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A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!


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A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!








LHRL® #213

10/7/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #213 went down like this: Walking Tall 25k/50k is coming up. Getting wifi in the studio. Von's crappy hamburger Grimace is a taste bud McDonald's McBang Gang Golf is hard Sean Hizzle wrote us a review!

LHRL® #212- Derek Baker

9/23/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long #212 got us back together and back on track after an extended break. We were fortunate enough to have our friend Derek Baker be willing to sit down and visit with us. Derek is a 20+ veteran of the Navy and spent a great deal of time in the bodybuilding/powerlifting space before a youtube video got him to thinking about what it would be like to run an ultra-marathon. Derek committed himself to running an ultra-marathon before he had even...

LHRL® #211

8/12/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #211 was in full effect. We had everyone together and we went full random. Here is the points of education: The genie with the 12" pianist. No more Tour De Spirit 24 hour race? Murder Hornets Back to school after Covid Fly salt blaster Von's killer profile pic Memphis Road Race Series

LHRL® #210

7/29/2021 This episode of Lift Heavy Run Long®: -So sad because Amanda couldn't join us -Von gets his crocs stolen and man threatens to kill him for them. -Big Thirsty's Ultra Sand Socks are coming to a running store near you. -Sensory deprivation tank. -Marco's pizza bowl and sausage bake. -Cortizone shots everywhere.

LHRL® #209

7/1/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #209 had the whole group of us back together. I need to write a summary but honestly, all I can think about is this Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt baseball game. So, I gotta run.I hope to come back to this but I will probably forget. #HailState

LHRL® #208- Becky Duncan & Caleb Sweavy

6/17/2021 So, I really, really like Melisa Burgess. Who doesn't? Everybody does. She is a close friend of the LHRL® community. When Melisa has a panic attack on the side of a cliff at this year's Sylamore 25k/50k, there were 2 complete strangers who stopped their race and literally talked Melisa down from the edge. They spoke to her, held her hand and walked her to safety. I don't know if I am making a bigger deal out of it than necessary or maybe it is my selfish nature...

LHRL® #207- Brian Williams & Sean Hilsdon

5/20/2021 Alright, alright, alright.... We had the world famous duo and founders of The Walking Tall 25k/50k on the podcast this week. The 4th annual Walking Tall race will take place on October 16,2021 and if you are not registered, you should hurry and get thatta way. You can sign up here. Brian and Sean have done so much for the trail racing community, as well as me personally, and I am always grateful to have the opportunity to sit down and visit with them. On episode...

LHRL® #206

5/6/2021 Another episode of crappy audio during the Facebook Live feed!!! It makes me crazy and I promise I am doing everything that I know to do to resolve this issue. Here is how it went down: FB Live audio sucked. FB Live audio sucked. Almira 50 miler/marathon was an enormous success!! The World's Greatest Aid Station was in full-effect. Fall Creek Falls Half Marathon was a beautiful race. FB Live audio sucked Would you rather live 100 Prince Charles years or 50 DMX...

LHRL® #205- Michael Hirons

4/22/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #205, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our friend, Michael Hirons. Michael is a resident of Wynn, Arkansas and an advocate of the trail running community. At one point in time, Michael weighted almost 400lbs before making some changes in his nutrition and buying a bike. It wasn't long before he found himself shedding some lbs and feeling comfortable enough to try his hand at running. After a few 5ks, he had caught the bug. It wasn't...

LHRL® #204

4/8/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #204 is coming at you hot!! 🚨 Attention 🚨 2022 Swift and Swole to benefit the Chris Hope Foundation is in the works. We are looking to organize a 12-hour endurance event consisting of teams acquiring miles and reps in a fun and friendly competition involving as many active people and fitness organizations as we can find. LHRL® is a community and this event will serve to strengthen the community and include as many different people as...

LHRL® #203

3/25/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long #203 speed round: -Von returns from Disney World. -Barkley Marathon goes 3rd straight year without a finisher. -Laz rips Camel non-filtered. -FB is watching. It's amazing. -Spring weather is here!! Life is good -Will Fall races be post-covid-normal? -Useless knowledge: London cabbies have to memorize literally everything. If you take a taxicab in London, you can expect the driver to know exactly where they are going, since they are required to...

LHRL® #202- Todd Hinton

3/11/2021 This week we had our friend and personal trainer sit down with us and talk a little bit about his home gym and that came to fruition. With COVID being what it is, we couldn't help but notice that Todd was gaining an internet presence with he and some of his clients working out in a pretty plush garage gym. We decided to bring him into the studio to visit with him about how he put his together. On top of all of this fun we also had our regular shenanigans and ran...

LHRL® #201

2/25/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #201 is in the books. Here is how it played out: -Getting attacked by dogs. -Emergency planning for the end of days. -Sylamore -The purpose of water towers. -Heavy snow in the mid-south. -Running on keto. -Lots of other random, moderately entertaining topics. As always, thanks for tuning in!

LHRL® #200

2/11/2021 Lift Heavy Run Long® #200 is successfully in the books. What a fun ride it has been! Here is what went down on this weeks podcast: -The serial-review-writer caper continues with another letter. It's Sylamore week!What is the best thing to put in your running drop bag?You could only run one race in a year, which one would it be?Should a runner do speed work during build up for an ultraThoughts on the overhead press as a test of upper body strengthWhat is in pickle...

LHRL® #199- Baylee Taylor

1/28/2021 This week on the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast, we had the fortunate pleasure of sitting down with our friend Baylee Taylor. Baylee is the gym manager at Olive Branch Crossfit and he came on the show to discuss his recent position, his passion and how things look as a 21 year old who is primarily coaching older athletes. Baylee has a huge future ahead of him. He is a driven, passionate and intelligent individual who we expect great things from in the future. In...


LHRL® #198

1/14/2021 Here is the straight dope: LHRL needs a producer/marketer/hype-man/intern/giver-of-directions/smart-person-to-help-reach-more-people-and-do-more-great-things. (If you know anyone, hit us up. Do what you want. If you wanna run, lift, bike, eat, sleep, study or that. You owe no one nothing. Von enjoys a Covid Christmas- earns PGA card on Nintendo Switch while sick. Cobra Kai Season 3 is incredible. Sylamore is rapidly...

LHRL® #197

12/17/2020 This week on the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast: Big Thirsty stays home to count his money.Von and Amanda have really nice blankets and don't get me one.St. Jude MarathonGary GFO Owens rolls off his 1,000th mile of the year.Our one-star review.Guineau pigs need company.The origin of the logbook.How achievable is 100 push ups in one set?The Queen's Gambit.

LHRL® #196

11/19/2020 Hellooooo Washington!!! (Black Sheep reference) I hope all is well. Another episode of Lift Heavy Run Long is in the books and we hope that you enjoy it. Here is what went down: Von's crappy phone. Tunnel Hill/St. Jude/Swamp Stomper Tang with Bubly carbonated drink. Beard growth Blacklist Waffle House selling bacon-flavored beer. Natural Light fizzy spritzers Useless knowledge:Stuck in my craw13.8% more likely to die on your birthdayCat's can't taste sweet...

LHRL® #195

11/4/2020 It seems like it has been forever. 4 weeks is a long time with no podcast. It is a long enough time for us to come up with quality content...but we didn't. Here is what we talked about: Von still has his crappy Samsung phone, crappy computer and crappy watch and won't do anything about it. Wilson worked an aid station, so he considers himself a modern-day saint. Amanda loses toenail number five. Thirsty hopes to match or possibly beat his October running mileage...

LHRL® #194

10/8/2020 Lift Heavy Run Long Episode #194 in a nutshell: Melisa Burgess runs 50 miles.Crystal "Pistol Landers" completes hundo.Gavin May wins 25k. Amanda calls podcast least when she is not on. Von claims the people who like orange drinks are a "type"; continues his profiling by lumping Croc wearers as Nickleback listeners. (He was given a yellow card and probation for stereotyping). Says he gets sad when he buys the wrong popcorn. Thirsty talks about...