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A new spin on all things sports that might not be as they seem from the creators of the Keep PounDENN podcast.


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A new spin on all things sports that might not be as they seem from the creators of the Keep PounDENN podcast.





Luckily #DennHateWeek is historically the shortest week of the year....because it's Déjà vu back here as the Bruins and Hurricanes meet again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Chris, Bobby and Denn fire off their pregame trash talk, they talk Teddy Bridgewater's latest Twitter reach out, Tre Boston's elevated role on the Defense, how the NFL is handling COVID-19 and much more. Also, Bobby has never heard the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" which is suspect.


NWYT: Scorched Earth

Cam Newton is a New England Patriot. What? The guys break down the former Panthers MVP QB joining Bill Belichick and the Patriots and how the narrative on Cam Newton has literally changed over night. Denn gives his Boston perspective on the move, they talk the state of the 2020 Panthers with emphasis on the secondary and Chris watches weird movies.


NWYT: The End of an Era

Denn, Bobby and Chris are back to attempt to break down the day Panthers fans have dreaded for a long time; the departure of QB1 Cam Newton. Denn is all in on Cam on the Pats, Bobby opens the door to the last few months and Chris compares it to the Kemba Walker situation on this quarantined, Saint Patrick's Day live edition full of crazy NFL moves. Be safe guys!


NWYT: New Rhules

Denn and Bobby return this week to discuss the Panthers hiring of Baylor coach Matt Rhule, what it means for the immediate future, what's exciting and scary about the move and also of course, what it means for Cam Newton. They also discuss Denn's disastrous fantasy championship that Bobby definitely rigged somehow, Wildcard Weekend and look forward to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs with a few bold predictions.


NWYT: Stat Busters

Finally got the band together this week to discuss a number of things on and off the field with two interesting weeks coming up for the Panthers sideline. The guys discuss are stats really for "losers", the Quarterback situation in Carolina, Chris is REAL excited for Ghostbusters and Denn is taking another big plunge.


NWYT: Can't Sit Here

Back here tonight with Tripp Morgan (@Tr1ppMorgan) filling in. We touch upon whatever the hell happened at Bank of America Stadium Sunday, my trip to Charlotte, why me sitting next to Zack actually isn't funny anymore and how the Panthers need to attack the remaining weeks of the 2019 season. Bobby also joins in later from the road for a lightning round of submitted questions and apparently likes Rin Tin Tin K9 Cop. Who knew?


NWYT: The Gloves Come Off

Former NFL DB Eric Crocker (@Eric_Crocker) joins Denn and Bobby this week to square up with Bobby on his comments about the "overrated" 49ers Sunday. They also touch upon Richard Sherman's predictability comments, what the Kyle Allen situation looks like on the outside, Baker Mayfield's reporter episode and the Panthers unsettling injury list going into Sunday's matchup with the Titans.


NWYT: Panthers / 49ers Post Game

Denn and Bobby try to find the answers after the Panthers let up 51 on a tough day for all phases in Santa Clara.


NWYT: Face Your Fears

Denn and Bobby are back this week talking what the Panthers should fear most for the remainder of 2019, the current WR market, basically everyone Bobby doubted is balling and Domonique Foxworth drops the mic on the Cam Newton situation. Also, is wearing a Christian McCaffrey sweatshirt jersey cool? We discuss...


NWYT: Week 6 London Post Game

Denn and Chris are live in London this week for some post game thoughts on the Panthers big divisional win across the pond. They talk the highs and lows, the QB situation, a big day in the turnover category and what has really contributed to four straight wins. Also, Pro Tip: Don't press up on the bottom of your beer in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


NWYT: A Wrench in the Situation

Denn, Bobby and Chris are back this week to break down Kyle Allen's eye opening performance in Arizona and what it means for the 2019 Panthers and more importantly, Cam Newton. Norv and Co. quiet Denn's critiques from last week, Chris mentions the T word and Bobby is not concerned with the run defense just yet as they head into Houston. They also talk the latest on the AB situation, where the Panthers stand in the NFL and Denn gets pod shamed for expecting too much out of a certain player on defense.


NWYT: The Consistent Inconsistency

The 2019 Panthers season is off to quite a disastrous start and Denn and Bobby took it live this week a day early to vent about it. They give their thoughts on the "boos" at Bank of America Stadium, how many more "Missed Opportunities" Ron's job can really afford, Cam Newton's situation and who wears the blame that really has now carried over from last season? Oh yeah. It's all going down this week.


NWYT: Shake the Dust Off

Denn and Bobby sit down this week to figure out four things that went wrong and four things that went right in the Panthers 30-27 loss to the Rams on Sunday. They also look ahead to the Thursday night matchup against the Bucs and are joined by Jacob (@jbbfootball) who is attempting to break a Guinness World Record of attending a game in the most NFL stadiums in the shortest amount of time including his trip to Bank of America Stadium this Thursday.


NWYT: Shoulder to the Wheel

Derek Ciapala (@dciapala) joins Denn and Chris this week to break down everything in the world of the LA Rams as we look ahead to the Panthers home opener on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium. They talk the evolved Rams offense vs the evolved Panthers defense, Jared Goff’s shiny new contract, X-factors for both sides and more before also delivering some bold predictions for the Panthers in 2019 and Week 1 game picks.


NWYT: So Here's the Kicker

The guys are back this week to discuss a crazy week of news including Carli Lloyd, Andrew Luck and the Panthers have a kicker situation....again. All that plus what the final week of NFL preseason brings, the craziest place you've ever drafted a fantasy team from and one Panther says "You need to calm down".


NWYT: Panthers North Heads South

Training Camp has ended and football is officially underway and looking up for the Panthers early. We’re back this week to discuss what we saw in preseason game one while our friends Drew and Chris from the Rockpile Report (@RockpileReport) in Buffalo join us to break down what’s in store for Friday’s opponent, the Bills, in 2019. They touch upon why they don’t have a locker room at Wofford, their team’s obsession with former Panthers and how Cam Newton's career could be considered a blue print for Josh Allen.


NWYT: The Missing Piece

That moment when you're leaving the studio and breaking news such as the Panthers signing Tre Boston comes you go RIGHT BACK IN! The guys also touch upon terrible team hats and rankings, Madden 20 and Tepper's stadium dreams before Brendan Marks (@BrendanRMarks) from the Charlotte Observer joins for an excellent training camp update that includes camp rides, his under the radar player, what to not freak out about yet and skydiving adventures.


NWYT: Caught in the Hype

This week the guys are talking: Also, former NFL/AFL DB Eric Crocker (@eric_crocker) joins to talk Donte Jackson’s All or Nothing reputation, how Cam Newton is viewed outside of Carolina, hype speeches and an NFL record that he thinks will never be broken.


NWYT: The Ratings Game

This week the guys want to know: - Is it EVER really OK to root for your rival? - How did the Panthers drop 11 spots in Run Defense rankings? - Could low Madden ratings actually be a "good" thing? Also, Denn is announcing a triumphant return and Sheena Quick (@Sheena_Marie3) joins to talk Panthers, the Big 3 and wants to know where Charlotte falls as a sports city.


NWYT: The Greater Good

The national media is loving Cam Newton this offseason and it’s getting weird. Denn and Bobby address the latest Cam predictions, whether the 2015 Panthers deserve to be a top two team of the decade without a trophy, some 2019 NFL sleeper teams, Madden ratings and Michaela Smalley (@flamehooperM) joins to talk USWNT and how we can bring more exposure to women in sports!