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Coach Jason Koop covers training, nutrition and recent happenings in the ultramarathon world.

Coach Jason Koop covers training, nutrition and recent happenings in the ultramarathon world.


Colorado Springs, CO


Coach Jason Koop covers training, nutrition and recent happenings in the ultramarathon world.








Do Ultramarathons Affect Males and Females Differently? | Koopcast Episode 135

Do ultramarathons affect males and females differently? How does this impact performance and training? This episode of the KoopCast explores that question with Nick Tiller PhD and coach Corrine Malcolm. We use Nick’s recent paper ‘Sex-specific physiologic responses to ultramarathon.’ Nick on Twitter Nick’s website Corrine on Twitter Corrine on Instagram Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible Information on coaching- www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media Twitter/Instagram-...


How to Design Ultramarathon Training Camps with CTS Coaches Ryne Anderson and Cliff Pittman | Koopcast Episode 134

The weekend training camp is an essential element of most ultrarunner’s training programs. Coaches Ryne Anderson, Cliff Pittman, and host Jason Koop discuss how to set up the most effective training camp possible inclusive of goals, volume, and the right timing relative to your race. Ryne Anderson is a CTS Expert coach located in Knoxville, TN. He has been coaching ultrarunners since 2018 and joined CTS in 2021. Ryne has run and coached numerous athletes with limited access to mountains...


Sleep Strategies for Ultramarathon with Borja Martinez Gonzalez | Koopcast Episode 133

Borja Martinez Gonzalez is a Research fellow and Adjunct professor at the University of Bolognia. After graduating in Sport Science and Physical Education at the University of Leon (Spain) in 2013. He subsequently completed an MSc in Sport Science for Optimal Performance from the University of Kent (UK) in 2015. He successfully passed his PhD Viva in 2022 at the same institution. He joined the University of Bologna as Research fellow (2021) and Adjunct professor (2022). His main research...


Hoka NAZ Elite with Ben Rosario | Koopcast Episode 132

Ben Rosario is the Executive director of the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite team. In this episode, we discuss what makes a great elite training team and how culture can help drive performance. NAZ Elite Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible Information on coaching- www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media Twitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop


Sleep Deprivation Training for Ultramarathon with Chiara Gattoni PhD | Koopcast Episode 131

Chiara Gattoni ​​is a researcher and strength and conditioning coach. She holds aa BSc in Exercise and Sport Sciences (University of Verona, Italy), a MSc in Sport Sciences and Training Methodologies (University of Verona, Italy) and a MSc in Sport and Health Sciences (University of Exeter, UK). She completed her PhD program at the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences (University of Kent, UK), under the supervision of Professor Samuele Marcora. She currently works at the University of...


What Physiology Matters for Ultramarathon Performance with Frederic Sabater Pastor PhD | Koopcast Episode 130

Frederic Sabater Pastor is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Inter-university Lab of Human Movement. His area of focus is running, trail, performance, physiology, and fatigue. Paper on physiological variables related to ultramarathon performance. Previous papers on the subject- Physiological Determinants of Ultramarathon Trail-Running Performance Predicting Trail-Running Performance With Laboratory Exercise Tests and Field-Based Results Frederic on Twitter Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon...


How to Prepare for The Races with CTS Coaches AJW, Corrine Malcolm and Michelle Foster | Koopcast Episode 129

This episode of the podcast is a coaching roundtable with CTS coaches AJW, Corrine Malcolm, and Michelle Foster. We go over our experiences training athletes during the last 6-10 weeks leading into a race. Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible. Information on coaching- www.trainright.com


Performance Testing for Ultrarunners with Dr. Philip Skiba | Koopcast Episode 128

Dr. Philip Skiba received his medical degree in June of 2003, and trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Georgetown University / National Rehabilitation Hospital, in Washington DC. He then completed residency training in Family Medicine and a fellowship in Sports Medicine. He is board-certified in both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, and his practice focuses on the non-surgical management of sports injuries, as well as athlete training, health, rehabilitation, and wellness....


VESPA as an Ergogenic Aid with Peter Defty | Koopcast Episode 127

Peter Defty is the General Manager of VESPA Power products and coaches athletes using an optimized fat metabolism protocol. Information on VESPA FASTER Study Abe paper Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible. Information on coaching- www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media---- Twitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop


Managing Performance Anxiety with Kristin Keim MA, PysD, CC-AASP | Koopcast Episode 126

Kristin Keim is a sports psychologist out of Newberry, South Carolina. She has one of the more renown practices sports psychology practices in the country today that consists of all types of endurance athletes, cyclists, triathletes, and MMA fighters. In particular, she works with many of the country’s best cyclists, many of whom we mention throughout the course of this podcast. In this podcast, we discuss the origins of and how to manage one of the most common psychological pitfalls...


Heat Training Interventions with Coach AJW | Koopcast Episode 125

This conversation is about how we as coaches practically implement heat training strategies for our athletes. You can find previous podcasts on this subject here: https://www.jasonkoop.com/podcast/heat-acclimation-strategies-with-julien-periard-phd AJW is a coach for CTS and eminent ultrarunning statesman. AJW’s bio: https://trainright.com/coaches/andy-jones-wilkins/ Buy Koop’s new book...


Heat Acclimation Strategies with Julien Périard PhD | Koopcast Episode 124

Julien Périard is a Research Professor at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UCRISE), where he leads the Environmental Physiology Research Group. Julien’s research examines the physiological mechanisms that impact health and performance in adverse environments (heat and altitude), along with strategies to mitigate their influence and harness their adaptive potential. He has worked with both amateur and professional athletes from various disciplines, along...


How To Pick The Right Ultrarunning Coach with Dominic Guinto, CTS Athlete Services Director | Koopcast Episode 123

Dominic Guinto is the Director of Athlete Services for CTS. He is dedicated to finding the right solution for endurance athletes across the world. Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MYVR8P6 Audible-https://www.audible.com/pd/Training-Essentials-for-Ultrarunning-Second-Edition-Audiobook/B09P38S2PR?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-290525&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_290525_rh_us Information on coaching- https://www.trainright.com Koop’s Social...


Using Training Groups To Enhance Your Training with CTS Coach Michelle Foster | Koopcast Episode 122

Michelle Foster has a BS in Biology and is a CTS Expert coach, a UESCA certified running coach, and an RRCA Level 1 certified running coach. In this episode, we explore how training groups can help or hurt your training and how to leverage them the most effectively. Information on coaching-https://www.trainright.com Buy Koop’s new book...


RED-s with Ida Heikura PhD | Koopcast Episode 121

Ida Heikura is a postdoc at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Info on Sports Science Canada REDs working group. Paper discussed Previous podcast with Jose Areta PhD on Low Energy Availability. Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible Information on coaching- www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media Twitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop


New Technology and Training Methods with CTS Coach Adam Pulford | Koopcast Episode 120

Adam Pulford is a CTS coach and one of the most sought-after mountain bike coaches in the world. Adam’s Bio Trainright podcast Nix Biosensors podcast Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or Audible Information on coaching- www.trainright.com Koop’s Social Media Twitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop


Feeding Tolerance and Fat Oxidation in Ultrarunners with Chris Rauch B.Nut.Diet, APD, AccSD | Koopcast Episode 119

Chris Rauch graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University in 2015 following a previous career in Engineering. He is experienced in helping people to manage dietary changes for a broad array of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and liver disease. A special interest of his is the management of digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Paper discussed Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or...


Designing your Ultramarathon Nutrition with Meredith Terranova | Koopcast Episode 118

Meredith Terranova is a performance nutritionist to many of today’s top ultrarunners. She has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004. Through Meredith’s guidance, her clients have reached goals ranging from losing weight, wellness nutrition, race nutrition, training and recovery nutrition, and others using a real-world nutrition approach. During the course of this conversation, we discuss Meredith’s approach to nutrition planning, how to find the right foods for...


Strength Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Nicole Rasmussen | Koopcast Episode 117

Nicole Rasmussen is a CTS Expert coach, holds a MS in Exercise Physiology, ACE certified, and UESCA certified. In this episode we discuss common strength training mistakes and how to fix them including- When there is too much specificity Weight vests Core work Nicole's Bio: https://trainright.com/coaches/nicole-rasmussen/ Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon-https://tinyurl.com/koopbook Audible-https://tinyurl.com/koopaudiobook Information on coaching- https://www.trainright.com Koop’s...


Mental Health in Ultrarunning with Neal Palles | Koopcast Episode 116

Neal Palles is a CTS, a coach Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Sports Performance Specialist based in Longmont, Colorado. He provides psychotherapy and mental skills training/consulting to athletes of all levels throughout the state. Neal holds a dual Masters degrees in Social Work and Applied Sport Psychology as well as holds a license as a clinical social worker. He works towards certification as a mental performance consultant (CMPC) from the Association for Applied Sport...