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Meet Me In The Middle is a podcast by two old friends, Hunter York & Zander Faidley. They talk mostly about sports, but they are liable to wander off topic. With segments like Pod O’ Beef, “Hey! We Just Watched This!”, & Screenshot Rundown, you are sure to get a well rounded education about sports and the world at large.


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Meet Me In The Middle is a podcast by two old friends, Hunter York & Zander Faidley. They talk mostly about sports, but they are liable to wander off topic. With segments like Pod O’ Beef, “Hey! We Just Watched This!”, & Screenshot Rundown, you are sure to get a well rounded education about sports and the world at large.




62. World Series, EPL, Football, & Crown Tundra Review

With baseball in the rearview and various sorts of football ahead, Hunter and Zander sit back and muse over the important things, like where the Galar regions lies within the world of Pokémon.


61. Football, Marvel’s Avengers, and Bly Manor

All the football is back now! Hunter and Zander cover some bits of NFL and NCAA football. Then, Hunter gives his long-awaited Marvel’s Avengers game review and Zander joins for a lengthy breakdown of The Haunting of Bly Manor. If you listen close, you’ll even get a bit of Pod O’ Beef and some Pokémon […]


60. EPL, NBA, & Game Reviews

On today’s episode, Hunter & Zander chat about the EPL season so far, the NBA Finals taking a ratings hit, a little bit of uninformed MLB talk, and reviews for FIFA 2021 and an indie called “The Witness.”


59. We’re Back Again (And So Are Sports)

Guess what? We’re back! No one asked for this, but here we are, and if we’re honest, I’m not sure that anyone actually reads the episode descriptions of any podcast they listen to.


58: MMITM Unfiltered

On today’s episode, Hunter requested that all three segments be MMITM Unfiltered and Zander obliged. So, buckle in for this rollicking good time that goes exactly how they planned it: totally unplanned. (It’s still mostly sports, though.)


57: Thanksgiving Break Recap & Segseg

Well, we absolutely told you about the week we were taking off, so now we are back and ready to go. A lot of football happened while we were away and everything you need to hear about it is in this episode. Then, there’s a Segseg.


56: NFL, CFP, & NBA Jerseys/News

You ever get started on something simple and then make it way too complicated? Yeah, that happened in this one. See if you can spot it. In the meantime, Hunter and Zander jumped back into the swing of things with the passion of 1000 suns, so get ready.


55. NFL Week 9, CFP, & SegSeg

What are you all looking for in an episode description? Does it matter to you? Hunter and Zander get off to a rambling start in this one, but eventually ease into NFL, CFP, and wrap it all up with a Segment Segment of Q’s from Youse and a new one, Overrated/Overlooked.


54: NFL W8 Recap/W9 Picks, CFP Rankings/Ole Miss Appeal, Updates & NBA

Whew. It has been a bit since the last MMITM. Certainly hoped you realized that FBR has its own feed now. Anyways, NFL football, CFP football, NBA basketball, Ole Miss Appeal, and Random updates, Hunter and Zander are here for it all today.


53. NFL Week 7, CFB Weekend, & [Insert Proper Label Here]

Whoa. The Colts won? Convincingly? Huh. Well, that and a lot of other stuff happened since our last episode, and Hunter & Zander are here to talk about the stuff they want, which kinda makes it hard to do episode titles.


52. NFL Picks, Hawaiian Agriculture, Midwest Debate, & SegSeg

Things kind of go off the rails in this one. Hunter and Zander hits some rabbit trails you would not see coming if they weren’t in the episode title. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for whatever they have to throw at you. (Also, NFL Week 7 Picks and a Segment Segment of D’ja […]


FBR13. International Break

Whew. We made it through another international break. They seem to get longer every time. Anyways, since there was no EPL action, the USMNT gets put into the spotlight and Hunter and Zander talk about this break’s national team camp before making their EPL picks.


51. NBA Preview

The title says it all here. With the NBA tipping off on Tuesday night, Hunter and Zander sat down before the ball was tossed to hammer out what the entire season will look like. You might as well not even watch any of the games.


50. NFL Week 6, CFB, & Screenshot Rundown(?)

Week 6 is in the book and some teams have already closed the book on their season. Hunter & Zander are here to tell you who’s dead in the water & who still has some life left in them. Also, there were some big College Football shakeups this weekend and bizarre list to dissect.


FBR12. Digging Deep: Liga MX/MLS Merger

The president of Liga MX dropped a bomb today. He said that the legacy of the 2026 World Cup, hosted by the US, Canada, and Mexico, could be the merging of the nations’ domestic leagues. Hunter and Zander made an emergency recording to discuss.


FBR11. 18/19 Match Day 8

Well, it’s time for another international break, so get your soccer fix while the getting is good. Hunter and Zander go about their business in this episode and give a comprehensive and encyclopedic recollection of the week that was in English Football.


49. NFL Week 5 Picks, MMITM: Unfiltered, & Pod O’ Beef

Ok, so this episode may be a day late, but it is anything but a dollar short. Hunter and Zander come out swinging and don’t back down. That is why they are now included on Spotify. That’s right; MMITM is now on Spotify.


FBR10. 18/19 Match Day 7 & UCL Special: MW2

It has been a busy week across all sections of the soccer world. The Carabao, the EPL, and the Champions League all saw action. There’s only one crew who can make all that digestible in only 30 minutes, and it’s Hunter and Zander.


48. Football, Futbol, Football, & #FreeNick

The boys are back in studio! Finally, Hunter & Zander managed to talk about College Football, NFL, and the Indy Eleven in HD again. To top it all off, if you cannot already tell, someone’s brother, a podcast regular now, makes a surprise call-in.


47. NFL Week 3 Recap ft. CFB and Tiger

It may seem like Hunter and Zander have been lazy, but that just means you haven’t been listening to the FBRcast. Regardless, the boys are back for another week of crazy NFL action and some other cool happenings of the past week.