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52- T.J. Dillashaw

How did an ultimate fighter contestant go from losing in the show’s finale to becoming the man responsible for what Joe Rogan referred to as “the greatest performance he’d ever seen” inside the octagon. Some would say it was due to his drive and tenacity. Others would point to the family of teammates and coaches TJ had around him. But what happens when that tenacity turns dangerous? And where do you go when you no longer have a place to call home? This is the untold story of TJ...


51- UFC 226, Brock Lesnar, and Brendan Schaub's Below the Belt shot on Dana White

The guys are back to talk all things UFC 226, including the Brock Lesnar backlash. Also, what’s wrong with Francis Ngannou? Is Joe Rogan the most important figure in mixed martial arts? And what in the Eskimo world is going on with Dana White, Brendan Schaub, and Ronda Rousey? Patreon- Twitter- Facebook- Email-


50- Daniel "DC" Cormier

In nearly every great story a protagonist must overcome obstacles and adversity to attain the one thing that makes his or her life complete, that makes all in the world or universe right again. But often, standing in their way is an equally powerful villain with opposing intentions. That just about describes our story today — with one major difference. In this story, the hero doesn’t win. The guys discuss the life, career, and future of UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Daniel...


49- QD: CM Punk, Colby Covington, and UFC 225

The guys sit down to discuss the crazy fallout from the CM Punk episode, Colby Covington as the UFC’s self proclaimed super villain, and get ready for UFC 225 this weekend in Chicago. Patreon- Twitter- Facebook-


48- CM Punk

To say CM Punk’s UFC career has been met with criticism would be an understatement. But to CM Punk controversy and adversity are nothing new. It’s time to take a look at the crazy life and career that led a man to walk away from it all just to step inside the Octagon and risk everything. You may not like that he is here, but we can tell you why you should. We are All In on CM Punk, and if you hear his story you probably will be as well. Patreon:...


47- QD: UFC 224 impressions, The Gold Standard, and Superman ruins everything

The guys get together to talk about the aftermath of UFC 224, including what’s next for Amanda Nunes, and who deserves the next shot at the middleweight title. Also, after Zach receives heat for comments made in the last episode, the guys debate the gold standard for video games and comic book movies. Want to hear more from the guys or give them a piece of your mind? Subscribe below: Patreon- Twitter- Facebook-...


46- Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes

Amanda Nunes tore through nearly all of the top names in the women’s bantamweight division on her way to becoming champion, including a dominating performance over Ronda Rousey. So why don’t we know much about her? In this episode you’ll learn about Nunes’s childhood, how she got her nickname, how she fell in love, and how the UFC has failed to properly promote her. Patreon: Twitter: Facebook:...


45- QD: Fortnite, California, and Alcohol Trivia

The guys are back in studio for another Questionable Decisions. Zach returns from California and his mouth is still on fire. Taylor wants to throw chairs at the lack of accountability in society, and The Godfather has a quiz for the guys. Plus, some Bellator and UFC talk. Patreon- Twitter- Facebook-


45- Fedor Emelianenko Part 2

The guys are back for part 2 of Fedor Emelianenko to talk the accusations, speculations, and controversy surrounding his career. This is the Untold of “The Last Emperor,” Fedor Emelianenko. Patreon- Twitter- Facebook-


Bonus QD: Embarrassing T-Shirts, Atlanta Monster, and Squads

The guys get together for a bonus episode full of random shenanigans. Zach reveals the horrifying story behind his nickname. The Godfather finally finishes Atlanta Monster, and Taylor shares with the group his most embarrassing T-shirt as a kid. To hear more bonus content like this in the future, subscribe to our patreon. Patreon-


43- Fedor Emelianenko Part 1

Fedor Emelianenko is considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight in mixed martial arts history. But the road to the top isn’t always paved in gold. This is the story of “The Last Emperor,” Fedor Emelianenko. Patreon- Twitter- Facebook-


42- Frank Mir

The guys profile the life and career of UFC heavyweight, Frank Mir. From his rise to UFC champion to a motorcycle accident that nearly cost him him everything.


41- Emergency QD: Conor McGregor loses his mind, Wrestlemania, and a huge announcement

The guys rush to the studio to answer the Conor signal and discuss the implications of Conor's most recent antics. Wrestlemania is fast approaching and The Godfather is eager to talk about Brock's return to the UFC and Ronda's path to WWE success. Plus, one of the guys has a big announcement. Patreon: Twitter: Facebook:


40- Joanna Jedrzejczyk

The guys profile the former queen of the women's Strawweight division, Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Learn what almost kept Joanna from ever competing in sports and the origin behind her patented stare-down. Also, the guys give their two cents on Joanna's legacy and potential future. Twitter: Facebook: Audio Clip:


39- Questionable Decisions: Daniel Bryan, Colby Covington, and The Push

The guys sit down to discuss a UFC equivalent to the return of Daniel Bryan, Anthony Joshua, and a creepy physical. Plus, The Godfather tells the guys about a crazy documentary on Netflix.


38- Milwaukee's Best: Anthony "Showtime" Pettis

Many people have seen the showtime kick, one of the most dangerous and improbable moves in the history of MMA. However, what you may not know is that the man who threw the kick took a journey that was just as dangerous and improbable. Meet the man who grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee and didn't stop pushing forward when obstacles like murder and arson got in the way. Come along with us as we explore the life and career of Anthony Pettis.


37- Questionable Decisions: TV Shows, Teaching the Young, and UFC Star Making

The guys sit down after a long week to talk about everything from desensitizing children to UFC 222. Taylor's energy levels reach an all-time low, Zach loses the rest of his man points, and Tim's quality of life increases. Plus, the guys spark a heated debate over Tyron Woodley's next opponent. UFC talk- 1:01:20 Twitter: Facebook: Email:


36- Cat "Alpha" Zingano

The guys cover one of the best & most recognizable women in mixed martial arts. Her resume is impressive. Her skills undeniable. But it's Zingano's perseverance, determination, and will to survive that set her apart from her peers. Cat's story is gripping, full of extreme highs and even lower lows. The kind of story that might seem cliche if it were a Hollywood film. But this isn't a movie. This is real life. This is the Untold Story of Cat "Alpha" Zingano. Twitter-...


35- Questionable Decisions: Freakanomics, Formulas, and The Avengars-UFC Theory

Taylor comes in hot after surviving a dangerous exchange. Zach discuses his love of Twilight and hatred of Thin Mints. And The Godfather discovers a link between The Avengers and the UFC. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a strange ride. Thug Rose! Thug Rose! Cut!


34- Brendan Schaub: The Fighter and The Man

Brendan "Big Brown" Schaub is one of the most popular MMA fighters to ever compete, though not necessarily for his work inside the cage. From football to fighting, podcasts to comedy, learn how Schaub has been able to adapt and excel in every area of life. Also, the guys "breakdown" Big Brown and get to the root of his success, love from his fans, and criticisms. Twitter: Facebook: Audio clip used from The Joe Rogan...