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Maximizing your full potential in baseball using data-led monitoring and individualized training. Experts discuss what works and why at every level of baseball, from the Big Leagues on down.


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Maximizing your full potential in baseball using data-led monitoring and individualized training. Experts discuss what works and why at every level of baseball, from the Big Leagues on down.




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Hurston Waldrep Discusses CWS, the MLB Draft, & ArmCare

Standout RHP at University Florida, Hurston Waldrep joins the pod. Ryan & Jordan discuss why Hurston's arm strength and process will be so valuable at the MLB level. Hurston provides some great insight to what his year at UF was like and the CWS experience.


Arm Care, Mental Game, and Winning Strategies of Pro Baseball Catcher Ryan Lavarnway

In this episode of The More Than Velocity Podcast, host Ryan Crotin sits down with guest Ryan Lavarnway, a retired professional baseball player with an impressive career spanning 15 years. Lavarnway shares insights into his journey and discusses the importance of preparation and maintaining arm health in baseball. The conversation delves into catching techniques, the role of catchers in stealing strikes, and the mental aspects of the game. With valuable tips and anecdotes from Lavarnway's experiences, this episode offers a comprehensive perspective on the game of baseball beyond just velocity.


Lessons in Becoming an Outstanding Player-Centered Coach.

Robert Hege has one of the more unique paths that got him into baseball coaching. Throughout his career as a pilot in the military, he stayed in touch with baseball as a coach on the side. Upon his exit from the military, he moved into coaching full-time as the owner of Southern Baseball Academy in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Robert shares his reasons for adopting ArmCare into his program and the processes he uses that have led to some incredible success stories.


Breaking down Biomechanics in Baseball with Brittany Dowling

This week we welcome Brittany Dowling on the podcast to dive into the application of biomechanics in baseball. Brittany is the Director of Biomechanics at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, overseeing a world-class motion capture lab. Previously she served over 5 years as a Director at Motus Global, where she built a depth of experience in assessing pitchers. You can follow Brittany on LinkedIn and on Twitter.


How Towson Baseball Is Making Gains with Jimmy Lee

A great discussion with Jimmy Lee, Athletic Trainer for Towson University Baseball, discussing a variety things they are doing to get better and compete.


Strategies for Elite Pitching Performance with Mark Sheehan

In this video, we sit down with Mark Sheehan, a Master Pitching Instructor and winner of the 2014 Collegiate Baseball News Teaching Professional of the Year Award. With over 13 years of experience, Mark has developed a reputation as an extremely knowledgeable and highly sought-after instructor. He is the Director of Pitching for Canes Illinois and runs Evolution Athletics. Mark has a long resume of current and former professional and college pitchers he's worked with, along with countless others he's helped reach their full potential at all levels. Whether you're a pitcher looking to improve your skills, or a coach looking to enhance your teaching methods, you'll learn a ton from this interview with Mark Sheehan.


Insights on Player Development with Big League Pitching Coach and Manager Mickey Callaway

In this episode of More than Velocity, we chat with Big League pitching coach and manager Mickey Callaway. He shares his insights on individualizing player development and optimizing communication from his time as a pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angles, as well as the Club Manager for the New York Mets. Learn more at


Building Elite Systems with Tommy Weaver from USA Prime Virginia

This week on More Than Velocity, we have Tommy Weaver, the Director of Training at USA Prime Virginia, who plays a role in developing over 150 players. In this episode, we'll discuss his latest training techniques and the implementation of strength testing in his program. This includes his regiment and schedule that rival the organization of some MLB Spring Training programs. Be sure to check out USA Prime Virginia at And follow them on social at


Infielder & Outfielder Results with ArmCare - Part 2 w/ Backyard Baseball

Pitchers and position players alike need to take care of their throwing arm. ArmCare has the perfect solution for keeping your arm healthy and building strength! Watch the latest More Than Velocity podcase to see the results players are getting with ArmCare. Kyle Bogese & RC Orlan from Backyard Baseball Join us to talk about the results they're getting with ArmCare. Also discussed in this episode is training to develop powerful rotation: And we get into ways to build better lower body power:


How to Leverage the ArmCare App to Advance Your Training Programs - Part 1

In this episode of MoreThanVelocity, Kyle Bogese from Backyard Baseball joins us to discuss the innovative use of technology in baseball training. Founded in Chester, Virginia, Backyard Baseball was an early adopter of the ArmCare App and has used it to revolutionize their approach to helping their players become better athletes and reach their goals. Kyle talks about how the ArmCare App helps coaches get meaningful data about their athletes' performances, allowing them to pinpoint areas for improvement. He also explains how the app helps players keep track of their progress, so they can identify areas where they need to focus more energy and effort. Additionally, Kyle shares how it also allows them to customize drills based on individual needs, allowing for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, he offers advice on how coaches can use the ArmCare App to maximize its potential benefits. Don't miss this valuable conversation with Kyle Bogese from Backyard Baseball as he shares his insights into using innovative technology in baseball training!


Making Gains With The ArmCare Specialist Course

If you're looking to make some gains in your coaching career then check out our Armcare Specialist certification. The course is designed by pitching specialist Dr. Ryan Crotin and covers the most up-to-date and effective information needed to protect athletes and help them perform. In this podcast, you'll hear from one of our graduates of the program member of the ArmCare Elite on what he's seen change on the field. To learn more about the certification go to


Look Behind the Scenes of Professional Baseball with Umpire Dale Scott

Learn about the life of a professional baseball umpire from someone who's been in the game for over three decades. From his unique perspective, umpire Dale Scott provides a fascinating look at what happens behind the scenes of professional baseball. You'll never look at the sport the same way again! Check out his book for more info along with his incredible personal story at


From Setbacks to Draft Day with Third Round Pick William Kempner

Will Kempner is a 3rd round draft pick with the SF Giants. He joins us to discuss what the draft process was like, what his future will entail, and how he dealt with an injury earlier this year. This is a great listen if you want a behind the scene look at the move to professional baseball and what it took to get there. Follow Will on Twitter at


How to Use Your Athletic Trainer to Build High Performance Machines

Kaylee Shores isn't at the field to "eat sunflower seeds and treat turf burn." She's actively involved in managing player workloads, assessing data to make better game-time decisions, and helping players gain velocity while staying healthy. In this week's podcast, she dives into some of the data she's regularly using to support the team and her plans for the next season. You can connect with Kaylee Shores at


Experiments, Expert Knowledge and Tech with Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark a former 5th round draft pick and now founder of Ripple Baseball discusses individualizing training using experiments, experts and technology to push performance.


How Lower Body Explosive Power Impacts Injury and Performance

Dr. Chris Bishop joins us to discuss measuring lower body explosive power, asymmetry, and predicting injury risk or performance potential. Jordan and Ryan tap Chris' experience to discuss a variety of topics including antagonist / agonist movements pairings, and limb dominance. Chris is a Strength and Conditioning expert currently working at Middlesex University in London. @DrChrisBishop on Twitter


Snake Venom, Bone Fractures, and Pitching 90+ mph

In this week's More Than Velocity, Ryan wraps up his talk with Mike Killian. You are in for a ride as the conversation goes from snake venom and rats to rehabbing a bone fracture of a collegiate pitcher throwing 90+. Press play and hold on.


Bridging the Gap from Pain to Performance with Mike Killian (Part II)

In this week's More Than Velocity, we cover the comeback of a Division I pitcher who was experiencing arm pain and the steps it took to get him back on the mound. The discussion covers drills and training tools related to both the biomechanical and physiologic demands of regaining the throwing motion and arm strength after injury. And an important note to it all is that not all drills are created equally, and not all drills are beneficial. The way to execute is to individualize everything by understanding athletes' strength and range of motion responses. Learn more at


Bridging the Gap From Pain to Performance with Mike Killian (Part I)

Mike Killian works with all types of athletes in their return to performance, but his forte is baseball pitchers and getting them out of pain. He's interesting because, in the traditional sense of "rehabilitation", the athlete gets passed from the therapist to the coach and typically loses contact with the therapist when re-entering competition. Mike's offering is different. He never loses contact with the athlete as he's both a clinician and coach—it's a seamless transition from injury to return to performance programming to competition.


How To Get The Most From Your Arm Exams (More Than Velocity #36)

In this episode of More Than Velocity, we take a deep dive into the exam process for the ArmCare App and cover some essential analytics that we pull from each test. If you're looking to build your expertise on this and other arm care essentials, check out our certification course.