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Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.31: QB Development Coach Rich Bartel

Former NFL quarterback and quarterback development coach Rich Bartel returns to Matt Waldman's RSP Cast to discuss quarterback evaluation and development. When you have an opportunity to speak with someone who works with quarterbacks at a variety of levels and played the position at a professional level, you take every chance you can to pick his brain. Rich Bartel is a developer at the position; I'm an evaluator. We come to the position from different experiences — vastly so. He clearly...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.30: Football Gameplan’s Gene Clemons

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast welcomes Football Gameplan's Gene Clemons to the show for a conversation about Cleveland's Baker Mayfield, Alabama's Irv Smith, Lehigh's Brad Mayes, and a debate on the upside of Nick Chubb. I've had the good fortune to have Gene Clemons as a semi-frequent guest for Rookie Scouting Portfolio programs. Gene and I studied Breshad Perriman, Trevone Boykin and Baker Mayfield in the three 2015 RSP Film Room sessions. And I recently joined Gene in July on his Offensive...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 29: Revisiting Evaluations, RB Archetypes, And Quick Takes on 2019’s Class

In this week's RSP Cast, Matt Waldman explains why people can be too impatient with original evaluations, why people misuse workout data with running back evaluations, and provides quick takes on a pair of quarterbacks, running backs, and five tight ends in 2019's class. This week, I went solo to share some thoughts on scouting: RSP writer Dwain McFarland's new Film And Data analysis of Dak Prescott is a good starting point for thoughts on why we can be too impatient with player evaluations....


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.28: September NFL Quarterback Check-In with Mark Schofield

Matt Waldman's RSP Podcast hosts Mark Schofield for a conversation about NFL quarterbacks a month into the 2018 season. Mark and I riff on several NFL quarterbacks in an hour-long conversation that flies by. Jared Goff's development within the Rams offense: What's new, what's McVay, and what's always been, Goff? Dak Prescott's woes in Dallas and is he a quarterback who can carry an offense? Is Oakland's offense a few plays away from an explosive unit as Marshawn Lynch argues? Are we...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 27: USA Football’s Andy Ryland on the Craft of Tackling

Matt Waldman hosts USA Football tackling expert Andy Ryland on the RSP Cast for a clinic on the key processes of tackling. Andy Ryland is the son of a Rugby coach, an alum of Linebacker U (Penn State), and a Rugby All-American. Now at USA Football, Ryland works with coaches at all levels of football on the craft of tackling ball carriers. Ryland and I sit down for a conversation about his 33 key process indicators (KPI) for effective tackling. Gaining the proper perspective on the details of...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 26: NFL Network’s Chad Reuter

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast welcomes's Chad Reuter to the show for a conversation about media and NFL scouting, 2019 NFL Draft prospects, and the 2018 NFL season. Chad Reuter is one of my favorites in this industry. A 20-year veteran in this industry, he's one of the early figures in online draft media. He's worked with Frank Cooney and was the lead draft analyst for CBS sports with Rob Rang. He's now a researcher for NFL Network. Chad and I sat down to talk about a variety of subjects...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.25 WR Coach Drew Lieberman: The Art of the Catch

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast hosts The Sideline Hustle's Drew Lieberman for a conversation about the craft of catching the football and the college and NFL level. Drew Lieberman's The Sideline Hustle is an excellent resource for wide receiver play. A former quarterback at Mark Schofield's alumni of Wesleyan, Drew has coached wide receivers at Wesleyan and Rutgers and works with a variety of college and pro players. We had an excellent podcast last month on route running that is well worth your...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 24:’s Lance Zierlein

More's Lance Zierlein joins Matt Waldman's RSP Cast for a conversation about the process of scouting, lessons we've learned over the years, the players who taught us those lessons, and 2019 prospects who've caught our eye. One of my favorite RSP Film Room episodes was the clinic that Lance Zierlein gave about offensive line play when we studied Washington's Brandon Scherff in 2014. Soon after, Lance accepted a job from the NFL to do scouting reports for the website and appear on...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 23: 15 Underused NFL Players

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast profiles 15 NFL skill players that Matt would want on his expansion team. What if I won an NFL expansion team and I could acquire veterans to build it? Who are some of the skill players that I'd expect (and hope) would be on that list? After thinking about it for 20 minutes, 15 players came to mind — four running backs, three tight ends, seven receivers, and a quarterback. In this solo episode, I explain why these 15 players have the skill to become regular and...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast No. 22 Eric Stoner: Countering the QB Golden Age Narrative

In this RSP Cast, Eric Stoner and Matt Waldman discuss if there is an emerging golden age of NFL quarterbacking. Pro Football Focus appears ready to pronounce this era as an emerging golden age of quarterbacking for the NFL. Eric Stoner remembers 2012, the year Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck, and Ryan Tannehill entered the league. Regardless of how compelling the excuses are for the rest, only one has definitively proven his value as a franchise player. Stoner and I have a...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 21: Eric Stoner on Gruden’s Raiders, Analytics, and Adrian Peterson

Former Rookie Scouting Portfolio contributor Eric Stoner joins the RSP Cast for a conversation about Jon Gruden's offense, perspectives on analytics, and Adrian Peterson's knowledge of blocking schemes. Eric Stoner has a good eye for the game. He no longer writes about football but he was the co-founder of Draft Mecca with the likes of Justis Mosqueda and Charles McDonald. He also contributed at Rotoworld and of course, spent his share of time writing here at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio....


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 20: NFL Preseason and NFL Deep Dives and Patience Plays

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast examines NFL talents below the radar below the radar. A lot of college football and NFL tape has passed by these eyeballs during the past six weeks. Time to share... Overrated and underrated facets of preseason analysis. Now and Later: Young talents working behind the scenes that are worth your patience and monitoring at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end, including Chad Kelly, Roc Thomas, Chad Williams, Teo Redding, and Jacob Hollister. The best...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 19: Darren Kramer And Football As Performance Craft

Matt Waldman and Darren Kramer — a professional musician, instructor, and football fan — discuss the amazingly relevant links between football and improvised music. Now for something completely different...Most of you who read my work know that I'm a former musician and I link a lot of what I see in my work as a football analyst and evaluator of talent to my past careers — especially the craft of jazz improvisation. The deeper I dive into football, the more links I discover between practice,...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast No. 18: Wide Receivers with The Sideline Hustle

More Matt Waldman's RSP Cast hosts Drew Lieberman of The Sideline Hustle, one of the best resources available to the public about wide receiver play. If you're a serious fantasy football player or a diehard fan who wants to absorb as much knowledge as you can about the game, Drew Lieberman and his site The Sideline Hustle is one you want to follow. Lieberman spent two years at Mark Schofield's alma mater of Wesleyan University as the team's wide...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.17 Bob Henry ( 2018 Player Outlooks

Bob Henry,'s mastercraftsman of player projections, joins Matt Waldman's RSP Cast to share his thoughts on key players for the 2018 fantasy season. Bob Henry joined last week's show for a conversation about player projection methodologies. This week, Bob and I dispense with the theory and discuss which players he's high and low on for the 2018 fantasy season. Bob also shares some players who were difficult to project and discloses college players that we should be keeping an...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 16 Bob Henry (Footballguys): Crafting Winning Fantasy Projections

One of the most accurate analysts since fantasy football found the Internet, Footballguys Bob Henry joins Matt Waldman's RSP Cast to discuss the process and craft of fantasy projections. We've been in a golden age of fantasy football analysis and the proliferation of technology has led to a ton of new names worthy of praise in the industry. One of the original gangsters worth knowing is Bob Henry. He doesn't cultivate an audience like he used to because he no longer writes a weekly feature....


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Episode 15, Defensive Line Play: Brandon Thorn, USA Football

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast welcomes USA Football writer, Brandon Thorn to the podcast for an in-depth discussion on defensive linemen, the value of today's running backs, and notable lines on both sides of the football. In one way, this episode with Brandon (@VeteranScout) is a good fantasy football podcast that isn't a fantasy football podcast. An analyst who specializes in offensive and defensive line play, Thorn recently participated in the first OL Masterminds Summit, featuring 26 of the...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 14 Matt Bitonti, Footballguys: Offensive Line Review And Preview

Matt Waldman's RSP Cast has Matt Bitonti (@DraftDaddy) on the show for an in-depth discussion about NFL offensive lines heading into the 2018 season. Whether you're a student of the game or a fantasy player — especially a fantasy player — you cannot ignore offensive line play if you're seeking knowledge that will help you understand the game. I'll be having several knowledgeable offensive line analysts on the show in the future, but I invited Matt Bitonti at this early stage of the podcast...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 13: Dan Hatman, Scouting Academy

Scouting Academy founder Dan Hatman joins Matt Waldman's RSP Cast for a conversation about the business and craft of scouting, players, and player development. When I first met Dan Hatman, I was cautious about him and what he was doing. I've met terrific people and even made lasting friendships in this industry. However, the cross-section of football, fantasy football, and NFL Draft media has its share of people who don't have your best intentions in mind, or they promise a lot and deliver...


Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 12: Josh Norris (Rotoworld) and Post-Draft Press Conferences

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast catches up with Rotoworld NFL Draft analyst and podcast host Josh Norris for a discussion about the value of post-draft press conferences. Why it was accidentally fitting that I referred to Josh as "Dan Morgan," at the beginning of the show. Patterns Josh has discovered that give readers a better sense of how coaches and teams view their draft. Are there underlying red flags or positive markers that press conferences reveal? Josh's list of players to whom we should be...