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A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!

A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!
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A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!








LHRL® 129- Chris Miller

More Chris Miller is a husband, father, and an L1 coach at CrossFit Hammered Steel. A chronic underachiever, he was never good at sports and majored in staying out late and binging on fast food. Fast forward to three years ago when he walked into OBCF to inquire about joining a CrossFit box. One workout and he was hooked.After a year he celebrated his training with a half marathon at Herb Parsons in 9 degree weather, complete with snow and ice. It was here he...

LHRL® #128 – April Hilsdon

More April is a dedicated mother to three beautiful children, occupational therapist by trade, loving wife, and ambitious runner. April loves to be a cheerleader to everyone around her, encouraging her family and friends to go after their dreams and do what it takes to accomplish their goals. She has been fortunate enough to be taken in by the local running community where she can motivate other runners and be motivated as well. April hasn’t always been into fitness....

LHRL® #127- Just the hosts

More One of the things that I enjoy the most about the LHRL Podcast is that it doesn't fit into a box. We are not governed by the rules of a boss or the financial influence of a sponsorship which requires us to conform to any sort of structure. At the end of the day, we are a group of friends who like to get together, share some laughs end enjoy interesting conversations. It just so happens that we all enjoy fitness, therefore much of our conversation is focused...

LHRL® #126- Lisa Barker

More Lisa Barker (“Honey” to her grandkids) is a wife, mother to three, grandmother to six and avid ultra-distance runner from Bartlett, TN. In her spare time, she’s a Senior Registered Client Service Associate with UBS, holding Series 7, 63 and 66 securities licenses. Lisa’s transformation from empty-nester to ultra runner began in 2008 after she read an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on how to start running. Intrigued and unhappy with the state of her...

LHRL® #125- Steve Wilk

More I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, PA my entire life and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I feel like I had a typical average childhood, and playing sports was a big part of my youth. I played baseball and football growing up until I got to high school (my size was a big disadvantage), but the sport I loved the most was tennis. I started playing when I was 8 and played competitively until my mid-20s. I also dabbled in volleyball in high school and college. Once my...

LHRL® #124- Gavin May

More Gavin May is a Christian, husband, and father. He has been married to his wife, Brittany, for 15 years, and together they have five children. In the spring of 2016 he was out of shape and almost 100lbs overweight. His fitness journey started then. He has become an avid runner and is constantly striving to better himself and the fitness community. He enjoys spending time with his family, eating, and running. Gavin’s desire is to share his story with anyone who...

LHRL® #123- Just the hosts

More I keep telling myself that I will reserve one week out of the month for us to do a podcast with only the hosts and every month we come across some awesome guest that causes me to fill up the calendar... which is a fantastic problem to have. The podcasts with just the four of us are some of my favorites. There is nothing better than just kicking-back and talking about whatever comes to mind while playfully picking on one another. This week, we were fresh off of...

LHRL® #122- Kent Stoneking

More Kent is a walking miracle. Not because he’s the greatest athlete – nothing could be further from the truth. Not because he’s a freak of nature in any particular way. He’s a pretty average guy who’s just blessed. Really blessed. Kent developed type 1 diabetes at age 11. While others with this disease have gone blind, lost kidney function or suffered an amputation, Kent remains in excellent health. At 51, he doesn’t even need glasses. Dealing with his own diabetes...

LHRL® #121- Nugget Johnson

More Sam (Nugget) Dababneh got the name "Nugget" from beating a 350-pound man in a chicken nugget eating contest. He has been lifting for 8 years and tried every fad diet known to man. He is currently the morning radio host of "Nugget and Liz In The Morning" on Q107.5 and dabbles in doing horrible stand up comedy. @NuggetInTheAm

LHRL #120- Kevin Leathers

More This week we had the pleasure of visiting with our friend Kevin Leathers. Kevin is the head coach and owner of Can't Stop Endurance and is one of the most well-reputed run coaches in the area. Some of you might remember Kevin from LHRL® #74 or you might even know him as "Coach Kevin" if you have ever participated in the St. Jude Marathon. Asides from the fact that Kevin is one of our favorite people, we wanted to sit down with him and discuss some of the changes...

LHRL® #119- Charlie Graham

More A native of Atlanta, Charlie moved to Memphis just over a year ago and quickly adapted to the running community. Finding more than mileage, she began training with Can't Stop Endurance and found herself on multiple podiums throughout the year, including an age group win at the 2017 St. Jude half. Currently working to PR every distance and every race, she uses her training as a tool for dedication and mindful performance. Charlie is both a runner and a yogi at...

LHRL® #118- Scott Hollis

More Scott Hollis is a prominent area attorney and is the principal owner of The Hollis Law Firm in Olive Branch, MS. He is also the attorney for Lift Heavy Run Long® as well as Olive Branch CrossFit. Scott is a rockstar attorney who happens to be a rockstar, rockstar. When he is not improving people's legal situations, he performs in the band Ian Faith which is a highly entertaining nineties cover band. Scott Hollis is an avid CrossFitter with a keen sense of humor...

LHRL® #117- Melisa Burgess

More I’ve lived in the Memphis area since I was 20 so I consider this home. I stumbled upon fitness after coming out the darkest times I had ever know. Recovering from addiction was one thing but being left to deal with myself and the world unable to medicate was unbearable. For awhile smoking cigarettes was all I had left. One day while I was hiding on the side of my house smoking and looking at my 2 years old face pressed against the glass the feeling rushed over me...

LHRL® #116- Kate Lyman

More Kate Lyman is a nutrition coach, a workout enthusiast, a business owner, and a lover of the outdoors. She started working as a Crossfit coach when she was 17 years old, which led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and study nutrition further through Master’s degree in Public Health. Kate knows that the health industry is filled with a lot of questionable products and false claims, and her goal as a nutrition coach is to help individuals...

LHRL® #115- Seth McMurry

More Seth McMurry was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Soon after graduating high school, he bought his first of many businesses. During his twenties, Seth owned multiple art studios and rental properties and was also co-owner of a popular YouTube channel which allowed for many exciting opportunities including being part of pilot for Disney. Throughout this time, Seth became invested in his own health and fitness. He developed a love for exercise and to this...

LHRL® #114- Just the Hosts

More On this week's podcast, it was just the four of us. As usual, we got off-topic but managed to have a great time. We spent a great deal of time talking about different races and events that we have coming up but, more importantly, we discussed the reasons why we run these races and the level of importance that each of us places on them. Each of us is running towards or away from different things and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to participate but it is...

LHRL® #113- Crystal Landers

More Crystal gave up drugs and alcohol in 2009 and decided to pick up a new addiction: all things fitness. Originally just wanting to get off her new sober weight dove into the global gym scene with a trainer and set out to reach some goals. After those were reached and her trainer went into the law enforcement field, the world was her Oyster! She then found Muay Thai, boxing & then CrossFit. And from that found the world of Scottish heavy Athletics aka Highland...

LHRL® #112- Jeff Brightwell

More Jeff Brightwell is a coach and athlete at CrossFit Hit and Run in Memphis. He started CrossFit in the summer of 2012 and has been a member of The CrossFit Games TV Announce team for five seasons calling the Affiliate Cup competition the past three years. After living the broadcasters life, Brightwell came into CrossFit at 255 pounds and is currently 190. He began coaching at Hit and Run in the summer of 2016. A native Memphian, he attended Harding Academy and...

LHRL® #111- Rob Conner

More Rob Conner, a Memphis native, is a founder and owner of Memphis'’ first CrossFit gym, faction strength and conditioning, home of CrossFit Memphis started in 2007. An OG CrossFitter (you don’t know how good you have it now) who was forced out of the globo gyms for making too much noise, Rob and Mike Bledsoe partnered up to bring Crossfit to the Memphis area. Rob thoroughly enjoys tests of human capacities of suffering, completing multiple 50k, 50m, obstacle course...

LHRL® #110- Bubba Crowder

More Brian “Bubba” Crowder is the Founder and Director of Fund the Nations, a Desoto-County based company that helps people fundraise all over the world by creating awesome t-shirts for them to sell to their audience. He’s been married for 11 years to his wife, Whitney. They have 4 kids, 3 girls and a newborn baby boy. In February of 2017, weighing 285 lbs he started dieting, running, and working out (mostly at home). Down to 200 lbs and a full marathon later, he and...