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A comprehensive look at the baseball landscape in New England, tracking prospects, recruiting, college and more.







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Vanderbilt Asst. Coach Jayson King

In this episode of the Base Path Podcast, brought to you by New England Baseball Journal, newly appointed Vanderbilt assistant coach Jayson King joins the show. King, previously the head coach of the Dayton Flyers since 2008, shares his experiences and insights about his new role under head coach Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt. He discusses the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from a head coach to an assistant coach at a top-level program. The conversation also touches on the impact of the transfer portal and NIL money on college baseball, his relationship with Tim Corbin, and the recruitment strategy at Vanderbilt. The episode concludes with a segment called 'Three Up, Three Down,' where King answers fun and thought-provoking questions. Topics 00:31 Transition to Vanderbilt: Coach King's Journey 01:38 State of College Baseball and Mid-Majors 02:57 Relationship with Tim Corbin 03:55 High Stakes at Vanderbilt 05:32 Recruiting and NIL Money 13:34 Impact of Transfer Portal 17:11 New Leadership at Dayton 18:52 Resources and Facilities at Vanderbilt 25:11 Three Up, Three Down: Fun Q&A 31:15 Conclusion and Farewell


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Penn State Coach Mike Gambino

Dan welcomes Mike Gambino to discuss his move from coaching at Boston College to Penn State. They delve into the challenges and differences between the two institutions, highlighting the support from the community and administration at Penn State. Gambino speaks about the success of his first season, the importance of player development, and his approach to the transfer portal. The conversation also touches on recruiting strategies, the future of the Big Ten Conference, and personal anecdotes, including experiences with leaving BC and special memories involving his dad. The episode wraps up with a fun 'Three Up, Three Down' segment discussing knuckleballs, steals of home, and the best World Series memories. Topics 00:42 Transition from Boston College to Penn State 03:04 Experiences and Challenges at Penn State 06:17 First Season Performance and Expectations 08:44 Establishing Leadership and Trust 12:56 Leaving Boston College and Family Considerations 16:02 Big Ten vs ACC: Comparisons and Future Outlook 19:41 Recruiting Strategies and New England Connections 20:30 Pennsylvania's Baseball Passion 21:10 Recruiting Strategies and Successes 22:20 Coaching Transitions and Reflections 24:41 The Changing Landscape of College Baseball 27:19 Transfer Portal Strategies 29:19 Three Up, Three Down: Fun Baseball Questions 34:16 Memorable World Series Moments 37:53 Conclusion and Farewell


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MIAA Tournament Finals Preview

In this episode of the Base Path Podcast, host Dan Guttenplan is joined by MIAA analyst Pat Donnelly to preview the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) state championship weekend. They discuss the matchups and key players for Divisions 1 through 5, including standout teams like BC High, St. John Shrewsbury, and Seekonk. The conversation also covers potential MIA Player of the Year candidates, highlighting performances and injuries that could impact the finals. Additionally, the show features a 'Three Up, Three Down' segment with producer David Yas, where they debate the merits of recent innovations in baseball such as the shift ban, the automatic runner on second base in extra innings, and in-stadium light shows. Topics 00:22 Overview of the MIAA Championship Weekend 01:04 Division 1 Championship Preview 08:22 Division 2 Championship Preview 11:24 Division 3 Championship Preview 13:21 Division 4 Championship Preview 15:42 Division 5 Championship Preview 19:39 Three Up, Three Down: Baseball Innovations 30:17 Closing Remarks and Farewell


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Braintree Coach Bill O'Connell

Braintree High School Coach Bill O'Connell discusses his team's strong season, securing the number four seed in the Massachusetts MIAA Division 1 State Tournament. O'Connell elaborates on the team's dynamics, crediting seniors and a balanced roster while sharing insights from his extensive coaching career, including past tournament experiences. He also touches on the intricacies of baseball strategy, the unpredictability of single elimination tournaments, and the impact of legendary Braintree coach Don Fredericks. Additionally, O'Connell talks about his role in selecting and coaching Team Massachusetts for the High School National Championship and his summer plans running the Extra Bases Summer Baseball Camp. The episode concludes with a fun 'Three Up, Three Down' segment where both guest and host discuss memorable baseball moments and strategies. Topics 00:59 Season Recap and Tournament Outlook 02:19 Challenges and Unpredictability in Baseball 04:31 Key Teams and Tournament Predictions 06:32 Legacy of Don Fredericks 08:01 Coaching Team Massachusetts 16:16 Summer Plans and Extra Bases Camp 22:44 Three Up, Three Down Segment 32:35 Closing Remarks


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MIAA Tournament Preview

Dan Guttenplan sits down with MIAA analyst Pat Donnelly to preview the state baseball tournament. Pat shares insights from the regular season, including standout teams like BC High, St. John's Shrewsbury, and Westford Academy, emphasizing the importance of strong pitching. The episode delves into potential candidates for MIAA Player of the Year. They also analyze tournament brackets for all five divisions, making predictions and discussing possible upsets. In a fun concluding segment, Dan and Pat engage in a Major League Baseball ballpark fantasy draft, picking their favorite ballparks. Topics 00:51 Key Takeaways from the Regular Season 01:45 MIAA Player of the Year Nominations 02:47 Player Profiles 12:36 Division 1 Bracket Breakdown 16:58 Division 2 Bracket Breakdown 19:14 Division 3 Playoff Predictions 20:41 Division 4 Contenders and Predictions 23:06 Division 5 Insights and Picks 24:47 State Finals Schedule and Coverage 25:27 Three Up Three Down: MLB Ballpark Fantasy Draft


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Austin Prep Coach John Pollard

The guest is John Pollard, coach of the Austin Prep baseball team, who explores the team's remarkable success, especially after transitioning to the NEPSAC league. Pollard shares insights into the undefeated seasons, challenges of moving to a new league, and the school's comprehensive approach to player development both on and off the field. The conversation also touches on the strategic aspects of baseball, such as the importance of mental preparation for high-stake games and postseason differences. . Topics: 00:23 Unbeaten Streaks and Transitioning to a NEPSAC Program 02:13 Challenges and Opportunities of Being Independent 04:44 Building a Winning Team Identity 07:02 Fostering College and Professional Opportunities for Players 10:59 Expanding the Program: JV Teams and Baseball Operations 13:22 Navigating High School Baseball's Competitive Landscape 16:14 Leveraging Facilities and Creating a Supportive Environment 21:20 Transitioning from High School to College Baseball 21:40 Preparing for Life Beyond Baseball 22:13 Academic and Athletic Excellence at Austin Prep 22:45 Evolving Recruitment and Admissions Standards 23:36 Setting High Standards for Austin Prep Athletes 25:15 Navigating Off-Season Training Regulations 28:55 Three Up, Three Down: A Fun Baseball Q&A 36:18 The Mental Game: Preparing for High-Pressure Situations 40:31 Wrapping Up with Coach John Pollard


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Worcester Academy's Mike Abraham

This episode of the Base Path podcast, hosted by Dan Guttenplan and produced by Seamans Media, features Worcester Academy's baseball coach Mike Abraham. In his first season, Abraham led the team to a central New England Prep League championship. The discussion spans the team's preparation and mindset, contrasting the current season with the previous, and delves into the competitive nature of the New England prep baseball scene. Additionally, insights into the development and scouting of young talent are shared. The podcast also touches on the wider New England baseball landscape, including team strategies, standout players and teams, and the impact of familial sports backgrounds on coaching philosophies. Topics: 00:15 Introducing Mike Abraham: A Season of Success 00:42 The Challenges and Changes of the New Season 01:44 Reflecting on Last Year's Tournament and Lessons Learned 03:22 Scouting the Competition: Deerfield, Dexter, and Cushing 07:13 The Strategy for Playoff Pitching 08:13 Managing a Top Prospect: Maverick Rizy's Journey 11:19 The Competitive Edge of Cushing Academy 12:50 Exploring Prep Baseball and ISL Tournaments 14:24 A Unique Training Experience with the Red Sox 16:32 Growing Up in a Sports-Driven Family 17:51 Looking Ahead: Summer Plans with NAB 19:27 Thoughts on Perfect Game and NIL Implications 20:15 Wrapping Up and Good Luck Wishes


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Avon Old Farms Coach Rob Dowling

In this episode of the Base Path Podcast, hosted by Dan Guttenplan and produced by New England Baseball Journal, Avon Old Farms head baseball coach Rob Dowling discusses the key factors behind the substantial success of his team in New England prep baseball. With a history of winning 17 Colonial and Founders League championships since 1996, Coach Dowling shares insights into the team's strong pitching lineup, talent acquisition, and the impact of preseason training in Florida. In addition, the conversation covers the increased competitiveness in prep baseball, the holistic experience offered by Avon Old Farms, player commitments to top colleges like Vanderbilt, and the educational value of athletics. The podcast also delves into baseball rules, coaching philosophies, the use of technology in the sport, and the discussion ends with a playful 'three up, three down' Q&A segment. 00:15 Spotlight on Avon Old Farms' Baseball Success 00:50 The Key to Early Season Success 02:33 The Impact of the Pandemic on Prep Baseball 02:42 Building a Competitive Team: Recruitment and Training 05:12 A Closer Look at Avon's Star Players 19:41 Navigating the Transfer Portal and College Recruitment 22:26 Personal Insights: Coaching Philosophy and Family Life 25:06 'Three Up, Three Down': Baseball Memories and Superstitions


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MIAA Roundup

In this episode of the Base Path Podcast by New England Baseball Journal, hosted by Dan Guttenplan with MIAA reporter Pat Donnelly, the hosts dive into the first half of the MIAA baseball season. The discussion includes power rankings updates, standout teams and players, a controversy involving Andover and pitcher Chris Gillette, and an in-depth analysis of the top teams across different divisions. They also delve into the intricacies of the MIAA power rankings and make predictions for the season based on current performances. In the 'Three Up, Three Down' segment the hosts tackle unprepared questions about baseball robots, listening to baseball on the radio, and describing baseball to someone unfamiliar with the sport. Topics 00:32 Mid-Season MIAA Baseball Highlights 00:43 The Andover Pitching Controversy 02:33 Power Rankings and Team Performances Discussion 04:13 Deep Dive into Divisional Power Rankings 05:46 Spotlight on Surprising Teams and Upcoming Contenders 11:35 Exploring Division 2 and 3 Standouts 15:33 Division 4 and 5 Insights: Teams to Watch 17:08 MIAA Player of the Year Contenders and Predictions 23:12 Three Up, Three Down: A Fun Q&A Segment


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BC Ace Pitcher John West

The guest is John West, a senior pitcher from Boston College and a Shrewsbury native. West discusses his final season, reflecting on the team's performance and his own growth. The conversation highlights the impact of the coaching change at BC, West's brief entry into the transfer portal, and his adjustment to a new coaching style. They delve into the significance of the annual ALS awareness game at Fenway Park, sharing West's personal connection to ALS and the broader impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge on ALS awareness. West also comments on the changes in college baseball recruitment and the dynamics of the transfer portal, offering a thoughtful look at the current state of the sport. The exchange concludes with a light-hearted 'three up three down' segment exploring West's baseball journey and memories. 2024 ALS Awareness Game: Topics: 00:11 John West's Stellar Season and Team Dynamics 01:13 Navigating Coaching Changes and the Transfer Portal 03:35 Adapting to New Coaching Styles and Baseball Strategies 05:53 ALS Awareness Game and Personal Connection 09:42 The Journey from High School to College Baseball 11:53 Reflecting on the Impact of Travel Ball and Legion Ball 14:31 Discussing MLB Trends and Injury Concerns 17:03 Looking Ahead: Draft Prospects and Career Decisions 25:12 Three Up, Three Down: Baseball Favorites and Memories 30:16 Closing Thoughts and Podcast Wrap-Up


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Salve Regina Coach Eric Cirella

Coach Eric Cirella of Salve Regina, a top-ranked D3 college baseball program, is the guest. Cirella attributes the team's success to quality recruiting, a talented coaching staff, and the program's development over years. Salve Regina offers a blend of competitive athletics and academic excellence, with Newport, Rhode Island's location being a significant draw. Cirella reflects on his baseball journey, including playing under his father at Salve Regina and his brief stint in professional baseball, which shaped his coaching career. He emphasizes building relationships and adapting coaching strategies from various mentors. The conversation covers Salve Regina's recruiting strategy, focusing on talent that Division I programs overlook, and cultivating a mindset of determination and improvement in athletes.


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2024 MIAA Preview

A comprehensive look ahead at the MIAA season from Dan Guttenplan and Pat Donnelly.


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2024 Prep Preview

Dan Guttenplan and Pat Donnelly break down the field in prep baseball for the 2024 season.


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Putnam Science Coach Bob Hetu

The guest is Putnam Science Academy Coach Bob Hetu, who has spent the last 29 years as a coach, mentor and on-field fundamental strategist. In 2022 he took over the baseball program at Putnam Science Academy in Putnam, Conn. Hetu previously was head coach in a three-year stint (2019-2021) with St. Thomas More. Putnam Science Academy cut its baseball program in 2013 so Putnam’s arrival in 2022 represented a rebirth.


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Babson Coach Matt Noone

A 1990 graduate of Princeton University, Matt Noone is in his 22nd season as head coach of Babson's baseball program. In 21 seasons, Noone has won more than 400 games and made seven postseason appearances, which includes leading the Beavers' first trip to the Division III College World Series in 2019.


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Hall of Fame Coach Kirk Fredericks.

The guest is former three-time state champion coach at Lincoln Sudbury Kirk Fredericks, a recent inductee to the Massachusetts Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.


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College Preview with Jordy Allard

Today, we’re going to preview the college baseball season with former Northeastern University and Cape League pitcher Jordy Allard. Allard's career accomplishments include: Former Gatorade Vermont HS Player of the Year Started college career at SNHU Transferred to Babson, where he earned 2021 New England Pitcher of the Year Transferred to Northeastern, where he posted a 2.16 ERA over 50 innings in 2022. Earned Cape League’s Top New England Prospect Award in 2022 with Hyannis Harbor Hawks Finished career last spring in an injury-plagued final season at Northeastern


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Cheshire Academy Coach Anthony Giano

Anthony Giano was named the head coach of the varsity baseball program at Cheshire Academy in 2021. Giano has worked at CA since 2015, including as assistant coach of the varsity and junior varsity baseball programs. He has nearly 30 years of coaching experience.


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Phillies GM Sam Fuld

Philadelphia Phillies GM and New Hampshire native Sam Fuld joins the show to talk about offseason moves, the highs and lows of his playing career and the most exciting play in baseball.


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Thayer Academy Coach James Pierce

Thayer Academy's James Pierce is the guest. Pierce recently finished his first season as head coach in 2023 after serving as a longtime assistant.