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Supercross and Motocross coverage. PLUS... Rider Interviews, Industry News, Insider talk, Fantasy Racing discussion and MORE!!! Hosted by Steve 'Bodybag' Flanders and Jamie 'Forehead' Foreman.

Supercross and Motocross coverage. PLUS... Rider Interviews, Industry News, Insider talk, Fantasy Racing discussion and MORE!!! Hosted by Steve 'Bodybag' Flanders and Jamie 'Forehead' Foreman.
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Supercross and Motocross coverage. PLUS... Rider Interviews, Industry News, Insider talk, Fantasy Racing discussion and MORE!!! Hosted by Steve 'Bodybag' Flanders and Jamie 'Forehead' Foreman.




MXTalkRadio – Millsaps, Barcia, Politelli

After 5 years we finally got the talented Davi Millsaps on MXTR and right away got to the bottom of the mystery regarding the Lightning Bolt Sideburn Agent who has had us road blocked from talking with him. Once we had that figured out we talked with Davi about the injury to his foot and his outdoor MX plans. Next up Justin Barcia was back on MXTR and we had some catching up to do. We talked cars, trucks and guns before we got down to talking about his SX season and the upcoming MX...


MXTalkRadio – Jimmy DeCotis, Jason Anderson & Justin Bogle

Another great show with Dakota Tedder and Buamer in-studio as well as TWO 250 Champs and “The Rippa” Jimmy DeCotis calling in. Fun Times with Jimmy D talking about SX Privateer payouts, Jason Anderson about grabbing Rockstar KTM’s first Championship, and busting Bogle’s sack about his music career and that 250 East Championship. Check in for MXTalkRadio LIVE @ 7:00pm Pacific, this Tuesday, and every Tuesday on


MXTalkRadio – Hill, Gilmore, Davalos, Peick

Great show this week with Josh Hill, Cody Gilmore and Martin Davalos Talked to Hill about snatching RCH’s first podium in NY, his plans for summer 2014, PIR, Bmayzee, mud runs, etc… Had a few laughs and learned some stuff about this talented Hill brother. Cody Gilmore joined us next and it was a treat having Happy 374 on the show for the first time. Happy talked openly about racing, cancer, making mains in 2014 SX, Summer 2014 plans and renting Denny Stephenson to party with. Last up we...


MXTalkRadio – Stewart, Carmichael and Kenny Watson In-Studio

Great show with the OG K-Dub Kenny Watson sitting In-Studio as well as the trio of Bodybag Forehead and Baumer to round out the four person cast. The show kicked off with a call to Dirt Candy’s Ronnie Stewart who gave us some insight into his program as well as his plans for the Lucas Oil Outdoor MX Series. Next up we gave the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, a call. RC was smooth as glass as we talked about everything from racing to team management. Last up we called our buddy Weston Peick as we...


MXTalkRadio – Friese, Bowers, Ames

Cool show this week catching up with Friese and Bowers and meeting Ames for the first time. Factory Metal Works/Club MX Vince Friese fought a hard earned battle in Dallas this weekend and walked away with a 4th place finish and was top privateer. We talked with Friese about the race, the 250, the teams trailer mishap, his 450 results an his hot girlfriend before switching gears to our Arenacross madmen. Zach Ames is a cool operator with a passion for what he does as well as a shared...


MXTalkRadio – Adam Cianciarulo, Wil Hahn

Wow, great show tonight catching up with Geico Honda’s Will Hahn and talking to Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo for the first time. It’s been a while since we had Wil on the show, so we caught up about Birthday’s and Duck Dynasty, but we also had a chance to talk about the Geico Honda 450 and his season so far. Finally, we blew off the seriousness with some Superbowl/Supercross analogies and Karaoke. Next up Adam told us about his prep for his first Pro Supercross in...


MXTalkRadio – Josh Hansen, Justin Hill, Broc Tickle

As we figured, this turned out to be a killer show. Hanny talked about his switch back to Kawi’s, X Games, making a living outside of racing and his thoughts on returning to racing. Hill gave us some insight into his season and spoke the entire time in a South African accent which was pretty [...]


MXTalkRadio – Aeck, Short

Another great show tonight with all three hosts in-studio to carry the load. After a bit of BS’ing amongst ourselves, we got down to business with Moto Concepts Racing’s Colton Aeck and BTO Sports KTM rider Andrew Short. Colton Aeck made his first SX main event at Phoenix, scored a full ride with MCR and [...]


MXTalkRadio – Canada, Wharton, Brayton

Great show tonight with 51 Fifty’s Jake Canada, Geico Honda’s Blake Wharton and JGR Yamaha’s Justin Brayton. Everyone is revved up for the 2014 season so get yourself in the game. Co-hosted by MXTR’s new teammate Ty Kady. Watch the Video webcast at


MXTalkRadio – Brock Sellards, Matt Lemoine and Dakota Tedder

Awesome show tonight! Baumer did his best to handle the Co-Hosting duties while Forehead took the easy seat on the couch and did what he does best which is run his mouth. We caught up with Brock Sellards and pretty much ran out of time before we got to ask him everything we wanted to [...]


MXTalkRadio – Kady, Davalos, Durham – Borky Co-Hosts

Great to be back and stoked to have Borky and Ty Kady here to help hold things together while we blew off the cobwebs and re-entered the webcast realm. Borky and Ty kicked off the first part of the show. We caught up with Borky and heard from Ty about Next Level Coaching and his [...]


MXTalkRadio – Catanzaro, Walker, Scuba, Wey, Champion

This week: Catanzaro, Walker, Scuba, Wey and Champion A show packed with guests always is a solid starting point for a great show. AJ Catanzaro kicked it off with a privateers take on SX 2013… his segment is not to be missed as he absolutely puts into perspective what it’s like financially and emotionally to be a privateer from empty bank accounts to tears of joy he takes us through his 2013 season. Matt Walker was our “where are they now” guest for this episode and it was a refreshing...


MXTalkRadio – Peick, Vincent

This Week: Weston Peick, Lance Vincent We were supposed to have AJ Catanzaro on this week’s show, but he cooled guy’d us when we tried to call so we didn’t get our chance to talk with the East 250 Privateer. In all fairness to AJ, it was around 10:30pm eatern time when we called, so he had probably already turned in for the night. We quickly called our old buddy Weston Peick to see what he was up to. Weston was whipping up some Peppers and Chicken or something along those lines, so we spent...


MXTalkRadio – Broc Tickle, Jimmy DeCotis

This week: Broc Tickle, Jimmy DeCotis It’s been a while since we’ve talked with Broc Tickle so we had a lot of catching up to do. We talked about his new team, RCH Racing, his golf game and practicing at Ricky’s among other things. We even brought him up to speed on our Host vs Host pre-season bet we made involving him. Next up Jimmy DeCotis was back on the show and ready to go. We talked with Jimmy about injury, returning to racing, Harley sponsorships and Evil Knievel… but what really...


MXTalkRadio – Vince Friese, Justin Buckelew

Tonight on MXTalkRadio: Vince Friese Justin Buckelew Weston Peick Great chat tonight with Vince Friese about his new team, success on the lites bike, rumors of AX for 2014 and making money in professional racing. We caught up with Justin Buckelew for our “where are they now” segment and talked about raising a family, his motocross training school, money, fun times and advice he has for up and coming racers. Last, but not at all least, was our “Where’s Weston” call to Weston Peick. This...


MXTalkRadio - Cole Thompson, Travis Preston, Blake Wharton

Unreal show tonight kicked off with Canadian Privateer Cole Thompson. Cole told us all we needed to know about his privateer status as well as his struggles and successes he’s had a an up and coming racer. Cole also talked about his plans for 2013 MX and his move directly from the “B” class to pro racing in 2012. Travis Preston joined us next to break in our new “Where Are They Now” segment. As expected, Travis was full of character and never short of words as we talked in depth about...


MXTalkRadio - Kiniry, Partridge, Anderson, Borky co-hosts

Borky was in-studio this week to fill the shoes of our absent Forehead, and as usual when Borky’s here we kicked off a great show with Velocity 3′s Bobby Kiniry. Bobby talked about his passion for riding Yamaha’s, his tendency for 1st lap crashing, and the potential for bass fishing tournaments to be his go-to career after he’s done with moto. Next up we had Kyle Partridge. Kyle was a first time guest on MXTR so we had a lot of catching up to do. We talked to Kyle about his tough recovery...


MXTalkRadio - Cunningham, Baker, Peick

This episode got off to a quick start with a short talk about A3 SX and Superbowl then right into talking with Star Racing’s Kyle Cunningham. Kyle was at the normal Tuesday poker night event that we’ve talked about so many times, and he gave us the rundown on who attends as well as who to look out for on the tables. We also talked about his ‘Only Child” position on the West Coast for Star and his solid season he’s having to this point Somehow our next guest, Valli’s Travis Baker got brought...


MXTalkRadio - Politelli, Stewart, Blose and Peick

Right out of the gate Forehead went on a rant about the ‘Side Show‘ that is Supercross, we did eventually get around to talking about the chaos in Oakland among other things. Our first guest, Austin Politelli, joined the show to talk about his HRT/Moto Thump/Ti Lube team and what he learned from his 2012 rookie season, his recent results anmd what he’s currently working on to improve over the next few rounds. Next up we talked to Malcolm Stewart. This was Malcolm’s first time on MXTR, and he...


MXTalkRadio – Epstein, Brayton, Canada

We got a chance to get to know EMT Racing’s Dillan Epstein, hear about trick JGR parts from Justin Brayton and explain Fantasy Supercross to Jake Canada. All-in-all a good show with some laughs and insight into 3 very different riders with 3 different perspectives on the sport.