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”Kevin Kietzman Has Issues” is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you’re exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!


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”Kevin Kietzman Has Issues” is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you’re exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!








Kelce Reveals Motivation and Calls Himself ”Idiot,” Chiefs Favored as Mahomes Practices, Big 12 v SEC, Golf Fight Better than Golf

It can't make Andy Reid very happy but Travis Kelce has pretty much spilled the beans this week on his podcast and gave us all a peek inside the meeting rooms at Arrowhead. On the same podcast, Kelce called himself "an idiot" for tossing a football into the stands against the Jags last week. This is a good story, you'll want to hear why. As more video shows Patrick Mahomes practicing Thursday, the Chiefs are favored to win again. The Vegas line moved 5.5 points away from KC and has now...


Rand Paul is Man w/Plan, Socials Welcome Trump, Mahomes Full Go, Kauffman Stadium has Cancer

There's a lot of screaming about the nation's debt ceiling and all this debt seems so complicated to most Americans. So leave it to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to simplify this with a plan that sounds just perfect. We have the details. Twitter and Facebook are welcoming back Donald Trump and it has people on the left freaking out. This is so backwards... the big question is how in the world was he ever booted off as a sitting president? Patrick Mahomes is a full participant at practice as...


Don’t Buy Bengals Hype, Discount Ticket Deal for You, Mizzou’s Record Night, Hawley’s Bill is Perfect, KC Firm Gets $62m for KCI Dirty Dealings

All you're hearing is the Chiefs have no chance and Patrick Mahomes may not even play. Hey, maybe there's something out there unreported, but if not, don't buy all this hype. KKHI is so thrilled to welcome new partner and they are offering an incredible deal this championship week, only for those using promo code KKHI. This big money saver is not available anywhere else. K-State was resilient but falls just short in Ames while Mizzou puts on a record shooting night...


Biden’s a Serial Thief, Comms Lose Control, Black Voter Shock Poll, Mahomes Ankle History, KU Better in Loss

We now know Joe Biden stole classified documents over 15 years ago when he was a Senator as this story gets worse and worse. Our president is a serial classified doc thief... and he hammered Trump for it with a straight face. Biden's communications team wouldn't get passing grades at a Community College right now they are so inept. My god this is fun to watch them squirm. A shock poll in Georgia is revealing about suppressing the Black vote in the Peach state. If you only hear one thing...


Football Feast: Burrow a ”Killer”, Mahomes on the Mend, Chiefs’ Era in Jeopardy, KU at Baylor, Biden Bashed by Left

The Football Feast is serving up a couple NFL title game previews as Stan Weber tells us Joe Burrow is a "killer" coming to Arrowhead. But his core thoughts on this game may surprise you as he thinks Mahomes' ankle injury is a good thing this week... and explains why. You gotta hear this. This is AFC Championship game number 5 in a row at Arrowhead and if the Chiefs don't win, there's a special place in history for such futility. As hard as it is to say, losing this game will likely mark...


Mahomes Gritty in Win, Defense Takes Charge, KU Ends Bad Week, Cats in First, Mizzou Falls to Bama

Patrick Mahomes was tough as nails after he gets hurt Saturday at Arrowhead in a 27-20 win over the Jags, but he wasn't the whole story. Everyone stepped up from backup Chad Henne to the Chiefs defense that took charge as their quarterback was limping. KU gets thumped by TCU to end a very Un-KU like week. We'll break down what's wrong. K-state wins again and takes over sole possession of first place... it just keeps getting better and better for the Cats. And Mizzou is just overmatched...


Chiefs Keys v Jax, Jags May Change Defense, Nurses for Mahomes, Biden ”No Regrets”, Baldwin in Real Trouble

There are a couple huge keys for the Chiefs against the Jags on Saturday that will make the difference between a double digit win or an all out dogfight. Will the Jags throw the Chiefs a curve and totally change their defense? I've got a comparison to what Tampa did to KC in that Super Bowl loss that the Chiefs should be prepping for. Who knew health care workers everywhere are wearing Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce scrubs at work? It's true. They are licensed by the NFL and you can take...


Debt Can Be Fixed, Joco Commish Censors Residents, OR/Idaho Merger, Mizzou’s Big Comeback, Jags QB’s Baller Breakfast, Special Teams in Focus

DC is fighting over how to raise our debt limit and my question is... why raise it at all? You've spent too much... make some cuts. New Johnson County commissioner, liberal Mike Kelly, didn't take long to declare himself King. His first move? Censoring his residents from being heard at public meetings. You gotta hear this. 15 Counties in Oregon say they want to join Idaho and this time it's not as far fetched as it sounds. I'll share with you a plan to do this all over the country to make...


Jerome Tangos on the Table, Self Upset with Self, KU ”injuries” Beneath Them, Chiefs Record Setting O, DOJ Inconsistent w/Biden Docs

It was an instant classic as K-State beats KU 83-82 in a crazy game in Manhattan that culminated with Jerome Tang doing the Tango on a table courtside. There's a lot to digest here and not all of it was pretty. Bill Self is upset with a couple moves he made in this game but it's just amazing how hard it is to beat his teams. KU could have folded in this game a couple times and then almost won with three starters fouled out. Amazing. The worst part of the game? I thought KU's "injuries"...


Football Feast: Chiefs host Jax, Bengals/Bills Part 2, Cowboys Roll, Brady’s Dilemma, KU/KSU Preview

It's all here on the Feast as it's playoff week in Kansas City. The Chiefs host an increasingly dangerous Jacksonville team that's playing much better than when the Chiefs beat them 27-17 earlier this year. Stan Weber joins us and may surprise you when you find out if he's rooting for the Bills or the Bengals. He says it isn't close if you're a Chiefs fan, you want this team to win. The Cowboys look great, Brady looks awful and now has to decide whether to keep playing. And Stan previews...


MLK Didn’t Trust Dems, Biden Follies Continue, Chiefs Host Jags, NFL Playoffs Deliver

It's MLK day and a good time to visit history with facts including Dr. King's meetings with Republicans in the 1950's to work to overcome Democrats that were fighting against civil rights. More documents have been found at Joe Biden's home in Delaware as he just gets deeper and deeper into a scandal that at best shows just how sloppy and incompetent he is. Why are we trusting his people to do the right thing here? The Chiefs are set to host Jacksonville Saturday afternoon.... you couldn't...


Dems Coming for Joe, Tesla Slashes Prices, Julia Roberts Loses Her Family, Big Hoops Preview, Playoff Talk w/Pete Mundo

All of the sudden out of nowhere, there are holes everywhere in Joe Biden. Holes Dems are releasing and exploiting as it looks like they are done with The Big Guy. This is so fun to watch. Tesla just cut prices by 20 percent to convince more people around the world to get out of their gas cars. Is that really what this is? Award winning actress Julia Roberts lost her family and her name. It's not as tragic as it sounds but you'll want to hear this. Kansas, KSU and Mizzou all have really...


Biden Inc. Unraveling, Newsome Benefits, Mizzou Falls Flat, Neutral Site Fave, Farmageddon QB’s in Playoffs

It's getting ugly for Joe Biden as secret docs, emails and dealings to get get rich after he finished his Vice Presidency are pushed to the front of the news almost everywhere. You know California governor Gavin Newsome loves all this... it's seems impossible he's going to be a team player and just let Biden run alone in 2024. The Missouri Tigers didn't play any kind of a make or break game at A&M Wednesday night, but the results were a bummer for sure. We break down what this game means...


Unprecedent Biden, IRS Battle Begins, Drought and Flood in Same Place, KU Storms Back, Tang Does Pushups

Every day it's another unprecedented story with the Biden administration in charge. This time, our airports are shut down because of government mishaps that Biden and his people were blasting Southwest Airlines for just a couple weeks ago. You can't make this up. The IRS battle is on after the House passed an incredible bill. Already, Dems are backtracking saying they have no plans to hire 87,000 new agents after that huge, bloated stimulus bill was passed last year. I'll clarify and clean...


Biden Stole Docs Too, House Has Epic Day One, UGA’s Historic Title, Grandpa Mahomes,

Surely this is the one time American voters can finally see the double standard in America as it's learned Joe Biden took classified documents out of the White House after he was VP and had no authority to declassify. What a bone headed move. The House had a huge day one that cancels 87,000 new IRS agents, requires 60% of members to vote yes for any tax increases and enters a rule that any legislation introduced is simple one subject. And some big name Dems get the boot from committees....


Football Feast: Chiefs Spin into Bye Week, Super Wildcard Matchups, CFP Title Preview, KU/KSU/MU Hoops Rolling

The Chiefs appeared to just toy with the Raiders whipping Vegas 31-13 on Saturday and there are great signs everywhere. No real mistakes, an efficient offense and a pass rush that racked up 6 sacks. KC even pulled out a play called Snow Globe as they spin their way to one seed and a week off. The Super Wildcard matchups are set... six stand alone games this Saturday through Monday night. Stan Weber is here to go over it all... and he previews the CFP Title game between Georgia and...


Playoff Format is Fine, Chiefs v Raiders for One Seed, UT Coach Canned, Point Spread Picks

It's impossible to complain about the AFC playoff format no matter how the owners vote Friday. It seems clear, the Chiefs will play the Raiders for the right to be the #1 seed in the AFC... but may have to play the AFC Championship game at a neutral site if it works out KC gets there. But you can't be one of these people that didn't want the Bills-Bengals game to be played Tuesday or Wednesday this past week and now complain about what's going on. To be clear. The Bills and Bengals wanted...


NFL Resets, McCarthy Blinks, Trees Prevent Murder, MU Falls Short, Mo Spx Betting Soon, Chiefs Big Game

With Bills safety Damar Hamlin improving daily, the NFL is set to reset its season. In DC, swamp creatures have freaked out this week as the GOP is having a hard time electing a speaker. But it may be close to happening as Kevin McCarthy blinks and is giving in to conservatives to get their votes. You won't believe Kansas City's new plan to bring murder rates down, it's downright scary people think like this. Mizzou looked great at Arkansas before it fell apart losing 74-68. This loss is...


Report: Hamlin Doing Better, GOP Speaker Battle is Fun, KSU Hoops is National Story, Skip Bayless Spoke Truth

According to the uncle of Bills Safety Damar Hamlin, his nephew's condition is improving. Now it seems its ok to talk football again and try to figure out what's going on with the rest of the season. The battle on the floor of the House was just fantastic Tuesday despite all the media outlets reporting this is embarrassing. It will be embarrassing if it lasts into next week... but this is how democracy works. I'm happy the conservatives, like Chip Roy, that I like are stepping up and making...


Hamlin Injury Frightening, Media Reax Predictable, Other Stories Ignored

Our eyes don't lie to us and that's why so many were in shock after Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in Cincinnati Monday night. The Bills confirm the blunt force to his chest put Hamlin into cardiac arrest and at the time of this podcast, it looks as if Hamlin received the best, immediate help you can get and could be ok. We'll discuss what the doctors call this and why it's so rare. We all became news junkies Monday night flipping between our phones and tv channels to gain...