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”Kevin Kietzman Has Issues” is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you’re exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!


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”Kevin Kietzman Has Issues” is filled with sports and political commentary hosted by the award winning and nationally acclaimed talk show host for which the show is named. Kevin regularly has guests that include athletes, politicians, broadcasters and more. If you’re exhausted by group think , corporate speech and political correctness ... bang the play button for a pick me up!








It's Never One Bad Decision, Natl Retro Day, Listener Party Planned, Chiefs Stadium Plans, Tang Slaps Fans Again, McCullar Injury Lingers, Epic Western Drama

I'm sick of hearing people defend criminals by saying one bad decision should not ruin their life. It's never one bad decision. By the time somebody fires shots or bashes a skull, they've made all kinds of bad decisions to get to that point. It's National Retro Day and at the risk of being a total sexist, I've got a doozy for you. We are planning a listener party for the Royals season opener March 28 and you can join us for an event that you will truly enjoy around like minded people. The Chiefs are revealing some stadium renovation plans Wednesday, KSU coach Jerome Tang blows and epic lead and then has harsh words for his fans, Kevin McCullar is out versus BYU and Kevin Costner is releasing an epic western saga in theaters this summer.


Campus Murder Avoidable, Trump Courts Black Vote, Conservative Comedian is Back, KU Flipping Switch, Fantasy Football Punishment, Chiefs Party in Vegas

Another avoidable crime is creating outrage in America as an illegal alien is charged with murdering a college girl on a jog in Athens, Georgia. On top of this disgusting crime we learn that this thug was arrested in New York City in September.... and released. Several media reports do not include his illegal status and criminal past in a coverup of the real problem. It's so dishonest. Trump rolls through South Carolina easily winning Saturday's primary that was largely a campaign to court black voters. Trump's got a simple message in one short quote. We'll share it with you. Conservative comedian Shane Gillis was fired from Saturday Night Live in 2019 and cancel culture left him for dead. Trouble is.... he's funny and popular and, well, SNL asked him to be the host. Now that's progress. KU seems to be flipping a switch as we switch the calendar this week to March. A fantasy football loser takes his punishment for finishing last, one waffle at a time and Mahomes and Kelce and company are partying it up in Vegas.


Chiefs Punter Wins for Men, Bauer to Royals Next?, KU Recharged for Run, MLB Uniforms Disaster, CBS Reporter Targeted, Teamsters for Trump, DC Moms Blow Money

The Chiefs signing of punter Matt Araiza is not just some roster move, it's a win for men all over America after Araiza nearly had his life destroyed by a false claim and lawsuit from a money hungry woman. Of course he's innocent, no charges were ever recommended and she dropped her civil suit. So why isn't there a law that could charge the woman after all this? At the same time, stud starting pitcher Trevor Bauer is still a free agent after a woman conspired to steal from him and then make up stories to extort him. Have the Chiefs shown the Royals the way? KU has had a week of rest and are clearly working every day toward March Madness and not a Big 12 run. MLB has new uniforms and they are a disaster and you can literally see through the pants. CBS fires a reporter and seizes her computers and phone, the Teamsters announce they are fully behind Trump and the DC hands on big money to single moms and you won't believe how they spent it. Actually, yes you will.


QT Patch Goes Viral, Shooter's GoFundMe Fail, 2nd Biden Dog Booted, Fani Judge is Donor, Soccer Parking Outrage, Hosmer Retires

It's probably a good sign that the Royals putting a QT patch on their uniforms this year created such a buzz Wednesday, one week after a gang style shootout at the Chiefs celebration put our city on edge. Meanwhile, the mom of the thug that started the shoutout starts a GoFundMe page and it doesn't go over very well. Joe Biden ships out the second dog of his presidency as it's obvious he's unfit to own a pet. Uncontrolled dogs are a real problem and I'll share a hard story to tell about our friends who just lost their beloved friend. The judge deciding whether Fani Willis can go on with her case against Trump used to work under Fani and donated to here campaign. A gravel lot by the river is now the second most expensive place to park in KC.... for Women's Soccer. Wow. I'll share a great college basketball metric that KU is about to show a middle finger to and Eric Hosmer retires rich after 13 years but unfulfilled after leaving KC.


No Gangs in KC: Group 1 v Group 2, Parson Has Answer, Kansas Botches Tax, R's Ballpark Opposition, Andy-Kelce Brawl Censored, CFP Sets Playoff

I'm sleeping so much better now that I know there is no gang violence problem in KCMO, it's only group violence. It was Group 1 versus Group 2 in a shootout at Union Station and the prosecutor won't give ANY details about either group and she certainly won't say the groups were gangs. Can you imagine living such a dishonest life as the people that keep information from you? Missouri Governor Mike Parson has the only solution short of better parenting, which is impossible to enforce. Kansas Republicans have defectors as they attempted to override the liberal governor's veto of lower taxes for all. How did they fall 3 votes shy? A group against the new 3/8 cent sales tax in Jackson County has formed to stop the new stadium downtown. They make some excellent points and I will tell you how I'd vote if the election were today. The Kelce attack on Andy Reid during the Super Bowl is surrounded in controversy as NFL Films has cut the audio out of the incident. Conspiracy theorists are going wild. Mizzou loses again, the College Football Playoff has a new format and a former NFL player hits it big in Vegas betting on hoops.


Patron's Podcast for All: Jackson County Murder Charges for Parade Shooters

I hope the Patrons don't mind as I've decided to share Tuesday's Patron's Podcast with everyone. We'd love to have some new patrons by taking 5 minutes at and clicking on Become a Patron. The patron podcasts are different every time. Some are breaking news like this one, some are all sports and some are just lighthearted fun. They're all commercial free and the are posted later in the day after big sports trades or breaking news. On this episode, we fill you in on everything you need to know about the shooters at the Chiefs rally that have been arrested on felony murder charges.


Mayor Q Climbs Ladder in Shooting Spotlight, Royals Owner Works Crossroads, Mizzou AD Bolts Suddenly, KU Buys Time,

As KCMO and Jackson County continue to drag their feet in even coming close to providing transparency about the shootings at the Chiefs rally last week, Quentin Lucas somehow comes out the hero. By stonewalling, playing the race card, protecting the shooters and becoming a national story, imagine how his stock is going up with all the power brokers of the Democrat machine. He is exactly what they want every Dem leader to be, and, still in his 30's, he's doing everything right to get a shot at the top. It's a sober reminder that tragedies are good business for politicians in both parties. Royals owner John Sherman admits his decision to try to build a ballpark in the Crossroads district was a shock to people in the Crossroads and now says he's working hard to build bridges with people that are going to be kicked out of the area. Mizzou shockingly lost popular AD Desiree Reed-Francois Monday as she's bolting for a department in shambles at her law school alma mater, Arizona. There's likely a pretty good reason why she left and a handful of minor reasons. We'll share them with you. K-State gets a player kicked out in a loss at Texas as their 4-1 Big 12 start is a distant memory and they are circling the drain. KU gets a full week off to get healthy and continue fixing what's ailed them even as they are listed as a number 2 seed. And our Final Final is a Hollywood love trio making a movie.


Mayor Q Invokes Race Card, More Questions than Answers, Vax Death Stats Released, KU Turns it On, Royal Recruits Royal, Happy Couple Wins

The gang style shootout at Union Station still has more questions than answers. How many "victims" aren't innocent is at the top of my list? How many gang members were there? How many shooters got away? Who is the killer? Do you have any leads on who fired the deadly shot? But hey, who cares, really? The governor referred to the shooters as "thugs" and that left the door open to complete change the story and make it about racism. Mayor Q stepped up and delivered like Patrick Mahomes on a game winning drive. So predictable. The first year of Covid "vaccine" death stats are alarming... wait until you hear the numbers versus every other vax available today. KU turns it on in the second half at OU and many think they turned the corner. Hunter Dickinson was unstoppable and the Jayhawks are still projected as a two seed in the tourney. We'll break it all down. Royals reliever Will Smith recruited Seth Lugo to sign with KC and the back story of how this happened will bring a smile to your face. And Taylor and Travis win big individual awards Sunday night... its actually kind of funny.


Gang Violence & Downtown Ballpark, Leaders Can't Say Truth, Fani Willis Case Falls Apart, Self Gets Defensive, Caitlin Clark's Bogus Record

When you have a mayor and police chief that can't say the word "gang" at a news conference and shut down reporters who ask about it, you have no chance fixing our city's real problem. That shooting Wednesday WAS what KC is. There just happened to be hundreds of thousands of people around. It happened at Crown Center a few weeks ago, heck, there was another shooting during the parade a few blocks away that nobody is talking about. Now, my inbox if filled with people that think a downtown ballpark is the worst idea they've ever heard. Will that stick or will it fade? More importantly, why can't we get serious about a criminal behavior crackdown on gang members running around with illegal guns? In Georgia, Fani Willis and her case against Donald Trump turns into a Saturday Night Live sketch. In sports, KU coach Bill Self spent the week coaching defense, defense, defense with his road struggling Jayhawks. They expect a full roster of players as they visit Norman, Ok Saturday. Iowa star Caitlin Clark set a bogus record Thursday night but only needs a couple more games to get the legitimate scoring record and Tiger Woods is a shankapotomous.


What We Saw: Parade Shooting Reflects Our Crumbling Society

The shooting at the Chiefs parade rally was right in front of us and I'll detail for you exactly what we saw and experienced. Law enforcement were brilliant and two men and one woman were absolute heroes tackling and holding one of the alleged shooters. While we don't yet know exactly what happened, we are certain, and could see it all day, that our society is crumbling. Somehow we seem ok to accept so many things that no moral and just society would allow.


Parade Miracle in KC, Royals Park Looks Sharp, SB Post Scripts, Mayorkas Impeached, Biden Declines War End, CBS Layoffs

It's a miracle we can pull off a parade in this city. When the City Manager told government funded radio that he pretty much told Tay Tay not to come to the parade, Mayor Q apparently reacted Swift-ly saying that's not true as KC is so inclusive. At the same time, the Star runs a story with the CEO of the charity putting on the parade telling us we can't bring beer because it's against the law. I'm sorry, exactly who is in charge in this town? Elected officials? Police? The dude in the yellow vest? It's a good thing the football team is better than KCMO. The poor Royals had their big moment to show everyone their final/final/final/final decision on where they say they will build a ballpark and it got a little buried with all the other stuff going on. The stadium has no view of downtown and what looks like a really small "entertainment" area but there's still a lot to like here. I'm on board with the idea... I'm not on board completely until somebody explains the $2 billion needed to build. We have a couple awesome Super Bowl post scripts featuring Patrick Mahomes and Nick Allegreti. In the news, Mayorkas is impeachd, Joe Biden turns down a cease fire with Russia, Joy Behar says Trump will draft 13 year olds to fight in Europe and CBS News cuts 20% of its workforce.


SB 58 Sets Ratings Record, Andy's Quote of Year, LB Was Top Player, Royals go Downtown, KU Bombed, Biden to Doctor, Flowers Hurt Environment

123.4 million people watched the Chiefs beat the 49ers and we're betting that overnight number will be adjusted higher. It's a new record for Americans watching anything. In the aftermath, Andy Reid delivered the quote of the year... it's going to make you chuckle. The Chiefs top rated player in the game was a linebacker that was part of the incredible draft class a couple years ago that has led to a complete makeover of this team. Incredible. The Royals are set to announce plans for a new downtown ballpark in the Crossroads District. I like the site and only have one question. But it's a big one. KU gets bombed in Lubbock Monday night as Bill Self gets kicked out of the game. There are two things that are really, really different about KU this year and I will share those with you. Joe Biden is going to the doctor so they can put out a report telling us he's ok. This after a new poll shows 86 percent of American say Biden is too old to run. Trump has his pick for Chair of the RNC and plans to attend a Fani Willis hearing in Atlanta Thursday. I can't wait. And environmentalists are telling us not to buy flowers for Valentines Day because flowers are bad for the environment. I'm buying twice as many!


Super Bowl Champs: Mahomes Magic is Greatest Show on Earth

We often say we're not sure what we just saw but it really applies to Super Bowl win number 3 for Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs Dynasty Era. Millions of people and most of the players on the field didn't know the overtime rules as the clock was running out and Mahomes was tossing the ball to Mecole Hardman to win the game. It was drama times ten in a game dominated for 3 quarters by the defenses. Then, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan must have thought he was in the regular season by taking the ball after winning the coin toss... handing Mahomes all the fourth downs he may need to kick the Niners tail. And that, he did. What a win, what a moment, let's have a parade. Stan Weber is here to break down the closest of matchups that in the end swung red because of one player.


Please Don't Go Joe, Supremes Siding w/Trump, Tucker/Putin to Back Burner, Super Bowl Props and Fun w/ Lee Sterling

Please don't go, Joe. Please... just stay in the race until November! America needs you to hang in there, stumble, bumble get angry and confuse world leaders. Please scare us all and botch the border and don't worry about inflation until you're retired. Please Joe, we're ok with a "well intentioned elderly man with poor memory." What an historic day in America as we are watching a presidency crumble in real time. The down side? There's an easy plan for Obama and company to execute in the next few weeks that would almost certainly save the White House for them if they just want to do it. I'll explain. The Supreme Court heard the ridiculous argument from official in Colorado to keep Trump off the ballot and it did not go well for the Dems. This could be headed for a 9-0 decision to KEEP Trump on the ballot. Amazingly, Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin was only the third biggest story of the day... but it's a doozy. And Lee Sterling of joins us with all the fun Super Bowl prop bets including his daughter's money pick on the Star Spangled Banner.


Super Bowl Special: Best Game Preview Anywhere w/Stan Weber

It's a podcast worthy of a Super Bowl champ in a Super Bowl city. Forget all the side shows and hype and celebrities, this is the Football Feast. All the matchups, all the strategy and all the players that will decide who wins Super Bowl 58. Stan Weber is here and we cover every single thing you need to know about the Chiefs matchup with the 49ers. Hang on tight.


Chiefs "Jacked" by Physical Practice, Hunt Talk Andy Future, Coach Goes for 6th Ring, Mega Sports Streaming Merger, RNC Gets New Chair, Cruz Calls for Turtle's Neck

We didn't see this coming and apparently Chiefs players didn't either. According to NFL Network, Chiefs players were "jacked" when Andy told them to grab their pads and hit the practice field for a full contact workout. It's not unprecedented but the message being sent was clear. We'll tell you why Andy did this as it's the biggest key to the game. Clark Hunt appeared on 610 Sports Radio and gave insight into Andy's future as head coach of the Chiefs. Meanwhile, a Chiefs assistant is hoping to win his SIXTH Super Bowl ring. Amazing. ESPN, Fox Sports and Turner Sports announce they are partnering for a new streaming service that will put almost all of your sports in one place. Ronna McDaniel is out as chair of the RNC in 6 weeks, we'll tell you who's replacing her. Ted Cruz wants the Turtle out as leader of Republicans in the Senate and Bud Light's Super Bowl ad is perfect in every way as people are finally starting to accept their apology.


Chiefs vs The World, KCTV Triples Ad Rates, Cats Shock KU, R's Lock up Jr, Biden Sees Dead People, Toby Keith Was Great American

It was the Chiefs versus the world at the opening day media blitz at the Super Bowl. Constant boos, heckling and jeering seemed to get the Chiefs fired up. This is getting fun. In Kansas City, the local CBS station is reportedly charging 3 times as much for a 30 second commercial this week as they do for regular games on CBS. Imagine owning a business where something good like this just falls in your lap. After losing 4 in a row and looking awful doing it, K-State somehow was good enough to beat KU. Maybe the Jayhawks will never win on the road after blowing an 11 point lead against a team that committed 15 mostly unforced turnovers. KSU stays alive while KU lands in unfamiliar 5th place. The Royals lock up Bobby Witt Jr. to a massive long term contract. Joe Biden sees dead people while giving a speech and we remember the great American Patriot Toby Keith who passes at age 62 after a battle with cancer.


Chiefs Arrive for SB, Mahomes' Pop gets Popped, KU Turns the Corner, Tucker in Russia Wild Reax, Anti Biden Rapper Arrest, Billy Joel's Big Return

The Chiefs arrive in Vegas for the Super Bowl with the fresh news the star quarterback's dad got popped for his third DWI and may serve real jail time now. What a first family we have in KC, the news cycle just never ends. The Kansas Jayhawks have officially turned the corner on their season with a beautiful beatdown of the Houston Cougars on Saturday. Johnny Furphy is the fire they were missing as this kid is now an absolute difference maker. Tucker Carlson is reportedly in Russia to interview Putin and it has people on the left in a total panic mode calling Carlson a traitor and saying the US should not allow him back into the country. These are the same people that used to cheer their lackeys for doing interviews like this. A rapper named Killer Mike blasted Joe Biden Friday on Bill Maher's show. Then he scored three Grammy's Sunday night and now more had them in his hands that the cops in the arena grabbed him, cuffed him and hauled him to jail. What's this all about? And after 31 years, Billy Joel has written and recorded his first new song and performed it as the closing act at the Grammy's. We'll share the back story of a young man that talked him out of retirement.


Drugs Killed Chiefs Fans, Gay Porn in Senate Chamber not a Crime, Libs Attack Lib Supreme Justice, Chiefs are KU's Model, Mahomes Hates Working Out

Everyone immediately thought drug overdose with those three Chiefs fans that died in KCMO the day KC played the Chargers. And now we know. And talk about easy information that should have been put out right away... turns out the resident of the house has been cooking up home made drugs for these dudes for years, according to a relative. The Senate aid that filmed gay sex with his partner inside a Senate hearing room is set free with his Dem privilege card. Turns out you can secretly go there, have sex with your boyfriend and distribute it to a gay sex site and it's not a crime. But just walk into the capital on J6 and you're in jail. Wow. Libs are all up the kitchen of lib Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor.... they want her OUT! The Chiefs are KU's role model this year as the Jayhawks approach their biggest game of the year so far, hosting Houston Saturday afternoon. And Patrick Mahomes, after getting exposed this week for his beer gut, dad body, finally admits he hates working out. Also, a Ravens player saves a life on an airplane, Kliff Kingsbury is back coaching and it's groundhog day. Early spring or late?


Another First for Mahomes, Free Money for Parade, Tigers are Disaster, Mexican Prez Even Sees Through Biden, Hawley Shames Zuck, OKC Big Plans

Every day we learn about another record or another first for Patrick Mahomes. As we get ready for Super Bowl 58, the newest stat he owns with a win is perhaps the best of all. Meanwhile, the city and county and lots of others are lining up to throw a $3.5 million parade for the team. I'm all for a parade but why does it cost so much and why is the KC Sports Commission, a charity, in charge of spending our money? Who elected them? Most shocking, the free money last year didn't cover paying the cops and the KCPD was the group that got hit the hardest. So KC. The Missouri Tigers are a hot mess as they go to 0-9 in the SEC. In news, even the president of Mexico says Biden is a fraud trying to pass a bill and cited an election year as the reason. He's a Biden ally and says our prez is lying and won't follow the law if he wins in November. Josh Hawley humiliates Mark Zuckerberg at a Senate hearing, Trump leads in all 7 swing states and Oklahoma City has some big, big plans.