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NFL Total Access is a nightly show dedicated to NFL football! NFL Total Access gives fans inside access to all 32 teams, including the latest NFL news and reports from coast-to-coast. Listen to exclusive interviews with players and coaches and behind the scenes footage from inside team facilities.


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NFL Total Access is a nightly show dedicated to NFL football! NFL Total Access gives fans inside access to all 32 teams, including the latest NFL news and reports from coast-to-coast. Listen to exclusive interviews with players and coaches and behind the scenes footage from inside team facilities.




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TA SUMMER SCHOOL is back in session, What is The Aaron Rodgers Effect, and OTA reports for the Jets, Giants, and Bears

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by Rhett Lewis. First up, we examine the "Aaron Rodgers Effect" and explore the potential impact of the superstar quarterback joining the New York Jets, particularly how their defense may benefit most from his presence. Next, we provide comprehensive OTA reports for both the New York Jets and the New York Giants. Get the inside scoop on how these teams are gearing up for the upcoming season during their offseason training activities. Next up, we assess the potential impact players for the New York Giants' offense. Dive into the debate on whether Darren Waller or Saquon Barkley will have a greater influence on Daniel Jones and the team's offensive performance. Panthers safety Xavier Woods offers a detailed scouting report on Bryce Young, the top pick in the NFL draft. Gain valuable insights into Young's potential and what he brings to his team. We'll then shift our focus to the Chicago Bears' OTA report. Rhett analyzes the team's offseason training activities and evaluate the role of rookie quarterback Justin Fields. Explore whether Fields' running ability needs to be curtailed for the Bears' offense to flourish. Later in the show Rhett and I will break down the Miami Dolphins' offense. Discover who claims it to be the second-best offense in the NFL, trailing only the Chiefs. Together, we determine the accuracy of this statement and whether the Dolphins' offense truly ranks among the league's elite. Lastly, join us for TA Summer School, where we break down football terminology to enhance your understanding of the game. Test your knowledge and learn the meanings and significance of terms like "Spy," "Mike," and the "X" at Wide Receiver. See for privacy information.


Breaking Barriers and Embracing Change with R.K. Russell

Join us on this compelling episode as we delve into the extraordinary journey of former NFL player and author, RK Russell. In his memoir, "The Yards Between Us - A Story of Life, Love & Football," Russell shares his personal and heartfelt account of coming out as a bisexual man in a world that was not always ready to accept him. As a former defensive lineman for the Cowboys, Bucs, and Bills, Russell provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by bisexual athletes in the NFL. We explore the question of whether NFL locker rooms are unwilling to accept these athletes or if the issue lies in unfamiliarity. Russell's firsthand experiences shed light on the complexities of navigating a traditionally heteronormative environment and the impact it has on LGBTQ+ individuals. We'll also examine whether attitudes towards LGBTQ+ representation in sports, particularly within the NFL. Are these attitudes destined to change, or is there a determined resistance to that change? Ryan's story encourages us to challenge what we think we know and what we actually know, urging us to confront and address the biases that may exist within ourselves and society. See for privacy information.


Is it a Super Bowl or Bust campaign for the Bengals? STOCK UP. STOCK DOWN … team by team in the NFC South, and the preseason NFL All-Breakout team for 2023

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast, we welcome back former NFL quarterback David Carr. We kick off today's discussion with a focus on the Cincinnati Bengals' 2023 campaign. The question looms: Is this a Super Bowl or Bust season for the Bengals? As expectations rise for this young and talented team, we'll explore the challenges they face on their quest for football's ultimate prize. Next up, our attention turns to the Buffalo Bills, a team on the cusp of greatness. The Bills have consistently been a force to be reckoned with but have yet to secure a Super Bowl victory. David Carr and I discuss whether this season represents a last chance for the Bills to prove their credentials or if they will forever be remembered as the best team never to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Shifting gears to the NFC South, we evaluate stock trends. From rising contenders to potential disappointments, David Carr breaks down the latest developments in the division. The spotlight then falls on the New Orleans Saints as the team to beat in the NFC South. As the Saints reload and regroup, the analysis dives into the factors that make them the front-runners in the divisional race. Turning to Tampa Bay, the question arises: Does Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask hold the key to success for the Buccaneers? Simultaneously, the Falcons' decision not to draft a quarterback raises questions about the faith they've placed in Desmond Ridder. We close the show with the preseason NFL All-Breakout team for 2023. Additionally, we will discuss the undervalued prowess of Denver Broncos' wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, highlighting why he may well be the best wide receiver in the NFL despite not receiving the recognition he deserves. See for privacy information.


Decoding DeAndre Hopkins' Desired Team, Eagles 2023 Schedule; win by win & loss by loss? Does Philly take a step back this season?

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by David Carr, former NFL quarterback and analyst. First up, they dissect DeAndre Hopkins' recent comments about his preferred team choices. Discover what D-Hop revealed and which NFL teams align with his preferences. Was there a parting shot aimed at his former teammate Kyler Murray? We'll explore the NFC landscape to determine the one team that truly makes sense for D-Hop. David Carr will tell you why popular choices like the Cowboys and the Eagles, unveiling a surprising contender that may have eluded many fans. Shifting gears, our hosts ponder an age-old question: which of the four NFL teams that have never made a Super Bowl is most likely to break through? Join the conversation as they assess the Lions, Browns, Jags, and Texans, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and potential pathways to success. Next up, Adam Rank, meticulously analyze the Eagles' upcoming schedule, breaking it down game by game while making predictions on wins and losses. Dive deep into the burning question: Will the Eagles regress this season? Brace yourself for an honest evaluation of the team's future prospects and an open discussion on the potential challenges they may face. Finally, as Memorial Day approaches, NFL Total Access The Podcast pays tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. Prepare for a touching and heartfelt memorial as our hosts honor these heroes and reflect on the significance of this solemn occasion. See for privacy information.


DeAndre Hopkins Hits Free Agency, TA SUMMER SCHOOL … class is in session! The Ultimate Road Trip Destination on the NFL Map

In today's show, we have special guests Michael Robinson and Mike Yam, co-hosts of the NFL Explained Podcast. In our first segment, we turn our attention to the newly released DeAndre Hopkins, "Nuke on the Loose!" Speculation runs wild as we discuss the next move for this talented wide receiver. Will he join a contender looking to bolster their offense, or perhaps opt for a team in need of a game-changing playmaker? Next up its our, "TA Summer School," we tackle the vast array of NFL terminology that often leaves us nodding along but secretly unsure of what it really means. From the elusive C Gaps to the strategic Cover 2 defense, and from deciphering 21 Personnel formations to demystifying the "Pro-Style Offense," this episode is your chance to truly understand the language of the game. As we celebrate National Road Trip Day, we hit the road in our final segment, appropriately titled "Road Trippin'." We embark on an adventure through the NFL map, seeking the best spots for a football-themed road trip. From iconic stadiums to passionate fanbases, we'll guide you through the must-visit destinations that offer the perfect blend of football history and unforgettable experiences. See for privacy information.


Are we buying the DeAndre Hopkins to KC buzz? A scouting report on the return of Lamar Jackson, and Will the Chiefs RUN IT BACK?

In today's episode, I am joined by Adam Rank. We kick off the show with a burning question: Is Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs' superstar quarterback, truly underpaid? Despite his immense talent and staggering achievements, Mahomes claims he's more focused on winning championships than his paycheck. But is he being undervalued in comparison to other quarterbacks in the league? Speaking of the Chiefs, will they be able to "run it back" and secure another Super Bowl victory? We explore the team's prospects and discuss the crucial role of Mahomes' second-choice target. With the formidable Travis Kelce commanding attention, who will step up to become Mahomes' go-to receiver? We examine the potential options and forecast the impact on the Chiefs' offensive prowess. Rumors have been swirling about DeAndre Hopkins potentially joining the Chiefs. We examine the validity of these rumors and discuss the implications of adding a wide receiver of Hopkins' caliber to an already explosive offense. Will this move become a reality or remain mere speculation? We turn our attention next to the Baltimore Ravens and the long-awaited return of Lamar Jackson to the practice field. Adam Rank provides a scouting report on Jackson's progress and analyzes the potential impact on the Ravens' offense. What can we expect from Jackson as he regains his form? Next up we dive into the development of Jalen Hurts. Adam Rank examines Hurts' performance and explore ways in which he can further improve. From refining his mechanics to making better decisions on the field, we provide valuable insights on how Hurts can take his game to the next level. Finally, we address the bold claim made by DJ Moore, who believes that Justin Fields has the potential to become one of the all-time great quarterbacks. Adam Rank discusses the validity of Moore's statement and examines Fields' skill set and future prospects. Will Fields live up to the lofty expectations ... ? See for privacy information.


Tua Sighting! … how does he look? Commanders QB debate, Jersey Sales in the NFL … Who is #1? and Is Austin Ekeler the MOST UNDERPAID player in the NFL?

In this episode of NFL Total Access The Podcast, I am joined by Mike Yam. We kick off the discussion with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and his thoughts on the elusive "Super Bowl Window." Is the "Super Bowl Window", still wide open for the Bills or is it slammed shut? We delve into what adjustments Allen needs to make in order to give the Bills their best chance at capturing that long-sought ring. Next on the agenda is the highly anticipated return of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to the field after his absence since December. We will dissect Tua's performance and evaluate how he looks upon his return. The question at hand is whether a healthy Tua is capable of leading the Dolphins on a playoff run and propelling the team to greater success. Shifting gears, the podcast shifts its focus to the Washington Commanders' quarterback debate. Is Sam Howell the answer to the team's quarterback needs, and the pressure he faces as the potential starter? What expectations does this put on Eric Bienemy, the team's offensive coordinator, in navigating this critical decision? Jersey sales in the NFL take center stage as we explore who claims the top spot in popularity. Which rookie has managed to crack the top 10, sparking conversations about emerging talents in the league? The latest rule changes from the league meeting in Minneapolis become a topic of interest. We will dissect these changes, and intriguingly, Mike Yam provides both "yes" and "no" perspectives on the same rule proposal. Lastly, Mike Yam and I investigate why Austen Eckler is the most underpaid player in the NFL. We will evaluate Ekeler's exceptional skills and contributions to his team, considering whether his contract aligns with his value and impact on the field. See for privacy information.


TB12’s advice to the Rookie QB Class, Are the Seattle Seahawks about to flip the NFC West? And Davante Adams’ Top 5 WR in the NFL

Welcome to NFL Total Access: The Podcast, today I am joined by NFL Network reporter Omar Ruiz. We start this episode with a "Silver & Blackout? Is it about to get worse for the Raiders before it gets better?" With the Las Vegas Raiders facing significant challenges, we examine the current state of the franchise. "Professor Tom Brady? TB12’s advice to Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson & Will Levis" Tom Brady, a true maestro of the game, has imparted his wisdom to some of the NFL's rising stars. We delve into Brady's mentorship and the advice he has offered to promising quarterbacks Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis. "Big Ben Said WHAT?? Why was Big Ben rooting AGAINST Kenny Pickett?" Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's surprising comments regarding another quarterback, Kenny Pickett, have caused a stir. "We Gotta Problem Here? What’s wrong with the Cowboys, Giants & Jets? What’s the FIX?" The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and New York Jets have encountered significant challenges. We break down the issues plaguing these teams, ranging from roster concerns to coaching matters. Additionally, our experts propose potential solutions to help these franchises regain their winning ways. "Are the Seattle Seahawks about to flip the balance of power in the NFC West?" The NFC West division has long been dominated by the likes of the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. However, the Seattle Seahawks are making waves and threatening to shift the balance of power. "Davante Adams’ Top 5 WR in the NFL … he put WHO on the list? And who did he leave OFF of it?" Green Bay Packers' star wide receiver Davante Adams recently shared his top five wide receivers in the NFL, causing a stir among fans and analysts alike. We dissect Adams' choices and discuss the notable names he included and those he left off the list. See for privacy information.


Legends & Legacy: Honoring Jim Brown - A Deep Dive into the Life, Accomplishments, and Impact of the Pro Football Hall of Famer

Welcome to a very special edition of NFL Total Access, the podcast that quite honestly, we wish we didn't have to share. I'm your host, NFL Network senior writer Andrew Levy, and today we meet at the crossroads of sadness and celebration to mark the passing, but also to honor the life of pro football Hall of Famer Jim Brown. On this show, we will hear from NFL stars who have been posting their tributes to a man many believe is the one true goat. Bob Costas will share his thoughts on Jim Brown, the legend Fellow Hall of Famer Dick Butkus knew Jim Brown, the player, and discovered in his very first meeting with Jim Brown, the player that if you're going to try and tackle this guy, you better have two things a plan and a lot of help. That is a story you have to hear. We'll also hear from those who knew Jim Brown, the activist, and who believe this is a man whose greatest accomplishments came long after he hung up his cleats. See for privacy information.


NFL Schedule Mania: Surprising QB Matchups, Under-the-Radar Players, and Jags DE Roy Robertson-Harris joins the show

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by Bucky Brooks as we dive headfirst into the frenzy of NFL Schedule Mania! We explore an unexpected quarterback matchup that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This thrilling showdown doesn't feature the usual suspects like Mahomes, Rodgers, Hurts, Burrow, or Jackson. Who are these quarterbacks and what makes this clash so enticing? But hold on, football fans, as we unveil the biggest threat to the reigning NFC champions, the Eagles. Surprisingly, it's not the formidable 49ers that pose the most danger. Who or what could potentially dethrone the Eagles from their NFC crown? We then shift our focus to a potential shake-up in the standings. Which NFC team is destined for a significant drop this season? Our panel of experts provides their insights and analysis to shed light on this surprising revelation. But that's not all! Prepare for some thrilling NFL spy games as we uncover the players and teams flying under the radar. These unsung heroes are ready to make a profound impact on the field. Who are they, and how could they shape the upcoming season? Next up, we spotlight the rising stars of the NFL's defensive rookies. We delve into the positions of cornerback, defensive end, defensive tackle, and linebacker to identify the four rookies who are poised to dominate. Our experts dissect their skills and project their impact in the league. And of course, we couldn't resist sharing some schedule predictions, game by game, for two intriguing teams: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. What surprises await these teams on their journey? Could the Jaguars be on the verge of greatness, while the Bills face unexpected challenges? Lastly, we welcome a special guest to the show. Joining us is Jacksonville Jaguars' defensive end, Roy Robertson-Harris. Get exclusive insights into his journey, experiences, and aspirations for the upcoming season. See for privacy information.


Ndamukong Suh … unplugged, from retirement to reputation, 49ers 2023 schedule prediction, and Interview with 49ers DE Arik Armstead

In this episode of NFL Total Access The Podcast, we dive deep into the world of NFL defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. Join us as Ndamukong, unplugged, discusses retirement, reputation, and the perception versus reality of his playing style. We also explore his thoughts on Hall of Fame induction and his unlikely friendship with Warren Buffett, the world's fifth richest person. Suh addresses the criticisms of being a violent and dirty player, sharing his response to those who hold such opinions. Discover the truth behind the perception and the reality of his approach to the game. Beyond his on-field accomplishments, we uncover the intriguing story of Suh's friendship with Warren Buffett. Learn how their bond formed and the valuable lessons Suh has gained from his conversations with the legendary investor. Reflecting on his career, Suh opens up about regrets, discussing if he has any particular game or play he wishes he could change. Gain insights into pivotal moments in his journey and his perspective on personal growth and hindsight. Later in the show, we provide game-by-game analysis and predictions for the San Francisco 49ers' 2023 schedule. Plus, enjoy an exclusive interview with 49ers defensive end Arik Armstead, as he shares insider knowledge and unique perspectives. See for privacy information.


Micah Parsons is STAYING at Linebacker, How the Raiders FAILED to address their biggest offseason needs, and Schedule Predictions for the Jets & the Giants

Welcome back to NFL Total Access The Podcast I am your host NFL Network Senior Writer Andrew Lavey and on today's show I am joined by NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. We start the show with great news for Cowboys fans. We'll share the great news surrounding Micah Parsons' decision to stay at linebacker instead of switching to defensive end, highlighting why it could be the best move for the Dallas Cowboys. Shifting gears, we'll examine how the Las Vegas Raiders missed the mark in addressing their biggest needs during the offseason, leaving fans and analysts concerned. We'll dissect their choices and discuss the potential impact on their upcoming season. Get ready for some schedule predictions! We'll analyze every win, loss, streak, and struggle for the New York Jets and the New York Giants, offering our insights and predictions on how their seasons might unfold. Additionally, we'll explore the significance of strength of schedule and question whether we may be overestimating its importance. We'll delve into the debates surrounding this concept and challenge conventional wisdom. Lastly, we'll uncover the voices in the NFL community advocating for a "tougher is better" approach. Discover who believes teams should embrace a more rugged and challenging style of play. We'll evaluate their arguments and discuss the potential merits of this philosophy in today's NFL. See for privacy information.


NEW OWNERSHIP ALERT! Sale of the Washington Commanders Finalized, Why the best QB matchup DOESN’T include the names Mahomes, Hurts, Allen, Burrow or Rodgers!

In today's episode, we kick off with "What You Got for an Encore?" Get ready as we make game-by-game predictions for the complete schedules of the Chiefs and the Eagles. From thrilling victories to unexpected losses, our fearless analysis will keep you engaged and eager to see how these teams fare on their quest for gridiron glory. We've got a major announcement in our breaking news segment: the sale of the Washington Commanders has been finalized. Tune in as we provide exclusive details about this ownership change and discuss the potential impact it may have on the team's future. Our in-depth analysis will ensure you're up to date with the latest developments in the NFL. NFL reporter Bridget Condon takes the spotlight as she shares the five games that have reporters clamoring for coverage this season. Discover the matchups that are capturing the attention of the media and unravel the intriguing storylines behind these highly anticipated games. We'll explore the excitement and anticipation that surrounds these contests and give you a front-row seat to the most captivating moments on the football calendar. Prepare to have your doubts shattered as we delve into the merits of the Lions-Chiefs kickoff game. We'll provide compelling arguments as to why anyone who questions its significance is unequivocally wrong. Join us as we uncover the hidden dynamics and potential surprises that could make this matchup a game-changer in the NFL landscape. Lastly, we reveal the best quarterback matchup on the 2023 Schedule, and you might be surprised that it doesn't include the names Mahomes, Hurts, Allen, Burrow, or Rodgers. Discover the rising stars and unsung heroes who are poised to showcase their talents and redefine quarterback excellence in this highly anticipated showdown. See for privacy information.


Jordan Love sounds off, International & Holiday games announced, and Rodney McLeod’s incredible journey from Undrafted to Undeniable!

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by a special guest, its Browns Safety Rodney McLeod. We kick off with an exclusive interview featuring Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers' QB-in-waiting. Love shares his thoughts on his three-year wait to become the team's QB1 and raises questions about Green Bay's patience in letting him grow into the role. Next, we dive into the recently announced International and Holiday games on the 2023 NFL Calendar. We explore the storylines associated with these crucial matchups, discussing rivalries, playoff implications, and what makes them must-watch games. Have you ever wondered about the truth of playing overseas in the NFL? We bring you insights from a player who has experienced it firsthand, shedding light on the challenges and unique aspects of playing football in foreign countries. Get ready for bold predictions as we discuss the highest-scoring game of the year. We analyze offensive firepower, defensive vulnerabilities, and key matchups to forecast a thrilling, high-scoring spectacle. The debate continues with a focus on Aaron Donald. Is the renowned defensive player on the decline or still the best in the NFL? We present contrasting viewpoints, backed by statistics and expert analysis, inviting listeners to join the conversation. Prepare to be inspired by Rodney McLeod's incredible journey from undrafted player to undeniable force in the NFL. We delve into his story of overcoming obstacles and the path that led him to triumph. Finally, we wrap up by analyzing the draft grades in the AFC South and AFC North, evaluating team selections and highlighting standout picks. See for privacy information.


The NFL is the new NBA? Draft Grades in the NFC South & the NFC North, and The NFC Games we can’t wait to see

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by former NFL cornerback and scout, Bucky Brooks as we start the show exploring, whether the NFL is becoming the new NBA, as we witness a shift in dynamics and popularity. We also take a closer look at the Indianapolis Colts' exceptional "Draft & Develop" approach, which yielded them the "freakiest" draft class of the year. The Colts face a pivotal decision: Will they exercise patience in developing Anthony Richardson, or will they thrust him into action immediately? We weigh the pros and cons of both approaches and speculate on what lies ahead for this promising prospect. Additionally, we evaluate the draft grades in the NFC South and NFC North divisions, highlighting the standout picks and analyzing their potential impact on their respective teams. Get ready for thrilling matchups in the NFC! We discuss the highly anticipated games that will keep fans on the edge of their seats, delivering intense competition and exciting moments. Lastly, we ponder the opening game of the 2023 NFL Season, the Kickoff game. Who should the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, face to set the stage for an electrifying start? See for privacy information.


Special Guest Omar Ruiz on AFC Revenge Games we can’t wait to see this season, AFC East predictions, and AFC East Draft Grades

Welcome to NFL Total Access The Podcast today I am joined by NFL Network National Reporter Omar Ruiz. We start the show discussing the most anticipated AFC revenge games of the upcoming season, showcasing the intense rivalries and drama that make these matchups so electrifying. Next, we shift our focus to Aaron Rodgers and his potential impact on the New York Jets. We'll explore why the success of the Jets hinges not just on what Rodgers does on the field, but also on the qualities he brings as a leader and game-changer. Could Rodgers' arrival lead to an unexpected AFC East title for the Jets? We'll delve into this intriguing possibility, analyzing the potential effects of this high-profile acquisition on the divisional race. However, it's important to temper expectations. We'll examine why setting unrealistic goals, such as a Super Bowl win, for a Rodgers-led Jets team might actually result in disappointment, as we consider the challenges of building a championship-worthy roster. Next, we'll make our bold AFC East predictions, taking into account each team's strengths, weaknesses, and potential breakout stars. Additionally, we'll assess the performance of each AFC East team in the recent NFL draft. By providing our candid evaluations, we'll assign draft grades to each team, analyzing their choices, steals, and missed opportunities. Lastly, we'll explore what happens to NFL stars when the team they rooted for growing up doesn't select them. We'll dive into the impact on players' motivation, career trajectory, and the emergence of new rivalries as a result. See for privacy information.


NFC West DRAFT GRADES and Post-Draft Power Rankings; Plus NY JETS FANTASY WATCH and Season Predictions

In this episode, of NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by Mike Yam. We start the show discussing, the recent news of Aaron Rodgers being booed at Madison Square Garden and his comments about his introduction to the Jets facility. We explore what it will take for the Jets to turn their recent struggles into a successful season. Next, we give our predictions for the Jets' performance in 2023, including whether they have done enough to eclipse the Bills and Dolphins in the AFC East. We also dive into the Jets' Fantasy Watch, discussing whether passing on Garrett Wilson in the fantasy draft will come back to haunt us, and whether we should have taken Aaron Rodgers. Moving on, we give our reactions to the post-draft power rankings and focus on the NFC West, providing draft grades and analysis for each team in the division. We ask whether anyone except the Seahawks passed this annual draft test in the NFC West. Finally, we reflect on the Ravens and their change in drama from previous seasons to a more calm approach. We question what happened to our interest in the team now that they are drama-free. See for privacy information.


Brand New Post Draft Power Rankings - Who's Overrated & Who's Overlooked? The Cowboys are ranked, but HOW HIGH? And Draft Grades in the AFC West

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by Bridget Condon & Adam Rank as we take a deeper dive into this weekend's NFL Draft. But first up, we'll be diving into the Jordan Love saga. Is he flattered or furious about the recent extension he received from the Packers? Is it a vote of confidence or a sign that he's about to be one and done? We'll be breaking down all the details and giving you our take on what it means for Love's future in Green Bay. Next, we'll be discussing Anthony Richardson and his recent name-checking of Jalen Hurts. We'll also be exploring whether we believe Richardson when he says he's ready to run the Colts offense. Is he the real deal, or is this just another case of a young player talking a big game? After that, we'll be looking at the brand new post-draft power rankings. Who's overrated and who's being overlooked? We'll be breaking down all the latest rankings and giving you our thoughts on who's in and who's out. We'll also be taking a closer look at the Dallas Cowboys and their surprisingly high ranking. Adam Rank will let us know why no one in the AFC West gets an "A". And why the best pick in the draft in this division is the one that DIDN'T get made. See for privacy information.


2023 NFL Draft: Winners, Losers, and Shocking Stories from David Carr

Welcome back to NFL Total Access The Podcast. Today I am joined by former #1 overall pick David Carr as we dive deep into the 2023 NFL Draft, exploring some of the most unapologetic questions that nobody dares to ask. Did Bill Belichick really sabotage the Jet's Draft? Will Anthony Richardson prove to be the steal of the draft? We'll discuss the Texans' bold moves and whether they were building a team or hedging their bets. Plus, we'll examine Derek Carr's reaction to the Saints picking up a QB and debate who won the draft. We'll also provide team-by-team draft grades for the NFC East. But the episode isn't just about the draft. We'll hear from former NFL quarterback David Carr about his strange but true story of being picked #1 overall in the 2002 draft and how two decades have changed his perspective. We'll also discuss buying a house with no money and living on the floor, working out in the basement, and completing your first NFL workout by throwing to a dude who doesn't play and can't catch. See for privacy information.


Why Aaron Rodgers comments are the best news Jets fans have heard in years! Spotlight to The Draft with The Chicago Bears

Today on NFL Total Access The Podcast I am joined by HOF running back Ladainian Tomlinson and NFL analyst Brian Baldinger as we discuss Aaron Rodger's opening Jets press conference and explore why his comments might be the best news Jets fans have heard in years. And later on in the show we close out our, "Countdown to The Draft" series with a focus on the Chicago Bears. They take a deep dive into what the Bears need in the draft and discuss what the team was like in 2022 and what it might look like in 2023. Additionally, we hear from Adam Rank as well as, Bears Nation and their favorite players and best memories. See for privacy information.