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A creative lifestyle podcast for those who like to sew, quilt, decorate and make things for the home.

A creative lifestyle podcast for those who like to sew, quilt, decorate and make things for the home.
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A creative lifestyle podcast for those who like to sew, quilt, decorate and make things for the home.




M&D 34: Amanda Murphy: Longarm, machine and ruler quilting

This is the final episode of the Series: Different Types of Quilting, and the final episode of Season 1. Season 2 will resume in the fall, so stay subscribed to be notified of new episodes. My guest on this episode is Amanda Murphy, and she is a Spokesperson for Bernina, a book author, fabric designer, quilt pattern designer, and has various longarm and domestic machine quilting rulers. Amanda shares her story about how she became a professional in the quilt industry through fabric...


M&D 33: Natalia Bonner - Longarm Quilting

On this episode, we continue the series on the different types of quilting. We take an in-depth look at longarm quilting and how you can translate Natalia's tutorials to both longarm and domestic machine quilting. Also, Natalia has just added another quilting ruler, she designed, to her shop. It is called the inside out ruler. In addition to the new ruler, she also is launching a new book Creative Straight Line Quilting. I share a...


M&D 32: Christa Watson - Machine Quilting & 1 Yr Anniversary of Make and Decorate Podcast!!

1 Year Anniversary of the Make and Decorate with Stephanie Socha Design Podcast! My first episode published on July 19, 2018. A huge thank you to all of you who subscribe and listen to this podcast. I am so pleased to have Christa Watson back on the show to continue our series on the different types of quilting. Christa quilts all of her own quilts on her domestic sewing machine, and she shares how we can be successful machine quilters from beginners to advanced levels. You can find links...


M&D 31: Heidi Parkes

Our Quilting Series continues on the Different Types of Quilting. Today's episode is on Hand Quilting. I am so thrilled to have professional quilter and educator, Heidi Parkes on the podcast today. Don't skip this episode, even if you detest hand sewing and hand quilting. We chat about so much more, and Heidi shares her creative story about growing up with a creative family and her fine art education, and how she became a professional quilter. The information...


M&D 30: Jacquie Gering

In this episode, I am starting a new series on Quilting: An in depth look at the different types of quilting. My guest on this episode is Jacquie Gering, a professional quilter, teacher and book author. We talk about domestic machine walking foot quilting and modern quilting. In Jacquie's book, Walk, she shares 80 new machine quilting designs, and shows how the walking foot can do more than just straight lines. She has been working on a sequel book Walk 2.0, with about 60 more walking...


M&D 29: Leah Day

On this episode, I chat with Leah Day, quilter, pattern designer, business owner, and a writer. Leah has an online shop with her patterns, quilting tools, and is a dealer of The Grace Company Longarm machines, and frames If you have followed Leah Day over the years, you know she started out as a machine quilting expert in free motion quilting. She did a year long blog project on 365 New quilt designs. These quilting designs are available in a downloadable book or a...


M&D 28: Latifah Saafir Studios

In today’s episode, the first segment begins with my recap of the Libs Elliot workshop, Embrace the Chaos, I went to last weekend. It was one of the most amazing classes I have experienced! My guest on this episode is Latifah Saafir. Latifah is an independent quilt pattern designer, and is a fabric designer with Hoffman Fabrics. Her latest fabric collection is “1985”. She designed the “Clammy” templates for her clamshell patterns, and she has a new...


M&D 27: Singer Featherweight C240, Sewing the Trixie Panel, Worsted Merino/Silk yarn

It's a jam packed episode with me, Stephanie Socha! There are a lot of projects on my table, and I'm in the completion phase of a couple of quilts. Find out what portable hand sewing project I took with me to jury duty last week, plus learn about hand sewing with silk thread. I present a semi-review of the newer Singer Featherweight C240. I say "semi" because I have not actually sewn on this machine, but have done extensive research on this little gem of a machine since I recently learned...


M&D 26: Kristin Nicholas

In this episode, I talk with Kristin Nicholas of Kristin Nicholas Designs. Kristin is an artist, designer and book author. Kristin excels in many areas of art: in the fiber artist world, as a pottery maker/artist, and a fabric/surface designer on Spoonflower. She is an author of 12 books on color, stitching and home decor. Kristin lives on a working sheep farm called Leyden Glen Farm, in western Massachusetts. In addition to her art and design, Kristin also teaches online classes on...


M&D 25: Christa Watson, Christa Quilts

It's episode 25🎉and my guest on the podcast today is Christa Watson of Christa Quilts! Christa is a quilter, teacher, book author, pattern designer and fabric designer for Benartex Fabrics. Christa's latest book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts, is available on her website, and all of her fabric collections are available in her online shop as well at We had the best time chatting about it all, machine quilting, overcoming quilting hesitation and fears, and the...


M&D 24: Tammy Newton, Thimbles Quilt Shop

I recorded this episode from Thimbles Quilt Shop in Lockport, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago. Tammy Newton is co-owner of Thimbles quilt shop, and she sat down with me in the beautiful 2nd floor of the shop that is their classroom and meeting place for all of the shop's events. We chat about it all - sewing, quilting, fabrics, Babylock and Bernina machines, and how she and co-owner, Jane, along with their invaluable team keep this beautiful brick and mortar quilt shop successful. You...


M&D 23: Kristin Rauch, Woolly Petals

Welcome to episode 23 of Make and Decorate with Stephanie Socha Design! There are a lot of exciting things going on here, I am about to start the Alison Glass Trinket sew a-long. This is a foundation paper pieced pattern, and I hope I can keep up with the 1 block per weekday for 8 weeks! I am looking forward to it. My guest this episode is Kristin Rauch, of Woolly Petals. Kristin has an interior design background and a strong sewing background, and can make anything - I mean anything and...


M&D 22: Mister Domestic - Mathew Boudreaux !!

On today's episode, I chat with Mister Domestic, Mathew Boudreaux. Mister Domestic has built a genuine community of creative followers from his instagram feed, YouTube Channel, and fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics. We talk about the above, and focus on what's beneath the surface for Mathew, ie his inspiration, what gives him the most joy in his creative world, and how his life experiences have made him who his is today not only as a professional, but as a person, father and husband...


M&D 21: Frances O'Roark Dowell - The Off Kilter Quilt

Happy Valentine’s Day! On today’s episode, I chat with Frances O’Rourk Dowell. Frances is a fiction novelist/author, mostly of young adult fiction, but also more recently, of Quilt Fiction. Some of you may have read Birds in the Air, Frances’ first quilt fiction novel. A follow-up novel Stars Upon Stars is due to release around June 2019. In addition to writing, Frances is an avid quilter, and she has had a podcast, The Off Kilter Quilt, for the past 9 years! Her podcast is journal style,...


M&D 20: Minisode - Current WIPs update and new Quilting notions

Happy February!! Here we go - this new year has taken off at breakneck speed. In this minisode, I talk about current projects in my studio, and happy to report that the king size butterfly quilt is now at the longarm quilter - yay! I have some new to me quilting notions to share with you: Clearly Perfect Angles, mini wonder clips, Olfa endurance blades, Clover marble glass head pins and more. Be sure to listen to the very end...I reveal the guest that will be on next week's episode! Don't...


M&D 19: Sara Lawson, Sew Sweetness

In the first segment, I update on the goings on here, and a mini-review on my new iPhone XR. I share my research on the notable differences from the iPhone XS. My podcast guest this week is Sara Lawson, from Sew Sweetness Patterns!!!! Sara is a bag pattern designer and has two weekly live facebook and youtube video shows, AND she is a fellow Chicagoan woot woot! We chat about it all…when and how Sara started sewing, origins of her blog and pattern design to her video tutorials that are...


M&D 18: Part 2 Jessica Pierce, 5 out of 4 Patterns; WIPs, & motorized window shades

Welcome back to part 2 of my conversation with the amazing Jessica Pierce, owner and creator of 5 out of 4 Patterns. Have you checked out her website, downloaded and made any of her patterns? Let me know. Also, in the first segment of this podcast I talk about my current WIP's, and recent installation of motorized roman shades. You can find the show notes here: My instagram: Facebook Page: Stephanie Socha...


M&D 17: Jessica Pierce, 5 out of 4 Patterns - Part 1

Happy New Year Everybody!!! On the first segment of this episode, I chat about what I did, what I made and what I watched on Netflix during the holidays. Check my show notes for links. Segment 2: Meet Jessica Pierce, owner of 5 out of 4 Patterns. Jessica is an amazing person, and we had such a great time chatting about her, and her family and her awesome business, 5 out of 4 Patterns. We had such a good time, that we talked for an hour and a half! Haha! I split up this long conversation...


Ep. 16 M&D Best Sewing Stuff 2018, Making vanilla extract & looking ahead to 2019

Ooops! If you downloaded earlier than noon cst 12-20-18, you got my "directors cut" long version of episode 16...sorry about that. This is the edited episode 16 with a new segment on making vanilla extract! So be sure that you have episode 16 that is 52:40 minutes long. It is the last episode of 2018! Do you find at the end of every year, you are marveling at how it went by so fast? Well, here we are again, nearing the end of another year. When I reflect back on this past year, I realize I...


M&D 15: Mini-sode: Felt, Quilt, Sewing projects, Rotary cutter update & home renovation tips

There is sew much going on here in Make and Decorate-land! Since I removed several handmade gift items off of my to do list, I have been able to breathe and enjoy this holiday season so much better this year! On this mini-sode episode, I recap the previous Sugaridoo episode with some sources of craft shows with crochet, knitting, yarn and possible amigurumi for you to find in 2019. I also give a progress review on my new Martelli Ergo rotary cutter, as well as mention the new Olfa limited...