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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA, and everything in between.

Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA, and everything in between.
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Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA, and everything in between.




LeBron’s Lakers, Magic’s LeBron (feat. Michael Rapaport)

Actor/Director/Hero Michael Rapaport joins Maybe I’m Crazy to discuss how he feels about LeBron James being a Laker, Carmelo Anthony potentially being a Rocket, his love for Magic Johnson and his complicated relationship with King James. Host of the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST talks about being named an American Hero by every major media conglomerate and calls out The Rock’s “Hero Status.” Before Rapaport’s interview Joy makes a plea to end the #InYourFeelingsChallenge videos immediately....



LEBRON JAMES IS GOING TO BE A LAKER… but then DeMarcus Cousins decided to ruin “LeBron Week” by signing with the Golden State Warriors! Joy has been claiming LeBron heading west for months now and we finally made it! This week Joy and Brandon wax poetic about what it means TO THE WORLD to have LeBron James sign a 4-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Joy focuses on what LeBron as a Laker means for the future of the NBA and Brandon hopes LeBron’s move could end racism in America (smh)....


LeBron, You Da Real MVP

Why does the NBA only give awards for the regular season? In this special Awards Show episode of Maybe I'm Crazy, Joy and Brandon give out full season awards like Rookie of the Year, the MVP Whole Season Award, the ZAZA PaCHEATSHOT award and more!. The Golden State Warriors’ X-Factor, Kevin Durant was nominated for Postseason MVP and lost, but did the refs? Also in this episode, Joy has more bars for the Houston Rockets and Brandon gets to flex on his Hot Take-A-Rita that Donovan Mitchell...


LeBron and Kahwi bout to be Lakers (feat. Jordan Schultz)

Yahoo Sports Insider and Co-Host of the Pull Up with CJ McCollum podcast, Jordan Schultz joins Maybe I’m Crazy to talk LeBron Watch 2018. Jordan explains how LeBron and Kawhi Leonard end up teammates in Los Angeles, why Kobe Bryant is just a Top Ten player, what rookie will be the Donovan Mitchell of this upcoming draft, and why Grayson Allen is like Baker Mayfield. THEN, Jordan spends some time going through some of his favorite names in this year’s NBA Draft: DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley...


LaVar on LeBron, Lakers and Trump

LaVar and LiAngelo Ball join Maybe I’m Crazy for the first, but definitely not the last time. LaVar explains why LeBron James will join Lonzo and (hopefully) LiAngelo with the Lakers next season. The father and son duo also talk about where LiAngelo wants to go in the Draft, the JBA, their brand new league, featuring the youngest Ball Brother, LaMelo. LiAngelo premieres the G3 Lux, his brand new shoe. LaVar brings clarity to his claims that Luke Walton lost the Lakers locker room. AND LaVar...


LeBrons vs Warriors VOL. 2 (feat. Terrell Owens)

NFL Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Owens joins Maybe I’m Crazy to share his feelings about finally being accepted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, his negative reputation, his possible return to the NFL and if he’ll reach the “booger face” stage of crying while giving his Hall of Fame speech in August. T.O. also gives his take on JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder, Golden State Warriors dominance and whether or not LeBron can win Game 3 or Game 4 in Cleveland. T.O. also speculates where LeBron will...


LeBrons vs Warriors VOL. 1

NBA Champion Jason “JET” Terry joins Maybe I’m Crazy to talk getting dunked on by LeBron, Kyrie Irving’s untimely nose surgery and who will play a bigger role in the Warriors winning their second straight NBA Championship; Steph Curry or Kevin Durant. JET also comes for Houston Rockets Head Coach, Mike D'Antoni, for following the “live by the three, die by the three” motto during the second half of the Western Conference Finals. Plus, Terry weighs in on the most controversial MIC conspiracy...


Can the LeBrons Play the Warriors Already?

NBA Champion Eddie House joins Maybe I’m Crazy to talk about LeBron James’ incredible playoff run, what happened to his Boston Celtics and how either team coming out of the East are no match for the Golden State Warriors. Eddie House blames his former coach, Mike D'Antoni, for the lack of leadership and effort from Houston Rockets star, James Harden. And Joy defends her “Rockets are the Raptors of the West” take. Then during WIT IT or QUIT IT, Joy and Brandon discuss Swaggy B vs Josh Rosen...


If LeBron Loses We Do Too

This week Joy and Brandon discuss why LeBron decides not to play basketball during Game 1's in the playoffs. Joy explains why the Rockets are the Raptors of the Western Conference and Brandon brings up the dangers of having a Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals. The people have spoken and we are forced to introduce our new segment, WIT IT or QUIT IT! Joy tells Cole The Rapper Beasley to QUIT IT… quit rapping and quit saying that Undisputed is ruining the NFL. She’s WIT Becky Hammon becoming the...


LeBron’s Best Chance to Surpass Jordan

This week Joy explains why LeBron’s best chance to surpass Michael Jordan is in this year’s NBA playoffs. We know, we know… 6 NBA Finals appearances 6 NBA Titles for MJ but LeBron is actually putting his team on his back… again. Speaking of LeBron’s “team,” Joy and Brandon decide if they’re IN or OUT on Rodney Hood refusing to play in garbage time, Kobe Bryant dissing Ben Simmons’ jumper, how the NFL is handling gender-discrimination complaints filed by two former cheerleaders and how...


Matt Barnes on Kanye, LeBron, Weed and Racism

NBA Champion, Matt Barnes joins Maybe I’m Crazy for an insightful and interesting conversation about: the playoffs, weed in the NBA, living life in the public eye and why Utah is the most racist NBA city. Matt Barnes also spoke on the most topical conversation of all… What in the Hell is going on with Kanye West? Matt also goes into detail about why Kanye rapping, “I’m about to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a ‘person’s butt’” is both true and false. Then Joy and Brandon...


NFL Draft with Matt Leinart + Buffet Culture

Former USC and NFL quarterback Matt Leinart joins the pod to discuss the NFL Draft, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, and then a long discussion of what a buffet is or isn't.


Baker May… Be the First Overall Pick

This week Joy and Brandon do a NFL Draft-"Draft" where they discuss the chances Baker “Swaggy B” Mayfield becomes the first overall pick and the newest member of the Cleveland Browns. Whether or not Lamar Jackson would be a good fit with the Patriots and what a running back like Saquon Barkley can do for an NFL franchise. Joy’s IN on the 76ers dethroning LeBron (next year) and Steph Curry making W.W.J.D. multimedia moves, but she’s OUT on JR Smith coming for Lance Stephenson in IG...


Richard Jefferson on LeBron James & Golden State Warriors & 'Got Milk'

Richard Jefferson joins the show to discuss his former teammate LeBron James, the current state of the Golden State Warriors, and reflects on his 'Got Milk' ad campaign.


Beyoncé, Bron Bron, and Beards + Dahntay Jones Interview

Former Cleveland Cavalier and NBA Champion, Dahntay Jones joins Maybe I’m Crazy to talk all things NBA Playoffs. Dahntay explains why the Spurs are not getting swept by the Warriors and why LeBron and the Cavs should not push the panic button after being losing to the Pacers in Game 1. Dahntay also lets us know why the 76ers are not a good landing spot for King James. Joy and Brandon discuss Lance Stephenson’s antics, Kawhi Leonard’s “rehab,” Sammy Watkins’ reveal that he is an alien...


LeBron James aka King Petty & NBA Playoffs HOTTAKE-A-RITA

This week we roll out a new segment, HOTTAKE-A-RITA, where Joy and Brandon give their hot takes on each team in the NBA playoffs while drinking Margaritas. SPOILER ALERT: Joy thinks the Warriors are winning the Championship (with Steph Curry). During IN or OUT, Joy is OUT on Floyd Mayweather boxing Conor McGregor in the Octagon, Brandon is confused about Wrestlemania and Ronda Rousey, and they’re both IN on the TB12 Method driving a wedge between Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick. We...


Michael Rapaport + LeBron's Barbershop and Tiger Woods

Michael Rapaport of the I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast joins the pod to talk LeBron James claiming he owns the rights to all barbershops, what's making Tiger Woods great again, and what a Mayweather vs. McGregor MMA fight would look like.


RIP Crying Jordan Meme + Chris Broussard on the NBA Playoffs

FS1 NBA Analyst, Chris Broussard joins Maybe I’m Crazy and explains why the 76ers are the perfect landing spot for LeBron James. Broussard also tells us what percentage James Harden and the Rockets have of winning a Championship this year and why LeBron doesn’t win NBA MVP every year. Joy and Brandon discuss what’s more interesting, Villanova’s second National Championship in three years or Jay Wright’s handsomeness. Joy goes in on NCAA’s President, Mark Emmert for siting female sports as...


Maybe I'm Crazy - LaVar and the Ball Family are the New LeBron

Joy and Brandon discuss the JBA, LaVar Ball’s brand-new basketball league, LiAngelo declaring for the NBA draft and Joy explains how the Ball family is becoming NBA’s next LeBron James. Joy describes how Johnny Manziel’s privilege is one of the biggest differences between he and Colin Kaepernick. Also Joy tells us why she’s IN on the Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr and OUT on the Warriors winning a title without Stephen Curry. Loyola-Chicago and Sister Jean are featured in the DJ Khaled,...


Maybe I'm Crazy - The Hang Edition with Rod Woodson

In this week bonus live episode of The Hang, Joy is joined by Hall of Famer Rod Woodson. Woodson talks about the Raiders, playing in Pittsburgh, and whether the Poop emoji should have eyes or not.