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Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and

Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and
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Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and




Adjusting Power Guard Pull and Wide Receiver Footwork | QC Episode 183

How do you get better pulls from your Guard in Power? How can you help receivers run better routes? It’s a 2 for 1! The rare 2 for 1 question on JDFB Quick Clinic! Today’s questions are all about the Pistol Power Offense System and how you can get more by focusing on the details. The first question relates to the Guard wrapping to the front side linebacker in the power. The second question looks at receiver get off, timing, and improving the break on the Curl route. This was a response to...


Adjusting the 5-3 Defense to Spread Formations | QC Episode 182

Many Youth Football Defenses are geared toward stopping the run. How do you adjust when teams spread you out? OK this question goes all over the place. We’re talking about the 5-3 Defense against the Beast Formation. And against a Double Formation. There’s a lot happening here. We’re also talking about keeping it simple. Having a philosophy. Not changing your defense. Having principles within your defense that adapt to absolutely any Offensive attack. Really, that last one is everything...


Defending a Star Athlete | QC Episode 181

How do you shut down the best athlete on the field? There’s a few tricks you can use to minimize the damage. High School Football has a big range of talent on the field. You’ve got guys who will never play a down of college football (and maybe shouldn’t have played any High School downs), against kids who are going to be in the NFL one day. The elite of elite athletes. On the Quick Clinic today, I’ll talk about a few defensive strategies for shutting down those really special players. Or...


Attacking Blocking Schemes with Blitzes | QC Episode 180

Can you use the right blitz call to destroy a blocking scheme? Maybe. But you better be ready for the offense’s answer. Is there a ‘right call’ for the defense to make in any given situation? Will calling that perfect blitz at the right time bring the offense to its knees? Sure, there are situations where you can dictate to the defense with the right blitz call. But that call could get you in a lot more trouble down the road if you don’t execute correctly. This episode of the JDFB Quick...


Staying Focused After Injuries | QC Episode 179

Injuries happen in football. It’s a part of our sport, or any sport. When a key player goes down during practice, how do you refocus your players to get back to work? It’s a hard task. Kids are emotional and… well, kind of over dramatic sometimes. But when there’s a significant injury during practice, how do you get your guys to get that fire back? This episode shares some strategies both short and long-term to get your players back on track. Whether during a game or in practice, you’ve...


Defending Stacked Receivers | QC Episode 178

Stacked receivers require some adjustments for your defense. Let’s take a look at zone and man tweaks for those stacks. Offenses are always trying to use formations to break the defense. Get you in a position where you’re not as effective. Stacked receivers are one example. When the offense stacks two or three receivers up, how do you adjust? What can you do to tweak your man coverage or zone coverage to handle the stacks? I’ll give you some suggestions on this episode of the JDFB Quick...


Most Important Position on Defense | QC Episode 177

What’s the most critical position on your defense? You need to invest your best coach on one specific group. Are the force defenders the most important players on your defense? It seems like these are the guys that can really break your defense if they’re not getting the job done. Outside linebackers or safeties, whatever you call them - they’re critical. But are they the most important players? Where should you invest your best coaches on staff? Check out this episode of the JDFB Quick...


Hurry Up Offense Signals | QC Episode 176

You want to go fast, but how do you get your Hurry Up Offense signals in from the sidelines? Here’s the easiest way. Those signs on the sidelines with funny pictures are great. Unfortunately, many coaching staffs don’t have the man-power to run an operation like that. We want to go fast, but what’s the most efficient way to get the calls in? In today’s episode, we’re answering a listener question on Hurry Up communication. Hand signals, wrist bands and other methods to get the call in are...


Should You Really “Grind All the Time”? | QC Episode 175

If you want to get to the top of the profession, you’ve got to ‘grind all the time,’ right? Maybe that’s not the best way. Great question and topic for this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic. One that I’m kind of passionate about. It’s the ridiculous #grindallthetime #nodaysoff stuff we see on Social Media all the time. For a young coach trying to move up in the ranks, it might seem like the right way. Spend all your time in the office Outwork everyone. Climb the ladder. This week’s questions...


Doesn’t It Matter Which Hand is Down in a Defensive Line Stance? | QC Episode 174

Which hand do you put down in your Defensive Line Stance? That depends on what job needs to get done. Does it matter which hand your Defensive Linemen put down in their stance? Well, that all depends on what you’re going to ask those guys to do. There’s a big difference between the stance for a 2-gap lineman in a 3-4 Defense or a slanting 33 Stack lineman, compared to your shaded 40 front guys. We’ll look at all the differences in this episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic. This was a response...


Should You Flip the Front With Your Defensive Strength Call? | QC Episode 173

Do you flip the alignment of your front based on the defensive strength call? Here’s few reasons why you should... Strength calls are always a big topic of conversation. How do you make the strength call for your defense? Why do you make the strength call? And how much should it affect your alignment? The answer depends on your defensive front, but the most important question for determining if you want to flip to the strength call is WHY you’re doing. Today’s question asks IF you should...


Are These Coaches AFRAID to Coach? | QC Episode 172

Are some coaches just afraid to coach anyone but the most talented players? Here’s what I think... If you coach for a while, you’ll notice this guy. Especially now that you know to look out for him. It’s the stud finder. The guy who just looks for the best talent in the room and latches on to them. They don’t want to bring up the lesser talented guys. Just right the coattails of the biggest stud in the room. This JDFB Quick Clinic looks at coaches who are afraid to deal with anything but...


Why You Should Not Print Your Playbooks! | QC Episode 171

Do you need to print your football playbooks for your players to study? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it... The football playbook is something we’ve all been obsessed with for years. We draw them up, download them off the internet, and study every one we can get our hands on. Unfortunately… most of your players are NOT like that. They don’t stuff football playbooks between the pages of Shakespeare and sneak a chance to study the blocking scheme. Printed playbooks have value, but they don’t...


3-4 Defense Slant Technique for Down Blocks & Double Teams | QC Episode 170

How do you teach your 3-4 Defense slanting Defensive Linemen to handle a down block? Or a Double Team? One of the biggest problems you’ll run into with slanting defensive linemen, is getting washed when you slant the direction they want to take you. Down blocks and zone blocks can be a special problem for 3-4 defense slanting linemen. We adjusted the technique. I’ve talked about this in two previous podcasts of late: Slant Technique Drills for the 3-4 Defense Defensive Line Slant...


Coaching the Strong Safety in the 4-2-5 Defense | QC Episode 169

The Strong Safety is a Hybrid Defender in the 4-2-5 Defense. How do you adjust your coaching to get him ready? The Strong Safety in your 4-2-5 Defense may need to wear a lot of hats, depending on the coverage package you choose. He might be just a Linebacker, or he may truly need the ability to play as a hybrid defender running in man coverage with slot receivers. How do you plan for and prepare a player like that? This was a response to a listener question sent on Twitter. You can send...


Dealing with a Lack of Support| QC Episode 168

You want to win. You want your players to be successful. You’re just not sure if the people who hired you want the same thing. There’s no substitute for a supportive administration. You’re going to love going to work every day when you have one. And it’s going to be a struggle to be successful (and sane) when you don’t. Today’s question comes from a coach who’s concerned about the support he’s getting from the people above him. How do you handle the situation to give your players the best...


How to Defend Jet Sweep | QC Episode 167

Sick of watching that guy fly around the edge of your defense? Here’s how to defend Jet Sweep with your 3-4 Defense. Defending outside run plays all comes down to the umbrella. You’ve got to figure out where the breakdown is. With the Jet Sweep and other runs with fast action to the edge, the fault usually comes in your Force Player not forcing a change of direction. That goes for Rocket Toss, Truck Toss, quick pitches and everything else out there. Today’s question comes from Germany...


Coaching Inexperienced Players | QC Episode 166

You’re heading into the season with almost no returning starters. And a ton of youth. Here’s how to approach the season... Sometimes just reload… but this season, you are definitely in a rebuild. Good news and bad news, coach. Good news: this is an investment in your future. Do it right, and you will see incredible dividends down the road. Bad news: It’s gonna be frustrating. Really frustrating. Listen to this episode to learn how to approach your season when it’s time to rebuild and go...


Playing Defensive Ends in a 2-Point Stance | QC Episode 165

Many coaches like playing athletic Defensive Ends in a 2-point stance. Should you change their feet for better play? A great question this week on the Quick Clinic. We’re looking at coaching Defensive Ends in a 2-point stance. Should the Defensive End that’s standing up have his inside foot back, like traditional shaded Defensive Linemen in a 3-point stance? Or should he keep the inside foot up. There’s a few things to consider. It really comes down to what you’re asking him to...


4-2-5 Defense Alignment Adjustments | QC Episode 164

Does your 4-2-5 Defense Alignment have to use shaded Defensive Linemen? Can they play head up? The 4-2-5 Defense is a great front for Youth Football, and today’s question comes from a 12u coach looking to make some adjustments to his current 4-4 Defense. And of course, I had to go on a short tangent about the 4-4 Defense vs 4-2-5 Defense alignment. But after that’s over, we talk about the Over Front vs Heads Front. Do you need to play in the more traditional 5-1-3-6 alignment (or...