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Your one-stop feed for Dan, Stu, and all of the original podcasts from the LeBatard & Friends network. You won't miss a show here.

Your one-stop feed for Dan, Stu, and all of the original podcasts from the LeBatard & Friends network. You won't miss a show here.


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Your one-stop feed for Dan, Stu, and all of the original podcasts from the LeBatard & Friends network. You won't miss a show here.




MC- Episode One Hundred - Thirty-Seven

On this episode of Mystery Crate, we spin the Wheel of Topics. On this week's wheel: Late Night McDonald's, Kanye, the roof of Jessica's apartment caving in, if Dogs can find love, what to do with your hands in pictures, and minor inconveniences.


CINEPHILE - Roy. Bellamy + Jay Glennie

Roy Bellamy joins us to discuss Space Jam and we talk to Jay Glennie about his Raging Bull book. Malcolm X. Cinephile vs Cinephobe. The Immigrant. And one of the oldest movies ever reviewed on Cinephile.


SBS - John Amaechi

Dan and John Amaechi discuss his love for Star Wars, Marvel and comic books. Plus, John's thoughts on the ongoing situation with Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor, Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension following a positive marijuana test and much more.


STU! - I Wanna Be Like You

NBA Center Robin Lopez joins Stu to talk about his twin brother being in the NBA finals and which twin is nicer to mom and dad. Plus, Robin explains how amazing it is to own a house at Disney World.


MC- Episode One Hundred- Thirty-Six

For our NBA Finals themed edition of Mystery Crate, Meadowlark Media's Tom Haberstroh tells the story of how Chris Paul could've been a Milwaukee Buck, as he faces them now in the NBA Finals.


STU! - The Stupodity Fight Card

Stu is joined by former UFC Champion, Tyron Woodley, to discuss his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul. How long would it take for Tyron to kill Stu if he wanted to? Who would be a good match for Stu in a charity boxing match? Plus, a game of "Wood or Wouldn't".


CINEPHILE - Ben Lyons + Ray Romano's family member

Ben Lyons on why Do The Right Thing is the perfect movie. Ray Romano's family member is a coward. Black Widow. Spike Lee stories. Quick Change. Donkey Kong. Inside Llewyn Davis.


SBS- Harvey Mason Jr.

Dan and Harvey Mason Jr. discuss his meteoric rise from the basketball court to being the President & CEO of the Recording Academy and working with artists like Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, and many more.


BROCKMIRE- Ben Stiller

Jim Brockmire gets Ben Stiller to admit that he's a "sellout, hypocritical douchebag" while peppering him with questions about getting celebrity courtside blowjobs at NBA games.


Episode One Hundred - Thirty-Five

The Tahoe crew covers everything that happened at the American Century Classic Pro-Am Golf Tournament.


STU! - Find the Biggest Guy and Fight Him

Stu is joined by Mike Golic to talk about football, the latest controversies at ESPN and NILs in the NCAA. Plus, Mike and Stu have a "Math-off"


CINEPHILE - Dan Le Batard + Sam Wasson

Dan Le Batard joins Cinephile just in time for Chris' worst mistake so far. A really fun conversation with author, Sam Wasson about his book The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood. Luca. No Sudden Move. The Boss Baby.


SBS- Howard Bryant

For this South Beach Session, Dan talks to the newest member of Meadowlark Media, Howard Bryant. They discuss his career as an author, the politicization of the media, and his newest book about Rickey Henderson, which you can preorder here.


Haberstroh NBA Finals Preview

Meadowlark Media's Tom Haberstroh has been persuaded to Stugotz's argument about Chris Paul, and he has the help of trusty assistant Goo Stotz to prove his point.


STU! - Stupod Exclusive: Stan Van Gundy

In his first public comments since being let go by the New Orleans Pelicans, Stan Van Gundy talks to Stu about what went wrong for the team and why he was ultimately fired. Plus, Stan weighs in on the NBA playoffs, Scottie Pippen and expiration dates.


MC- Episode One Hundred - Thirty-Four

The Voice of Ultimate, Evan Lepler, joins the Mystery Crate to discuss "America's Block Party" and the AUDL. The crew is also joined by 2x World Champion RIcky Wysocki to discuss the Disc Golf Pro Tour.


SBS- Bobby Bonilla

In a bonus episode of South Beach Sessions, Dan talks to Bobby Bonilla on Bobby Bonilla Day, when Bonilla receives his $1.193 million payment from the New York Mets that he's owed every July 1st through 2035. Dan talks to Bonilla about how that happened and about his memorable experiences from his 17 year MLB career.


CINEPHILE- Billy Gil + Jon Wertheim + Mark Raso

Billy Gil reviews F9: The Fast Saga. Jon Wertheim on The Karate Kid, Charles Barkley, Roger Federer and much more. We discuss the Netflix movie, Awake with director, Mark Raso. Also, how many of Adnan's Top 10 movies has Chris seen?


SBS - John Amaechi: The Psychology Of The Pandemic

Dan and John Amaechi discuss some of the biggest societal issues from the pandemic - mask and vaccine misinformation, human dignity, social unrest, the ills of social media, and much more.


BROCKMIRE- Dan Le Batard and Stugotz

Colin Cowherd agrees to come on but then ghosts Brockmire … so he settles for dragging two other ridiculous gasbags instead.