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Episode 059: Ross Edgeley - The Great British Swim

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Actual legend alert! I have to admit, the first time I heard of Ross Edgeley’s plan to swim around the coast of Great Britain I thought he had absolutely no chance of completing it. Swimming six hours on, six hours off - for over 1500 miles? It just seemed too vast an undertaking to contemplate, let alone actually complete. Then, like many thousands of others, I became hooked on the whole crazy story, following Ross through his...


Episode 058: Todd Richards - Action Sports Senior Citizen

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Hossegor omnibus! Yep. I headed to France for a quick 48 hour Quik Pro trip, and ticked off three podcasts while I was at it. This first instalment is with somebody I had an inkling would be a great guest, and he didn’t disappoint: the great Todd Richards. The word ‘legendary’ doesn’t really cut it with Todd, who during his 90s heyday helped set the standards that continue to define snowboarding to this day. Todd’s what you...


Episode 057: Rob Machado - The Arc of Friendship

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Its always great when the legends live up to the hype - and that was definitely the case when I welcomed Rob Machado onto the show for episode 057. Rob was in town to promote Momentum Generation, the new documentary that catches up with the iconic Momentum crew 25 years after they first came onto the scene via Taylor Steele’s classic film of the same name. It’s a compelling watch, and the film doesn’t shy away from tackling...


Bonus Episode: Noah Lane

Noah Lane bonus episode! In October 2018 I found myself in Strandhill and arranged to meet my friend Noah Lane for a quick catch up. Noah was in the middle of an injury-enforced lay-off so headed on down from his home in Bundoran to sit down and fill me in on his life and career. We chatted about how he’s coping with a summer of rehab, his life as an Aussie surfer on the west coast of Ireland, his work with Backwash, and the psychology of surfing the scary, cold and heaving waves that have...


Episode 056: Shambles McGoldrick - Mysterious Currents

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com It was back to Ireland for episode 056, as I visited Strandhill in Sligo for a few days and grabbed legendary local bodyboarder Seamus ‘Shambles’ McGoldrick for a chat while I was at it. Although he’s too modest to admit it, Shambles first made his name as part of the local crew of surfers and bodyboarders who pioneered the mean array of ugly, evil-looking slabs that the west coast is now famous for. With peers such as Fergal...


Episode 055: Sian Leigh - Our Mild Addictions

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Episode 055, and I invited one of my oldest and dearest friends onto the show - Sian Leigh. Sian is a health coach, a yoga instructor, a mum, a wife and a snowboarder. You may be familiar with her from work as one of the coaches on Jenny Jones’ camps, for example. But what makes Sian unique is her unapologetically positive and joyful take on life, and her perspective on the issues we’re all dealing with, whether we like to...


Bonus Episode! Dan Adams - Read and Destroy Part 2

Read and Destroy bonus episode with Dan Adams! Dan is the man behind the hugely popular Read and Destroy archive project, on Instagram, and now the new Kickstarter project which is running this July. Dan, a supremely talented designer, cut his teeth on RaD magazine back in the day. And for the last half decade or so has been working with the original RaD ensemble - Tim Leighton Boyce and pretty much every photographer on the books - to organise and get on top of the enormous RaD archive....


Episode 050: Ed Leigh - The State Of The Snowboarding Nation

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Well, I had to didn’t I? To mark a whopping 50 episodes of the Looking Sideways podcast, I invited back the very first and still one of the most popular guests I’ve had on the podcast: snowboarder and presenter Ed Leigh. I’ve had a few returning guests over the months, notably Billy Morgan and Sophie Hellyer, but for episode 050 wanted to circle things right back to the start by bringing Ed back on the show. If you listened to...


Episode 049: Neftalie Williams - Bridging The Gaps

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com I’ve had some pretty progressive guests on this show. But I think this week’s guest, Neftalie Williams, might just be the most visionary of the lot. Just check the list of accomplishments that make up one of the most impressive CVs in skateboarding. He is the first lecturer of skateboarding business, media and culture at USC; a PhD candidate at the University of Waikato in New Zealand; a pioneer of the concept of skateboard...


Episode 048: Matt Helliker - Keep It South West

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Climber Matt Helliker is widely regarded as one of the UK’s top alpinists. But I have a feeling he’d prefer to be known as an all-round mountain athlete, as comfortable taking on a peak like Citadel in the Alaskan wilderness as he is exploring the sea cliffs of his native south west, or the Scottish winter climbing he considers to be the best in the world. Intriguingly, as I discovered during the conversation we had at the...


Episode 047: Spencer O'Brien - A Snowboarder At The Olympics

Imagine training your whole life for the biggest event of your life, only to find that on that day the event you’d expected would show the best of your sport is about to become a very public fiasco. Worse, conditions are so bad that for most competitors the day turns into a straight battle for survival - with the entire thing played out front of a global audience. It sounds dramatic, but that’s essentially what happen to snowboarder Spencer O’Brien and the rest of the women’s snowboarding...


Episode 046: Oliver Percovich - Skateistan

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Like most people, I got my first introduction to Skateistan back in 2010 following the release of To Live And Die in Kabul, Orlando von Eisendel’s documentary about the early years of the charity. So what is Skateistan? Set up by Aussie skater Oliver Percovich, Skateistan is an international non-profit organisation providing programmes that use skateboarding to provide education and safe spaces for kids from low-income...


Bonus Episode: Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton bonus episode! At the end of May 2017 I was in Croyde for a few days so met up with Cotty to find out how he’s been getting on since his life changed back in November 2017 following the accident at Nazare that saw him break his back and get plastered across front pages and social feeds across the world. He gave me the lowdown on how he’s coped with the toughest six months of his life: the injury itself, how the slam went down, how he’s been rehabbing, the power of a positive...


Episode 045: Ryan Sandes - Mind Over Body

One thing I’ve learned since doing this podcast - you never know how these conversations are going to go. But my favourite Looking Sideways chats are the ones that take on a life of their own, following their own conversational ebbs and flows. And episode 45, my conversation with ultra runner Ryan Sandes, is definitely one of those chats, For the uninitiated, Ryan is an ultra runner but you could also describe him as an adventure runner. He made his name on events such as the Four Deserts...


Episode 044: Tracy Moseley - The Long Game

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com Imagine reaching the very top of one sporting discipline - and then switching codes and repeating the feat in your new discipline. Then imagine sustaining this over two decades, all while representing your sport with erudition, passion and grace. That's basically what UK mountain biker Tracy Moseley achieved during one of the most celebrated careers in mountain bike racing. Her achievements are too long to list in full here,...


Episode 043: Patrick Armbruster - Double Or Quits

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com How do you recognise when to jump at those key opportunities? How do you handle those defining turning points that can set the tone for the rest of your life - when you can't see them coming? Today's conversation with Patrick 'Brusti' 'Armbruster is full of moments like these. You may not know the name, but over the last twenty years Brusti has had one of the most quietly influential careers in European snowboarding, whether as a...


Episode 042: Stale Sandbech - The Substance of Style

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com If you were to sit down to try and devise a way of creating the perfect snowboarder, you’d do worse than use Stale’s Sandbech’s upbringing as a template. Take one stoked kid living near an easily accessible local hill. Mix with three equally hyped friends who live and breath snowboarding. Add one older brother photographer who shoots with the best of the world, offering easy access to an incredible array of role models. Marinate...


Episode 041: Shauna Coxsey - Positivity Is A Choice

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com How do you get to the top of your sport? Sure, you need incredible focus, steely ambition and exceptional physical talent. But you also need a particular mindset - an ability to deal with setbacks and injuries; to turn setbacks into positives, and to continually readjust your goals as circumstances dictate. And that’s the main takeaway from my conversation with climber Shauna Coxsey. Shauna is a two-time ISCF World Cup bouldering...


Bonus Episode: DJ BBQ

Bonus Fire Food book launch episode! For this one I headed along to London to catch up with my old friend DJ BBQ, aka Christian Stevenson, on the occasion of the book launch for his new book Fire Food. I grabbed Christian for half an hour just before the party kicked off and have a fairly chaotic chinwag about the book and plenty more. It’s rough and ready this one, with interruptions, digressions and swearwords aplenty. If you enjoyed my first episode with DJ BBQ, you’ll dig this one, which...


Episode 040: Paddy Graham - The Camaraderie of Skiing

Full episode info and Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com What’s the reality of life for a top action sports athlete? Sure, there’s all the good stuff you might imagine - acclaim, adulation, world travel, free stuff and all that. But what about the rest of the time? What about the injuries? The constant hustling to make projects happen? What does it take to make a career in this most unforgiving of industries? It’s a world that celebrated freeskier Paddy Graham knows inside out. Paddy’s...