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The definitive Toronto Maple Leafs Podcast created by women for womxn. Join Chris and Syl twice a month, as they passionately discuss the latest Blue and White buzz, and share their unique insights on hockey and everything else rockin' Leafs Nation. Go Leafs Go!Thank you to Katarina Steiger for the Pod Cover Art Illustration.Intro Music "Parasail" by Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library)

The definitive Toronto Maple Leafs Podcast created by women for womxn. Join Chris and Syl twice a month, as they passionately discuss the latest Blue and White buzz, and share their unique insights on hockey and everything else rockin' Leafs Nation. Go Leafs Go!Thank you to Katarina Steiger for the Pod Cover Art Illustration.Intro Music "Parasail" by Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library)




The definitive Toronto Maple Leafs Podcast created by women for womxn. Join Chris and Syl twice a month, as they passionately discuss the latest Blue and White buzz, and share their unique insights on hockey and everything else rockin' Leafs Nation. Go Leafs Go!Thank you to Katarina Steiger for the Pod Cover Art Illustration.Intro Music "Parasail" by Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library)






LTL Patio Season: Talkin’ Leafs Off-Season Dilemmas, the Greatness of Matthews and Women Moving Up The NHL Ranks!

Now that he Cup has been handed out, we can officially say patio season is here! The next few weeks are going to be a little crazy, and Chris and Syl are trying to stay calm despite the lack of news on the Leafs front. So many questions need to be addressed, from what the defence is going to look like next season, to the never ending speculation about the goaltending , to what Kyle Dubas might do at free agency. The Ladies have their thoughts on all of it, and like the rest of Leafs Nation...


Talkin’ The NHL Draft, Marlies Prospects and The Leafs Off Season with Mike Augello!

The Stanley Cup Final is set to go, which means that we should start hearing a bit more chatter from NHL teams. There has been some Leaf news and, of course, the Ladies are always set to bring you up to date with what’s been going on with the Blue and White! We start the show discussing the NHL Draft, which is being held July 7th and 8th at the Bell Centre in Montreal. This year’s draft is said to be quite deep with many talented hockey players and the Leafs have 3 picks. We will highlight...


Talkin' the Ladies' Regular Season Grades, The Best Of the LTL Highlight Reel '22 and The Shanaplan Message!

It’s been just over 2 weeks since the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs, but it feels like such a long time ago! The Ladies have been busy and the Leafs added to this by taking care of some business in the past couple weeks, giving us even more to discuss--which we love! In this episode we get you up-to-date with the latest team news and we give the team our grades for the 2021-22 regular season. Find out who made our honour roll, where we saw improvements and where things didn’t go...


Talkin' Playoffs: Who Showed, Who Didn't, and the Ladies Stand up for Leafs Nation!

It’s not the ending that we or any Leaf fan wanted or expected, but once again the Leafs lost in the first round of the playoffs in a Game 7. Yes, the core group of players lead the team in points. Yes the refereeing was horrible! And yes, they gave it their all, but ultimately it ended with the same, all too familiar result. Chris and Syl grade the team on their keys to the series in the segment, “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down”, and in an extended “Third Period” segment we ask the question, where...


Talkin' Playoffs - Series Ups and Downs, Depth Coming Up Big and NHL '22 Playoff Views!

It’s a big week for the Leafs with their series vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning becoming a best 2 out of 3! So far the series has been up and down and special teams have played a big role. In this playoff episode we are introducing a new segment to go along with the ups and downs of the playoffs. We are calling it “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down”! We're reviewing our keys to the series and giving each of them a thumbs up or thumbs down. To this point, let’s just say the Leafs have some work to do! One...


Talkin' Playoffs - Keys to the Series Success, A Call To LeafsNation and Every Night is Hockey Night!

The Leafs quest for the Stanley Cup has begun anew! Chris and Syl are excited and ready to bring you more of Ladies Talkin’ Leafs on a weekly basis! Be sure to follow and listen to our show and we will have you ready for all that is to come in this series vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning and beyond! We kick off our 2022 playoff edition of the show with some keys to the series! Special Teams have already played a factor and that will continue as the games are played. No doubt Game 1 was one of...


Talkin' the 2 Ilyas, Milestone Moments and Playoff Expectations

A couple weeks left in the NHL season and the Leafs are in 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, which would give them home ice for the first round of the playoffs! There have been so many regular season milestone moments for the players and the team, but the focus remains on what can be achieved in the post season. In this episode's segment of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, we give some love to Pierre Engvall, who has been in our doghouse and Sheldon Keefe’s for much of this season! We also...


Talkin' The Giordano Effect, Questionable Reffing and Prepping for the Playoffs

We are in the final month of the NHL’s regular season and it’s hard to believe we are closing in on the completion of our first full 82-game season of the podcast and the best is yet to come! The Leafs are on a bit of a roll coming out of the trade deadline and the additions of Mark Giordano and Colin Blackwell have been positive! In this episode we talk about the Giordano effect on the Leafs blueline. We are also blowing the whistle on the referees, and agree with Darcy Tucker that former...


Talkin' Trade Deadline, Auston Matthews and Celebrating our 50th Episode!

The Ladies are celebrating 50 episodes of the podcast and it’s been quite the ride since our first in September 2019! We’ve been diehard Leaf fans since the late '70s/early ’80s and for this special episode, we give you some background on who we are and how the show came to life. As long-time Leaf fans there has rarely been a dull moment in Leaf Land and the ups and downs of this regular season are definitely testing the stress levels of Leafs Nation! In this instalment, we get the show...


Talkin' Leafs Top Line Buzz, Celebrating Black Players in the NHL, and the "Golden" Canadian Women's Hockey Team

The NHL standings are tight and heading into March the games always get more intense! The Leafs went 7-4-1 in February and while the top line of Matthews-Marner-Bunting is one of the best right now in the NHL, the goaltending has been less than ordinary. These are a few topics we discuss in our segment the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Despite some of the ugliness, we actually found a bright spot! We also had flashbacks to a Leaf great, who used to take the puck end to end! Who was that Leaf...


Talkin' Memories of MLG and the ACC, the Plus side of the Leafs' Stat Column, and the Habs in the Hole

As this latest game segment comes to a close, we're starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions beginning to lift just in time for the hockey schedule to heat up. After a spotty few months, games will be coming fast and furious, and we can hardly wait! Before we get into Leaf Talk, we take a trip down memory lane to the close of Maple Leaf Gardens and the opening of the ACC in 1999. We share some of our favourite memories from MLG and the early days in the Leafs'...


Talkin' Leafs Goaltending, Special Teams, and Canadian Olympic Women's Hockey

January felt like an odd month for the Maple Leafs and their fan base. No fans at Scotiabank Arena, only 1 Saturday night game at home, and like most NHL teams, the Leafs had to deal with Covid. We got through it and it’s going to be busier, and hopefully a lot more exciting in February! It’s also the halfway point of the season for us, and the Leafs! We are in our first full, 82-game season covering the Leafs and we are loving it! In this episode we start off the show with our segment “The...


The Never-ending Leafs Road Trip and the Quest for Killer Instinct

What better day for Leaf talk than a blustery snow day in January! It's an all out blizzard here in the heart of Leaf Land, but it would take a lot more than an epic snow storm to keep us from our favourite pastime—talkin’ Leafs! We are approaching the halfway point of the season and the Leafs are in 3rd spot in the Atlantic Division, with games in hand on both Tampa and Florida. The schedule has been pretty light and the Buds continue to be on what seems like a never-ending road trip! In...


Happy New Year! Celebrating the top LTL Highlight Reel moments from 2021

Happy New Year Leafs Nation! The Ladies have been away for what seems like forever, but we've been working hard and if you follow our social media you may have seen the launch of our brand new website ! We are really excited about this and plan on updating the website frequently with new content, so be sure to check it out on a regular basis! In this first episode of 2022 we say goodbye to 2021! But before we do, we each give our top 3 LTL Highlight Reel Moments from...


Maple Leafs Christmas Fun! The 3rd Annual LTL Holiday Special

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays LeafsNation! This is our final episode before the New Year and for this show we have some hockey talk and festive fun! The Leafs have been slipping a little bit in their defensive play in the past couple weeks and that is something we focus on in our segment The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. As always, we roll the Ladies Talkin’ Leafs Highlight Reel and one player not named Matthews, Nylander, Marner or Tavares, is making a big impression on us as he makes...


Talkin' Leafs and a Historic Singular Season with Damien Cox

In this episode, we are pleased to welcome veteran sports journalist and author Damien Cox, for a very special 3rd period segment! Damien was kind enough to join us to talk about his new book "A League of Our Own", which is about the historic, all Canadian North division, that played during the 2020-21 NHL season. We dive into the book, and talk lots of Leafs, and even get to know Damien "the fan" a bit better. It was an honour to have the opportunity to talk hockey and Leafs with him on our...


Keefe Cranking the November Line Blender

We are closing in on completing the first quarter of the NHL season and with American Thanksgiving coming up, the Leafs are in a pretty good spot! Over the past couple of weeks the team got a couple of big wins vs. Tampa and Boston and a shutout in Philly! But with the success comes some concerns on the goaltending front and with the depth scoring, prompting Keefe to crank up the Line Blender once again. We discuss these issues in The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, as well as a certain player that...


A Hopeful Spark to End a Slow Start

A lot has happened in a couple weeks and there is still concern in Leafland. But after the OT win vs the Hawks, a tight win vs the Wings, some lost chicklets, and heightened emotions, the tide may finally be turning toward the positive. As the saying goes, it’s still early, but the hope is that the changes in the line up and some much needed internal accountability will spark some momentum, so that the team can start stringing together some wins! If this isn’t enough to ignite the Buds,...


Back to Work for 82!

The Leafs first week of the regular season is in the books and it's been a decent start for the Blue and White! The NHL is back to normal with an 82-game schedule and the Ladies are ready and are excited to get to work and talk Leafs for a complete regular season! Like the Leafs, we are returning to our regular season podcast format starting with the Good, The Bad and The Ugly, where we each choose a player or topic for each category and discuss. Next we will spin the LTL Highlight Reel....


Time to Get Excited LeafsNation!

NHL training camp is winding down and Sheldon Keefe & Co. have some tough decisions to make, ahead of confirming the Leafs opening night roster. In this episode the Ladies give their thoughts on who might make the cut and be in the lineup on opening night vs. the Habs! From the forward lines, to the D, to the goaltending, we cover it all, and some of our picks may surprise you! We also get into Sheldon Keefe’s contract extension and talk about his new assistant coaches - Spencer Carbery and...