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Maximizing your full potential in baseball using data-led monitoring and individualized training. Experts discuss what works and why at every level of baseball, from the Big Leagues on down.

Maximizing your full potential in baseball using data-led monitoring and individualized training. Experts discuss what works and why at every level of baseball, from the Big Leagues on down.


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Maximizing your full potential in baseball using data-led monitoring and individualized training. Experts discuss what works and why at every level of baseball, from the Big Leagues on down.




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From Setbacks to Draft Day with Third Round Pick William Kempner

Will Kempner is a 3rd round draft pick with the SF Giants. He joins us to discuss what the draft process was like, what his future will entail, and how he dealt with an injury earlier this year. This is a great listen if you want a behind the scene look at the move to professional baseball and what it took to get there. Follow Will on Twitter at


How to Use Your Athletic Trainer to Build High Performance Machines

Kaylee Shores isn't at the field to "eat sunflower seeds and treat turf burn." She's actively involved in managing player workloads, assessing data to make better game-time decisions, and helping players gain velocity while staying healthy. In this week's podcast, she dives into some of the data she's regularly using to support the team and her plans for the next season. You can connect with Kaylee Shores at


Experiments, Expert Knowledge and Tech with Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark a former 5th round draft pick and now founder of Ripple Baseball discusses individualizing training using experiments, experts and technology to push performance.


How Lower Body Explosive Power Impacts Injury and Performance

Dr. Chris Bishop joins us to discuss measuring lower body explosive power, asymmetry, and predicting injury risk or performance potential. Jordan and Ryan tap Chris' experience to discuss a variety of topics including antagonist / agonist movements pairings, and limb dominance. Chris is a Strength and Conditioning expert currently working at Middlesex University in London. @DrChrisBishop on Twitter


Snake Venom, Bone Fractures, and Pitching 90+ mph

In this week's More Than Velocity, Ryan wraps up his talk with Mike Killian. You are in for a ride as the conversation goes from snake venom and rats to rehabbing a bone fracture of a collegiate pitcher throwing 90+. Press play and hold on.


Bridging the Gap from Pain to Performance with Mike Killian (Part II)

In this week's More Than Velocity, we cover the comeback of a Division I pitcher who was experiencing arm pain and the steps it took to get him back on the mound. The discussion covers drills and training tools related to both the biomechanical and physiologic demands of regaining the throwing motion and arm strength after injury. And an important note to it all is that not all drills are created equally, and not all drills are beneficial. The way to execute is to individualize everything...


Bridging the Gap From Pain to Performance with Mike Killian (Part I)

Mike Killian works with all types of athletes in their return to performance, but his forte is baseball pitchers and getting them out of pain. He's interesting because, in the traditional sense of "rehabilitation", the athlete gets passed from the therapist to the coach and typically loses contact with the therapist when re-entering competition. Mike's offering is different. He never loses contact with the athlete as he's both a clinician and coach—it's a seamless transition from injury to...


How To Get The Most From Your Arm Exams (More Than Velocity #36)

In this episode of More Than Velocity, we take a deep dive into the exam process for the ArmCare App and cover some essential analytics that we pull from each test. If you're looking to build your expertise on this and other arm care essentials, check out our certification course.


The Science of Learning to Move with Professor Rob Gray

Rob Gray is an Associate Professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University where he works to answer many of the questions about how we learn to move. Rob has a diverse background where he's worked with Nissan Motor Corp, the US Air Force, serving as an expert witness for driving accident cases, and consultant in roles with several sports teams and organizations. In 2015, he started the Perception & Action Podcast. With over 350 episodes and 2 million downloads, it has...


Blending Old School and New School Pitcher Development with Oakland Athletics Coach Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson has been coaching professional pitchers for over 20 years and is currently working at the highest level as the pitching coach for the Oakland Athletics. In that time, he's learned a ton of strategies for developing successful pitchers, but continuing to adapt as new technology and strategies come his way. You can follow Scott on Linkedin at


The Processes and Routines That Ty Buttrey Uses To Perform in The Big Leagues

After playing professional baseball for almost 10 years, Ty Buttrey announced that he was stepping away from the game in 2021. But after recentering himself and finding his purpose again in baseball, Ty is making a comeback with the LA Angles. In our discussion, Ty discusses some of the self-evaluation, analytics, processes, and routines that have helped him find success. You can follow Ty on Instagram at


What MLB Scout Carlos Gomez Looks for When Assessing Players

The first thing to know is that not all professional baseball scouts are the same. They have different priorities for assessing players, along with different backgrounds and expertise. One scout who's been doing this a while is Carlos Gomez. Not only does he have experience pitching professionally, but he's been working within baseball for over a decade. In that time he's learned to assess the qualities of elite players. Most notably he worked as the Director of International Scouting for...


Talking Elite Arm Care with MLB Trainer Luke Novosel

In this podcast, we talk about the demands for elite arms with Luke Novosel. Luke is a former Division-I baseball pitcher and graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. He is a sports residency-trained physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist. He's currently the Minor League Rehab and Reconditioning Co-Coordinator for the NY Mets. Click here to learn more about Luke Novosel.


Arm Care Study Guide: What Every Player, Coach, & Parent Needs to Know About Arm Care.

This is like the cliff notes of Arm Care. Sit down with our pitching and performance specialist as the dive into the reasons why players get injured and what their programs are missing. Learn more at


Softball Pitcher Development with Toni Paisley

This week we chat with Hall of Fame softball player and elite pitching coach, Toni Paisley. Toni is leading the charge by implementing the latest technology such as ArmCare and Rapsodo with the players that she coaches. Check out Toni and her online softball pitching academy at:


Why Unique Pitching Mechanics Are A Plus

Just because it looks different doesn't mean it's wrong. Listen to our talk with Carter Capps who has a "funky" delivery that he's made work. Check out Carter's unique pitch mechanics here: Carter is currently the pitching coach for the Seattle University Redhawks


What a PhD Thinks About Strength & Baseball Performance

In this episode, we dive into the research and science of strength training behind baseball performance. Dr. David Szymanski is one of the most unique people in baseball and currently wears many hats at Louisiana Tech University. He is the Chair for the Department of Kinesiology, the Director for the Human Performance Laboratories at the college, and the Director of Baseball Performance for a team that cracked the top 20 in NCAA D1 Baseball last season. His research area is widespread in...


The Roll of College Summer League in Player Development

In this week's episode, we talk with Greg Morrison, who has seen baseball from many different angles. Having retired from 12 seasons as a professional player, he now applies his education and experience to keep his athletes performing at their best through his clinic, Morrison Health in Medicine Hat, AB, CAN Learn more about his practice at: Greg also sees things as a manager as the current owner and GM of the Medicine Hat Mavericks of the Western Major...


Talking Shop on Shoulder Performance & Development of the ASH Test With Physiotherapist Ben Ashworth

In this episode, we dive into assessing and training the shoulder for performance with the notable physiotherapist Ben Ashworth. Ben is best known for his development of the ASH test and expertise in developing shoulders at the highest levels of performance. He is currently the Director of Performance for AC Sparta Prague and host of the Inform Performance Podcast. You can find him on Twitter @benashworth and Instagram @AthleticShoulder


Battling the Mental Side of Injury with Physical Therapist David Meyer

In this week's podcast, we meet with David Meyer who is a physical therapist with a wealth of experience from his time working in major league baseball. David specifically covers the cognitive side of injury and how athletes face the mental struggle of physical challenges. David is the author of Injured to Elite: A Guide to Empowering Yourself to Transform Your Life After Injury, and hosts the Injured to Elite Podcast. He's also the founder and owner of Pipeline Performance Inc.