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The Local 10 Miami Sports Pod with Will Manso and Clay Ferraro will tackle all the latest news and rumors concerning the South Florida sports scene. From the Dolphins, Panthers, Heat and Marlins, to the 'Canes, Gators, 'Noles, FIU and Owls... the Miami Sports Pod has you covered.

The Local 10 Miami Sports Pod with Will Manso and Clay Ferraro will tackle all the latest news and rumors concerning the South Florida sports scene. From the Dolphins, Panthers, Heat and Marlins, to the 'Canes, Gators, 'Noles, FIU and Owls... the Miami Sports Pod has you covered.


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The Local 10 Miami Sports Pod with Will Manso and Clay Ferraro will tackle all the latest news and rumors concerning the South Florida sports scene. From the Dolphins, Panthers, Heat and Marlins, to the 'Canes, Gators, 'Noles, FIU and Owls... the Miami Sports Pod has you covered.








Miami Sports Pod - Bam and Duncan Robinson show out for the Heat

:46 Heat actually closed out a road game 2:00 The road problem is real 5:30 This is not a lazy group in terms of energy and effort 8:10 They ran the offense through Bam and it worked 12:00 Can Bam as point guard work in the playoffs? 17:00 Late game situations, what will the Heat do in the playoffs? 21:37 Duncan Robinson has been playing out of this world 28:00 Duncan has developed an elite skill set


Miami Sports Pod - We COMBINE the NFL, Inter Miami CF and the Miami Heat

2:00 Clay loves the NFL combine 5:40 The Combine is a way to learn more about football as a sport 7:50 The 10-yard Split can be more revealing than the 40-yard dash 11:30 Nothing has changed from a Dolphins perspective 17:00 Everyone’s always going to be right because we throw so many names out there 18:30 Inter Miami CF plays their first game 20:00 Did it entice you to want more? 26:20 Clay sings Frozen 2 30:00 Heat get back on track over the weekend 32:00 Without Meyers Leonard the Heat...


Miami Sports Pod - Heat stumble into All-Star break

The Miami Heat have been one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference so far this season, but struggled in the weeks leading up to the NBA All-Star break. 2:00 Nation finally got to see the Heat 4:10 Reality hit in the reality of deficiencies right before the break 7:00 We haven’t seen this full team together 9:45 Health down the stretch will be key 11:30 Colin Cowherd doesn't know Heat basketball 14:00 What do you expect down the stretch? 19:00 What would satisfy Heat fans for a finish...


Miami Sports Podcast: Let the Super Hype Begin

The teams are now set for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, so let the hype begin. 2:30 Ryan Tannehill found a home in Tennessee , but they weren’t good enough 6:00 Patrick Mahomes gets to show his skills on the biggest stage 10:00 Everyone argues over Ryan Tannehill, even though most people have the exact same opinion of him 12:30 The Dolphins are looking to find a quarterback that they win “Because of” like Mahomes 18:30 Time for the NFL to push their next star 20:00 The 49ers were built around...


Miami Sports Pod - Tua's going pro, so what's it mean for the Dolphins?

Tua Tagovailoa is heading to the NFL, so what does it mean to the Miami Dolphins? The Local 10 Sports team discusses the future of Tua in South Florida on the Miami Sports Pod. :55 It was never in doubt that he’s coming out 3:10 Tua didn’t make the decision without getting proper medical info 6:00 Do the Dolphins need to move up? 10:20 Get your guy at all costs 13:00 Once medicals clear, it’s a question of talent 23:00 The Dolphins tanked in the way that you’re supposed to --- to rebuild...


Miami Sports Pod - Wild Weekend In South Florida Sports

1:41 Canes season ends with a new low 4:00 Manny Diaz put himself on the hot seat by firing Dan Enos 9:00 Manny needs to stop being proud of his team’s effort after bad losses 12:20 Brian Flores looked like he knew what he was doing 17:30 Brian Flores has built a culture 19:00 DeVante Parker is a perfect example of the Dolphins making a player better 25:00 The Heat had an incredibly fun weekend of home wins 30:00 How much room is there to grow for the Heat this season?


Miami Sports Pod - How real are the Heat?

It's clear that the Miami Heat have one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, but just how good are they? 1:00 Goran Dragic returns 2:04 Dragic being out put heavy minutes on Jimmy Butler 6:00 Jimmy missed Goran so much he went to practice on his off-day to watch him 8:00 Justise Winslow draws strong reaction from fans on both sides 11:15 Justise improves the Heat’s defensive metrics 16:20 Kendrick Nunn was the plan throughout training camp 18:00 The Heat have proven themselves...


Miami Sports Pod - The Heat are good as is

The Heat are good, so why does everyone want them to make a move? 2:00 People keep suggesting that the Heat should tinker with the roster 3:15 Heat won’t trade anything for all-NBA level piece 8:30 The Heat are playing with one arm tied behind their back because of James Johnson and Dion Waiters’ contract 11:50 How much patience does Pat Riley have left? 14:15 Who fits with the Jimmy Butler way of playing? 15:17 Clay would be surprised if Justise Winslow is still on the roster after the...


Miami Sports Pod - The Dolphins set a winning culture

The Miami Dolphins and their winning culture... yes, you read that right... are the topic on this week's episode of the Miami Sports Pod. 1:21 The Dolphins win over the Eagles was big 3:00 What did you see on Sunday? 4:00 DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki have grown tremendously this year 8:30 Adam Gase was never able to unlock DeVante Parker’s talent 16:00 Ryan Fitzpatrick’s leadership is shining through 22:00 The Dolphins should try to keep Fitz around 28:30 Clay has an awesome Jay Cutler...


Miami Sports Pod - Paws up as UM suffers a humbling, embarrassing loss

Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro break down UM's breakdown against FIU for one program's most embarrassing loss, and the most amazing win for the other. :30 Credit to FIU on a big win 1:20 What went wrong for the Canes on Saturday night? 2:30 The game wasn’t the real story… Manny called it a low point 4:00 Why did the Canes come out so unprepared 9:00 FIU looked like the team that wanted it more 12:00 UM is a broken football program 14:00 Blake James is on the hot seat 18:00 Can Manny...


Miami Sports Pod - Tanking for Tua is tanked & the Heat might actually be good

In this episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk tanking jobs that are tanked when it comes to the Dolphins plan for Tua. Plus, the Miami Heat might actually be good. 1:00 Tua is getting surgery on Monday, is the tank over? 2:15 Can the Dolphins trust Tua? 8:00 Does Saban take any blame for Tua’s injury? 12:10 He still could get drafted this year depending on his recovery 14:00 Did the Dolphins ever have a conviction about Tua? 15:00 Jakeem Grant was a...


Miami Sports Pod - Dolphins & Dion make for a very strange weekend

What a strange weekend it was on the South Florida sports scene as the Dolphins and Dion Waiters make headlines for different reasons. Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss on the Miami Sports Pod. 1:00 Last week wasn’t a bump in the road for the tank 4:00 Will these Dolphins wins lead to mediocrity 6:00 How many teams ahead of the Dolphins are looking for a quarterback? 11:00 The one nightmare situation for the Dolphins is they have to settle for a quarterback 14:00 The Dolphins...


Miami Sports Pod - Miami is the winning capital of the world

Miami and South Florida are home to... winners??? Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro celebrate a winning weekend on the Miami Sports Pod. :30 Time to celebrate 1:50 The tank is delayed 3:00 A lot came together 3:30 Manso is happy for Brian Flores 6:30 They Still control their own destiny 10:00 The Jets are such a mess 13:00 The Dolphins improvement has built belief 15:00 The Heat impressing with their hot start 18:00 Their unselfish nature comes from Jimmy Butler 24:00 There seems to be...


Miami Sports Pod - The Heat get off to a surprising start

The Local 10 Sports team discuss the Jimmy Butler-less Heat's surprising start to the NBA season. 1:30 Early season is about energy and effort in the NBA 4:30 The “playing hard” thing appears to be back 7:13 Without Jimmy Butler around, Justise Winslow has stepped into the role of “the dude” 12:00 Kendrick Nunn sort of came out of nowhere 17:00 Chris Silva also came out of nowhere 21:00 What are the Heat going to do when Dion Waiters comes back 26:00 It’s been an unexpected start


Miami Sports Pod - Time to tip-off the Heat season

The Local 10 sports team previews the upcoming Miami Heat season as it's time for tip-off. 1:00 What are you most looking forward to for the Heat? 2:00 Dion Waiters did something that the Heat didn’t like 4:00 Instagram made it harder to stalk 6:30 Everyone of the team is a role player, except Jimmy Butler 11:00 Manso’s advice to Dion Waiters 13:30 Tyler Herro has become the star of the summer 15:00 Could his ceiling be Klay Thompson? 18:00 Lang morphs into his mother kveling over Tyler...


Miami Sports Podcast - Dolphins win by losing against Washington

The Local 10 Sports team analyzes the Dolphins big win against the Redskins over the weekend. Win, you ask? Yep. :42 Fitzmagic almost ruined the tank 1:37 Josh Rosen isn’t the long-term answer 4:45 The Dolphins went for Tua 6:37 The decision to go for 2 was good, the play was not 9:00 The Dolphins never know what to do with Kenyan Drake 14:00 Friday night the Canes got it done with defense 16:00 Jarren or N’Kosi for the Canes?


Miami Sports Pod - Manny Diaz is feeling the heat as the Heat get started

Not even halfway through the season and the heat is already on UM head coach Manny Diaz, while the actual Heat tip off training camp. 1:22 Will is frustrated with the Canes 3:00 Virginia Tech is a bad football team, but 5 turnovers does it 6:00 Who should be the Quarterback for the Canes moving forward? 8:40 Is Manny in over his head? 11:30 Manny needs to focus on the defense 15:00 Heat training camp, there’s a positive feeling 19:30 Heat’s love what’s perceived as flaws in Jimmy Butler


Miami Sports Pod - The Heat are back and not a day too soon

Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro hit the court on the Miami Sports Pod as roundball returns with the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler opening training camp. 1:30 If you’re a Heat fan, Jimmy Butler said everything you wanted to hear 2:40 Butler adds accountability 4:00 Jimmy will be the torch-bearer for Heat culture 7:30 What are you looking for in training camp? 10:00 The Justise vs. Goran at point guard storyline will be one to watch 12:00 Dion Waiters is also a good storyline 17:00 End of...


Miami Sports Pod - Rosen plays, world shrugs

The Local 10 Sports team recaps the Josh Rosen-led Dolphins team that looked a lot like the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Dolphins team. 1:00 Will survived a marathon 2:30 Miami had a decent start 5:00 Clay is fine with comparing Rosen with Tua 8:00 Tua isn’t under duress, Rosen was in constant stress 13:00 Rosen played against a really good team on Sunday 19:00 Rosen’s leadership style is based on relationships 24:00 Rosen’s value can be someone you can flip him for 28:00 Minkah Fitzpatrick played...