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The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.

The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.
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The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.




179: Erik Korem and Keir Wenham-Flatt on Game Speed, Mental Resilience and the Governing Dynamics of Sport Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Erik Korem and Keir Wenham-Flatt. Erik Korem is the associate athletic director for student athlete high-performance and Keir Wenham-Flatt is the coordinator of football performance. Erik and Keir are a veritable all-star team of athletic development, with knowledge spanning all arenas of performance that transfers to the field. Erik brings nearly two decades of national expertise to his current position at William and Mary at the professional and collegiate levels,...


178: Bobby Whyte on Holistic Strength and Skill Training for Basketball and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Bobby Whyte, an athletic performance and basketball skill enhancement trainer operating out of Northern New Jersey. Focusing on developing the complete player athlete, Bobby practices the “Evaluate – Educate -Empower” program he experienced first hand growing up training with now world-renowned trainers and specialists. Bobby has worked with athletes ranging from beginner to NBA/NFL/Overseas Professionals. Most recently, he spent 6 months working in China as the Head...


177: Dr. Michael Yessis on Better Sport Skill Acquisition in the Gym for Maximal Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Dr. Michael Yessis, who appeared previously on episode #142 of this podcast, going in depth on the 1x20 strength training system and its advantages, as well as the importance of not over-developing an athlete’s general strength in favor of their sport skill. Today’s episode builds on that last show, by going into Doc’s take on skill acquisition and how it sets up a training program. For every 10 shows and articles on strength training in athletic performance, you...


176: Justin Moore on “Knees In”, Fluid Dynamics of the Body and Better Injury Prevention Training | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Justin Moore. Justin is the head performance coach at Parabolic Performance and Rehab in Montclair, New Jersey. Justin has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, from eight-years-old to professional football players in the National Football League (NFL) and Olympic-level Ice Skaters and Ice Dancers. He has been highly involved in the process of helping elite college football players prepare for the NFL Combine. Justin also has advanced knowledge of the...


175: Dr. Ryan Foley and Dr. Kyle Paxton on Enhancing The Sensory System of an Athlete for Precision and Power | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features physical therapists, Ryan Foley and Kyle Paxton. Together they run the continuing education business: “Integrated Kinetic Neurology”. Dr. Ryan Foley, co-founder of IKN has worked with a number of high level athletes, and owns Evolve Physiotherapy. He has studied applied functional neurology methods, specifically Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, along with other applied neuroscience approaches to help get people get out of pain and improve function. Kyle Paxton’s...


174: Rafe Kelley on Returning to the Core of Human Performance and Movement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Rafe Kelley, owner of Evolve, Move, Play, a business designed to use movement practice to develop more resilient and embodied humans. Rafe was a basketball player and gymnast (and gymnastics coach) in his teens, and started in the martial arts at 6 years old, studying Tang Soo Do, Aikido, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai. He has experience in modern training disciplines such as sprinting, gymnastics, crossfit, FRC, modern dance and many others. His primary...


173: Dr. Mark Wetzel on Isometrics, Extreme Slows, Breathing and Survival Mechanisms | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Chiropractor and neurology expert, Dr. Mark Wetzel. Dr. Mark is based in Nashville, TN and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Science University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a diverse experience and is an expert in the neurology branch of chiropractic care and sports performance. Last time on the podcast, Dr. Mark went in depth on extreme isometrics, their proper execution, function and physiology (particularly in regards to energy...


172: Fergus Connolly and Cameron Josse on The Process of Winning Ball Games and Integrating The 4 Coactives of Athletic Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Fergus Connolly, renowned expert on team performance success factors and holistic integration and welcomes back coach Cameron Josse, director of sports performance for DeFranco’s Training Systems. When it comes to athletics and sports performance, we tend to start in the world of muscles, forces, tissues and exercise physiology. What isn’t often covered when working with athletes is the multi-factorial considerations that go into actually winning ball games such as...


171: Jay DeMayo, Jeff Moyer, and Michael Zweifel on A Transferrable Agility and Change of Direction Training Roundtable | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode is a special roundtable featuring all previous podcast guests, Jay DeMayo, Jeff Moyer and Michael Zweifel. Jay DeMayo is a long time strength coach at the University of Richmond, working primarily with basketball along with several other sports. He also heads up the Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar and Podcast. Jeff Moyer is the owner at DC Sports Training and is well versed in all things Russian sports performance, and has appeared on this show multiple times, as...


170: Andy Ryland on “Developing Humans First, Athletes Second and Sport Specialists Third” | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Andy Ryland senior manager of education and training at USA Football since 2010. Andy was a former Penn State linebacker and a member of the U.S. Men’s Rugby team and is widely recognized as a foremost expert on developing the fundamentals for successful shoulder tackling. In youth sports and beyond, cultivating skill acquisition, reactive ability and creativity are foundational in allowing athlete’s success. In a current landscape where literally no certification or...


169: Miguel Aragoncillo on Massive Performance Increases Through Skill and S&C Integration | Sponsored by Simplifaster

Today’s episode features Miguel Aragoncillo, strength coach and skill acquisition specialist based out of Boston, MA. Miguel has worked with athletes of all levels, and now specializes in working with baseball pitchers where he is getting serious results through integration of skill and motor learning tools. Miguel has a significant background in PRI and worked as an assistant in multiple courses. He also has a unique athletic backstory, as he was a break-dancer before moving into a coaching...


168: Unilateral and Bilateral Training: Periodization, Neurology and Integration Roundtable with Cal Dietz, Cameron Josse and Chad Dennis | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features an expert roundtable on an integrative view of single and double leg (unilateral and bilateral) training. Experts include Cal Dietz, author of Triphasic Training and University of Minnesota strength coach, Cameron Josse, director of sports performance at DeFranco’s gym (co-author of “The Process”), and Chad Dennis, veteran NCAA and professional level strength coach who is now director of performance for the XFL Seattle Dragons. Single and double leg training is hotly...


167: Doug Kechijian: Navigating the Grey Areas of Anti-Rotation Training, Self-Organization, Internal Cueing, and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Doug Kechijian, therapist, coach and owner of Resilient Performance Systems. Resilient’s clientele includes athletes and operators from a variety of professional and collegiate sports, as well as, federal law enforcement tactical teams, military special operations forces, and those with a history of persistent pain and extensive surgical backgrounds Before beginning his sports medicine practice, Doug was a Pararescueman in the U.S. Air force where he deployed...


166: Greg Potter: The Effects and Application of Circadian Rhythm on Nutrition, Workout, and Sleep Enhancement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Greg Potter. Greg is a former sprint coach (he has written some fantastic Q and A pieces for Just Fly Sports in the past regarding all things sprint training) who is now a Ph.D and expert on Circadian Rhythms and their impact on our health and well-being. Greg is the former content director at HumanOS.me and now works as the chief scientific officer of a health-tech startup. Greg’s work at the University of Leeds on sleep, diet, and metabolic health was featured by...


165: Jeremy Frisch and Dr. Tommy John on High Performance Movement Training and Sport Coaching Integration | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features founder of Achieve Performance, Jeremy Frisch, and guest co-host, Dr. Tommy John. Both of these individuals are making a big difference in not only the world of youth sports, but also in teaching the importance of global human movement skills, as well as in bringing the importance of movement as a necessary and healing force to the general population. Jeremy Frisch has been a past guest on episodes 100 and 134, and Dr. Tommy John has been a guest on 101 and 139....


164: Kevin Foster on Training the Feet, Spine, and Hips for Elastic Power | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features javelin coach and athlete Kevin Foster. Kevin is a former Division I javelin thrower for the University of Connecticut. He is currently training to compete post-collegiately as an athlete for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the javelin event. Kevin works as a private trainer and consultant, specializing in javelin. A young coaching prodigy, Kevin is one of the brightest and holistic young minds in the field. He has been a prolific writer for Just Fly Sports in the last...


163: Dr. Ben House: Training Physiology, Facts and Fallacies | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Dr. Ben House. Dr. House has a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, is also a Nutritionist (CN), Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP). Functional Medicine is Ben’s life’s passion. He has studied under some of the best in the world and continues to regularly attend and present at conferences and seminars around the world. As a strength coach, House has worked at both the high school and...


162: Matt Cooper, Nutrition, Stress and Energy Systems | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features nutrition consultant and performance coach, Matt Cooper. Matt is a bright young mind who I’ve had many conversations with in my recent journey of human performance. He was the guest for episode #121 where he talked about many training concepts, including the potential neurological drawbacks of excessive training under heavy barbell loads. Today’s show is a chat about holistic training integration, where Matt covers the elements of stress, recovery, nutrition and...


161: Jake Schuster on Running Performance in Team Sport, Robust Training, and Advancing Force Plate Metrics | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Jake Schuster, sports performance coach, consultant and researcher hailing from Boston, Massachusetts Jake has his MSc from renowned Loughborough University in the UK and completed work towards his doctorate in New Zealand with the national Rugby Sevens teams through the Rio Olympics. He has published in the on both rugby and force velocity profiling and has several ongoing research projects further detailing what exactly it is that makes people fast, and how they...


160: David Grey on The Power of Pronation in Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Today’s episode features Irish biomechanics specialist, David Grey. David is highly integrative, and has been influenced by many of the top minds in the world as he creates solutions to get clients to fix their movement, get out of pain, and in turn run and perform better. I’m not sure what got me turned onto David’s videos on Instagram (where I first found him), but as soon as I started watching them, I instantly realized that something special was happening based on these other guests I’ve...