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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt podcast. We are here to discuss the adventure bike lifestyle - the people, places, and events involving gravel, bikepacking, bike camping, bike touring and trails.

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt podcast. We are here to discuss the adventure bike lifestyle - the people, places, and events involving gravel, bikepacking, bike camping, bike touring and trails.
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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt podcast. We are here to discuss the adventure bike lifestyle - the people, places, and events involving gravel, bikepacking, bike camping, bike touring and trails.






Episode 036: I love those syrup suckers from the north

Welcome to episode 36 of Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt This is a podcast where we talk about gravel bikes, gravel cycling, bikepacking, bike camping, a little bit of mountain bike and even dip our toes into road cycling. On this episode we are going to be talking about… Brian’s new Redshift Stem, the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the USA, ding dongs and why Brian is the way he is And of course hot dogs, a new instagram thing we are going to do every week, and this or that Links... Strava...


Episode 035: Smack it really hard and watch it jiggle

Welcome to Episode 035 of Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt This is a podcast where we talk about gravel bikes, gravel cycling, bikepacking, bike camping, a little bit of mountain bike and even dip our toes into road cycling. On this episode, we are going to be talking about… WTB ByWay 700c options now out, Shimano’s component company “pro” coming out with a “Gravel” saddle and new bar/seatpost and why you should ride with friends. Instagram follow of the week... Lochlan Morton:...


Episode 034: You gotta poke and prod Wes

Let's all be honest here - this episode rambles along and entertains but trying to come up with one theme? Yeah, that's not going to happen. Brian recaps his travels (what's new, right?), Joey coughs a lot and talks about replacing the Zig Zag already, while Wes confuses us all talking about his Jones bar conversion. Or maybe it's just me... As usual, catch up on the Strava club and a shout out to Casey our newest patron from Bellefonte, PA! Coming up this fall we are gearing up for more...


Episode 033: One Lonely, Solo This or That

our podcast is geared towards the middle of the pack cyclist. While we talk about races frequently it is usually from the perspective of the average guy or gal. While we love the tip of the spear folks, and some of our listeners qualify, we kinda hangout with the back of the pack - not necessarily by choice. Joey and Wes are both accomplished and respected professionals in the bike industry as shop mechanics, race mechanics and shop operators. I lead bike tours for several companies and...


Episode 032: My Weird Sweat Management Band Is My Eyebrows

Catching up with the boys and their weekly antics, which of course includes the buying and selling of bikes. Joey grabbed himself a sweet new ride, Wes sold his beloved and Brian rode his bike. Let's catch up with the Strava club that broke 200 members! And then, of course, dive into a This or That segment. Enjoy the goof!


Episode 031: 2019 Dirty Kitten Gravel Race wrap up with Alex and Chris Howell

There's a lot happening in episode 031! We have an in-studio guest all the way from Philly that dropped by to sit in on an episode, we but a bow on the 2019 Dirty Kitten Gravel Race in Rapidan, VA with Alex and Chris Howell the event organizers, Wes loves hot dogs. Joey is treated poorly throughout the entire episode by Brian (sorry Boo Boo - you know I love you), and Brian gives a recap of his travels as a professional bike hobo over the last 2 weeks. Has anyone else ever seen a cat...


Episode 30 Joey Goes Solo

Joey goes solo for a few quick updates while Brian and Wes are out.


Episode 029: Introducing Sturgeon Luna

On this Zencastr episode let's hear about adventures in route planning in New England, Joey gets his headset bearings (finally) and Wes drinks too many Moscow Mules... We also get to announce the WINNER of the Dirty Kitten entry giveaway - congrats Jim Downs!!!! And an introduction to the Sturgeon Luna ride - comment please to let us know we are onto something that interests our listeners. Who's in? #bringbrianhome - please...


Episode 028: That is why I wreck with my face

On this episode, we discuss cool ways to upgrade your gravel bike that are both easy and affordable. Let's also join the e-bike discussion or dilemma talking about the Specialized Creo.. We also check out the Strava club and listen to some voicemail. Stay tuned for a special offer from the fine folks over at Dirty Kitten (hint, hint - we are going to give away a free entry to the race!). That will be coming up next week so make sure to come back and check out Dirty Kitten on Facebook and...


Episode 027: Sub 24-hour Canal Towpath Adventure

On this episode of Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt the whole crew recaps an epic, rain-soaked sub 24-hour bikecamping adventure on the C&O Canal Towpath. We left Solomons at 5:30 pm and returned the next day at 2:30 pm after riding from Point of Rocks to Antietam Creek Campground and riding out the overnight storms. Trip photos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/solomonsislandcycling/permalink/1443250275799951/


Episode 026: Big chunky glitter, like a unicorn farted

On this episode of Mid-Atlantic Gravel, Travel & Dirt we discuss entry-level gravel bikes and review some of them from the top brands; Salsa Journeyman, Specialized Diverge, Trek Checkpoint, Cannondale Topstone, Kona Rove, Giant Toughroad, and the Canyon Grail. As usual, we answer some email and voicemails and dig through the Strava club giving kudos!


Episode 025: Bike Talk & Congratulations Joey & Jessica on your wedding!

On this week's episode, we delve deep into some bike talk, specifically talking about the new Cannondale Topstone Carbon gravel bike. We have some listener voicemail and email to answer, as well as, a rundown of upcoming events. Brian is heading off once again for a bike tour - this time along the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal Towpath with Wilderness Voyageurs. Joey and Wes finally get to return to something more akin to normal now that Joey & Jessica have gotten married...


Episode 024: Thank you Miss Tetrick for the voicemail

In Episode 024 the boys are back in town! That's right - with all your hard work and efforts with the #bringbrianhome movement Brian is back! After 2 weeks in the Blue Ridge Wes, Joey and Brian are back together in the lounge. We will recap Brian's tour, catch up with Joey and Wes and play some voicemail and answer email. A couple of weeks ago we discussed whether or not Alison Tetrick carries a flask on races - well, she called us to clarify the issue. This episode goes a little long but we...


Special Episode: Ron Hickman Dirty Kanza Interview

Joey took some time to sit down with our very own Ron Hickman to talk about his successful 2019 Dirty Kanza race.


Episode 023 Every Parent Has A Favorite

Brians out playing in the woods. Wes and Joey decided they'd put out a RAW episode. We rant on about what fires us up, discus cycling clothes and we "this or that" Brian. #comehomebrian Congrats to our Strava club leaderboard - you guys and gals are some serious #badasscyclists And we've got discount codes!!!! Discount code for Gravel Race Up Spruce Knob: MAGTD during the month of June to your followers and gives folks $10 off registration Link: www.bikereg.com/40672 Don’t forget the special...


Episode 022: Gas station sink bathing

On Episode 022 we bring all the boys together in the virtual space - Brian is working a bike tour on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive while Joey and Wes lounge in their pajamas. Who do you think is having more fun? We go over a quick and dirty Dirty Kanza recap of the winners and congratulations to the GTD crew of Flirtatious Frankie, Ron and Pascal who all finished on a hot, dry, fast and dangerous course. Well done boys! We answer some listener email and with all the tech issues...


Episode 021: If you see Brian just pinch him

On episode 021 we get a recap of the Memorial Day New River bike camping trip Brian recently took, Joey opens a can of worms talking about pro road racers riding in DK this year as a team, and Wes...well, Wes just hangs around. We answer some listener email and get a last minute update from Flirtatious Frankie before he heads west with the family to DK. And we surprise Dave Pryor and Brett Chadderdon of unPavedPA with a phone call to join us for This or That. Surprisingly enough they were at...


Episode 020: No one make fun of me

On episode 020 Brian gives us a recap of Dirtfest, including getting kicked out by Ranger Dicky Little of Seven Points Campground, Wes continues to talk on and on and on about his AWOL, while Joey goes to work early. The GTD boys had a great time riding the Eastern Shore of Maryland, riding the ferry and enjoying great food and beer with SIC club members. But the big news of the week is our new #loveyabye decals that came our way from Ted and Image360! We breakdown the perfect bikecamping...


Episode 019: Frolicking in the middle of the river

In episode 019 we get the pleasure of welcoming some new Patreon Patrons - Thanks Ted and Dennis!! Brian catches us up on his Williamsburg tour with Wilderness Voyageurs and heads out to Dirtfest in PA, Joey buys a new Diverge frameset and pukes Papa John's garlic sauce all over the slide at church camp, and Wes flip-flops again on AWOL plans. Sigh. We answer a lot of listener email and voicemails, plus a catchup on the Strava club. Looking for some Mid-Atlantic overnight bikepacking ideas?...


Episode 018: I'm getting a corned beef taco over here

It's our first episode recorded in the lounge at Patuxent Adventure Center. Shimano releases their GRX gravel specific groupset, Brian talks about his weekend in Ohiopyle and the cool stuff happening at Wilderness Voyageurs, Joey throws out a raunchy this or that and it gets cut, Frankie calls in with another DK training update, Wes drops his phone and Max steals the show with his click, clack, click, clack. We love Max. Thanks to our listener George for sending these links to gravel...