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A weekly podcast covering the topics and people that make Montana’s Outdoors like no other place in the world.


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A weekly podcast covering the topics and people that make Montana’s Outdoors like no other place in the world.




98 Years of Experience are Delivered to you in this Podcast to Help You Find the Perfect Boat! You Are Going to Love This Podcast!!

In this episode we continue our series on How to Find The Right Boat For You. This time we talk to Jake Monroe and Ron Boggs at High Country Boats. Wow! Did they have great ideas! When you add up all the years of experience between these two it ads up to over 90 YEARS of experience of incredible boat knowledge! We went over ideas about how to find the right used boat and how get one that is reliable. We also talked about new boats and man do they carry some of the best you will ever find....


Bonus! MT Legislative Session: Are your Outdoor rights being protected or eroded?

This is a bonus Montana Outdoor Podcast. The Montana State Legislature only meets every other year for 90 days. During that time many laws can get created, updated or completely changed in the opposite way they were originally written. Since this legislative session has now passed the halfway mark we thought it would be a good idea to check in with some legislators and see if your rights to hunt, fish and enjoy Montana's Outdoors are being protected or eroded! What are the proposed bills...


How Warrior Boat was snatched from the jaws of defeat to become a fishing legend!!

In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast, we continue our series on “How to Find the Right Boat For You” but this time we go straight to an incredible manufacturer that almost never came to be, but fought through adversity and grew to become one of the most coveted fishing boats among fishing guides and others who love to fish in Montana! If you have never heard the story of Warrior Boats or you just love a great “escape from the jaws of defeat “ story you just must listen to this...


Behind the Scenes of the Most Unique Fishing Tournament in the World!

In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast we take you behind the scenes of likely the most unique fishing tournament in the world! The Captain and Downrigger spent some fascinating time with Cindy Benson and Barry Hansen of Mack Days and boy did they learn a lot! They learned about a very special and rare fish to the Salish Kootenai Tribe that, thanks to the tournament and those that compete in it, is making comeback! You will also hear about a few fish that are lurking in the depths of...


How Do You Find the Right Boat For YOU?

Buying a new boat is a big decision and one you want to get right. You never want to be that person who ends up saying “the two best days of my life as a boat owner was when I bought it and then when I sold it!” It does not have to be that way! In this episode we begin our series on how to find the right boat for you. Whether it is about getting a boat just for fishing or one that the whole family is going to use. We will try to answer all the questions you might have. Should you get a prop...


Why are there less younger people hunting and fishing?

Have you noticed that there are less younger people that hunt and fish? It isn't your imagination it is indeed a trend that has been going on for a while now. But why is that? In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast we try to answer that question by talking to a couple of younger guys about that. Do we find the REAL answer? You will have to listen to find that out. We would love to hear what you think of this podcast as well as any suggestions you may have for topics for future...


The Life of a Fishing Guide

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn your favorite hobby into a career? Would that be a dream come true or would it turn the thing you love to do for fun into a nightmare? In this episode we will show you what that just might look like. For Scott Collinsworth, owner of Fort Peck Marina and one of the top guides in Montana it turned out to be a dream come true! But it was not without it's challenges and it took more than just him, for sure, to make it happen. Scott will...


Valentines & Love in the Outdoors

On this episode of The Montana Outdoor Podcast, we get into the spirit of Valentine’s Week by meeting up with Beckie and Don Wilkins, a couple that truly loves each other and Montana's Outdoors. What a fun time we had with these two. They are based out of Glasgow, MT and both drive for UPS in Northeast Montana. When you don't see them out on their routes delivering packages, chances are you will see them out fishing or hunting together. Beckie and Don were kind enough to share some advice...


Ice Fishing on Montana's Hi-Line

On this Episode of the The Montana Outdoor Podcast you will learn about ice fishing on two of Montana's best Walleye fishing reservoirs, Nelson Reservoir and Fresno Reservoir. These two Reservoirs are located in Northern Montana on what most Montanans call the Hi-Line. They call it Montana's Hi-Line since it's the northernmost route traversing the state from east to west. Your hosts Downrigger Dale and The Captain will talk to Brian Olson, one of the most knowledgeable Walleye fishermen in...


Ice Fishing in Northwestern Montana

In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast we interview Captain Matt McComb of Mo Fisch Charters which is part of Howe’s Fishing, located in Montana’s Flathead Valley, near Glacier National Park. Matt is one of the most knowledgeable fishing guides in all of Montana. In this episode he tells us all about where and how to catch all kinds of incredible fish through the ice in beautiful Northwest Montana. Matt covers it all from kokanee salmon, to huge lake trout, to some of the best perch...


Ice Fishing on Fort Peck Lake

In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast we interview Eddie Mindt owner of the Lakeridge Lodging & Bait Shop on Fort Peck Lake in Northeast Montana. Eddie is also a professional guide and one of the few that does guide trips in the winter out on the ice on Fort Peck Lake. Eddie has an incredible knowledge of this huge lake that is over 135 miles long! On the show show you will learn about catching gigantic Lake Trout, King Salmon, Walleye, Northern Pike and other species through the...