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From the high school hallways of San Jose, to NFL locker rooms and TV studios, Fallon Smith and James Jones have been Keeping It 300 since day one. Now, the two childhood friends are joining forces in a podcast about sports, the Bay Area and really wherever the conversation takes them.

From the high school hallways of San Jose, to NFL locker rooms and TV studios, Fallon Smith and James Jones have been Keeping It 300 since day one. Now, the two childhood friends are joining forces in a podcast about sports, the Bay Area and really wherever the conversation takes them.
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From the high school hallways of San Jose, to NFL locker rooms and TV studios, Fallon Smith and James Jones have been Keeping It 300 since day one. Now, the two childhood friends are joining forces in a podcast about sports, the Bay Area and really wherever the conversation takes them.






Episode 26: Schedules & Pay Day

The NFL released it’s 2019 schedule on Wednesday, so what games do Fallon and James have circled on their calendars and what does the schedule say about the schedule makers? Speaking of the schedule makers, what were they thinking when they put together the Raiders schedule? Fallon and James discuss the brutal task that lies ahead for the Raiders with one of the worst schedules in franchise history. Plus, The Raiders will take on Khalil Mack and the Bears on October 6th in London. Fallon...


Episode 25: Can't We All Just Get Along?

On this week’s episode of Keeping it 300, Fallon and James discuss the social media beef between Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Who’s in the wrong? How do the Raiders feel about this? The two also discuss the much talked about Bleacher Report article regarding the fall out between Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, and the Packers. James spent 8 seasons in Green Bay, so he reveals whether or not the article holds any water. Plus, James had lunch with Aaron Rodgers this week in Arizona,...


Episode 24: Carr & Company

On this week’s episode of Keeping it 300, Fallon & James react to the collapse of the AAF. Plus, which Raiders receiver will challenge AB this season? Is it the newest Raider? The two discuss the Raiders signing WR Ryan Grant. Having trained with him in the past, James has high praise for Grant. Find out which super bowl champion receiver James compares him to. Raider Nation hears from QB Derek Carr for the first time this offseason & he tells the fans what he learned his rookie year from...


Episode 23: Quinoa vs Rice

On this week’s episode of Keeping it 300, find out why Jordy Nelson wanted James Jones to break the news of his retirement. James goes down memory lane and shares an untold story of a time he visited Jordy in his hometown of Riley, Kansas and how they avoided a career ending accident on a 4 wheeler. Plus, James describes the close bond between himself, Jordy, and Aaron Rodgers. Also, why is Antonio Brown working out with Bill Romanowski? Fallon and James weigh in on the unlikely pairing and...


Episode 22: A Burfict Fit

On this week’s episode of Keeping it 300, Fallon and James break down the Vontaze Burfict signing. Why he’s the perfect fit in Oakland despite his controversial past and well known beef with Antonio Brown. Also, James details taking illegal hits from Burfict in the past. The two also discuss the Raiders decision to cut Jordy Nelson. Why they didn’t like the move, why Fallon blames James, and find out what Jordy told James when they spoke after he was released. Plus, former Packers WR...


Episode 21: All About Antonio Brown

Fallon and James breakdown the Raiders big trade for 7-time pro bowler Antonio Brown. Do they like this acquisition? How in the world did the Raiders pull this off? What are they really getting with AB? What does he bring to the offense? What does he bring to the locker room? Will it work with Derek Carr? Will it work with Jon Gruden? What message did Mike Mayock and Gruden send with this move? Who do they go after next? That and much more on this week’s episode of Keeping it 300!


Episode 20: Breaking Barriers & Breaking the Law

Fallon and James discuss his AAF broadcasting debut this weekend. They dive into Toni Harris breaking gender barriers after the Detroit native became the first ever female at a skill-position to receive a scholarship to play college football. Do they believe women can play with men? What are the challenges? Is it possible that we will see women play in the NFL one day? Plus, they react to Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s run in with the law. What should Roger Goodell do? And what the bigger...


Episode 19: Love & Football

Fallon and James discuss what they did for Valentine’s Day this year and find out which one of them despises the holiday and why. Plus, after a successful debut for The AAF, discuss whether or not they believe this league be around for many years or will it fold like many in the past? Also, which AAF rules should the NFL adopt? Also, should Colin Kaepernick play?


Episode 18: KD vs The Media & More

After a week off Fallon and James are back to Keeping it 300. This week they dive into Kevin Durant’s blow up with the media, who’s side are they on and why? With the 2019 NBA All-Star rosters set, they break down Team Lebron and Team Giannis, who has the edge? Plus, find out which NFL starting five James thinks could take the Warriors the distance and why he was left off Derek Carr’s roster. They also discuss the Raiders latest stadium woes and where they believe the Raiders should play...


Episode 17: Josiah Johnson

Fallon Smith is joined this week by former UCLA hooper, co-creator of Comedy Central’s Legends of Chamberlain Heights, and supervising producer of The Mostly Football Show for Yahoo Sports, Josiah Johnson. Josiah discusses what it takes to be a successful content creator, how his mic’d up videos became viral, how he is able to use his platform to raise awareness for important social issues while also providing comic relief, and will ever see Legends of Chamberlain Heights back on the...


Episode 16: Pump The Breaks

James Jones was under the weather this week so Fallon Smith hit the mic solo for this one. She gives her thoughts on the ridiculous 3 point records that were shattered in the NBA Wednesday night. She discusses DeMarcus Cousin’s return, and why she wasn’t a fan of Draymond Green’s “All hell about to break loose” comment regarding Boogie’s return. Fallon also tells you who she “wants” to win the AFC and NFC Title games this weekend, and why. Also, find out how Fallon ended up in a ditch during...


Episode 15: Greg Papa

Fallon and James Keep it 300 with the new voice of the 49ers, Greg Papa. After over two decades as the voice of the Silver and Black, they discuss his transition to the Red & Gold. He's made “Touchdown RRRRaaaiiderrrssss!” legendary with the Silver and Black, what should we expect his 49ers touchdown call to be like? Fallon and Papa were desk mates at NBC Sports Bay Area, and they share some funny stories about one another. Papa is the only broadcaster in bay area history to do play-by-play...


Episode 14: What Really Went Down With Antonio Brown

On this week’s episode of Keeping it 300, Fallon and James discuss the drama in Pittsburgh. James spoke to some Steelers players and he dishes the tea on what really went down between Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger that led to AB reportedly requesting a trade and not playing in Week 17. Is their relationship repairable? Should the 49ers and Raiders make a move for him? Plus, Fallon and James give their thoughts on the Raiders hiring Mike Mayock as their new General Manager, and what...


Episode 13: Married to a Raiders Fan

Fallon is joined by her brother in law, Jason Gruwell, who’s a self proclaimed podcast expert, sports fanatic, Denver native living in the Bay Area, and a life-long Broncos fan who married into a Raiders family. They discuss how Raiders and Broncos fans can coexist. How he respects Raider Nation. What it’s like being a part of Fallon’s big, crazy, loving Mexican family? Their unique way of celebrating Christmas (cheering & chanting is involved). Why her Grams is “the Godfather”. Why her mom...


Episode 12: Bed Sheets or Bath Towel?

Fallon and James discuss thoughts on the MNF crew - why they are telling the critics to pump the breaks - but why ESPN execs should have seen this coming. What active NFL player do they believe would be a star in the booth (next Tony Romo)? No plug no love? - James Jones drops the ball on “the Herd” (Colin Cowherd show). They also discuss Pro Bowl Snubs and how JJ changed the voting process after he was snubbed in 2012, well, sorta. Then comes their views on Christmas. For James, who grew up...


Episode 11: Maurice Jones-Drew

Fallon and James are joined by longtime NFL running back and NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew to discuss Reggie McKenzie's firing in Oakland. Other topics discussed include MJD's life after football, why Amari Cooper didn't work out in Oakland but is ballin' in Dallas, MJD's perspective now being a member of the media and find out what big-name players have called MJD and James for comments they've made on air. Listen to more podcasts like this:


Episode 10:'s Dave Dameshek

Fallon and James Keep It 300 with Dave Dameshek: James is a bad coworker (doesn't know Dave's last name), we play "this or that," The GOAT debate, Steelers-Raiders, thoughts on Jon Gruden from a national perspective and Dave offers podcast advice for us Listen to more podcasts like this:


Episode 9: Hotel Boujee

Fallon and James chat about their Thanksgiving, Reuben Foster's release, the fall of the Green Bay Packers, why Mark Davis should give James Jones season tickets for life, Hue Jackson STILL taking L's and Hotel Punishment (or Hotel Boujee) Listen to more podcasts like this:


Episode 8: Shoot Your Shot

Fallon and James put the Jordy retiring rumors to rest, they react to Mark Davis comments, Jared Goff shooting his shot with Halle Berry, who they would shoot their shot for, Fallon reveals how she met her husband (she slid into his DMs). The two also react to Draymond Green Suspension and tell other basketball stories. Listen to more podcasts like this:


Episode 7: Around The NFL feat. Raider Bandido

Fallon and James react to Bruce Irvin's departure from Oakland, Dez Bryant signing with the Saints, Amari Cooper's first game in Dallas, Jack Del Rio trolling on Twitter. Special guest Raider Bandido joins the pod Listen to more podcasts like this at