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Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and

Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and
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Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinics are short podcasts covering questions our listeners submit, or anything that is rattling around in my brain. The Quick Clinics are recorded in my car on the way to practice, or coming home. These 5-10 minute discussions are a supplement to The Football Coaching Podcast and




Play Calling Quarterback Alignment | QC Episode 147

Your Quarterback alignment may change frequently during a game. If it does, how do you communicate the change? I’m surprised how much I get certain questions. This one falls in that category. How do you tell the Quarterback and Center what alignment they should be in - under center, pistol or shotgun? The question reminds me of when I first started trying to learn offensive football. As a lifelong defensive player, I had no understanding of the mechanics of one of the most basic elements...


What To Do When You Lose Your Head Coaching Job | QC Episode 146

Part of being a Head Football Coach is knowing you might lose your job. What’s your next step when it happens? Unfortunately, for a head football coach the possibility of losing that position is a reality. There’s lots of reasons it may happen, but even some of the best coaches of all time have been fired at one point or another. What should you do when confronted with that reality? In this episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, we take a look at just what your plan of action should be when you...


How to Learn to Coach a New Position | QC Episode 145

Position coaches who want to move up the ranks are going to need to know more than just one position. Here’s how to accelerate the learning curve! Most position coaches dream of moving up one day. Calling the shots. Whether as a coordinator, or as the Head Football Coach. For position coaches to move up, and be ready to make that move, your knowledge needs to extend past just one position. Or even one side of the ball. During the off-season, there are plenty of opportunities for a...


Defending Unbalanced Single Wing | QC Episode 144

How do you adjust your 4-2-5 Defense to defend unbalanced formations? There’s 5 ways to do it. We always come back to the question about defending unbalanced formations. There’s no single answers because there can’t be just one answer! To defend unbalanced formations, you need multiple answers. Any team running unbalanced formations will have a plan to counter your defensive adjustments. You have to keep them guessing. This was a response to a listener question sent by email. You can send...


Coaching Defensive Line Key Reads | QC Episode 143

Defensive Line Key Reads are the most important skill for your big guys up front to learn. There’s more than one way to teach it. No matter what defense you’re running, your Defensive Linemen must read keys to be successful. If they don’t, you’ll just be running up the field and getting kicked out at will. Today’s question is specifically about coaching Defensive Line hat reads. But it’s a good time to point out that ‘Key Reads’, while thrown around a lot, really is exactly what defensive...


How Much Defensive Line Stunts & Twists? | QC Episode 142

When you’ve got a small Defensive Line, how much stunting and twisting should you do? When you’ve got a smaller Defensive Line, it’s tempting to do a lot of stunts and twists to try to make your guys ‘hard to find’. And it is a great way to use their quickness! There is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’, though. And there’s also a wrong way to go about it. Check out this episode of JDFB Quick Clinic to find out how much stunting and twisting, and how to do it the right way on your...


4-2-5 Defense vs 2 TE, Goal Line, Defending Slant | QC Episode 141

It’s a 4-2-5 Defense System potpourri this week! Defending 2 TE sets, Goal Line Defense, and defending Slant-Bubble. Several great questions on the 4-2-5 Defense System today in the JDFB Quick Clinic: How do you handle a Double Tight End alignment against a team running weak side leads?How do you defend Trips Closed formations on the Goal Line?How do you teach your Overhang Safeties to defend the Slant-Bubble concept? I’ll go in detail on each question in today’s episode! You can get all...


QC 140 Practice Planning for Small Schools

How can you get the most out of your scout team? How can a head coach see all he needs to see in practice? As a head coach, you need to be involved in all aspects of your program. At a small school, it’s even tougher because you probably don’t have a lot of coaches! In this episode, we’ll look at organizing practices for a small school in order to create the best possible scout team look. Plus, how the head coach can get to see all he needs to see during that practice. This was a response...


QC 139 Coaching Rip Technique for Defensive Line

Get your Defensive Linemen loose to make the tackle by coaching better Rip Technique! More defensive line talk coming out of today’s mailbag, and this time it’s all about technique. Coaching rip technique, more specifically. We work a lot on strike point and how to attack the Offensive Linemen to control your position. But Defensive Linemen are there to make tackles too. How do you get off the block? We’ll dive into the rip technique here. This was a response to a listener question sent...


QC 138 Defensive Line Pass Rush Lanes

How to Contain the Quarterback with Defensive Line Pass Rush Lanes (but still get pressure) Today’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic is back to the mailbag for some Defensive Line talk. Specifically, how do you get an aggressive pass rush without letting the QB slip away? It’s all about pass rush lanes and lane integrity here. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. This is Defensive Line 101 stuff that your guys must know in order to have an effective pass rush! This was a response to a...


QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time

What are the advantages of using the Onside Kick every time? I’m putting it to the test this season! In general, I’m a pretty conservative coach. We don’t call a lot of blitzes on defense. Run a balanced offense. Nothing too exciting. But after 3 weeks of miserable kick coverage, a change had to be made. Enter the onside kick. Not just once, either. Onside kick every time. We studied Kevin Kelley’s DVD from CoachTube: Gaining Possessions Using the Onside Kick and then made the change...


QC 136 Blocking Power vs Odd Fronts

Using a Tight End with your Power Run Play gives you a serious advantage against Odd Fronts. Here’s how to get it done. The Power run play, as it’s taught in the Pistol Power Offense System, uses a basic and universal set of rules that works against any defense. Odd Fronts are no different. In today’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, I’ll run through the rules and talk about how we handle blocking an Odd Front defense when using a tight end. You can also get more details by checking out...


QC 135 Cover 3 Variations

Cover 3 can be a great base coverage, or compliment to more man coverages and pattern match coverages. Not all Cover 3 coverages are created equal. In today’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, we’re looking at a variation on Cover 3 that is a bit of a Tampa 2 hybrid. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of this variation of the coverage, against the run and the pass. Check it out to see if this is a good adjustment for your team! This question was sent from Marcello by email....


QC 134 Linebacker Blitz Technique

Calling blitzes is easy. Coaching proper Linebacker Blitz Technique so that blitz is successful, is harder. Defensive Coordinators love dialing up the perfect blitz. You hate seeing that perfect blitz run right past the ball carrier. Today’s episode is a question by email about how to coach your proper Linebacker blitz technique so that your guys don’t run past the play or get destroyed by the blocking scheme. We’ll talk about blitzing on run downs vs. pass downs, and how the technique...


QC 133 Pistol Diamond Play Calling

Pistol Diamond is a great formation to build your offensive playbook around. But how much do you need to have? The Pistol Diamond formation can be a great power running formation with 3 backs in the backfield. You can base an entire offense out of one formation. But how much is too much? Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question comes from a coach who’s building his youth football playbook around Pistol Diamond. How can he get enough plays without confusing his players? You can send in your...


QC 132 4-2-5 Defense Coverage for Short Yardage

Plans change with short chains and in the Red Zone. Here’s how to plan your 4-2-5 Defense short yardage coverage package. No defense is perfect. At some point, the offense is going to move the ball on you and get into short yardage situations, into the red zone and down to the goal line. No matter how good you are! Be prepared. In today’s episode I’ll answer a listener question on preparing your 4-2-5 defense coverage package for short yardage situations. You can send in your questions...


QC 131 Coaching Defensive Line Pad Level

One of the keys to great play up front is your Defensive Line pad level. How can you get your athletes to play low? Your defensive line’s pad level must be low to win the battle up front. There’s multiple ways to accomplish this goal, but unfortunately there’s not a good quick fix. Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question is about playing your Defensive Line in a 4-point stance in order to lower their pad level. Is that the right solution, or is there another way? We’ll deep dive on lower pad...


QC 130 Coaching Safety in Football

Safety is becoming the name of the game in coaching. If you're not focusing on it and coaching your players to keep the head out of contact, you're behind the times. And potentially a danger to your players and to the sport. We're past the point of ignoring this, or loud mouthed proclamations about toughness. This JDFB Quick Clinic is a response to an email sent from a coach who has been ahead of the game on teaching safety. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by...


QC 129 Blocking Power Against a Bear Front

How can you keep running your Power against a Bear Front? Here’s how to make sure you can do it. Bear Front is another tough defense to run your Power run play against. Or any inside run play, for that matter. Sure, you might want to just run outside or throw the ball. But if Power is your team’s feature play, you want to run it against anything. This week’s listener question asks how we can handle the back side 3-technique when running power against a bear front. This episode of The Joe...


QC 128 Power Blocking for a 6-2 Defense

Run-heavy defenses can seem impossible to run against. But blocking a 6-2 Defense with your Power Play is anything but impossible. When you’re facing a Youth Football defense or a Goal Line defense, you don’t want to abandon your best run play. If your best play is Power, here’s how to handle those stacked fronts. Today’s episode answers a Youth Football question about blocking a 6-2 Defense with the Power play. We’ll break down blocking a 6-2 Defense, on the Goal Line or in every-down...