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Weekly news, rumours and Switch goodness.

Weekly news, rumours and Switch goodness.
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Weekly news, rumours and Switch goodness.






A Bit Of A Stretch - Episode 42

We are back for episode 42 and Mike, Anton and Al are chatting about the weeks newest releases, including The Stretchers which suddenly appeared this week. We've also got news about upcoming releases and other Nintendo related gossip. * We had a technical issue with Anton's audio from the Gossip section onwards, but all is explained in this week's episode.


Set Your Overwatch To 2 - Episode 41

Slightly later than usual (due to technical difficulties) but with loads of Nintendo Switch content and chat, episode 41 of the podcast is here! We are talking about new releases like Incredible Mandy, House Of Golf, Knives Out and the huge announcement of Overwatch 2. We've also got news on Nintendo's recent financial meeting, some physical releases and the weekly quiz.


Gun Switcher - Episode 40

Al and Mike discuss this week's latest Nintendo Switch related news, including the announcement (finally) that Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is now confirmed as a Switch release. We've also got news on more releases such as Monster Energy Super Cross, Sunless Skies, Rush Rally 3, Underworld Dreams and the hotly anticipated, Reussir: Code de la Route (French driving test simulator).


Drifting The Night Away - Episode 39

We are back with another episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast. This week, we've got news about a brand new game called Inertial Drift, coming to the Switch, plus released from Jackbox, Arcade Archives, Chucklefish and much more. Plus, Overwatch, Witcher 3, Little Town Hero and Ring Fit are all out now and we chat about those releases and what impact they may have in the future. We've also got loads of news, rumours and of course our weekly quiz


Hit & Re-Run? - Episode 38

Mike, Anton and Al are back with the latest news from the world of the Nintendo Switch! This week, we are talking about future releases Day and Night, Headsnatchers and Enchanted Portals, chatting about the new Mario Kart racing wheel from Hori, two new demos that have hit the Japan eShop and much, much more. Plus, big rumours that The Simpons: Hit & Run could be getting a remake, more Star Wars games and further triple A titles could be Switch bound.


Switch On The Brain - Episode 37

Episode 37 of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast is here! We're talking the return of Dr Kawashima's Brain Training in Japan, that awful Fifa 20 meta critic rating, a brand new Fallout top down RPG style game, Crash Team Racing updates and much more.


Sale Away With Me - Episode 36

Join Mike and Al as we look at this week's hottest Nintendo Switch news, including that huge eshop sale, new released from Shaun The Sheep (really!), House Of The Dead, Overcooked and more. Plus, rumours of GTA III are rife and could we be getting EA's newest game streaming service?


Lite's Awakening - Episode 35

The Nintendo Switch Lite is finally here, as is the hotly anticipated release of The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening! This week, Anton, Mike and Al talk about that and much more, including Dragon Quest, Asphalt, Earthfall, Narcos and Tangle Tower releases, rumours about an online used digital game store and an Alan Wake remaster.


Fit For Adventure-ring - Episode 34

It's Mike and Al this week and we have all the latest Nintendo Switch news, including Dragon Quest, Ghost Blade, Yo-Kai Watch and of course the new Ring Fit Adventure.


Enter Sans, Man - Episode 33

Anton, Mike & Al are back for another episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast and this week, we're talking about all the post-direct news! Al gives us his thoughts on the direct as he couldn't make the recording of our Direct Special, telling us what his highlights were. We discuss the announcements that came right after the Direct, including those extra Smash ones that have the internet talking. We've also got Plants vs Zombies news, Astral Chain, Shovel Knight, The Sinking City and...


Nintendo Direct September 2019 Special

Anton and Mike chat about the most recent Nintendo Direct that took us all by surprise. From Overwatch to Xenoblade, we cover every single announcement in detail from this week's Direct.


Dig Dig Goose - Episode 32

This week we've got so much Shovel Knight news to dig in to that we could have had a podcast just about that alone! We're also talking future releases like Untitled Goose Game, Spice and Wolf, Mega Man, Aladdin, The Lion King and more, plus of course the game everyone is talking about, Astral Chain. We've got a bunch of rumours too, including the Overwatch one that won't go away, Doom 64 and more, plus we have the weekly quiz!


Out Of The Dragon Question - Episode 31

After a week off, Anton, Mike & Al are back with a new episode. Dragon Quest has a whopping 10 hour demo out now, Streets of Rage is heading to Switch and if you've ever wanted to be a fighting crab, you're in luck! We also take a look at the recent Indie World announcements, chat about a host of new releases, discuss Activision and EA and much more, including this week's quiz.


One Loot In The Grave - Episode 30

Join Anton, Mike and Al for another weekly does of Switch goodness! Another triple AAA title is heading to the Nintendo Switch, Darksiders goes physical and Rocket League says goodbye to loot boxes. All this plus loads more release news, gossip and the weekly quiz in our latest free weekly podcast, available now!


Outer This World - Episode 29

Anton, Mike and Al are back with another week of Switch news, reviews, releases and chat! There's loads of new releases this week to chat about, including a huge triple AAA title that is coming to the Switch! We've got all this plus loads more, including a SNES special quiz hosted by Anton!


We're Doooooomed - Episode 28

All of a sudden, we've got a whole bunch of classic Doom titles to play on the Switch! Episode 28 of @NSUKPodcast is now available to listen to for free and we have all the latest Nintendo Switch news, rumours and releases. All that, plus this week's quiz which sees Mike go head to head with Al.


The Lite Choice - Episode 27

Can you guess the big talking point on the @NSUKPodcast is this week?! Anton, Mike and Al decide whether Nintendo have made the "lite" choice with their new addition to the Switch family. We've also got new releases, updates, gossip, news and the quiz!


Take-over on Me - Episode 26

Mike, Anton and Al are chatting all things Nintendo Switch! This week, we've got news about what Nintendo are gonna do if someone tries a hostile takeover (Yep, we know it sounds weird!), a new Mario Tennis Aces character, a remake of a classic Harvest Moon title, Tetris 99, CupHead DLC and we reserve judgment on Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. Plus, we've got loads more news and rumours and of course our quiz, with quizmaster Anton!


To Minecraft And Beyond! - Episode 25

Anton, Mike and Al are back with this week's news, rumours, gossip and quiz in another episode of the Nintendo Switch UK Podcast! We've got news on the new Toy Story pack available in Minecraft, new releases including a new Arcade Archives release, Puyo Puyo, What Remains Of Edith Finch and many, many more. We also have news from the recent Nintendo share holder meeting and more of those persistent Switch Mini rumours!


A Puzzling Mini Dream - Episode 24

It's Mike and Anton this week who are discussing all the latest Nintendo Switch news, including the persistent Mini rumours, several new releases, what they've been playing and much, much more. Also, in a first for the podcast, Mike is the single contestant in this week's quiz, but will he score at least 1 point to win?