for the...


Mississippi Beanbag

Welcome back, everybody! All three Bois were in studio for the first time in a long time, and man was it nice. Pod regular Jared "Glass Half Empty" dropped by via Zoom to contribute his takes as well, and what resulted was one heck of a good episode. In this edition of the Jayhawky Bois we cover the recent (ridiculous) sanctions the NCAA levied against Oklahoma State's men's basketball team, what they could imply for KU's ongoing investigation, the settlement between KU athletics and David...


Quarantini Bois- Shaken, Not Stirred

Well howdy there folks! The Bois are back in town (figuratively; stay safe out there) and they brought a nice juicy pod for your happy consumption. Ol' Glass Half Empty "Jared" is back for the first time in a while to talk about the NCAA's most recent salvo in their ongoing pissing match with KU, as well as the G-League and whatever effects it may have on recruiting and college basketball as we know it. This was a nice deep-dive pod; almost an hour on only a few topics, with plenty more...


Jayhawky Bois Presents: Airbud, A Movie Review Feat. Burghart Bros

In this third installment of the Jayhawky Bois movie review series. J and the Burghart Bros delve into Disney's Air Bud. There will be lots of laughs and higher than normal production value to help you through these trying times.. So get your snack packs ready and listen up.


The Sad Sudden End Of The Road

Well folks, it's not how anyone would've wanted or seen coming, but the 2019-20 men's basketball season has come to a close. After a hard-fought matchup that went into double-overtime, COVID-19 prevailed over the NCAA and March Madness. With the cancellation of the tournament comes the end of any hopes this genuinely special team had of cutting down the nets, and it has led to some true sadness on the part of your Bois. In this episode we talk about a wide variety of topics, but they all...


The King Is Back

Whoa nelly squad, it's been too long! The Bois were off galavantin' and providing the many services required daily of them, but worry not! They never lost sight of the ultimate goal, the true priority, the dutiest of duties- KU hoops and the 'Hawks pursuit of that SHIP. To that end, we now present one doozy of an episode, packed chock full of pipin' hot takes on the last three games of the Big XII season. The fellas cover the upcoming conference tournament, the recent Big XII awards, and get...


La Necesito

The 'Hawks are hittin' their stride at a particularly excellent time to do so. The Bois hopped on their stride three years ago and never looked back. Today it's two Bois in studio for the first time in a while, as Jay and Papabear bring a two man rundown of the Oklahoma State smackdown. They talk State, they talk tourney, they talk some shop and they talk lots of ball. It's another good pod for ya folks so dig in and get pumped for March.


Baylor 2: This Time It's Personal

Boy howdy that was a fun one. The numbers one and three teams in all the land clashed in Waco on Saturday and your Jayhawks emerged victorious, pulling even with those same Bears for first in the Big XII and staking a claim as the best team in the country. Big Dok went off in a big way, and the Bois were champing at the bit to cover it. Two Bois in house again, Coach and Papabear, with more than enough to talk about just from this game. With a look ahead to Oklahoma State wrapping up the...


Spittin' The Midnight Oil

We're right in the thick of things for the 2019-20 season folks. The Big XII is coming down to the last third of regular season play and your Kansas Jayhawks are picking up steam at a vital time, as they go rolling into Waco to face a Baylor squad ranked number one in the nation. The Bois have a Bear of their own however, and in preparation for this huge upcoming game he and Coach and Jay brought their A-game. In this hour-plus doozy the Bois recap the Oklahoma and Iowa State blowouts,...


It's Been Fart Too Long

Whoa nelly folks! It's been a hot couple of three minutes or so since the three Bois got to pod as one. This is a strong counterargument to the 1-out-2-in strategy that they had been employing to such resounding success over the course of the last however many pods. Anyway. Lots of stuff in this one, like Texas Christian, and also West Virginia, some of that good ol' Big XII, and a splash of Chiefs nonsense as well. This one felt like a classic gold ol' days pod; all that was missing was the...


Big Weekend Vibes

Let that be a lesson to everyone that NO ONE holds the Chiefs to a 51 year championship drought! As you might have heard, the Chiefs were the big winners of Sunday's Big Game, and the Bois predictably have some opinions on it. Jay was recovering from what was surely a day of wholesome excitement and reflection, but Coach and the Bear were ready to pick up the slack and cover the big weekend. Not only did they talk Chiefs, but they covered the recent Texas Tech win (felt so long ago) and the...



Short 2-Boi pod comin' at ya on a friday night. J-Nice and Coach Stretch give you a brief KU analysis of the Okie State game and preview the Jayhawks' upcoming game vs. Texas Tech. Then they gush over their Super Bowl-bound Chiefs. Yummy.


RIP Black Mamba

Well folks, it's been a tough 24 hours for the game of basketball and for people of all backgrounds who loved Kobe Bryant. There were only two Bois in house but they did well to express some of the sadness and reverence they feel (with some prerecorded help from the absent Boi). In addition there was still some KU basketball to cover, so the fellas pushed through and did their best to be great, which is the best way to celebrate #8 we know. Plenty of takes from Tennessee, the continued...


Hot! Caution: Contents Hot

81-60. Well everybody, I'm sure by now you're aware of how that KU-KSU game went (81-60). The Bois knew they were going to need to bring their A+ game to this one and dare I say it, they did. Two fellas in studio this time means the takes were firing out fast and furious; we spent the bulk of the show covering the donnybrook at the end and the various takes spewing across the web in the aftermath. That said, there was still a game to discuss (81-60) and the Bois managed to do their due...


Something About The Jayhawks Or The Chiefs

Got another one for ya folks. The Bois are on one right now and trying their best to get y'all a pod per game (PPG). Two of the Bois made it onto this one and I'm told they've got all sorts of takes; Texas takes, K-State takes, Chiefs AFC champ takes, and who knows what else!? Point is, buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the car because we've got a good one for ya and there's more on the way.


Shaka Round the Clock Tonight

The Bois are all back in house for this one folks! The 'Hawks are headed south to play Texas on Saturday and the Bois have got you covered. You wanna know what to expect? We got you. Questions about the last game? On it. Curious how the fellas are playing, maybe hoping for a little analysis on their prospects moving forward? You know we got you. Maybe hoping for a little Chiefs coverage, given the situation and all? Give a listen and you'll see that we have indeed got you. Sharing is caring!


And That's True Too

Well folks, the Baylor game did not go as hoped. Two thirds of the Bois hopped in studio to go over the game (and touch on the ISU blow out) and try to figure out just what exactly is next for the 'Hawks. In a literal sense, Oklahoma is next, and we've got takes on that. In a figurative sense, the offense needs to do some soul searching, and we've got takes on that too. In other news, the Chiefs made a statement against Houston and the fellas have plenty to say about that as well. With two...


Home On The Range > Country Roads

It's the most wonderful time of year, folks. BigXII basketball is here and the Bois are pumped about it, so much so that they brought you a whole hour of scorching takes. In this one the fellas unpack the West Virginia win, cover the current state of the conference, interview the New Green and fellow friends of the pod Coach Jimmy and Conspiracy Krum, make their predictions for the Iowa State game, and plenty more! Scooch in, grab a chair, take a knee, buckle your seat belt, do what you have...


Auld Lang Syne

The Bois are wishing you the happiest of New Years with this last pod of the decade! It's been a great ten years of Kansas basketball and the Bois are here to talk about the last two games worth with yas, as well as a few other fun and jolly jams. They've got takes on the Chiefs' big win, the Pats' big loss, the college football playoff, the upcoming Big XII basketball schedule, and plenty more. We've got a full hour of great content to help send 2019 out on a high note, so please come join...