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Offseason: BBQ Bracket Final

Sorry for the delay folks, but we are back with the finale of the BBQ bracket. Did you favorite meat come out on top? Find out after we talk a little bit about Michigan State and Kansas, play the most popular game out there "NAME THAT SPORT!" and do some shameless plugs. Check us out on: Twitter: @Mediumrarebball Facebook: Medium Rare Basketball Website:


Off Season: BBQ Bracket

Another week, another bracket. BBQ is the name of the game this week. We have 8 heavy hitters, but who will come out on top? How many tacos did Chris get at taco tuesday? Email us at or tweet us @mediumrarebball, the first person to correctly guess how many tacos Chris got, wins 10 bucks! Is the NBA draft like a bowl of cereal? Does Texas hot sausage stand a chance against brisket? You'd be surprised.


Off Season Week 3- Sandwich Bracket Final

Its what you have all been waiting for! Who will come out on top in the Medium Rare Sandwich showdown? Why did some sandwiches not make it to the tourney this year? Has Chuck been eating the wrong kind of Cheesesteak his whole life? And is a Reuben on an everything bagel something worth trying?