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EPISODE 71: Houston Rockets down 2-0: Top 5 players (NBA Playoffs)

What will it take for the Houston Rockets to climb out of 2-0 deficit? Can Giannis Anteokounmpo carry the Milwaukee Bucks past the Boston Celtics? Who are the top 5 players in the NBA Playoffs? [3:20] Famous Athletes Famous Quotes [6:52] Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors [29:56] Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics [35:13] Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers [41:30] Top 5 Players (NBA Playoffs)


EPISODE 70: NFL Draft (First Round): NBA Semi-Finals

We breakdown the first round of the NFL Draft. Is Kyler Murray the correct choice for the Arizona Cardinals with the first selection of the draft? Did the Houston Texans reach in selecting Tytus Howard? The 2019 NBA Semi-Finals matchups. Who will win Game 7, The Denver Nuggets or The San Antonio Spurs? [2:25] Famous Athletes Famous Quotes [6:48] NFL Draft [27:32] NBA Playoffs


EPISODE 69: Elite, Toughest, Overrated and Underrated

The 2019 NFL schedule is out. We dissect the schedule of the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys. Which schedule is tougher and what makes a NFL team elite? The NBA Playoffs are starting to heat up. We ask questions about some players that have had the spotlight so far. [3:00] Dallas Cowboys Schedule [26:50] Houston Texans Schedule [45:10] Backcourt Violation [50:20] Kevin Durant [56:20] Russell Westbrook [1:06:13] Ben Simmons [1:14:43] Kyrie Irving


EPISODE 68: Tiger Woods wins his 5th Masters

Tiger Woods returns to the top of the golf and sports world. Round one of the NBA Playoffs get started. Who will be the next coach of Los Angeles Lakers? [3:01] Against all odds [9:09] Tiger woods [33:07] NBA Playoffs [1:02:21] L.A. Lakers


EPISODE 67: NBA Playoffs W/ Special Guest Lo

The 2019 NBA Playoffs are about to begin. Which teams will make it out of the first round? Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki play their last season in the NBA. Magic Johnson steps down as the President of The Los Angeles Lakers. [5:55] NBA Playoffs [51:08] Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki [1:03:59] Truth or Dare [1:07:01] Famous Athletes Famous Quotes [1:10:43] Magic Johnson


EPISODE 66: Super Bowl LIII

The Super Bowl is around the corner, which team walks away with the Lambardi trophy? What will be the final outcome and score? Who will be named Super Bowl M.V.P? What are the most memorable and greatest moments in Super Bowl history? Lebron James returns from injury. Kristaps Porzingis traded to the Dallas Mavericks. [3:08] Super Bowl 53 [27:09] Brady vs. Rodgers debate continues [45:43] Lebron James returns [1:04:00] Kristaps Porzingis Traded [1:14:26] Most memorable and greatest...


EPISODE 65: Controversy NFL Championship Weekend

Were the New Orleans Saints robbed from going to the Superbowl? Can we stomach another New England Patriots Superbowl? What is the formula in today's NFL to building a championship team? [2:55] New Orleans Saints vs. L.A. Rams [20:11] New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs [52:00] NBA Talk


EPISODE 64: NFL Wildcard Weekend

The NFL Playoffs kickoff this wildcard weekend. What are the keys to victory for each team and who do we having winning? What happen to the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers? What is our reaction to Lebron James proclaiming himself the G.O.A.T? [2:36] Texans vs. Colts [17:24] Cowboys vs. Seahawks [31:43] Ravens vs. Chargers [44:37] Bears vs. Eagles [54:10] Steelers and Vikings miss the playoffs [1:13:13] Lebron James proclaims himself the G.O.A.T


EPISODE 63: Final week of the NFL regular season

Its the last week of the NFL regular season, we discuss which teams will make it into the playoffs and possible wild card match ups. Have the Houston Rockets turned there NBA season around? Should the L.A. Lakers be concerned with the injuries they have? How worried should the Golden State Warriors be? [2:30] Last week of the NFL season [54:39] Houston Rockets [1:05:13] L.A. Lakers [1:18:58] Golden State Warriors


EPISODE 62: NFL Playoff Picture with special guest "Texas"

What does the NFL Playoff picture look like with the regular season almost at its end? Kareem Hunt is released by the Kansas City Chiefs after video surfaces. What does the firing of Mike McCarthy mean the future of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? Who is the NBA MVP right now? [4:58] Truth or Dare [8:39] NFL Playoff Picture [38:00] Mike McCarty Fired [51:17] Kareem Hunt [1:07:58] NBA MVP Right Now


EPISODE 61:Is Dez Bryant Done? What is wrong with the Houston Rockets?

With the win over the Carolina Panthers are the Pittsburgh Steelers back to being Superbowl contenders? Dez Bryant tears his Achilles after signing 1 year deal with the New Orleans Saints. We discuss week 10 of the NFL. What is going on with the Houston Rockets? [2:54] Steelers vs. Panthers [10:50] Dez Bryant [18:09] NFL Week 10 [47:00] Cowboys vs. Eagles [1:06:08] Houston Rockets and NBA Talk [1:35:22] Duke Blue Devils


EPISODE 60:Is Lebron James still the king? Can a wide receiver be MVP of the NFL?

At the midway point of the NFL who is the MVP and best coach so far? Which NFL teams win in week 9? Derrick Rose has a resurgence in his career as he scores 50. Is Lebron James still the best player in the NBA? [2:59] Midseason NFL MVP [14:07] Midseason NFL Coach of the Year [20:07] Week 9 NFL picks [49:17] Derrick Rose [53:00] Lebron James


EPISODE 59: Players Traded, Coaches Fired and Records Broken: Top 5 NBA Teams

Several NFL players are traded including Demaryius Thomas to the Houston Texans. Hue Jackson and Tyronn Lue are fired in Cleveland. Kyle Thompson sets the NBA single game record for three pointers. We name our top five teams in the NBA so far. [2:52] Demaryius Thomas traded to Texans [20:35] Jameis Winston [28:10] Hue Jackson Fired [31:23] Tyronn Lue Fired [34:45] Kyle Thompson Breaks Record [45:30] Top 5 NBA Teams so far


EPISODE 58: The most dangerous team in the NFL

The Texans have there most impressive win of the season over the Dolphins. Who are the most dangerous teams in the NFL? Are the Texans apart of that list? We give our picks for week 8 of the NFL. What have been the most impressive surprising and disappointing teams in the NBA so far? [3:05] Texans vs. Dolphins [22:48] Most Dangerous team in the NFL [37:24] Week 8 NFL picks [53:35] Against all odds [1:03:50] Impressive Surprise and Disappointing NBA teams


EPISODE 57: Rockets and Lakers Brawl: Week 7 of NFL

Was it the spit of Rajon Rondo that lead to him and Chris Paul throwing punches? How does this brawl affect Lebron James and his teammates? The Houston Texans propel themselves to first place in the AFC south. The Bears are one yard shy of upsetting the New England Patriots. Tennesse Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel goes for the two point converstion to win the game.. and fails. [2:26] NFL Week 7 [1:05:16] Backcourt Violation [1:10:00] Rockets Lakers Brawl


EPISODE 56: The Good The Bad The Ugly Week 6 of the NFL

The Texans pull of a win at home against the Bills and the Cowboys dismantle the Jaguars.We also dissect the the rest of the games in the NFL week 6. [3:45] The Good The Bad and The Ugly [11:15] Cowboys vs. Jaguars [17:37] Texans vs. Bills [27:30] Week 6 in the NFL [1:23:56] NFL Coaching


EPISODE 55: Week 6 of NFL season: NBA season starts soon

What are the keys to victory for NFL teams week 6? Jimmy Butler drama with the Minnesota Timberwolves. What can we except from the Lakers this season? [3:10] Famous Athletes Famous Quotes [7:30] Texans vs Bills [13:19] Cowboys vs Jaguars [23:00] NFL Week 6 picks [51:38] Jimmy Butler Drama [1:06:20] L.A. Lakers


EPISODE 54: PART2: We can't agree on anything! Is Drew Brees a top 5 QB of all-time?

We continue our discussion on the top 5 quarterbacks so far this season. Now that Drew Brees has broken some records, is he a top 5 quarterback of all-time? [1:20] Top 5 Quarterbacks so far this season [12:50] Better season so far Blake Bortles or Dak Prescott [17:55] Is Drew Brees top 5 all-time?


EPISODE 54: PART1: We can't agree on anything! Is Drew Brees a top 5 QB of all-time?

The aftermath of the day of reckoning, The Houston Texans defeat the Dallas Cowboys. We discuss week 5 of the NFL season. Who are the top 5 Quarterbacks in the league right now? [2:56] Against all odds [9:00] Texans vs. Cowboys [26:37] NFL Week 5 [56:55] Top 5 Quarterbacks so far


EPISODE 53: Texans and Cowboys get critical victorys: NFL Week 4

The Houston Texans and The Dallas Cowboys get critical wins approaching there showdown Sunday night. Recap of week 4 in the NFL. Was Earl Thomas wrong when giving the Seattle Seahawk sideline the middle finger? How are NBA teams looking preseason? [3:38] Famous Athletes Famous Quotes [7:48] Colts gift Texans a win [16:52] Cowboys find a way to win [22:35] NFL Week 4 [53:19] Earl Thomas injury [1:11:53] NBA Preseason