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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down all the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA and everything in between.


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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down all the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA and everything in between.




We Believe Vol. 2 (ft. Josiah Johnson) | EP 190 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Joining the podcast this week, producer, podcaster and social media legend JOSIAH JOHNSON stopped by to shed some light on how he maintains one of Twitter’s most popular accounts and what the CLIPPERS have to do to change LA from being a LAKERS town to a CLIPPERS city. Then, Josiah reveals his favorite movies/tv shows to draw social media inspiration from, and how to properly handle an online troll. Then in WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, JOY and JOHN HELLER look ahead to the next phase of the NBA and debate the upcoming faces of the league, plus the CLIPPERS are feeling the pressure. Plus, anybody else think of “Pleasure P” (Pretty Ricky) when they hear “Playoff P”? In producer DONNIE BEACHAM’s final HIGH KEY LOW KEY with the podcast, old-timers are freaking out about high school stars skipping their senior seasons to go pro, RUSSELL WILSON changed his mind about leaving SEATTLE and PHIL MICKELSON wins another major…how old is he again? JOY & T recap the an eventful BILLBOARD AWARDS…DRAKE & ADONIS steal the show and the always amazing MICHELLE OBAMA made an appearance! Then MARVEL released the ETERNALS trailer this week and we can’t wait to see. But where were they when Thanos was snapping his fingers? Finally, join the Crazy Gang in wishing DONNIE a farewell as he wraps up his final Crazy pod! Get your free LMNT Sample Pack: LMNT replaces essential electrolytes with no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, or any other junk. As a listener of Maybe I’m Crazy, you can claim your free LMNT Sample Pack - you only cover the cost of shipping. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


2021 NBA Playoff Preview (ft. Marcus Thompson) | EP 189 | Maybe Im Crazy

With the NBA regular season coming to a close, best-selling author and columnist at The Athletic, MARCUS THOMPSON stopped by to talk MVP voting, GIANNIS’ playoff pressure, and why the 2021 version of STEPH CURRY might be he and JOY’s favorite version. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, Joy and JOHN HELLER go through their playoff brackets and pick the postseason losers and winners before Joy makes her NBA FINALS prediction. Then it’s MVP time! Who’s coming away as the league’s best regular season player this season? HIGH KEY we’re not only picking MVP’s, but we’ve got predictions for the other NBA AWARDS too! Plus, the latest Basketball Hall of Fame inductees deserve their praise, as does J COLE for having a legendary week. And then…it’s TEBOW time, once again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aaron Rodgers vs Green Bay: Peak Drama (ft. RJ Young) | EP 188 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Joining JOY TAYLOR this week to talk that NFL DRAFT talk, college football writer and host of The No. 1-Ranked Show, RJ YOUNG stopped by the podcast to breakdown the crazy eventful 2021 Draft. Who were this years winners/losers? And who’s the early favorite for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR? Plus, AARON RODGERS turns up the heat on his “current team”. In the CULTURE REPORT this week, T and JOY celebrate the return of the MET GALA, and the title reveal of Black Panther’s sequel, BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER. Plus, T gives a review of MICHAEL B. JORDAN’s new film WITHOUT REMORSE, and we’re talkin’ divorce in light of the BILL & MELINDA GATES news. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The NFL Draft Is Here…Speculators!! Mount Up | EP 187 | Maybe I’m Crazy

The NFL DRAFT is finally…FINALLY here! Will the 49ERS shock the world and take TREY LANCE over MAC JONES? Plus, is TUA time in MIAMI already over? HIGH KEY the KNICKS are good again…who needs a ZION when you’ve got a JULIUS RANDLE. LOW KEY the LAKERS are getting healthy just in time for the postseason. Plus, there’s drama in the MLB and JOY and DONNIE give their wildest DRAFT prediction. In the CULTURE REPORT this week, JOY and T recap the OSCARS in a year in which we didn’t really go to the movies, plus the MCU’s got a new CAPTAIN AMERICA! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Justice for George Floyd (ft. Bucky Brooks) | EP 186 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Making his return to the podcast, former NFL player/scout and current NFL analyst/head coach of Granada Hills Charter HS, BUCKY BROOKS joins JOY TAYLOR to dig into some NFL DRAFT talk. Should it be illegal to compare MAC JONES to TOM BRADY? And which NFL star would be the perfect mentor for JUSTIN FIELDS? Plus, TREVOR LAWRENCE’S shoulders have no chips, and that’s fine. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, more T-LAW talk as we debate achieving greatness with balanced priorities. But more importantly, if the Top QB prospects in the upcoming band formed a boy band, who’d be the shy guy? HIGH KEY…STEPH CURRY makes a push for a 3rd MVP trophy while the 76ERS look like they MIGHT get over that playoff hump. PLUS, is JOY and DONNIE discuss the future of boxing in a world of JAKE PAUL’s. In this week’s CULTURE REPORT, the Crazy Gang give their instant reaction to the guilty verdict in the DEREK CHAUVIN case over the murder of GEORGE FLOYD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Tuesdays with Lurie (& Roseman) | EP 185 | Maybe I’m Crazy

This week on the Maybe I’m Crazy Podcast, HELLER and T share the same birthday week! Join us in wishing two Crazy Gang members a congrats on the annual earth rotation celebration. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, people are dragging KEVIN DURANT for something he said…not new…BUT we see where he’s coming from this time around…Championships change you. Plus, the dysfunction of the EAGLES organization is much worst than we thought. HIGH KEY the face of the NBA is returning soon, LOW KEY the future face of the NBA is getting reps at point guard and things look good! (We’re talking about LEBRON and ZION…for the uninitiated). Also, the NFL DRAFT is around the corner, what should the FALCONS do with the #4 overall pick? In the CULTURE REPORT this week, KANYE WEST’s YEEZY’s are now the best selling shoes in the history of feet. Plus, USHER pulled a Prince Akeem and went partying with his OWN money, but it’s looking like social media didn’t get the full story. Finally, anybody up for a WHITE BOY SUMMER? …I didn’t think so. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


LeBron James Can Act…Period! | EP 184 | Maybe I’m Crazy

On this week’s pod, JOY TAYLOR recaps an exciting NCAA TOURNAMENT and gives much due credit to STANFORD and BAYLOR for coming out on top of some of the best college basketball we’ve seen in a while. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, the JETS put an end to the speculation and finally move on from SAM DARNOLD, but will they regret it? And for the 10,000,000th time, sports and politics are inseparable. So go ahead and boycott the MLB, ya dummies. It’ll be fine without you (you’re not really gonna boycott, we see through you). HIGH KEY people are overthinking JUSTIN FIELDS, LOW KEY people are overthinking MAC JONES. Come on people! Plus, AARON RODGERS has a 2nd career waiting for him when he hangs it up. “I’ll take game show host for 400, Aaron.” In the CULTURE REPORT this week, prayers go out to hip-hop legend, DMX and his family after his hospitalization. Plus, JOY and T recap the SPACE JAM 2 trailer and an epic VERZUZ battle that saw the ISLEY BROTHERS take on EARTH WIND AND FIRE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Brooklyn Being Aggressive, B-Eing Aggressive (ft. Terrell Owens) | EP 183 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Returning to the podcast, Hall of Famer TERRELL OWENS stopped by to relive his NFL Combine experience and explain why running a 4.63 as a WR won’t hold you back from getting a gold jacket. Plus, which QB prospect’s got the “IT” factor and what’s up with the pre-draft interview? Also, TO’s a maker of a “fame-worthy” Cabernet Sauvignon, so sit back, pour a glass of his 81 VINO, and enjoy some high-quality wine talk with an all-time great. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, did the DOLPHINS come out on top in the trade with the 49ERS? And whodathunkit, but ATLANTA’s looking like the key to the NFL DRAFT at this point. Plus, the NETS are being aggressive…B-Eing aggressive. HIGH KEY the LAKERS signing of ANDRE DRUMMOND is much ado about something, LOW KEY...LA’s hope still lies with it’s superstars. Plus, SAM DARNOLD’s undervalued and MAC JONES is overvalued. Also, student athletes deserve compensation! In the CULTURE REPORT, Joy and T address LIL NAS X’s hella polarizing music video and the backlash coming his way. Sidenote: raise your kids yourself. Plus, we celebrate this years winners at the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Injury Bug Bites ‘Bron & Ball (ft. Sincerest Don) | EP 182 | Maybe I’m Crazy

On the podcast this week, rapper and DMV native SINCEREST DON joins JOY TAYLOR to breakdown his musical influences and debate his top 5 rappers of all-time. Plus, being from Virginia, it’s no surprise his NBA GOAT is ALLEN IVERSON, but is his NFL GOAT also a local Virginian? Check out SINCEREST DON’s latest release SMOKE AND MIRRORS anywhere you listen to music. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, we’re deep enough into NFL FREE AGENCY that Joy’s ready to give her winners and losers of the 2021 offseason. We’re looking at you BROWNS and BEARS! Also, STEVE KERR is mad for no reason. You said what you said, stick to it. HIGH KEY the NBA’s superstars continue to get banged up, LOW KEY…LEBRON’s still the MVP and LAMELO BALL’s still the ROY. Plus, the NCAA basketball tournaments are full of parody and devoid of equity. What else is new? And we’ve got a spicy CULTURE REPORT for ya’ll this week. Hey, Miami! When did the pandemic end? SPRING BREAAAAK!!! Plus, KYLIE JENNER gets dragged for being a billionaire with a GOFUNDME page and relationship YouTuber DERRICK JAXN releases an apology video for cheating on his wife…hypocritical dramaaaaa! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Patriots Strike Back (ft. Kevin Clark) | EP 181 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Writer for THE RINGER and host of SLOW NEWS DAY, KEVIN CLARK stopped by the podcast to discuss some of the early moves in NFL’s free agency and some of the moves yet to come (DESHAUN WATSON?). PLUS, are the SEAHAWKS mishandling the RUSSELL WILSON “situation”? And what’s it like to be the author of one of the greatest tweets of all-time? In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, with the retirement of one of the most SAINTLY quarterbacks of all-time, will NEW ORLEANS struggle to replace a legend? PLUS the evil emperor himself, BILL BELICHICK is openly plotting his teams return to prominence after watching TOM BRADY and his band of rebels win it all last year…is this the year the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? HIGH KEY it’s almost that time of year when people complain about their MARCH MADNESS brackets being busted…LOW KEY nobody cares. PLUS, two of the NBA’s best big men are injured while the heavyweights of boxing are about to go at it for the undisputed title. This week in the CULTURE REPORT, JOY and T recap some weekend TV, starting with a socially distanced but highly entertaining GRAMMY’s and finishing things off with the uncomfortable but necessary conversations surrounding the BACHELOR. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Snowfall in Springtime and the Royal Tea (ft. Damson Idris) | EP 180 | Maybe I’m Crazy

With season 4 of FX’s SNOWFALL underway, star DAMSON IDRIS stopped by to break down the art of acting and the importance of choosing roles in stories that “say something”. And, being a native Londoner and ex-soccer player, is DAMSON a fan of American football, or “handball” as he calls it? Plus, JOY TAYLOR clues Damson in on his status as her husband, if he didn’t know, now he knows! HIGH KEY we can FINALLY put an end to the DAK PRESCOTT contract speculation that’s been a staple of sports talk for what feels like FOREVER…LOW KEY let’s speculate on RUSSELL WILSON and his Seattle situation. Plus, BLAKE GRIFFIN’s in BROOKLYN and the PATRIOTS might give JIMMY G a 2nd look. But how’s he your “Plan A”, PATRIOTS? In the CULTURE REPORT this week, JOY and T breakdown the bombshell PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN MARKLE interview with the legendary OPRAH. People are really showing their true selves in their reactions to the sit-down. Plus, we got our first look at SPACE JAM 2: A NEW LEGACY and whew…the controversy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Aye, Seattle…We Got a Problem (ft. Will Blackmon) | EP 179 | Maybe I’m Crazy

12 year NFL vet and wine sommelier, WILL BLACKMON joins the podcast for the 2nd time to talk, not only that wine talk, but to help breakdown what’s turned out to be one of the more entertaining NFL offseason’s, and it’s barely even begun. The mass exodus from the TEXANS continues with JJ WATT headed to the desert, will RUSSELL WILSON follow suite and say “buh bye” to the SEAHAWKS? Plus, for the last time, STOP saying “stick to sports”! This week in WIT IT or QUIT IT, JJ WATT played his CARDS right *wink* and is heading to the desert. Is it a paid retirement, or is ARIZONA a contender and we just don’t know it yet? PLUS, does having brothers make you tougher in the end? Also, the SEAHAWKS are mishandling the RUSSELL WILSON situation. I mean, the least they can do is hear DangerRuss out right? HIGH KEY the JETS need to get in on the action of the “Offseason of QB Movement”…LOW KEY so do the STEELERS, but that’s not looking likely. Plus Joy was RIGHT about LAMELO BALL…told yall. In the CULTURE REPORT this week, Joy and T sip some royal tea in anticipation of the MEGHAN MARKLE and PRINCE HARRY interview with the legendary OPRAH. Plus, we recap the virtual GOLDEN GLOBES and give major props to EMMANUEL ACHO for hosting the AFTER THE ROSE ceremony of the BACHELOR! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


There’s Joy In Hard Work (ft. Colin Cowherd) | EP 178 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Joining JOY TAYLOR on the podcast, her partner 5 days a week from 12pm-3pm EST, COLIN COWHERD stopped by after THE HERD to give YOU a peak behind the production curtain and answer those nagging questions like: Why does Colin hate BAKER MAYFIELD? (Hint: he doesnt). Is Colin serious all the time? (Hint: of course not). And how much work goes into making the show? (Hint: a whole bunch). PLUS, Joy and Colin dissect some of the most memorable and impactful moments that have shaped them throughout their careers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Age of Player Mobility (ft. Charlotte Wilder) | EP 177 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Joining JOY TAYLOR this week, Fox Sports journalist and host of The People’s Sports Podcast, CHARLOTTE WILDER stopped by to breakdown one of the THE most entertaining NFL offseasons in memory. Who’s on the move next? DESHAUN WATSON? RUSSELL WILSON?! Plus, it’s time to startup the NBA MVP talk, and should we believe in the NETS? In WIT IT or QUIT IT, quarterback mobility is an off-the-field thing these days, and we love it! The NFL offseason’s taking some cues from the NBA, and it’s been the BEST thing for the league. Speaking of NBA, DRAYMOND GREEN calls out that double standard we’ve all gotten used to. HIGH KEY there’s been a lot less drama in BROOKLYN than we thought there’d be, LOW KEY it looks like CARSON WENTZ could be taking his drama to a certain midwest city. (Is it the one with the super deep dish pizzas?) Plus, Joy breaks down cancel culture for those in need of knowledge, and where’s JJ WATT taking his future hall of fame services? In the CULTURE REPORT this week, Joy and T review the FRED HAMPTON biopic JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH. Also, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE gives a long overdue apology to BRITNEY SPEARS and JANET JACKSON. Plus, MEGAN, DUCHESS of SUSSEX and PRINCE HARRY announce baby #2 and an upcoming sit down with OPRAH. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Greatest To Ever Do It | EP 176 | Maybe I’m Crazy

This week in WIT IT or QUIT IT, TOM BRADY is the greatest team athlete ever…I mean, the WIZARDS didn’t win the NBA FINALS in 2003. Sorry MICHAEL JORDAN zeolots. It’s a bad idea hating TOM BRADY, just give in already. Plus, should the CHIEFS be concerned about the future? No more dynasty talk? HIGH KEY it’s easy to say “sorry” after winning your 7th Super Bowl, but what exactly did Brady say to TYRANN MATHIEU? LOW KEY…BYRON LEFTWICH and TODD BOWLES look NOTHING alike. Plus, can the BUCS run it back? In the CULTURE REPORT, JOY and T recap the SBLV pregame performances from H.E.R., MILEY CYRUS, JASMINE SULLIVAN, ALICIA KEYS and AMANDA GORMAN. Plus the halftime performance by THE WEEKND provided great meme material and the SUPER BOWL commercials were on-point this year. Can MICHAEL B JORDAN just be Alexa in real life please?? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


A Karen Met a King & the Super Bowl We Deserve (ft. Ashley Ross) | EP 175 | Maybe I’m Crazy

It’s SUPER BOWL Week!!! Joining JOY TAYLOR to talk all things SB55, host of The Ashley Ross Show, ASHLEY ROSS. When it comes to Super Bowl matchups, it doesn’t get much better than PATRICK MAHOMES vs TOM BRADY, Ashley gives her big game picks and dishes on whether she thinks Brady’s planning on riding off into the sunset. PLUS, the TEXANS drama continues…what’s next for DESHAUN WATSON and that straaange situation in HOUSTON. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, Joy and producer JOHN HELLER give their picks for Sundays game. Plus, is there ANY possibility that PATRICK MAHOMES can surpass TOM BRADY as the G.O.A.T.? Also, everyone came away as winners in the RAMS and LIONS trade. Everyone except JARED GOFF. Hooray for blockbuster trades! HIGH KEY first impressions of some of the newest NFL head coaches are less than impressive…LOW KEY it looks like BRADLEY BEAL wants to stick it out and stay in DC. Good for him? Plus a KAREN meets a KING and AARON RODGERS plots his revenge. This week in the CULTURE REPORT, we celebrate the start of BLACK HISTORY MONTH (if you don’t already know why it’s important…who are you?) Plus we give STACEY ABRAMS her much-deserved flowers for being nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Finally, JOY and T preview the Super Bowl HALFTIME SHOW. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Tom Brady, Greater Than Jordan?! (feat. Aqib Talib) | EP 174 | Maybe I’m Crazy

It’s MAHOMES vs BRADY!! With the SUPER BOWL matchup set, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl champion cornerback AQIB TALIB joins Joy Taylor to breakdown the conference championship games. Plus, having correctly picked the Super Bowl matchup at the start of the season, Aqib basks in his correctness, before breaking down the matchup of two greats. Also, with the ongoing DESHAUN WATSON news, AQIB gives his take on the situation in HOUSTON and where he’d like to see the star QB suit up. Finally, kneecaps…biting ‘em or naw? Bad coaching decisions aside, AARON RODGERS deserves blame for the NFC Championship loss, WIT IT or QUIT IT? There’s enough blame to go around! You get some blame…you get some’s all your fault! Plus, approaching what could be his 7th SUPER BOWL win, TOM BRADY could be the greatest American athlete of all-time, but is he the greatest Tom? HIGH KEY…BILLS Mafia should feel pretty good about the future of their favorite team, LOW KEY will DESHAUN WATSON end up suiting up for another AFC East team? One with an aquatic mammal for a mascot maybe? Plus, MATTHEW STAFFORD & the LIONS think it’s best if they see other people. In the CULTURE report this week, T and JOY remember the life and legacy of one of the greatest journalists to do it. Rest In Peace, LARRY KING. Plus, the first week of the BIDEN administration is in the books, is everything fixed yet?!? And once again, we’ve got to give UCLA GYMNASTICS its due props for consistently being great, and NIA DENNIS for bringing the black excellence. And FINALLY, the ASHANTI vs KEYSHIA COLE Verzuz Battle had us remembering the hits. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Brady vs Rodgers: Round #12 (ft. Ashley Nicole Moss) | EP 173 | Maybe I’m Crazy

On the podcast this week, iHeartRadio and Knicks Fan TV host ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS joins JOY TAYLOR to breakdown JAMES HARDEN’s move out of HOUSTON, and what that means for KYRIE’s future with the NETS. Speaking of Houston, DESHAUN WATSON’s not getting his due respect, so next stop…MIAMI? Joy’s got her fingers crossed. Plus, the drama continues in PHILADELPHIA and it looks like a legend’s played his last game in the Big Easy. Will PATRICK MAHOMES play? Can the BILLS dethrone the defending champs? In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week Joy and JOHN HELLER preview not only the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game, but they breakdown the NFC matchup too. Two legends, BRADY vs RODGERS, in what should be an instant classic. The big question: snow or no snow? DONNIE BEACHAM’s favorite football team’s about to hire a head coach. Unfortunately his team’s the LIONS and the hire’s DAN CAMPBELL. Or is it too soon for the “unfortunately”? We’ll see. HIGH KEY the BROWNS might be the best team in the NFL’s best division, LOW KEY is JARED GOFF done in LA? Plus, the BEARD’s in BROOKLYN, we’re talking JAMES HARDEN and the NETS (plenty of beards in Brooklyn already…lookin’ at you hipsters). Who’s going to take on a new role though?? (Lookin’ at you KYRIE) In the CULTURE REPORT this week, ISSA RAE announces that the upcoming season of INSECURE will be the last. Joy and T speculate and share what they’d want out the 5th and final season of the hit show. PLUS, people in HOUSTON are risking it all for BOW WOW and we celebrate the end of the TRUMP era. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Browns Upset Steelers, Texans Upset Deshaun (ft. Mark Sanchez) | EP 172 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Former NFL QB & current sports analyst/co-host of the 4TH & FOREVER podcast, MARK SANCHEZ joins the podcast to talk all things “Quarterbackial”. DOUG PEDERSON vs. CARSON WENTZ comes to a head, what’s next for the EAGLES? Is a DESHAUN WATSON to MIAMI trade better for the TEXANS or DOLPHINS? And what about TUA? Plus, Mark and JOY review the CFB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and what to expect from Justin Fields & MAC JONES at the next level. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week…HOUSTON we have a problem! DESHAUN WATSON’s not happy with the TEXANS and for good reason. Lesson for Houston: don’t make promises you can’t keep. PLUS, the BROWNS embarrassed the STEELERS this past Sunday, how’s PITTSBURGH native Joy Taylor handling the “L”. Also, are we too old for TICK TOCK? HIGH KEY with DOUG PEDERSON getting fired, CARSON WENTZ’s time in PHILADELPHIA may not be coming to an end…LOW KEY when did it become an option to just “not get along”. Also, with SUPER WILD CARD WEEKEND in the review mirror, Joy and Donnie Beacham preview the upcoming matchups: will the BROWNS get clapped? LAMAR or JOSH? PACKERS and RAMS (dud of the week). And the SENIOR BOWL…BRADY vs BREES. #WhoYaGot This week in the CULTURE REPORT, THE WEEKND’s got a new music video and a new face to go with it. We can NOT wait for his upcoming SUPER BOWL performance. Plus, SEX AND THE CITY is coming back, but without Samantha…so without the sex? Finally LORI HARVEY and MICHAEL B. JORDAN have make it instagram official and we’re not mad at her. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Delicious Rivalries & Wild Card Weekend (ft. Darius Butler) | EP 171 | Maybe I’m Crazy

9 year NFL vet and co-host of the MAN TO MAN podcast, DARIUS BUTLER, joins JOY TAYLOR to breakdown the first weekend of playoff football, (hooray for the WILD CARD!!), DOUG PEDERSON’s tanking, and is it too early for DOLPHIN fans to panic? Should TUA be worried? Maybe i'm crazy, but maybe... In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, JOY gives her picks for WILD CARD WEEKEND and mannnn does the BROWNS-STEELERS matchup have her inner Pittsburgh fan nervous. Plus, did DABO SWINNEY’s super shade result in CLEMSON blowout by OHIO STATE? HIGH KEY the DOLPHINS are picking #3 in the NFL DRAFT…LOW KEY should TUA be worried? Also, JOY and DONNIE BEACHAM go through the best fits for each of the current head coaching vacancies in the NFL, plus the whole football world is looking at DOUG PEDERSON differently. This week in the CULTURE REPORT, T is bringing in the new year with a 21 day fast and cutting out social media. NO…MORE…DISTRACTIONS. Plus, JOY & T praise the performances in NETFLIX’s MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM and give the side eye to MEGAN MARKLE’s estranged sister. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit