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E15: "Do it Anyway!" HOF Wrestling Coach Jim Miller on mentoring success

What does your “success video” show you doing after graduation? Life after graduation can be nerve racking for college graduates. He says as a wrestler you know are always looking for the next step. In high school and college you know what the next steps are. Wrestlers are looking ahead to the next competition an the next weight workout because it is all scheduled out for you. When they walk across the stage at graduation identifying that next step can be more challenging for...


E14: It’s Not an Issue, Yet!

When someone asks a student-athlete about what career path they will follow, a usual response could be going pro or that they will figure that out after they are done playing. What tends to happen with those student-athletes could be frustration and disappointment with a choice they wish they would have spent more time planning that they did. Knowing your career path is not an issue necessarily when someone is in school, but it becomes an issue when that is the issue. Adam Viet...