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Tall tales, good times, adventures, and (of course) bikes with the Kona Bikes family.


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Tall tales, good times, adventures, and (of course) bikes with the Kona Bikes family.






KONA Cog Cast: Aaron Hogg

How the heck do bikes come to look the way they do? Who picks colors and graphics? How do ads get made? Logos? Enter Aaron Hogg, Kona Bikes's Senior Graphic Designer. James & Aaron talk all things design, from inspiration to trends, as well as delve into Aaron's impressive background as a New Zealand indie rock legend, his gradual adoption of mountain biking, and more.


Kona Cog Cast: Kailey Kornhauser

Kailey Kornhauser is a cyclist. It took her a while to realize that, though, just like it took her a while to realize that being a cyclist doesn't mean you have to exist in the accomlishment and competition driven mentality that encompasses so much of bike marketing. A self-described 'fat' person, Kailey turned heads when she made the cover of Bicycling Magazine, and has since devoted much of her time to making the cycling community welcoming to all body types - with a great deal of success.


Kona Cog Cast : Laura Killingbeck

Laura Killingbeck is a lot of things, all of them great. Writer, adventurer, lover of life... But one thing that has fueled the rest, a throughline in her life, has been a passion for cycling. What better way to tackle major life decisions than dropping everyting and departing on a solo bike adventure in Alaska without nary a plan in place? Yep, she did that, and it's not even the tip of the iceberg. Good thing she's such an amazing writer, 'cause she has a never-ending well of epic tales to tell.



Dynamic sibling duo Becky and Ryan Gardner may be absolute shredders on bikes, but they're also hilariously engaging to talk to. We caught up with them during a rare off-bike moment to discuss baking, taping up wounds in the jungle, their favorite bikes, and so much more.


KONA Cog Cast: Kerry Werner

You may know Kerry Werner from his podium-grabbing Cyclocross career, or perhaps his prodigious social media presence. James catches up with him to discuss how COVID has impacted his racing, what it means to be a "professional" cyclist, his favorite bikes, and more.


KONA Cog Cast: Amanda Bryan

Amanda Bryan is a force to be reckoned with. You ever have that friend who's life is just one rolling party, all the time? That's her. Now, I don't mean party in the "grab that keg and lets go!" sense, although that element is there. More that Amanda's lust for life is an all-encompassing force sweeping everyone around her along for the ride of their lives. We discuss how she got into bikes, scary moments traveling alone, COVID coping, dogs, and then she shares the best 'spontaneous solo adventure in a strange land' story I've ever heard.


KONA Cog Cast: Dan Gerhard

COG Cast is back, this time with Kona Bikes co-founder / bike industry veteran / bike brand innovator Dan Gerhard! We talk about the beginning and current direction of Kona, how the bike industry has changed, how mountain biking itself has evolved, and what this legend thinks the future holds. Also, he weighs in on his favorite all time Kona bike, staying alive as an independent brand, and how COVID could is changing how cities around the world view bikes.


KONA Cog Cast: Ian Schmitt

Ian Schmitt is a product manager at Kona, where he's responsible for bikes like the Sutra, Libre, Rove, Process, and more. We talk about what goes into designing new bikes, how Kona approaches design, trend forecasting, the trouble with Big Gravel, and the how each bike model has its own playlist, at least inside Ian's head.


KONA Cog Cast: Chad Cheeney

Kona ambassador Chad Cheeney is a mountain bike coach, racer, and all-around stoked individual based in Durango, CO. Chad and James discuss coaching in the time of COVID, a lifetime of mountain bike obsession, the most important training / riding advice for any cyclist, the dominance of Strava, and that time he led Brandon Semenuk around on a single speed.


KONA Cog Cast: Brooklyn Bell

You've probably heard the name Brooklyn Bell a lot lately. Her Patagonia film, Becoming Ruby, dropped a couple weeks back, and she's since been making the Internet rounds talking bikes, skiing, inclusion, art, and more ever since. We touch on all these things, as well as delving into where she draws her boundless creativity from, dealing with anxiety and imposter syndrome, and how she hopes to inspire change in the outdoor world and beyond.


KONA Cog Cast: Cory Wallace

Three time 24 Hour Solo World Champion Cory Wallace has been stuck in Nepal since the COVID lockdown. Cory and James discuss what he's been up to, what his plans are, world travel mishaps, his ideal bike, giving back to the bike community, and why he cares so much about getting good sleep.


KONA Cog Cast: Gretchen Leggitt

“I felt my walls closing in until I discovered bicycles. I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive, however, I figured out how I could strap my crutches onto my bicycle and ride… My bike became my emblem of freedom.” Gretchen Leggitt found her passion for cycling after a freak high school accident, and has since ridden across multiple continents. She's also an accomplished artist, with the bragging rights of having done the largest mural in Washington State. We talk bikes, creativity, rock climbing, chasing your passion, and what you learn when you take your significant other on a grueling bike packing journey.


KONA Cog Cast: Miranda Miller

Welcome to Kona Bikes' COG CAST! This week's guest is enduro racer, 2017 UCI downhill world champion, and, amongst many other things, hilarious and creative Canadian Miranda Miller. Miranda discusses (not) racing in the time of COVID, her aspirations in the kitchen, assembling a jailyard gym, social media, staying sane in a crazy world, and more.