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Martha talks about running with passion and humor to entertain all levels of recreational runners!

Martha talks about running with passion and humor to entertain all levels of recreational runners!
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Martha talks about running with passion and humor to entertain all levels of recreational runners!






You Mean It's OK To Walk?

#18 - Rob Nadeau and I talk about our upcoming 50K the Shasta Trail Race Gateway, in which we come to the startling realization that we'll be climbing some big mountain trails and discuss what training has been like and how our jobs get in the way. Also, Rob tells us about his first half marathon, do not miss this! As always, check out the website at I love feedback and future episode suggestions, so contact me through my email like the...


Run Through Your Life

#17 - They say the 60s are the new 30s or the 70s are the new 40s or....I think what they're trying to say is that we all get older but that shouldn't stop us from doing what we love. If you're listening to Martha Runs the World, I'm guessing you love to run. There's no reason aside from major medical conditions, that anyone should stop running just because they're past 35. Sure, we may have to switch things up a bit or add a few extra steps into our workout routines, but we can do this! In...


Beginning Trail Running

#16 - Have you wanted to run trails but didn't know how to start? Does the thought of running trail intimidate you somehow? Have no fear! I'm here to answer your questions! This week, I give you all the info you'll need to get started and have a blast on the wonderful and beautiful trails I love! For show notes and to check all past episodes, go to the website at to send comments and all future show ideas, email me at


Travel Ideas for Runners

#15 - Runners love to travel. We love to pick out a race and plan trips around that race. If we don't do that, we love getting our runs in while we're on vacation. In Episode 15, I give ideas for both, by speaking to Lena Andersson from Go! Running Tours, who offer running tours in many different cities throughout the world, and Salem Stanley from Vacation Races, who produce destination races and package vacations in the US and other countries. Is it time to start planning that running...


Runners Around the World

#14 - No other sport there is brings people together like running. Runners can be found on all continents, all countries. I speak with two runners, from opposite sides of the globe, who even though have different lives, share a love of running. Join Rob Nadeau and Kamal Deep Dham as they tell us about their lives and their love of running. visit the website: email me for any comments:


San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Race Report

#13 - In this episode, I give my race report for the 2019 San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Marathon as well as a bonus section at the end on gratitude in running! Please check out the website for show notes and more information email me with comments and upcoming show ideas


Carrie Barrett of I Would Never Do That and Facing Our Fears

#12 - It is human nature to run from our fears. But this stops us from living our lives to their fullest. Fear is healthy in some cases. Flight may keep us alive. But it also keeps us from pursuing our dreams. In running, it may hinder us from obtaining our goals. Is fear holding you back? Carrie Barrett's podcast I Would Never Do That focuses on people who do incredible things, in all walks of life. Each guest is courageous and magnificent. In my longest episode and interview, I talk to her...


Maura O'Connor and Physical Therapy

#11 - What do we do when we're injured? Do we shrug it off and hope for the best? Do we stick to our race? Or do we defer and seek out help? Unfortunately, too many of us do not get the help we need through physical therapy. Maura O'Connor has been a physical therapist for a long time. She explains to us how important it is to get the help we need and why we runners should never be afraid to ask for help. I also go over a more effective way to foam roll.


Beginning Running

#10 - Running is the most awesomost sport there is! I want to help you learn to run. So I provide some easy to follow guidelines to get you started. There are just a few rules, the rest is fun! It takes a while to get good at running, so have patience and it will get better!


Ryan Spitz and Shasta Trail Runs

#9 - Sometimes, the most horrific events happen when we least expect. In 2018, the Carr Fire burn hundreds of thousands of acres of forest land and over a thousand homes in the Redding area of Northern California. Ryan Spitz had just taken over as owner and race director of Shasta Trail Runs. I talked to Ryan about the fire, the running community and what Shasta Trail Runs plans for 2019 and beyond. It was pleasure speaking with him and I know you'll enjoy it too! For all show notes,...


Healthy Eating

#8 - Healthy eating and weight control are huge part of the running equation. What we eat affects how we run. Sure, we may be able to get away with eating anything and everything when we're younger, but as we age, our diet shows up in our running times. Although we may not be running for time, it is still good to help ourselves through eating right. I go over some popular eating plans and what we can do to help ourselves. Remember: we are all works in progress. Check out the MRTW at...


RunBuzz and Steve Carmichael

#7 - There has never been a time in history when we runners had so much information within our reach. But it can be overwhelming. There are tons of running and fitness podcasts to choose from for runners. One of the best is RunBuzz. Steve Carmichael started it five years ago and it's going strong today with over 100 episodes. I talk with Steve today about the podcast and the community that was born and has grown from it. As always, you can find more information on our website...


Brian Burk and the Leadville 100

#6 - Ultrarunner and author Brian Burk joins me this week for a revealing and stimulation interview about all things running, writing and Leadville! I also talk about the race, what makes it and other 100 mile races difficult and a couple ways we can learn more about it. Brian wrote the novel Running to Leadville about love, loss and running in the beautiful backdrop of this small town and big ultra race. You can find Running to Leadville on Amazon or through Brian's website...


Strength Training

#5 - Runners love running, it's our favorite thing. But most of us have to do more to keep our bodies strong enough to stay out on the road and trail injury-free. To help you accomplish this, MRTW gives some advice how to add strength training safely and easily. And you may find out you enjoy it! The website has a few examples of both body weight and weighted exercises runners can add as well as a couple resources for more information. As always, visit our website at...


Training Plans

#4 - Do you have a training plan for your next race or do you just wing it? Do you find one online or make your own? Do you spend hours setting it up, changing it and re-changing it? Do you have one goal you want to accomplish in your next race? I'll answer these and more questions in my next podcast. I also review Matt Fitzgerald's book "How Bad Do You Want it". You can contact me with your thoughts and how you set up your training at my website: or email me at:...


Yin and Yang of Running

#3 - Life is a balancing act, so is running. There are wonderful things about running and there are not so wonderful. I go over a few of what I love and what I don't love. Hint: I love supportive family and friends and volunteers! Yay! I also review the book You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Winter Running

#2 - Let's talk about being prepared for nasty winter weather! Dressing properly and taking a few precautions can make a world of difference in our run and might even make it really fun! I also discuss motivation and how to keep ourselves determined to get outside the door!


Martha Runs the World

#1 - The first episode in a new podcast that takes a new look at one of the world's most popular sports. MRTW is honest, direct and sometimes humorous but always passionate about running. I ask the simple or not so simple question: What is running?